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Uhh, lads? Have you seen this? We are FUCKED.


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Fren, half the people here can't even read, they just come for booba then type something based on Google Translate Hindi -> English, what makes you think anyone will read that without the faintest idea what you're talking about?

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What does this mean for the price of my shitcoin?

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ha wut?

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>words words words words

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>Public sector net borrowing (excluding public sector banks, PSNB ex) in the first 10 months of this financial year (April 2020 to January 2021) is estimated to have been £270.6 billion, £222.0 billion more than in the same period last year and the highest public sector borrowing in any April to January period since records began in 1993.

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Very pretty godess ok sir hedera is the only guarantee.

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Fuckin ell Bazza wots that websoite tryna say?

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ok, how do i profit off of this
sell rope? become a bailiff? help frens

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Gee I hope the Chancellor knows some good banks that could loan us all that money..

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fuck this overreaction
glad we will be paying this back for the rest of our lives just so the 85 year olds can live to 87

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>The latest official forecasts, published by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) on 25 November 2020, indicate that the £270.6 billion borrowed by the public sector in the financial year-to-January 2021 could reach £393.5 billion by the end of March 2021.

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Before coronavirus and brexit the government had just barely scraped reducing debt as % of gdp (it was still going up in absolute terms), after a decade of trying.

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I hate what this country has become. And yes, I am leaving... soon hopefully

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They're going to raise CGT aren't they lads.

Looks like Monero is about to enter an insane bullrun.

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why didn’t we just tell the vulnerable to stay home?
>muh nhs would be overwhelmed
sounds harsh, but it’s a pandemic, people die. we didn’t shut the whole country down and plunge ourselves into the largest recession in 100 years over the spanish flu

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Where can we even go mate? The US and Canada are just as bad. I thought about joining Bazza in Spain or Portugal, but SE Asia is looking more and more promising

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I just skimmed the rest of it, lads, and I'm no financial expert, but this country is fucking bankrupt.
Flee, flee for your lives.
Peter Hitchens was unironically correct.

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Go to an emerging market. UK is fucked beyond belief.

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It's saying maybe we shouldn't have Brexited and COVID costs a lot and things are worse than in 1950 because although debt was at the same level there was less debt each year in a downward trend, now there is more each year in an upward trend.

Basically it's fucken fucked m8. Too many pakis n muzzis.

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we really should have just gone for herd immunity
the whole response to this pandemic has been a joke

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You are going nowhere! You are going to be a good little boy, sit down and take your medicine like the rest of us.

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We are become Zimbabwe.

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This video was posted seven years ago and and it's only gotten worse. Honestly lads it seems like COVID was abused as a smokescreen to justify our catastrophic debt

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Supposedly in line with income tax.

Not the end of the world desu

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Party of 'fiscal responsilbility' ;)

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at this stage i welcome a crash, better than a slow decline
at least we can get to rebuilding faster

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just had a PCSO knock and ask about "this cyber money business" i was getting into. i know they've been opening my parcels for weeks as well. i only bought three xmr....

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That's what you get when you have a country ran by liberal midwits

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yes, it was working up until they got talked out of the herd immunity idea

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Britain after WW2 was 90+% white. That ain't happening this time bucko.

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>Owing someone a currency that you can print yourself.
MMT is real btw.

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Can't we just borrow more money and never pay back the debt

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She looks very similar to Chiyo from Ane Naru Mono. Same artist?

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That and bailing out all the failing businesses. IF any Tory attempts to tell me they support the free market after this I'll laugh in their face.

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can someone explain to me whats going on please, I dont understand the meaning of this

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gear up for recession 2 - the recessioning
austerity was bollocks, they barely saved a penny, only fucked the infrastructure up. DC and GO were semi capable, now we're sooopa fucked. I like him but the bombay badboi is too green for this.

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The first step is to get a remote job. Then go wherever you feel is best. Personally, I think you're better off somewhere like Finland or some other place close to home that isn't so culturally and ethnically different to the UK. Finland is expensive but all these Nordic countries will be far more resilient to the coming crises than the UK.

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Financial reset is coming.

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There is no rebirth

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maybe a lot will fuck off if we collapse
it’s for the best

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>Public sector net debt (excluding public sector banks, PSND ex) rose by £316.4 billion over the first 10 months of this financial year to reach £2,114.6 billion at the end of January 2021, or around 97.9% of gross domestic product (GDP); maintaining a level not seen since the early sixties

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The UK will experience a gigantic brain drain over the next ten years. There is no recovery and the UK will descend into some brown Islamic shithole

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neva yew mind mate thats not fa yous plebs ta know

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A broken UK is still x100 times better than those shitter countries they came from

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neva yew mind mate thats not fa yous plebs ta know

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G-d imagine the smelle

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Fuck off Boris you're not welcome here

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Uh yeah this has very little to do with covid, we were fucked long before the pandemic, it’s only accelerated the disintegration

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Government spent years saying we were fucked and had to pay off our debt and used socialism as the boogeyman.

