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Official Thread for BNT holders:
- General discussion
- News
- Charting analysis
- Memes


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How much to make it? Planning on putting some SNX into the liquidity pool but fees are so fucked atm it's barely worth moving anything. May use the dip to just buy some of their token with fiat on a CEX

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I hold 1.4k BNT
I wouldnt consider that a make-it stack as such
Nonetheless, it could set me up for the future
Lets hope these israelis use their brains for us

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is it safe to buy yet?

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I topped up 3 times today between $5.42 and $5.01 - I wouldnt stress about 5-10%+/-

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It’s over bnt bros....it was a fun ride...I’ll rebuy at the bottom

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>price already recovering
no no, you can miss out

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I hope this is the last one of these big red days for a while.

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>tfw buyed 15k bnt at $2 like 3 weeks ago
>whole board is filled with pink wojaks while I am like +150% even after this dip

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very nice
howd you get the money to invest? saving, gains on other investments etc

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How come this coin has been stable in sats even while BTC is dumping? It's my only alt coin that has held value

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Invested 20k from waging into eth when it was at like 500$ in december
Switched a big part of it to bnt in early feb
Went quite well so far

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awesome, how long did it take you to save 20k and did you budget hard?

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same bro

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Whats a BNT suicide stack?

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a few years but I only started caring about money really in 2020 and was basically a consoomer before that. Feels kinda surreal to go from ~20k my whole life to 140k in 3 months lol

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Hard to tell yet but I will peg the sui at 4.5K based on multipier rewards
10k make it

1k I wouldnt consider a sui but it can land you a nice summer home if you stake it to make it

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seriously, dont bother getting your normie friends into crypto. youll spend way too much time listening to them buy tops, cry at normal corrections and then sell bottoms, all whilst blaming you for it, even if you give 100000 disclaimers whilst you talk about what youre buying. i just told my friend im done talking to him about crypto till he actually learns about the space (he never will). feelsgood

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i have a 1k stack now after buying the dip
realistic how much more should I have to make this worth it?

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It should be worth it if you stake it

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I can wait till arbitrum comes out to stake my 1k stake right? There is no immediate rush as arbitrum should be out in a month or so?

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you are a truth giver

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3k stacklet stakeleted here
im hodling everything thru this
then im accumulating more
is everything going to be alright?

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Thats what i'm planning on doing and I have less than you

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bought 3k at $2 after those comfy bnt threads. Thanks to those anons on that thread for their comfy shilling. That 3k has become nearly 5 from staking. just fucking chilling and my hole portfolio is still up 150% . thanks lads

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>is everything going to be alright?
stay cosy, and take comfort in God's word
Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

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I’ve got 950 staked but another 150 not staked. If I want to stake them I guess it’ll still cost a ludicrous gas fee so I’m best off waiting?

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May God bless BNT holders!

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I fucking should have sold my 2 Eth for BNT, but no I thought you will always need some ETH

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just for gas fees for staking. no reason to hold anything but bnt atm

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hi guys it's me again
whatever you do, please don't lose your linkies on this shit

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I got 3.5k... so close!

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is it over

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No big deal, just means a trip to binance to sell BNT for Link. Any fees would be a lot less than IL

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would you fuck off you hyperparanoid retard
just as bad as boomers who have been constantly proved wrong maintaining their insistence that bitcoin is a scam

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Insurance is all about precisely calculating risk, diversifying risk, minimizing risk, compartmentalizing risk, limiting exposure to rare events, etc. It's clear nobody at bancor has thought about this in depth let alone done calculations. Or if they did, they're not publicizing it, which would be even worse.
Right now we're at the stage of defi where people are realizing you can just sort of modularly plug all these incentive structures together to make any kind of system you want. Any arbitrary arrangement of defi building blocks seems revolutionary right now, because it's all so novel. This will wear off quicker than most people probably realize, and only the truly carefully architected systems will remain. I doubt bancor is one of these.

