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And tell me why.
I did my research but cant decide.

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>Anything on eth

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The thing that worries my about SNX is that they are gunna inflate the token 2.5% every year. Obviously the market they are going after is enormous, so it might be irrelevant, but AAVE seems like a no brainer

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yes and yes
eth will be the one

And ada will be second

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This. AAVE is scarcer than Bitcoin, and it is the absolute centerpiece of DeFi. It deserves to be ranked above UNI without question. SNX has an ambitious goal but is not impressive in comparison.

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I feel like their both a nobrainer somehow but I have a feeling as soon snx is tokenizing relevant stuff its gonna get cracked on

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aave use link

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Unironically look at BUILD. It’s what AAVE was about a year or so ago. Thank me later.

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It’s ok they can just stall any investigations with a bunch of bs. Like Tether is doing kek

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...and so does snx?

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aave, snx is weak af

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You mean Bancor right? Come join us

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Why would I cose Comp over aave? It's literally comp 2.0 (yeah ofc Ik its forked)

thats a +

probably kek

no thanks

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AAVE because of the team.
You can copy the code. But you can't copy the team.

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lower mc more tvl smaller number of tokens and i like the name better

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Stay out for a few days, faggot.

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Isn't AAVE literally in the process of bleeding down to $100 again?

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BUILD isn't trying to be a lending platform though

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AAVE performed better during the alt run. I suspect because SNX is starting to dabble in synthetic stocks which makes it a risky play.

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try $10
complex defi instruments are going to shit the bed harder than anything else in this crash due to a combination of low asset valuations + gas prices skyrocketing as people dash for the exits

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and theyre going all the way up again when 1559 hits

I didnt say I'm buying asap did I?

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Ummm does this guy know we're going to zero and we're in a 4 year bear market now

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Imagine being this weak handed faggot

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Why? There is no stopping these red days are noise the signal is strong we’re going up ultimately

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i will also leave this here, always follow the money, what people pay for despite high fees is whats valuable at least in the short term


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actual useful site. Thank you

Can you explain that tho? Why does comp have so many more fees?

Aave has more complex contracts = more fees
But also more optimized = less fees

Atleast thats what I'm thinking, enlighten me of I'm wrong

There is no way more people use comp then aave right? And if you claim so, more charts?

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Well i dont know i am just holding the tokens i dont personally stake anything so maybe someone else can enlighten you and i would like to know so myself because i might be seeing things that arent there.
I just have noticed that in the general defi decline of the last weeks aave is crushing harder than compound and i base that on price charts (which up to the point of ath both were pretty much identical) the cryptofees and defipulse, aave is losing tvl and has already bloated too much compared to comp which is increasing in tvl and has ways to go in mc to reach aave not to mention comp is more scarce than aave.
So based on that i think comp will have a better short term increase when things stabilise a bit. Thats it.

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An honest anon, cheers for that

Whats up with the supply tho? Only 4m in circulation.
You got me on comp gonna do a deep dive later on.

r/r is much higher and I just hope I dont see aave mooning while comp stagnates if I fall for comp.

Would mby make sense to hold both.
Whats about the development? Ik aave is quite active and shit, can the same be said for comp?

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Cheers mate i wouldnt want anyone to lose money because of shilling.

As far as i know comp tokens are given as rewards for staking so maybe they hold a big amount to provide said rewards or maybe they havent been unlocked yet? But yeah only 4 mill in circulation is way too low which will have an impact on the price though as they gain on mc which is good for short term.

I will also look into it a bit a bit more research never hurt anyone.

As for aave mooning and leaving comp in the dust well so far they have followed the exact same trajectory so both prices will probably increase simultaneously (although i think comps growth is a bit more organic just look at the 1d charts to see the ascend for yourself)

Idk about development but given that they are gaining on aave's tvl they must be doing something right dont they?

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If you buy DeFi5 index token you can get both

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aave was running like crazy before this crash so "what goes up, must come down" applies here. this doesn't change anything about the impact aave already has and will have.

defi bluechips will be defi bluechips and aave AND snx are part of this. sprinkle in a little uni, some link and the graph and you're set for this bullrun.

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Correct analysis. I think UNI has the most room to run out of all of them this bullrun desu.

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thanks for all the input everyone

I will take a deeper dive at comp and make my decision afterwards

got my positions set

only looking for one more defi player (upper mcap) and one nft project

used to look at dpi but I think im better of making my own picks, tho having one token is nice for the taxniggers

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let us know with a thread if you find something of note anon
godspeed and good gains