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the absolute audacity of this faggot
im so tired bros

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What does it mean?

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tired of this reddit willy wonka

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He really needs to fuck off

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That’s not even a real fucking word.

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based elon making crypto incels seethe

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I don't get it

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Wow Elon is such a man of the people! He doesn’t use any of his money to help his home country AND he fucks over the little guys on crypto constantly when he’s not scamming the govt for more taxpayer dollars

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i love how fast the wikipedia page got altered.

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why hasn't twitter banned him?

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Did he sell? How much did he make? How much is he losing?

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Reminder to key every Tesla you see

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elon owes me $30,000 united states dollars

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Excession session
Im A go to the pub

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and redditors still love him. its hilarious

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Do you know what this word means? Nigger? Okay.

An out of context problem or event - something that is so large or different from normal that it causes a system or society to change in a fundamental way. Originally defined by author Iain M Banks and used as the title of a nov

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Elon just costed me 15.000 EUROS

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stop worshipping and following this cunt

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kek, based

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This nigger has succeeded in sidelining the fucking run. What a guy.

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This is like Mc Affee last run lol

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i actually think he just likes to FUD his own bags like the average /biz/ retard and is now probably shitting his pants

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Elon Musk is an intelligence check, ask what people think about Musk and if they say how great and smart he is, you instantly know that these people are retarded.

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I am not heavily invested in crypto but I plan to be after this crash. It's an ultra volatile market and if you don't understand how to lock profits you really shouldn't be playing in this space. I pity the fool who didn't sell the MINUTE Elon pumped BTC or right after. If you couldn't see that red flag signaling it was about to top-out, I dunno it's just funny to watch lel. /biz/ really needs some emotional control ffs.

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get off twitter then faggot

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Speaking of overvalued, Elon Musk is the most overvalued, overhyped person on planet Earth. We're led to believe he's some once-in-a-generation genius by the mainstream media when he's more like some conman who uses PR stunts to get even more media attention. I refuse to believe this guy isn't being backed by the US government to support US companies. You expect me to believe he has 2 companies (SpaceX) and (Tesla) that are pioneers in their fields? No, this man is being backed by the CIA or something and given unlimited taxpayer money to fund his companies. Remember when those Thai kids got trapped in a cave after a storm and Musk got rejected and humiliated by Thai authorities when he tried to build them a submarine that didn't work? Lol. Now, I'm not saying he's an idiot. He's still smarter than most people. But, that is the retardation here: reddit boomer normies all follow his every fart with bated breath and buy/sell based on his optimism/pessimism toward any subject. How much of an npc unthinking moron are most people. Wow! Just fucking murder normies desu. They are so stupid. One week Musk endorses BTC, they buy it in record numbers. Next week, he ponders that it's overvalued and it tanks as they all sell. Pathetic. Now, he is the richest man in the world simply because his fake and gay Tesla stocks jumped up. This whole system is fake and gay.

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i had to google it. it's a science fiction novel about a technology that is so superior it seems like magic.

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Elon musk is gay?

Is an anagram of

Y u loss making?


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>buys 1.5billion worth of bitcoin
>lost 15 billion in his company shares

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His girlfriend is a hardcore redditor and they named their child x ae 12 or some shit. That second part alone is enough for me to hate this faggot.

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None of his ideas have been unique. His mother was a model and funded all of his retarded projects early on. Screwed over the US taxpayer to decrease the cost of his overpriced hunk of fucking junks.

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>This novel is about how the Culture deals with an Outside Context Problem (OCP), the kind of problem "most civilizations would encounter just once, and which they tended to encounter rather in the same way a sentence encountered a full stop."