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Lives are more then just money, guys! NANO is green and supports A TON of progressive causes! IF U DONT SEE THE PROBLEM, UR PART OF THE PROBLEM! BUY NANNIS!!!

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Oh yeah you’re that anonymous poster on the anonymous board. I remember you. Anon, right? How you been?

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Doing good thanks anon. Hope you're having a pleasant day as well.

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>everything dumps
>total % of BNT staked rises
>comfy BNT general

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that is anti-semitic

stay comfy, brother

IMO we will be back to $6 BNT by Saturday night (DYOR)

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Can someone please tell me what happens behind the scenes when we stake this?

Thank you.

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>hi guys it's me again
>whatever you do, please don't lose your linkies on this shit

If you think like this, don't earn any interest or yield on any of your cryptos, ever. Utterly retarded, beta tier pussy level risk aversion, faggot.

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computer print money and put in our wallet
thanks for your concern kind anon. i disagree with your analysis however.

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How much interest are you even getting from your crypto? Like 10%? People make that holding fucking index funds. Tbh the risk/reward of staking/yield farming/defi bullshit on some platform that can collapse any moment (so all of them) pales in comparison to just holding the coins in your wallet and watching the price go up.

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Hello newfren

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Somebody said that there is something like a smart contract that drops tokens of other types on the market, or something like that....

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i am glad i am smart enough to discern when a poster is a retard just from initial posts, before they out themselves like this. it isn't always so fast and obvious. can be dangerous. be careful who you take advice from frens

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Get your hands on MCM network

Check out mochimo looks great

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>first AMM project
>started this hole shit
>other projects just copy their stuff
>add new innovations which also get copied by other projects (IL protection, Vortex)
>team has a proven track record
>publicly communicates their plans

Honestly I get the feeling that you are invested in a competitor, otherwise I don´t get it why you would shit on the project in so many threads. I can understand when you shitpost in a couple of threads, but posting this shit so constantly seems very strange.

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OK, let's check for BS. Can you answer >>29467759

>> No.29469308

literally google and read boomer https://bancor.medium.com/

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So the only thing you grabbed on was the first and only FUD point related to Bancor in some of the earlier threads without having any clue on how much money there is to be made from DeFi or what Bancor is trying to build here? Ok.

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Do you really not understand liquidity farming or is your question about something else?

>> No.29469462

>raking in fees in the ethbnt and usdcbnt pools which auto compound

incredibly comfy dip

>> No.29469502

you're gonna make it, you have the instinct
the best part is when they reveal how poor they are, too

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I'm just asking how much interest you're getting. 10% is in the right ballpark at least for link currently. Why so triggered?

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I don't think they're triggered anon... It seems like you're just a a little on the slow side

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We seem to be recovering lads

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If you stake e.g. link then bnt is minted by the protocol at the current link/bnt rate and staked as well. Half of the fees earned goes to you, other half goes to the protocol for impermanent loss insurance or gets burned if it's not necessary. When you withdraw the protocol withdraws as well and burns its corresponding bnt.
If someone stakes bnt in that pool then the original bnt invested by the protocol gets burned and the bnt staker gets the protocol's pool tokens representing the stake in the pool.

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i'm triggered because you're posting your dumbass opinions as fact while having zero knowledge about the project you're even trying to fud
rewards on bancor are currently minimum like 70% and will be for another entire year

>> No.29470552

I'm just saying it is a big risk for the amount of yield you're getting, dunno what's controversial about that.

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man the token performance has been crazy good, insane fees being racked up too
we really fucking did it bancor chads

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I was clearly talking about single-sided LINK staking. Good for you that you're getting 70% on your bnt but I have no interest in holding that shit so it is irrelevant to me.