Then they decided to bail out all the businesses that couldn't adapt to COVID by borrowing more than has ever been known in history. Proving that even the supposed 'capitalist' party were secret socialists.

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rip ye brown and mudslimed land

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>socialism is when the government taxes people and takes on debt
read a book, you fucking nigger

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>45% tax on your gains is not the end of the world

Fuck off retard.

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You been fucked since 2008

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I remember getting shat on by people here when I warned that the panic will make national debt spiral out of control and we will be paying for it for decades to come. Well fuck you, I was right.

We are all fucked. This debt is on top of already massive debt, they will be taxing everything at high rates and inflating money until it is worthless.

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the whole of the west is fucked

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What do retard Brexit cultists have to say for themselves now?

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>socialising losses onto the tax payer
sure sounds like socialism to me

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not sure how the country can be in the worst financial straits ever and still going and there are still enormous multi billion pound companies paying literally 0 tax
unironically tax them or ban them why pussy foot around it when the country will literally sink

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>Bongs taxed too high
>Bloated public sector wastes money at an alarming rate
>Unfunded pension liabilities
>Public sector demanding bigger budgets, great unwashed demanding more gibs

Yes our nations finances are fucked how is any of this new to you? Its not the numbers that are the problem, its the sentiment in the country and the lack of desire for a sustainable solution to this problem. Politicians will just kick the can down the road, after spending more than their predecessors.

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well im gonna load up on monero, any savings in the bank will be useless in 5 years if not sooner

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No, they'll claim it. It's their "home".

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No financial reset, everything from abolition of cash to alternative "meats" or abolishment of cars and big houses is to hide the inflation.

They intend to extend the fiat cycle to enslave nocoiners.

Cryptochads will reorganize and form their own crypto switzerland somewhere.

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They believe their own memes too much at this point

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I voted for Brexit hoping it would kill the UK

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Just let it fucking collapse, tired of the status quo and got nothing to lose anyway.
Fuck boomers, fuck the tories and fuck Labour.

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You wot m8? You dont like our sovereign debts?!! i suppose you'd ravvver some darkie an her jobless litter av em!! You wud wuddunt ya, traitor?!

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same (economically)

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>blaming brexit for this
we were fucked well before that

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Fuck knows mate. Can’t be assed, just gonna eat this ere kebab insted.

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They've bailed out the private sector too bucko.

A truly free market would have let all these businesses that couldn't adapt quickly enough to COVID to collapse. Which they should have done.

Then from the ashes we would have new business and growth. Instead we've just spunked billions on keeping failing businesses alive for a little longer.

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>5 years

Been useless since 2008 and soon laggarde will bring to the eu serfs good boy points


and since bongland is even more orwellian than the eu it's going to be worse there, probably the restoration of feudalism for real.

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This, our defining traits as a country are laziness, apathy, and a general lack of revolutionary thinking/action in any way. We are on a dying path, and we will never ever leave it.

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I'm hoping an EngSoc party with an actual intelligent leader from the working classes (read: not Oxbridge or private school) can rise from all of this.

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Nice one Super Sunak

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No wonder all nocoiner shills when on pol have bong flag their whole parasitic existence depend on extending fiat currency until they retire.

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This is a disaster and I am going to cash out everything in April before the switch and buy gold, silver, land and food.

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We are worst than Japan now. Fuck this country. I am out of here the chance I get.

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Because they want people working, they need the companies to give people jobs to keep them occupied, so they attract the companies with zero taxes. It's what happens when you sell your country off to mega-corps and fuck over you own national/local businesses.

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this, bring it on
i have nothing to lose
gonna stick all my savings in monero and let it ride

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checked we are fucked

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Welcome to the third world, britniggers

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Good afternoon britfags.

Try not to panic, GBP v USD is doing ok for its recent history (still shit since early 90s)

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because the lower the taxes the more companies you attract
just look at ireland
try taxing these big companies and see how that works out in the long run

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Are there seriously people here who haven't dumped their fiat pounds for gold silver and mining stocks yet

>> No.29467741

the majority of the west is fucked. We're flying towards a global crash, have people not noticed this yet?????

>> No.29467749

we welcomed the third world here

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this isn't good for my shitcoins all valued in usd

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aye but they are already here now lad, just tax them properly then boom problem solved, the gov holds the rule book and can do what they want unless some paid off shill is blocking it all

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>completely destroy the zoomers and milennials futures so that decrepit 88 year olds can live an extra 2 months

Just how badly are they gonna fuck us on tax to pay for this covid bullshit?