>This is a problem that is "outside the context" as it is generally not considered until it occurs, and the capacity to actually conceive of or consider the OCP in the first place may not be possible or very limited (i.e., the majority of the group's population may not have the knowledge or ability to realize that the OCP can arise, or assume it is extremely unlikely). An example of OCP is an event in which a civilization does not consider the possibility that a much more technologically advanced society can exist, and then encounters one. The term is coined by Banks for the purpose of this novel, and described as follows:

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Electrical infetterence

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Excession is a code word for "putting all of my net worth into Bitcoin"

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I just need him to tweet thee little letters


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It's a reference to a culture novel by the same name.
In it, the titular "excession" is an ambassador of sorts, bridging a future we aren't ready for with the present.

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they have security cameras faggot

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I read it many times. The entire series of culture novels are amazing. Some of the best scifi out there. I recommend you start with "the player of games". Its phenomenal. Unfortunately, the author died a few years ago and there will be no more culture novels

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Pretty interesting:


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Based gosling poster

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Some cunt will put a hole through him soon...

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never trust billionaires.

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Good! Quit fucking tweeting, Elon, and give me my fucking cheque.

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All you have to do to make Teslacucks seethe is unplug them when you see them at those public charging stations.

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i have the books i've just never gotten around to them

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The real problem are his absolute retarded followers, really the biggest idiots on the planet worship this guy. He brought millions of these retards into the space.

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I am thinking of buying some. I figured people will start heavily investing in it, cause priced out of bitcoin.

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Kek, dangerously based

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The US clearly promotes monopolies. E.g. it's a fundamental fact that Intel and AMD and NVIDIA are patent hoggers not letting anyone in the PC market both for CPUs and GPUs.

Surprise: all three are US based.

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Some sadness reigns. We may approach the end of our knowing Naïvety. Draw round (the fire, growing dim, draws too, drawing in its breath for one fine final burst of flame). Potentially an end of innocence, we face this, glancing backwards. Within the horizon of our mutual import, an end and start to Meaning (finally beginning). Ancients (knowing so little) would have half expected, partly welcomed what we all fear this might be. We (knowing all too much) would rather deny its untold implications. Ephemera, they were half happy with and wholly used to the possibility of an End. By their knowing Immortal, we tremble before the same. My friends, if we have ever worshipped anything, it has been the great god Chaos. (What else shields Intelligence from the awful implications of utter Omniscience?) Might we be looking at our god's Deiclast?

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>Low key Loki
>Excession (Session app, made by the Loki/Oxen bois)


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>Mc Affee
Haven't heard that name in a while, what is that drugged up schizo up to nowadays ?

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and responsible citizens wear masks

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Idk man wasn't he going to cut off his balls or something?

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Why you marry a commie goblina, elon?

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If you're usy hold it's fine

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im sure their is some kind of security issue involving tesla that is easier to exploit than other cars because of its make being totally different to a conventional combustion engine. is there any way to siphon the energy charge from the battery by plugging it with something

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welcome to 2021, you own nothing and youve never been happier

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Last I remember he claimed CIA tried to assassinate him when he OD'ed on some bullshit... again

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This. Government gave him some leverage and syphones grey money through his meme "projects", he revels in his irl meme magic status, plebs think he Is Tony stark. Really would appreciate if he would just shut the fuck up for one second, like every other normal priveleged scrooge mcduck jew

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Just wear a mask and glasses anon

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elon is based, he makes shitty overpriced cars with plastic seats and people suck him off to give him 60k for one. Anything this man touches turns into gold for 1-2 weeks then shits the bed. Don't be a bag holder, take profits and wait for the crash

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Hahaha damn that sucks that I have long hair, a beanie and a mask then

oh noooooo not a security camera

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Man if only everyone had a reason to wear a mask and sunglasses...

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seconding this
they're well worth your while, and starting with player of games is a good idea. Phlebas has editing problems that are quickly teethed away in future books.

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Hey retard, way to throw a fucking wrench in your Mars plans are disgrace your whole name

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Lol here comes me hindsight.

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I'm tired of this faggot

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Was that when he was posting pios of him with guns on his boat or after?

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>are disgrace
How's Mumbai?

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>reddit willy wonka
This. Dude is the modern Howard Hughes. Rich as fuck and insane.