>> No.29470778

>How much interest are you even getting from your crypto? Like 10%? People make that holding fucking index funds.
>I was clearly talking about single-sided LINK staking. Good for you that you're getting 70% on your bnt but I have no interest in holding that shit so it is irrelevant to me.
good luck holding your link in an index fund then lol

>> No.29470834

>link maxi

how's the bull run going so far for you lmao

>> No.29471093

Link is 20%

>> No.29471204

youre replying to a retard thats been posting in these threads for days without ever going on the website to see for himself

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imagine somehow losing money, ever

>> No.29471896

finally got in the link pool after paying an ass ton in gas, but feels good bros

>> No.29471918

Getting about 45% APR on link after a 4 week stake at the moment. The reward multiplier increases every week by 0.25x up to a total of 2x after 4 weeks of staking in Bancor. The liquidity mining reward program has been planned for 72 weeks and it started in November so you do the math.

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why are you mad lmao
I only said that link staking yields about 10% apy and that this seems too little for the risk you are taking with impermanent loss and/or total protocol collapse
pic related
although I see there's some kind of bonus reward scheme going on right now, have to admit I missed that

>> No.29472231

>have to admit I missed that

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i am mad because with this post >>29471963 you act as if you know what you are talking about
but you literally have zero clue about the project

>> No.29472328

yeah, rewards will continue for probably at least another year, so its that 23% plus that 8.5%

>> No.29472371

And before you start FUDing about the timers the community votes on the extensions of pools up to that 72 week period of LM reward allocation and the top 3 pools are essentially guaranteed to always continue till the end.

>> No.29472510

20% is deece, still dunno why you have to get so defensive over it but I admit I was wrong about 10%.
Fact they're giving out free money helps explain the rise tho lol

>> No.29472711

>but you literally have zero clue about the project
I think I have a pretty good grasp about the project as you can see here >>29470404
And don't you think it is a little bit disingenuous to act like these kind of "liquidity mining bonus rewards" are an inherent part of the protocol? They're just attracting stakers by giving them free cash in the hope they stick around after the free cash runs out.

>> No.29473090

>It's clear nobody at bancor has thought about this in depth let alone done calculations. Or if they did, they're not publicizing it, which would be even worse.
Right now we're at the stage of defi where people are realizing you can just sort of modularly plug all these incentive structures together to make any kind of system you want. Any arbitrary arrangement of defi building blocks seems revolutionary right now, because it's all so novel. This will wear off quicker than most people probably realize, and only the truly carefully architected systems will remain. I doubt bancor is one of these.

imagine writing out all of this in this tone without even knowing that bancor has rewards

by then fees will be much higher
will it still be good interest? who knows
if you don't think so feel free to invest elsewhere

>> No.29473274

i just hope this pajeet is around next year for the bancor generals

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>imagine writing out all of this in this tone without even knowing that bancor has rewards
>>>29472510 (You)
I don't see why that should be so shocking. Fundamentals haven't changed, they're just artificially pumping up the numbers. It's like uber subsidizing taxi rides with VC money except bancor is not actually building a moat by doing this since people will always just chase the highest returns. Fundamentals don't change.
>if you don't think so feel free to invest elsewhere
If it isn't abundantly clear by now that that's exactly what I'm doing...

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thanks for your continued analysis

>> No.29473655

No problem anon. I wish more people were still willing to discuss technical fundamentals on here

>> No.29473914

lads, how often does single sided link liquidity become available, I have a 10k stack I want to start earning juicy rewards on?

>> No.29473980

It's the irony that you keep calling everyone here "defensive" when you don't seem to have grasped the basics.

Is Defi riskier? Sure but the rewards are more than commensurate with that risk.

You act like bancor has nothing to offer except high yields. The math behind the IL protection is sound and with vortex you can leverage. IL protection is literally not found anywhere else and all these things together are attractive. All these things together for bluechip projects like LINK is extremely attractive.

>> No.29473992

also whats a good ratio of vbnt/bnt to hold out for, 0.6 seems a little low

>> No.29474029


Thank you for going onto to biz and entering this thread and writing 13 comments because you are concerned for my financial well being.

>> No.29474110

>people will always just chase the highest returns
what is your argument now? that people staking on bancor will move elsewhere once rewards end and another protocol opens and offers similar rewards?

yes anon, i am sure some of them will. is that all?