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Deano is the backbone of the economy. My linkedin is getting nuked with job adverts and PMs from deanos and stacys. Last year it's like they all went silent, businesses are getting prepared to open up again and not going to be cautious this time.

I can just feel it, nandos, bmws and easyjet is going to the fucking mooon this year lads.

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I know, I'm nigerian living in London

>> No.29467811

Covid restrictions on businesses and magical furlough money are obviously apocalyptic for our economy.

Hard agree with all that except we are not on a dying path, the country of our fathers died a long time ago. We were born and raised in the corpse of great Britain, and it aint ever getting better.

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Covid hoax was the cover for the already-inevitable collapse

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Yes it is

>> No.29467851

>still thinking we're gonna vote our why out of this...

Democracy is a failed God. We English don't need political parties, we need an ethnocentric anti-democratic organisation.

>> No.29467867

How is this anything we didn’t already know?

>> No.29467871

It doesn’t work like that, they will just relocate all their offices
A few million to relocate to Ireland or Germany is FAR cheaper for them than being taxed
muh tax the rich doesn’t work in a globalised world where they can just get up and leave

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I try explaining this to my retarded mates and they're all oblivious brain dead zoomers - 'm8 we'll be alright, them tories wouldnt allow dis to happen, europe wil be wurse orve dan us as well' can wait to see them get absolutely BTFO while im in my comfy thai beach cabin while the west sinks into the ocean.

>> No.29467906

Nope, thanks to globalisation, they can just fuck off to another country that will offer them zero taxes, like Ireland. And that's the last thing London wants when they are already trying to attract money post-brexit.

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Have you read a book? Wealth redistribution is one of the cornerstones of socialism. That’s why taxes were very low in the past when the west was aktshually capitalist. Interventionism is not free market, that’s why those were two different options in Victoria II, play some games you uncultured pigs for crying out loud

>> No.29467985

nah we need a hybrid between autocracy and democracy
Like constitutional monarchy but with more emphasis on the autocratic elements and possible a restriction on family inheritance of the throne, replaced by meritocratic selection by the ruler

>> No.29468001

Literally won’t be allowed to happen though
London is the seat of the cabal, the cabal never dies

>> No.29468006

taxation is wealth redistribution from the poor to the rich, retard, the cornerstone of socialism is abolition of private property and communal ownership, i fucking hate you anglos so much

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Just pay your $127,000 personal debt and then you can leave

>> No.29468050

Holy shit. UK has the worst debt and looks to be the first to give everyone vaccinations.

>> No.29468059

Democracy (universal suffrage) vs monarchy is a false dichotomy, we simply need to go back to having a property qualification to vote and a gold standard

>> No.29468091

It’s going to be a massive fuck up if they raise capital gains tax.
20%? yeah alright, bit of a pain but I’ll take that hit
40%? yeah na, fuck that im off to portugal and the government won’t see a penny

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>mfw wanted to buy a house/flat in the next couple of years
My mum will be so lucky to have me at home till I'm 35

>> No.29468118

The economist Dominic Frisby predicted all this in a 2014 documentary called The End of Britain, used to have millions of views before it got purged from Youtube


>> No.29468138

a-at least we're taking back our b-borders... right guys?

>> No.29468137

Socialism isn’t meritocratic though
Capitalism is as close to meritocracy as possible, where everyone gets what they deserve, no redistribution
Although fractional reserve banking is Jewy

>> No.29468229

>we simply need to go back to having a property qualification to vote and a gold standard
reckon a system where you get the vote ONLY after you have been working and paying taxes for 5 years

>> No.29468248

No, we africans and indians are already in

>> No.29468276

yes those are elements that should be included
but it's not a false dichotomy, if a ruler says one thing and the populace another then autocracy picks the ruler and democracy the populace

Hybrid system would be like an 80% majority threshold for the populace vote to matter.

>> No.29468281

Eurocucks are nigger tax cattle. All authoritarian cucks need to be roped, that's 80% of the european tax cattle that need to go.

>> No.29468299

Yes. That’s right. It’s all going to be okay.
The norfs just need to rise up and do a citizen’s arrest on Bozza

>> No.29468458

Good post. Seems like the eurocucks will just take it in the ass like usual.

>> No.29468468

Event 201

>> No.29468470

Why won't you be able to buy a house/flat?

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im sure Corbyn would've fixed it

>> No.29468562

Just do 90% inheritance tax like pajeet sunak wants.

