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Imagine not using this opportunity to buy EGG before these behemoth APY pools unlock.

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Daily apr of 200%? Wtf

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And you wonder why people have been fudding EGG hard all day today. The jig is up.

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where the fuck do i buy this shit

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Heard about this through Cryptowise YT. Those fucks are almost always right on their calls. Too bad im poor.

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https://goosedefi.com/ to get EGG, and the pools on https://autofarm.network open up tomorrow. FUDders been running their campaigns all day today on overdrive because this news hasn't been spoken about on /biz/ much. Someone doesn't want the price going up until he can get money or something. What a fag.

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It’s 4.2% a day nigger. Last week I was getting 10% until you faggots aped in.

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what do, should i move my eggs on these?

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wait so you only have 3k in on the egg-wbnb as of right now where do you see it going? also post an update tomorrow i want to see lol

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Certik audit when?

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they told me that yesterday.
oh well, least hacken ended up being 100% legit after the re-tweet.

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Wasn't it supposed to be like on weekend? 20th? or something?

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how much fee?
because in goose is no fee unlike >0.1 auto

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That was hacken
Niggers are busy, what can you do

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No. Yes, it was hacken. But they were constantly talking about cervix, and then hacker came out of the blue sky.

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Why does it say 611 million percent? And under that it says 4.37% ?

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Just chill and enjoy the cheap prices. We will conservatively be $120 by Friday.

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