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It's so soothing watching the steady stream of BNT accoomulating.

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I refuse to tether my BANCOR and I will buy more as soon as btc picks itself uo off the floor.

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I’ve been buying more bancor all day like a dirty little Thai ladyboy whore

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same here, it's a sensible blue chip and still early enough for big gains

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the beauty of bancor is even it’s dipping it’s still printing money when the time is right the price is appreciated i still wouldn’t be affected by this temporary dump at all

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I sold half of mine, idc if this shit drops below 5 I ain’t walking away empty handed

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Nothing wrong with taking profits anon, happy for you

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Staking 6k of these, will I make it ?

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60% in bnt
I'm conservative

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Bought at an average price of a little under 5
Fully staked
not worried

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Target is $1.2

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Target $1. Exit your position plebs, this is gonna get a lot more worse in the upcoming weeks

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You forgot the k at the end of your 1.2k.

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>more worse
Exposed as a pajeet ESLer

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>buying a ponzi printing 100% out of thin air

Have fun paying $500 eth fees to cash out, while watching the price crash as everyone around you doesn't the same thing.

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What the fuck does this shit even do. It seems more like its a service that can easily be replaced.

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