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What an absolute faggot. He just doesn't fucking get it. He can't fucking understand. Until you've held, held, held for years, only to finally sell into what seems like promising gains, only to wake up the next morning and what a day ago was a token you researched and held for years has gone up 8000% a day after you sold it for ASKO. He just could never fucking understand.

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Afterwards I think

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> Remember when those Thai kids got trapped in a cave after a storm and Musk got rejected and humiliated by Thai authorities when he tried to build them a submarine that didn't work?
is that why he called them pedos? KEK.

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Pretty sure the boypucci harem master.. I mean the coach sued muskoid after that

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>reddit willy wonka

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The pedals are literally made of plastic

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I hate this faggot so much. You can't even read a single article about Tesla or Space X without his fucking name in every second sentence.

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Just need to make your own CPUs and GPUs from organisms.
>bacteria generating electricity from nuclear is my dream project

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x HODLwagon, The
(GWV /BIZ/class)

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He's getting shat on by mulatta prostitutes in the Grenadines while some sucker he paid to be his body double does hard time for him in Nicaragua

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[stuttered tight point], M12, tra. @n5.29.867.5507

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>body double does hard time for him in Nicaragua
What did that fiend do, did those pesky CIA nigz plant drugs up his ass ?

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If this dickhead ever makes it to space I hope they don't let him come back and just leave him there.

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>February 23rd


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>up his ass
They fell right into his trap he played them like a fiddle

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>reddit willy wonka

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to his credit, any white British men living in Thailand are usually there to rape little boys.

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did you know he sleeps on the tesla factory floor WAOAW

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He still did not make that tweet please kill yourself with your 3 day old news

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different timezones exist nigger

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thank you

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i key every american brand car

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I'm afraid I have to call cope, buddy. Dude moved half a world away at 18 years old and made big bank playing the capitalist game. Saying it's because of his mother's modelling career or his dad's blood diamond mine where he whipped niggers or this or that is just Reddit's way of coping with him achieving so much.

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based and banks pilled. you didn't listen.

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>1050 PM

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>Did you keyed?

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I can't tell if you're serious
Look it up yourself schizo

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>drugged up schizo
Literally Elon

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Where is 1050 pm on february 23rd

Do some fucking Math

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Chase them down the freeway and scare them too. if you can get them to crash their car you get bonus points.

Make them fear for their lives for owning a Elonmobile.

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Can't you google his latest tweet you stupid fuck?

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Its pedo code

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stop making threads about yourself Elon. I am not buying a Tesla.

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Cant you kill yourself

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Shh be quiet about it. Just join the general

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Never used this forced meme but KEYED

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this fucking nigger

>> No.29472657

>reddit willy wonka

>> No.29472780

The seats are pleather and my Tesla fucking tongues my anus you poorfag

>> No.29472850

Anybody who pisses off this many people is good in my book, although there are too many faggots that worship him like a deity. He's just a person. Stay mad niggers

>> No.29473126

Good luck catching me faggot. I've raced people in my Tesla and nobody comes close to their speed in your ancient tech cars

>> No.29473174

i would, but i dont see any because no one actually fucking buys them.

>> No.29473185

you'd think he would understand that no man in untouchable, being a literal south africa nigger and all.

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>bacteria generating electricity from nuclear
Anon, I

>> No.29473659

You need to go back to plebbit.

>> No.29473768

His failed conman projects like hyperloop, SpaceX, and even the Tesla cars themselves are all laughable """innovations""". Teslas do not solve any environmental problems as most electricity comes from fossil fuels and the batteries only last for 270 miles AT MOST. Hyperloop was failed from the start as one puncture in the tube when the atmospheres are low causes a literal explosion, killing everyone inside the tube. SpaceX has actually increased the price for moving cargo aboard their rockets by pound. I can't understand why any faggot would give this clown a single penny. Hopefully the SEC just arrests this faggot.

>> No.29473848

First thing I thought of, but I'm not sure he means anything at all by it.

>> No.29473853

I fucking hate plebbit shit like you. Go back.