Take all the money from these useless boomers

>> No.29468588

Bill Gates himself came to me house and tried to chip me, careful lads

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How do I profit from this as a trader ? Short the banks?

>> No.29468630

March 2020 and this post is real.

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Literally the most retarded argument, doesnt matter who is at the helms, how do you not understand this by now you literal faggot? There is no way out of this debt except quite literally bankruptcy, its over.

>> No.29468653

>everyone gets what they deserve
>a handful of corporations dictate terms to everyone

>> No.29468682

at least hed leave our crypto alone, the old fool barely manages to turn on his pc

>> No.29468703

Just paint a picture, claim it is worth the entirety of your parents’ wealth, then get them to pay you for it
Tax life hacks

>> No.29468717

That sounds great above a certain threshold, for a lot of people their only chance of getting a home is inheriting one

>> No.29468767

Yes, in real capitalism which is now gone
They shouldn’t have stormed the capitol, they should have stormed Silicon Valley ffs

>> No.29468769

Implying hrmc wont arrest you for fraud.
Bojew needs his funds.

>> No.29468875

What does HMRC know about art
Fuck all, that’s what. Art is subjective, if I want to sell my picture of a tree for £100000000000 then that’s what it’s worth.

>> No.29468879

think of it as revenge bby

>> No.29468955

>it wasn't real capitalism

>> No.29469019

if you buy crypto in gbp, then gbp tanks in value against the dollar, you've saved money

>> No.29469053

>that sounds great

>> No.29469126

Fuck this worthless country. The writing has been on the wall for years. Soon enough the dinghies will be going the other way.

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Tory cunts dont even care for the national 'elf

>> No.29469213

*To the tune of alay alay*
I've conquered all the chippies
I'm never gonna stop
Chips and peas and gravy
I've ate the fucking lot
Pepperoni pizza
And chicken vindaloo
I'm a big fat bastard
Cause I love my fucking food

>> No.29469279

but its not tanking against usd, it's doing the opposite

>> No.29469340

He got KEKed yesterday's PMQs

>> No.29469360

absolute retard, /biz/ is a fucking joke

>> No.29469431

Yeah so your purchasing power relative to other assets (USD, Gold, BTC, your shitcoin portfolio) has increased. Buy now whilst the pound is strong for a discount.

>> No.29469471

You'll be paving Paddie driveways in a fortnight, with a PhD to boot

>> No.29469479

> *BAN* *BANG*
> come on engurland!

>> No.29469498

I... I just want to walk in green pastures, Anons. I...

>> No.29469533

im already fully invested, dont have any gbp to buy

>> No.29469578

>Try not to panic, GBP v USD is doing ok for its recent history (still shit since early 90s)
What do you think this means retard

>> No.29469686

we are still 85% white you retard.

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entitled boomers will still want their massive state pensions along side their two rental properties and flat in alicante after we've already crashed the economy so they can sit at home and get trollied on mid price bottles of wine every night
why would any zoomer or millenial with an ounce of money stay in the country to hold their bags just in time for the UK to sell the NHS to amazon prime

>> No.29469762

then boomers would just piss it all up the wall on cruises etc.

>> No.29469764

i wonder if they'll realise just how much they've shorted the entire history of their people

>> No.29469849

exactly. Just look at the state of the WASPI women when they had to face the harsh reality of "equality" then screeched until uncle jezza tried to buy them up. The boomers will kick and scream and tear the place down if they face losing what they feel entitled to.

>> No.29469860

>read: not Oxbridge or private school
we had one and everyone hated him

>> No.29469864

they have no idea, they genuinely think its a problem with 'the young people', which is now everyone born after 1970

>> No.29469867

No other countries are that much better

>> No.29469878

They don't care

>> No.29469890

>market crashes 25% in a day
>rishi removes personal cgt allowance and sets rate back to 28% for all shares/crypto
>usd falls against pound making my magic money even more worthless
I am NOT going to make it. Down $100k in a day.

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>Central government bodies are estimated to have spent £81.9 billion on day-to-day activities (current expenditure) in January 2021, £19.7 billion more than in January 2020;
>£81.9 billion

>> No.29469986

What a load of bollocks. Of course we were set for an economic collapse, the writing was on the wall and the pandemic only accelerated this. The banks will be safe from blame anyways by causing infighting within the country be it political divisions, racial divisions or even geographic divisions. "Divide and conquer" comes to mind. They'll get away with it all the same way they did in 2008.

>> No.29470018

It is the greedy white Anglo who drove this country to the brink of ruination, and it will fall to the hard-working Pakistani to save it.

>> No.29470129

Is bailing to the Isle of Man a good idea?