>> No.29474469

>when you don't seem to have grasped the basics.
If you just keep repeating that maybe someone will believe you
>The math behind the IL protection is sound
I would like to see some rigorous good-faith calculations of how much price rise and pool withdrawal would put how much pressure on the IL protection and bnt minting, I did some back of the envelope calculations in an earlier thread but it just caused mass seething
IMO you can't really offer an insurance product without showing these kind of calculations but this is the wild west so we'll just have to wait and see I guess

>> No.29474658

It's not that uncommon but you need to keep looking out for it. There is no surefire way unless you drop an equivalent amount of BNT in the pool and even then you can get sniped. A feature to add to both sides of the pool simultaneously is being developed.

If you're talking about leverage, I wouldn't trade my vbnt unless I had some fantastic opportunity elsewhere or I was totally prepared to just purchase enough vbnt to unlock my stake. The burn mechanism to correct that ratio isn't even active yet so it might be awhile

>> No.29474913

Sorry for trying to have a conversation redditard
>hurr durr you made x number of comments

>> No.29474917

>10% apy and that this seems too little for the risk
risk of what?

>> No.29475078

risk of IL insurance becoming insolvent leading to a drop in bnt prices
but don't tell anyone because it will result in mass coping and seething

>> No.29475216


Bancor developed the constant product protocol and the AMM. Everyone copies it says there’s no need for a token. 2/3 years later uni releases pointless token for governance (zero swaps).

Bancor innovates and comes up with single sided staking and impermanent loss insurance and 25% of swap fees for tkn holders + LM + vortex + running on arbitrum + planned chainlink pools.

“Hey, maybe we don’t share our product mechanics fully this time since we got cucked last time with zero credit “ uni + sushi proceeds to do fuck except wait to try and copy while they bleed LPs.

You, a retard “ I wrote on a napkin this can’t work please show me the math or else......eh.....yeah, or else”. Fuck off and stay poor someone where else. Go read the docs and the BIPs. You’re free to join the Bancor developers channel on tg and ask the lead devs there. Take heed that Andre himself admitted he’s a subpar developer compared to my the Bancor devs, barely understanding it at a base level. Now fuck off biz and go ask the developers and don’t forget to have fun staying poor.

>> No.29475365

>“Hey, maybe we don’t share our product mechanics fully this time since we got cucked last time with zero credit “
Is that really their mindset? Do you have a source?

>> No.29475396

>but don't tell anyone
U mean like u did in the last 10 bancor threads?

>> No.29475518


>> No.29475711


Go into Bancor dev channel and ask your fucking napkin math you midwit retard. You literally sound like the horniest saying “but crypto isn’t real, like how do you mine without pickaxes lol”

Hop on in there and go get smoked. I’m on my phone now, but you are more than welcome to tag mark/ simp2win/ Oxinfinitum/ any of those OG Link guys on Twitter and allow yourself to be publicly shamed. Instead, you stay anon and post on biz threads where majority are low Iq.

Cmon bright man, hop on Twitter and tag simp2win and ask away. Why yearn + SNX are depositing treasuries into Bancor, maybe you should tweet them your napkin math. Stay poor newfag

>> No.29475776

Tell me, what is opinion on uniswap and sushiswap? Is there a defi project that fits your requirements?

>> No.29475789


Yeah my source is called learning your fucking lesson you midwit new poorfag. Go fuck a sushi roll queer boy

>> No.29476004
File: 518 KB, 800x533, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29476545

Dunno about sushiswap but uniswap is fine if you don't mind the IL. The risk is known, predictable and won't collapse the whole system in case of wild swings.
>You literally sound like the horniest
>Go fuck a sushi roll queer boy
Oh, stop it you!

>> No.29476633

>>You literally sound like the horniest
Well, your id does say "suc".

>> No.29476911


Cucked by no response lmao. I tell you when you can eat bby girl. Sit down.