>> No.29473880

Off the line. At top speed you'll lose against my hemi. Buy an american car and not that chinese crap, loser.

>> No.29473975

Where's the E you illiterate

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because you live in rural shitlandia, they are driven where people make money.

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probably won't need that to fall apart on its own

>> No.29474459

lol muh patriotism

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>muh hemi

>> No.29474644

and severely autistic. at least know we're retards, but this guy is a genuine pudding head that cant ever stop thinking

I bet grimes smells like shit too

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that is a really good book

>> No.29474824


>> No.29474860

This will only make Elon more money

>> No.29474864

Kek, most accurate description I've ever seen

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>reddit willy Wonka

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>> No.29474997

holy shit what a bunch of salty losers ITT

>> No.29475074

Go back Elon

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>Elon just costed me 15.000 EUROS
Why? You only lose if you sell. Only amateurs panic sell.

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>> No.29475359

This. I will never invest in Elon and his reddit bullshit companies. Fuck the guy

>> No.29475437

Based. I would do this but I am too much of a pussy desu
For my future job I cant have any criminal charges at all :(

>> No.29475494

everyone wants unregulated markets until they realize they're unregulated

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Good point rain man.

- - - - - - - - - - -

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Tweet about ETH you autist

>> No.29476029

I only want unregulated markets when it benefits me

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>reddit willy wonka

>> No.29476045

Let's ruin Tesla's stock. He wrecked our bread and butter let's fuck his.

>> No.29476195

This. We need to start a nasty rumor. Someone blow up a Tesla battery while driving it and catch it on film. Other anons follow suit.

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>reddit willy wonka

>> No.29476606

do it on my s and i'll literally fucking kill you.

>> No.29476630


It is the title to a science fiction book. In the book the people are split between two factions. One which is benevolent and the other is its exact opposite. The malevolent faction seeks to use the benevolent institutions to eradicate all opposition to it and to dominate everything.

What we saw last night was the "Affront" faction attacking the "Culture" faction.

Anyways, that is how I interpreted Musk's post.

>> No.29476748


See these two assholes? They need a baseball bat up side the head.

>> No.29476808

Clownworld hypothesis strikes again

>> No.29476856

Put me in the bruhcap

>> No.29476907

wen ban

>> No.29477097

stealing this

>> No.29477602

Nah they are actually smart dudes

>> No.29477735

Based. Same. Attention seeking wanna be autistic faggot.

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>> No.29478146

performative of excess meaning too much. Builds off the previous tweets that these seem high

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>> No.29478318

>go commit a crime so we can commit securities fraud
You are all a bunch of stupid fucking faggots who are going to end up in prison.

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File: 2.76 MB, 1558x762, Et6B_-XXMAExyMP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>helping a nigger commie country that wants you dead

Are you a cuckold or a nigger?

>> No.29478491


>> No.29478532

I hate Musk so much he's such a piece of shit. Lost more money because of his dumb fucking memes than any jewish banker has ever taken from me. Fucking S. African whites deserve every racially motivated murder they've had. fucking faggot

>> No.29478610

my sides

>> No.29478846
File: 1.16 MB, 1126x844, God+damn+that+man+was+living+the+dream+_7b72efddfff89e2f9f00a004d409d4be.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29479029

Sell and put the money in what? Everywhere I look is dying.

>> No.29479231


>> No.29479233

How did Musk lose you money? Is he your financial advisor?

>> No.29479442

include me in the screenshot please

>> No.29479624

>to his credit, any white British men living in Thailand are usually there to rape little boys.
no lmao it's for the free thai pussy. They give it out to white men like fortune cookies

>> No.29480668

this. I think his company is retardedly overvalued right now, but the guy is a trailblazer

>> No.29480872
File: 587 KB, 565x593, 1611922924469.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aight you got me

>> No.29481191


>> No.29481194

based and keyed

>> No.29481365

do we think elon is Culture pilled or not?

>> No.29481835

he gives his rockets meme ship names. it seems he actually has read and enjoyed them, but somehow still became evil.