>> No.29470250

Yes, I really do think they have no idea. Will they weep? Probably not, as >>29469878 says. Stilll, my parents have worked manual kabour their whole lives, so I have some sympathy. They never wanted to be in control, and they shouldn't be forced to. Peasants are peasants, and that's fine. I wish I could, too.

>> No.29470263


All economies we’re well fucked before Covid.

Covid is the excuse so we don’t hang them all from the nearest lamp post for their decades of corruption.

>> No.29470280

Nothing short of bailing to the wilderness of Asia or NA will do.

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File: 2.93 MB, 427x240, honk.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Public sector net debt (excluding public sector banks, PSND ex) rose by £316.4 billion over the first 10 months of this financial year to reach £2,114.6 billion at the end of January 2021, or around 97.9% of gross domestic product (GDP); maintaining a level not seen since the early sixties
>reach £2,114.6 billion at the end of January 2021
The sun never sets on the British isles, but it is about to go supernova.

>> No.29470405


>> No.29470442

You're retarded, Anon.

>> No.29470492

God I want to impregnate Mamako.

>> No.29470545

/biz/ was never known for being high iq desu.

>> No.29470626

Given they also forced all businesses to close its only fair they pay them. Of course they shouldn't have closed ANYTHING but there's no preventing a pansy from pussying out.

>> No.29470678

this isn't 2010 anon, governments don't care anymore

>> No.29470735

its has to matter at some point

>> No.29470761

surely every brit on biz is planning to leave once they make it? No chance I will stay in this shithole

>> No.29470800

>Given they also forced all businesses to close its only fair they pay them.
> they pay them

Anon, where the fuck do you think that debt actually goes? The government doesn’t pay a fucking thing, your kids and grand kids will.

>> No.29470861

A lot will move to SE Asia and breed with them.

>> No.29470879

How are bongnigger threads so consistently fucking low IQ across this entire site?

>> No.29470906

I don’t want to leave, but the government are forcing my hand

>> No.29470917

they'll liquify white babies to pay for the debts soon dont worry

>> No.29470947

We won't be able to leave if we don't have the vaccine passport anyway. I might just go down to Dover with twenty quid and buy a dinghy from one of our latest arrivals.

>> No.29470950

I don't want to leave. I love this land, but I'm being exiled, really. It's barely my choice at this point.

>> No.29470958

yeah, the older I get the worse I realise this shithole is. need to gtfo soon as but no idea where to.

>> No.29470966
File: 117 KB, 768x1024, 1613999575902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29470989

Come live with me in the deep wilderness of NA.

>> No.29471007
File: 95 KB, 684x544, 1612619795175.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's certainly worrying, but I always feel that people in the UK are too pessimistic. It's quite ugly how I hear people complain all the time, it's relentless and the type of complaint that leads absolutely nowhere.
Couldn't be me, you guys need to get your vitamin D and stop being so utterly miserable.
If everything crashes, we'll just have to get on that boat and try our luck somewhere else; despair like this your whole life and I don't care how big the number is on your funny internet money account, you're not making it by default.
It's a sunny day today, just step outside.

>> No.29471059

Thanks journalists for spending the year calling politicians murderers. Maybe we could have gone back to normality if you hadn’t stoked constant outrage

>> No.29471060

The survival of our people is not in doubt, but this comfy land is the best.

>> No.29471062

I have an EU passport and am permanently wfh so there are many options on the table.

>> No.29471121

Why do americans think brits are intelogent and classy in the first place? Same with the French. These people are as retarded as the rest of the world.

>> No.29471148

Thailand is my choice, already spent most of my 20's there. You can buy a 5 year visa for about £13k then £2000 a month would give you a great quality life.

>> No.29471243

So what's everybody bitching about?

>> No.29471264

Is that so?

>> No.29471299

13k? How?

>> No.29471334

We’re pretending to be retarded you humourless foreigner

>> No.29471336

Absolutely based

>> No.29471339

UK is a sinking ship.
There will be much, much suffering in the coming years, just like any other western country though, so it's not something you can avoid unless you go to live in the wilderness.
I cannot stand any form of slant eye, I don't like the cultures, sight of them, how they act, anything. So SEA is ruled out and not sure where I would go.
A forest in Eastern Europe I guess.

>> No.29471342


>> No.29471346

im already out. come to Portugal

>> No.29471350

Whinging is the national passtime

>> No.29471351

Do you eventually get naturalised?

>> No.29471412

Would love to move to the Algarve, how do you earn money?

>> No.29471424

Reading this now lad, why is he so based?

>> No.29471438

same, asian girls look like fish and have no tits/ass so i chose Portugal

>> No.29471440

What is the cost of living like?