Hahaha the “risk in known”. Your uni and sushi are bleeding dry. Answer me why SNX and YFI have set up treasury pools? Hmm anon?

I’ll explain it basics for your midwit brain. You know the protocol earns fees off the burning swaps right? Does that make sense regard? deposit 1m link, system makes 1m bnt. now during the next 3 weeks because of that extra trade volume, the system burns 3k bnt. then in 3 weeks he removes 1m link. system deletes 1m bnt? whats the result? entire system went down by 3k bnt. weak mind, weak fud.

Show me your retarded napkin math faggot.

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File: 704 KB, 866x764, bancorcomfy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checked and based

>> No.29477198

kek, can´t make this shit up. So let´s have the 100% guaranteed IL, which would have cost you several thousands already during this dip, but don´t invest in BNT because of a potential event that might never happen and even if it happens never plays out your way. You must be a unicuck guy.

>> No.29477441
File: 19 KB, 648x543, linkbnt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hahaha the “risk in known”. Your uni and sushi are bleeding dry.
Oh sorry I forgot to qualify I was purely talking about the market maker and staking, no idea about the tokenomics of uniswap desu. Seems like a clear case of token not needed.
>Show me your retarded napkin math faggot.
here u go >>29162565
And before you say "but link did go up 2x", here is the link/bnt chart, and remember that tvl is like 6x higher right now than at the start of the year

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> crypto isn't real, like how do you mine without pickaxes lol
fucking kek
anyway anon you raise good questions but they have already been addressed in literally every BNT general so that's why you're getting so much shit.

>> No.29478543

Still 2x up even without counting rewards, love this coin

>> No.29478598

Guys how low is this going to go I believe in the project but I also want to take some profit now if we're about to massively dip

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>> No.29478864

Give me a minute, I'll ask my crystal ball.

>> No.29478951

bought at 6.5, I feel very stupid right now.

Gonna hold until I need the money of course.

>> No.29478990

Thank you

>> No.29479035

It told me you should buy. I asked my magic 8-ball too for good measure and it said the same thing.

>> No.29479450
File: 18 KB, 680x230, 1613862157851.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Andre "midas" of defi, never had an original idea.

>> No.29480675

who is this andre guy anyway

>> No.29480727

Solace in the fact that this is only losing single digits compared to almost everything elses double

>> No.29480811

It will recover EOD just watch

>> No.29480878

the yearn token is his creation

>> No.29481172

I'd believe it. Nearly hit 7 right after the dip yesterday lol

>> No.29481803

just got a 10k stack. how long until it doubles from staking?

>> No.29482084

depends where you stake it but around a year

>> No.29482343

thats kinda nuts. thanks man

>> No.29482501
File: 63 KB, 793x522, fa65644e-301c-4be7-8686-14409e2cca33.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I say you haven't grasped the basics because you a) missed the entire reward program b) you don't appear to understand the typical liquidity farming lifecycle where rewards are outsized at first ("artificially pumping") to attract liquidity and are slowly replaced by fees as volume grows. Will APRs decrease over time? Yes, obviously, they always do. The fact that you're bringing this up (>>29473388) like some gotcha moment tells me you aren't familiar with this space or you're arguing in bad faith.

This is why napkin math is not sufficient to judge anything. For starters, your reply is looking at the January report which had some like $5m in annualized fees gathered, and in the February update that became $20m (https://blog.bancor.network/bancor-monthly-progress-update-february-2021-685e174f6537).). TVL hsa more than doubled since that Feb update.

In order for the death spiral to start, you need LINK to 5x while BNT remains stagnant, bot arbitrageurs do nothing during this time to balance the pools, fees somehow do not also increase during this time, the majority of LINK positions withdraw almost simultaneously, the Bancor DAO does nothing to mitigate, after extensive 2.1 beta testing shows that fees cover potential IL. Fee gathering is why LPs have to provide for 100 days in exchange for the insurance. In exchange for the possibility, however unlikely, that this happens, BNT holder recoup very large farming yields.

