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Be me dreaming about Fantom hitting rank 1. Woke up confused because I never touched this coin in my life and have been in crypto for a long time now.

Did some simple research when Fantom was 0.15$. When I read that:
>fees were lower the 1 cent
>more and more projects are joining it's network
>Has some real life use-cases
I immediately went all-in!

For those who still don't have Fantom and believe the FUD in the Fantom threads you will miss the boat when alt season takes off.

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Been buying since 13c, bought more in the .20c range and 30c range, bought the top a couple hours ago at 49c and I am still fucking buying.

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Now sets see the price is staoshi

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Just bought more. Now literally only have Fantom in my portfolio

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So basically the going theory is it dips here, then we got a long BTC crab for the next 6 months while alt season begins?

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Exactly and this is going to happen since I was a poor student in 2017-18 and saw insane multipliers

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u a gud boi, started at 11c here. I wait for a small dip and buy every week.

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4th best performer this week behind 3 shitcoins

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My chinese friends told me pundix was based and redpilled though.

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What a joke

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>he doesn't know his shitcoin is an inferior copy kek

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I bought at 1-2c but I'm thinking of buying more if this is a real crash.

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As am I
I bought in at 1-3c all the way to 37c
I know where we're going so I have no fear

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yeah I was thinking about buying 200k hol desu

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I sold 6 million HOT and bought FTM am I going to kill myself? Was holding for 3 years and couldn’t take it anymore then I sell and it moons.

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X more years development vs exponential gain and adoption in a a 6 months. you made the right move. revisit then

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basically Andre Cronje saw Holochain in 2018, thought it was the best thing since sliced bread and started his own shitcoin. Because the crypto market is retarded, it values FTM the same as Holo even though one had years of development and it's a god-tier product while the other is a copy that was quickly patched together in a few months.

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