>> No.29471444

Imagine wanting to live in a SE Asian shithole filled with literal trannies
Enjoy your lonely old age

>> No.29471455


You'll just sit around moaning online lad.

>> No.29471472

lol bro you're definitely one to talk.
fucking retard.

>> No.29471521

Because he is a Jew and knows what is going on

>> No.29471703
File: 145 KB, 560x314, take flight.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I plan on moving to the Czech Republic, they allow gun ownership/carry and I doubt they'll go back to communism.
I have no clue where to fuck off to, lads, it all seems like an utter shitshow.

>> No.29471724

they do pay tax you retard. Just not corp tax. Any good company can avoid paying corp tax with good budgeting.

They pay a SHITLOAD in income tax however and absolutely carry the economy so stop with this big company bad npc shit and think for a bit

>> No.29471782

It is called Thailand Elite Visa. There is a 20 year one too. Not entirely sure about tax implications for crypto, but you could probably set something up over there, everything is negotiable.

Unlikely, although there are very very rare cases where foreigners have been. I suppose with enough money anything is possible, but the best option is to buy the elite visa, then get the retirement visa when you are 50.

>> No.29471790

He's like 1/32nd jewish ffs. He's just intelligent and has a grasp of things. He's a cynic, like any cynic all that means is he is a disappointed idealist, and that is precisely what it takes to figure out where the West is headed right now.

>> No.29471807

The Corona lockdowns were the last assault of the Boomers. The economy is completely destroyed for anyone under 40 all to save a bunch of crusty old fuckers who'll die in a few years anyway.

This country is so fucked, the whole West is desu. No where decent to run to

>> No.29471825

>thinks immigrants and cultural diversity ruined his own country
>thinks it's ok for him to become an immigrant in another country
jump off a bridge

>> No.29471841

remote tech job, my salary is actually retarded compared to the locals

much cheaper than UK obviously. its not something i think about really, its better than UK and many other parts of europe whilst retaining good quality of life. even things you might think would be expensive (eg dentists) are much cheaper and just as good. main draw for me is the tax system

>> No.29471899

Czech women are hot.

>> No.29471913

This, but unironically.

>> No.29471929

most western nations got corona fucked, give me a reason to trawl through a wall of non-crypto related text.

>> No.29471975
File: 115 KB, 500x701, 1613213667774.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hope you lads are stocking up on PMs and XMR

>> No.29472058

I seriously hate boomers. I don't get why they couldn't just stay inside and wait for the virus to disappear instead of ruining it for the rest of us.

>> No.29472129

What does PM stand for? Porchmonkey?

>> No.29472193

Precious metals, newfag

>> No.29472228

how long would we have to live there before cashing out crypto to take advantage of the lower CGT rates?

>> No.29472265
File: 1.84 MB, 360x638, this is normal.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I seriously hate boomers. I don't get why they couldn't just stay inside and wait for the virus to disappear instead of ruining it for the rest of us.
I have been saying this for years, but this just strengthens my view that boomers are the worst fucking generation since Adam and Eve.
I can't wait until they become worm food so I can dry my underwear on their fucking tombstone.

>> No.29472281

Boomers need their 5 cruises a year and if they can't have it then nobody else is allowed a life.
Most selfish generation.

>> No.29472326

It takes 183 days to change tax residency.

>> No.29472348

I'm not going to Finland. I'm going back to Italy where my family were nobles to take up the reins of our dying line once more. I speak Italian fluently.

>> No.29472380
File: 363 KB, 826x1042, 1602583655664.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


You can't leave, people depend on your tax money. Don't be selfish anon.

>> No.29472393

i cant imagine being this scummy

>> No.29472449
File: 424 KB, 753x1160, 1572672390162.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But crypto will crash within that timeframe and I'll be fucked while waiting to cash out

>> No.29472484

You would think that the generation who has witnessed things like Chernobyl, the Vietnam War or the Iraq War would possess some critical thinking and not immediately be bamboozled by globalist falsities and manipulation, but instead all they can come out with is 'Trust the experts' and 'They're doing their best'.

>> No.29472542

That's the funny thing, that's literally what they did. My parents both isolated and worked from home for months, my sister bought shopping and left it on their doorstep. Yet they still both called me a conspiracy theorist just for wanting a little sense of proportion to the lockdown.

I seriously hate them for that, they also refused to get into Cryptos when I told them back in 2018 (usual "it's a bubble/ponzi scheme" shite)

>> No.29472602

Convert to USDC or PAXG

>> No.29472617

worth it to potentially save hundreds of thousands of pounds.

>> No.29472631

>the generation that lived through the cold war should be immune to manipulation
what do you think the cold war was anon

>> No.29472719

Crazy how much house you get for 200k in Portugal lads

>> No.29472744

Buy Silver stamped £2. When it pops, and if they ask it's only £2.