There's a lot of focus on LINK in this scenario since people think that native link staking will show up and destroy all the LINK LPs out there. That could actually be (and likely is) years away. LinkPool will get staking far before LINK does. Who knows how Bancor will have evolved by then?

Thanks for coming to my ted talk

>> No.29482716

And you don't know who andre is, jeez man. I guess I'm supposed to call you a cuck too idk

By the way there is an economic analysis of v2.1 in the Bancor FAQ. You could have found a lot of the info you wanted there.

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Just bought 125 bnt with my leftover USDT. Small boy stack I know. Any realistic price predictions EOY? I'd assume this to be somewhere around 10$ if nothing insane happens.

>> No.29483986

very much fud checkedboy

>> No.29484302

today has been a big fucking nothing
seriously comfy
if this is the "crash" we've been waiting for then i need to re-adjust my plans cause i'm about to make it even harder than i thought i would
thank you based big brain

>> No.29485021

the more research I do the more im convinced Bancor will be top 10 service that will be successful as long as etherium is. but I dont know. If trannyswap just copy and pastes everything bancor does and has a cuter interface, why would ppl use it.

>> No.29485055


Well what's your price prediction fren?

>> No.29485268

$20 EOY is the conservative estimate

>> No.29485501

nice trips, checked

>> No.29485780

This. I have a friend who gets overly emotional whenever there's a dip, panic sells everything at a loss. Shit gives me anxiety so I don't talk to him about crypto anymore either.

>> No.29485915

just got out of the shower
I understand what people mean when they say they're comfy

>> No.29486286

Holding atom and bancor is even comfier

>> No.29487425

today when I woke up I checked /biz/ and almost shat myself with all the pink wojaks, then I logged in to binance and saw my BNT was barely affected. it's almost too comfy

>> No.29488168

Bancor would have some airdrops or something like that to get more users

>> No.29488220

The beauty of it all is that they can not. The features Bancor offers are strictly tied to having BNT as the trading pair as well as not listing any and every shitcoin

>> No.29488820
File: 261 KB, 1244x511, bntee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i wouldn't expect an airdrop, but there is a chance they will create pools to stake BNTEEs in just like any other token. this would be the first NFT that you can do liquidity mining with. might be some good marketing

>> No.29489976
File: 421 KB, 678x754, Eu7Kr1eWgAEeOXI.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

speaking of, they just released some pics, they look much better than they do on the website

>> No.29490068

I don’t understand this FUD anon, if LINK moons 10x, the protocol would just mint the equivalent $ amount of BNT to the pool, what’s the problem?

>> No.29490484

Is there a time of the day or day of the week that gas fees are normally lower? I want to stake my 1k BNT already.

>> No.29490501

>massive inflation of BNT
>what's the problem

>> No.29490611

those BNT will not enter the market retard

>> No.29490760

Morning in the uk isn’t too bad. 8am gmt

>> No.29490849

I put 50% of my LINK into the pool. Is it safe? Should I withdraw? I just get into the pool for a week

>> No.29491255

yeah get out so I can get more rewards

>> No.29491613

If you fall for smoothbrain posting, then yes, absolutely withdraw.

>> No.29491680

where do you guys keep your BNT ?

>> No.29492025


In the exchange wallet like a true chad

>> No.29492117


>> No.29492226

I disagree the website shirts had a 90s band tee vibe and these look kinda tryhard

>> No.29492423

EOY? IDK we are in a bull market. It could easily be $50 in 2 months and $5 EOY

>> No.29492471
File: 100 KB, 920x920, Eu7Kr7JXEAMV2lQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i know what you mean anon. i'd like to see better pics

>> No.29492628

I would get out but gas would fuck my ass.

>> No.29493817

Bancor doesnt let you withdraw or deposit when shit is volatile. i've tried to deposit when shit was dumping and it didnt let me. So youre wrong fag

>> No.29494338

I’m trying to FUD myself as well but instead I found this. This anon got it and he got it in November.