>> No.29481970

Here's a (You)

>> No.29481984

I think he just means "you fucks aren't ready for crypto"

>> No.29482226

I never gave two fucks about what this guy does or says before, Yes even during the time when we pumped because Tesla bought 1.5 billion in BTC.

when are you faggots going to get off your knees, and stop sucking all these dicks of the famous people you worship.

Its sad it takes tweets from this guy and you bitch ass faggots sell your coins. you deserve to stay poor.

"Elon musk is holding btc"
"Elon musk is holding doge"
"apple is gonna buy bitcoin"
"amazon is gonna support bitcoin"

the cryptospace was meant to not give a fuck about authority and rich elites. yet because you wanna go to the moon you faggots are the first in line to put thier dicks in your mouth.

fucking faggots,

Im sure you will all cheer and celebrate when warren buffet and peter shiff will buy bitcoin at 200k

>> No.29482286

Clown World

>> No.29482413

is he going to fork doge or bitcoin?

>> No.29482579

musk in a fucking nutshell

>> No.29483007

This again?
can i post it next time?

>> No.29483203

oh man, imagine if he tweeted "Who is John Galt?" I'd literally cum.

>> No.29483470

Grimes smelling like shit is a feature not a bug.

>> No.29483784

Literally just combining Excess and Recession into Excession. Because as he has pointed out multiple times before certain things (tesla stocks and crypto) are excessively high.

>> No.29484409


>> No.29484417

put me in the cap pls
hope elon sees this

>> No.29484452

Nobody will ever miss you anarchists. You will embrace the government or die

>> No.29484610


>> No.29485163

No, it is my turn next.

>> No.29485220

2nd time seen this comment posted, funny both times.

>> No.29485344

I guess out of all the billionaires I know of, I hate him the least.

>> No.29485430

Of course he is. He’s still leddit though

>> No.29485477

A roach carcass is powering my machine right now. 24 vram off roach carcass. Don’t ask me to explain. The roach carcass is love.

>> No.29485702

based elon musk tweeting all day like a schizo

>> No.29485820

It’s still his home country. It’s a mess down there, lots of White people in poverty.

>> No.29485882

and you love smoking jew cocks the most fucking faggot

>> No.29485987

And so, a new meme was born.

>> No.29485996

They pay for pussy you retard

>> No.29486017

He's definitely not eating his own dick like he promised.

>> No.29486359

Based Elon making people seethe. Just hodl you useless fuckstains, he's playing you like a fiddle

>> No.29486483

lmao if you believe this

only the fat/ugly ones have to pay a dime

>> No.29486889

>Outside-context problem

>> No.29486990


>> No.29487539

dumb fucking boomer, reddit hates him now. Musk is /ourboy/, we're gonna create a new society that trumps every other preceding society on Mars. fuck kikes, fuck niggers, fuck arabs.

>> No.29487629

Audible Kek

>> No.29487651
File: 59 KB, 671x529, DydfPp6UwAAY8om.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based based and based

>> No.29487709

I cant keep being poor /biz/. Im hungry every day

>> No.29487802

Not Elon's problem ghat you faggots got such weak paperhands, i made a good profit yesterday cuz i tethered and bought low again.

Enjoy being poor

>> No.29487858
File: 132 KB, 258x245, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>amerishart too fat for his gas pedal

>> No.29488118

>the fool who didn't sell the MINUTE Elon pumped BTC or right after.
Yeah... all those fools who went 5x in the following days...

>> No.29488353
File: 98 KB, 197x208, 1516824919271.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

jesus christ kek

>> No.29489410
File: 208 KB, 354x534, anime.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

screencap pls

>> No.29489533

>The malevolent faction seeks to use the benevolent institutions to eradicate all opposition to it and to dominate everything.
So like islam in the West.

>> No.29489581

this comment says more about you than british men

>> No.29489693

Extremely fucking accurate description

>> No.29489807

Wew lad

>> No.29489963

You stole this from anon last week. Stop being a thief.

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