>> No.29472756

Have you ever been there? I lived in a beachside bungalow on Koh Lipe while working on some projects online. It was literal paradise on earth. Google it and tell me that it is scummy to enjoy my life there.

>> No.29472770

'Av yew got a tax evasion license my son?

>> No.29472775

Just accept that the overwhelming majority are irrational and easily manipulated.

>> No.29472789
File: 77 KB, 948x1024, 1600902294570.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29472816

But any profit on that will be taxable.

>> No.29472828


Do they think you work in the UK, I've considered this but it's likely they will make 1 day a week minimum in the office mandatory to prevent this.

>> No.29472838

I hope that shit hole goes down the loo so I can return to my homeland and enact revenge for the convicts

>> No.29472878

You didn't have to do anything at all and the outcome would have been the same with the exact same death number
But why waste a good crisis?

>> No.29472917

You hate them for isolating which is what you wanted boomers to do... And you want them to have a sense of proportion?

>> No.29472959

I might just convert my ERC20 I have to monero and then back again to unlink it from the CEX paper trail.

>> No.29472966

My plan is Croatia. My wife is half Croatian and I have an EU passport from Irish grandad so as soon as we're done accumulating wealth we're off. The Border near Slovenia is comfy as fuck and stupidly cheap

>> No.29472970
File: 64 KB, 767x461, BOE balance sheet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What did the Bank of England mean by this?

>> No.29472999

Lmao fuck me. Get to work bitch.

>> No.29473000

If anything it would have ended earlier.
I fucking hate "scientists"

>> No.29473011

cant wait for bongland to be worse off than the colonies
thank you, boris

>> No.29473104

No I hated them for voluntarily isolating like they should have if they wanted then supported policies that enforced us all to basically isolate. In reality it just deprived us all of all the good things in life.

>> No.29473122

The UK originally announced a "herd immunity" plan, but the plebs and media responded by throwing their toys out of the pram, and here we are.

>> No.29473173

I love the lack of self awareness when the BBC runs stories about stunning and
brave single mothers that leech benefits and live in mansions

>> No.29473203
File: 718 KB, 781x1024, bull.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can I just take the free adult college/vocational retraining scheme and have student maintenance loans( 9k bongbux) while doing hussle on the side then run away to south east asia where my parents are chilling when Im a certified electrician/solar panel installer and stole 30k in loans?

>> No.29473210

I will poo in it

>> No.29473256
File: 46 KB, 659x347, 1597425522558.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Yeah it's pretty retarded.

>> No.29473271
File: 8 KB, 243x208, 1599062954290.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29473303

Herd immunity was the right decision. Politically it was impossible because of boomers who had been brainwashed by cunts like Piers Morgan.

>> No.29473353

>they refused to get into cryptos

>> No.29473373

so even with a pandemic, QE and brexit, it's not even the ATH?

fuck outta here with your nothing burger

>> No.29473456

>The case continues
Public money is being spent defending unlawful discrimination.
Whoeve authorised this should be sued by taxpayers.

>> No.29473476

The MSM played Chinese propaganda about mass graves in Italy for weeks.
In reality the Italians killed there own people by force ventilating every fucking covid case because China lied about covid symptoms

>> No.29473498

there was never a herd immunity plan, the writing was on the wall since Wuhan. the debate was over when to implement the lockdown; the BIT which hold disproportionate influence in downing street were calling to delay it as they anticipated lockdown fatigue. herd immunity was never seriously entertained

>> No.29473525

we were meant to go with the herd immunity option, but the media threw a tantrum and the tories caved

>> No.29473556

Irish bros... Will we get the economic drain that is Ulster?

>> No.29473570

>grass is greener on the other side
>what is globalism
>there is somewhere to go that does not have same or similar problems
>choose to become minority in time of anti-white racism being encouraged
good luck with that. also this thread reeks of 77th

>> No.29473580
File: 154 KB, 355x315, hu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tldr zZz

>> No.29473648
File: 166 KB, 727x900, 1613238421235.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ireland belongs to the English.

>> No.29473670

For once I couldn't believe that Sweden of all countries was actually making the right decision. The lockdown should have happened in January but we were just called racist for asking about it

>> No.29473677

London certainly fucking doesn't.

>> No.29473779
File: 52 KB, 828x453, 1611803220604.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29473798

> brexit, weak-ass pound, global pandemic, retards in charge
Bitch I don't even need to click the link, of course the country is fucked.