>> No.29494861

damn that's a good read

>> No.29495056
File: 84 KB, 640x960, 530ous8sy8651.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


what is best single sided pool to stake to sirs? I have 1.1k bintangs which I want to steak

>> No.29495088

Excellent explanation of the pool balancing and reward model. Wish I had seen that in November. Only saw the light on BNT in mid-Jan.

>> No.29495467

ETH/BNT fullstop. Stake it, then forget about it for a year.

>> No.29495555


thank you kind sir. ETH/BNT shows 15% APR. That seems pretty low? I thought I could get 100% easily on here?

>> No.29495620
File: 86 KB, 696x1200, bnt222fees.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone else see this?

>> No.29495661

>almost guaranteed LM rewards for 72 weeks
>15% APR
>89% BNT
>30% ETH

This is the best pool if you just want to stake and then not touch your position for a long time.

>> No.29495873

wBTC could be a better option, as its also going to get renewed every time, and has 95% rewards + 8% APR

>> No.29496112

LM rewards will get diluted over time. APR will be constant or go up.

>> No.29496390

The 15% you see is the APR from fees, the APR from liquidity mining rewards in the second column from the left.

The top number in that column is the rewards APR in BNT, the bottom number is the rewards APR for the other token of the pair. You get paid rewards in BNT, fees in the token that you deposited.

>> No.29496455

so incredibly bullish. Just want BTC to crab so this can go uppies

>> No.29496523


are LM rewards in addition to APR? sorry retard here

>> No.29496540

Are these tokens worth buying? Will they ever reach Unisock prices? Sucks you can only sell on their store site and not anywhere else which keeps the price kinda limited. Nobody is going to buy the last few shirts when so many are floating around and you can see how many are available because they'll just get dumped on

>> No.29496611


this makes so much sense now. thank you kind sirs

>> No.29496672

I have a measly 200 bancies, does it even make sense to try to stake

>> No.29496751


>> No.29496920
File: 8 KB, 249x249, 1613843111144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i don't know anon. my double digit stack of shirts cost me <$500 so i'm sitting pretty easy either way.

>> No.29497043

is BNT coming to Binance ?

>> No.29497088

And that's what worries me about buying in. Nice getting in early though

>> No.29497120


I have 2k, stake it and forget it friend

You will make it

>> No.29497271

Not with the current gas prices unless you really believe in the project. It would take you a few months just to make up the gas fees.

That said, if you think the token is going to be way more valuable in a few months, it would be worth it.

I'd probably just wait for Arbitrum if I were you

>> No.29497286

I have about 1750 BNT, so basically I need to trade $1000 worth to eth just to be able to stake and eventually unstake it?

>> No.29497329

It's already on Binance available via BNT/USDT.

>> No.29497458

>6ft High & Rising
>5ft High & Rising

Can't wait for 4ft High & Rising tomorrow.

>> No.29497525
File: 83 KB, 803x1024, 1613839469598.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you can stake any amount. But BNT is definitely a better hold than ETH in my biased opinion

>> No.29497549

thank you fren

>> No.29497645

Regarding the staking and gas fees:

In a dev call about a week ago the devs were hinting that Arbitrum isn't months but weeks away and that the test net results are extremely promising (50x reduction in gas)

If you are looking to stake a small amount, you will be able to fairly soon

>> No.29497697

me neither, those buying opportunities don't come around too often

>> No.29497857

Incredibly bullish

>> No.29497998

I staked at a cheap time for a little less than $200.

Unstaking, if you're doing it right, should be well after arbitrum is released so don't sweat it.

>> No.29498081

damn, this is pretty exciting, i'll be restaking gibs on the daily of its 50x less.

>> No.29499026

I wonder if this is necessarily true. If the rewards program still has around a year left in it and wBTC rewards are at 98% right now and that pool is definitely going to be renewed. The ETH pool is only 75% for rewards. Until the volume picks up, wouldn't wBTC perform better?

>> No.29499202

In my bum