>> No.29473829

You English bros aren't even holding onto Scotland that much anymore

>> No.29473852

Yes, same artist

>> No.29473917

They certainly won't get it from me as I intend to flee this degenerate totalitarian shithole

>> No.29474009

no theyre aware i work in portugal

>> No.29474023

>highest public sector borrowing in any April to January period since records began

>> No.29474119


Ireland loves importing economic drains, have you even been to Dublin?

>> No.29474154

Drain here, probably not for another two or so decades if you're lucky.
After that England will drop us like a burning sack of shit. You'll be stuck with us, and you WILL act like you're happy about it.

>> No.29474168

it means the end of the chippie empire and the start of the kebab one mate

>> No.29474263


Ireland is a failed EU project. It was all party during the celtic tiger having the EU fund hospitals and schools and roads but not so fun when you have to start paying the upkeep costs.

>> No.29474415

Whatever a country's problem, the (((establishment))) solution is always the same: more niggers.

>> No.29474416

EU will reward us for getting more clay for the glorious German empire

>> No.29474435

Yeah, those people are the problem, good one mate

>> No.29474515

hurrr durr, at least its our debt, itll come down real quick like when we stop paying the EU.
boris red bus said 350m a week

>> No.29474523

doing this as we speak
Very comfy

>> No.29474543

Go back.

>> No.29474555

This, we're literally a Petri Dish for economic/social experimentation by Elites

The entire Fag Marriage and Abortion Campaign (literally funded by Soros) and an American Witch (no joke literal witch, google Katherine Zappone who was American Lesbian who became minister for children and just got abortion in and then fucked back off to America) colour revolution tactics are being exported to Poland / Hungry / Belarus

>> No.29474557


>> No.29474628

Doesn't help we have the same pub (((culture))) that makes them more addicted to the well being of sportsball then the well being of the economy, I even tried to convince my parents to buy gold or silver fuck it ammo and guns just to sell to beat inflation but all they said was, cash is king and leave it in tha banks. I love them but for fuck sakes.

>> No.29474698


>> No.29474778

>spanish flu
At least that was somewhat deadly, would have been justified.

>> No.29474800

and the fact where an anglophone country, if we all spoke irish be less sharing of cultural poison english speaking world

>> No.29474838
File: 54 KB, 750x585, 78B65A2E-8DF5-4CC9-9D19-8CDCCDCE18AC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That feel when just bought a Deanobox

>> No.29474850
File: 135 KB, 1289x402, 1600389732791.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29474892

this. address the problem, not the symptom.

>> No.29474983
File: 431 KB, 2112x2364, 1613049097226.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck off we're full.

>> No.29475124


May as well have bought $GME at 300

>> No.29475160

Dominic Frisby is not an economist kek

>> No.29475205

Enjoy renting pal

>> No.29475294

come to Estonia, it's cheap but techy

>> No.29475476

So you are saying Ireland is not a good place to flee to?

>> No.29475516

we had to do it to get rid of trump, anon

also how the fuck did the UK not keep records on government borrowing before 1993? that's the most retarded thing i've ever heard

>> No.29475568

>Because he is a Jew
He's a Christian you mong.

>> No.29475624

Maybe if you move to the countryside villages, towns are starting to get fucked. Dublin has always been a shithole

>> No.29475829

that's a big document, can you translate it into about 3 sentences and upload a relevant image?

>> No.29475842
File: 167 KB, 444x444, 1473846369244.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so would it be correct to get as much stuff on credit now before everything collapses and just never pay it back?

>> No.29475947

Probably dumb to ask this while the thread is about to die, but if I want to start an online business based in the UK and accept crypto as a direct payment (like posting my ETH address or whatever and then authenticating a paying user into my system manually), would the government give me shit about this?
Should I just offshore it to Gibraltar or something?

>> No.29475955
File: 24 KB, 374x374, pink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This should sum it up

>> No.29475974

I don't think that villages will help much either. Guess I have to win tonight euromillions so I can buy my way into new zealand.

tldr, you will work like a slave for the rest of your life while we desperately attempt to borrow more money.

>> No.29476086


jokes on you I live with my parents

>> No.29476317

>1.3 million people
>de facto white ethnostate
Enjoy your inevitable nigger bombardment.

>> No.29476395

>defining traits
>once colonized half of the world
don't forget that the eternal anglo can be inspired by conquest. just wait, empire 2.0 is about 10 years away - not necessarily ours, but power grabs will happen, probably in the south pacific first. war will be the inevitable path taken to cleanse these ludicrous economic abstractions, and to ensure material security in a world with highly secular and protected shipping lanes. pax globohomo economicus will not endure.

>> No.29476585

You need to register your business with the HMRC, so they will be looking into your finances to make sure you are paying all taxes. If you are all0crypto, they will probably become suspicious and will look at you more closely.