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what is your trading drug of choice?

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adderall of course

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alcohol and adderall

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Acid and street hookers

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i got some sativa carts that i pull from occasionally whenever i need to think less and buy more. combining stims and money would probably not end well for me.

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Speed balls

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At least 20-30 hits of fresh live resin butane hash oil each night until I fall asleep at 8am. Then my mommy wakes me up at 5pm with good boy tendies before I make more cum coin monies and get high again.

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Ketamine, loser

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Methamphetamine and diverse big holds. Literally go program, take a course or do something productive while not looking at your money during this dwindle. It's better for you in the long run. Emotion based selling and chasing losses is fucking dumb unless your longs are defo going to zero.

Unless you legit make your money day trading, then, God help you rn.

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A night of good sleep, a cup of coffee in the morning. Maybe some psilocybin blue water in the evening. Nothing to crazy.

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How the hell does K help you trade other than stop you from panic selling?. Shit's interesting though.

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no drugs

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I masturbate while i trade

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good old fashioned modafinil and caffeine I'm not a nigger ffs

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The first two just make me a barely functional human being

I suspect cocaine would have the same effect

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you aren't supposed to do them all at once?

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Stop being degenerates

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mdma is fun if you have a trading buddy with u and some bass boosted music

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use a higher dose

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>trading buddy with u
wat? careful anon you might get killed that way, specially when high

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I just take opiates and then I don't care how my investments pan out.

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You might not believe it, fluoride, I usually do it in the early morning and one in the evening.

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Acid & nos

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Cocaine, dexamphetamine, ketamine MDMA, LSD ,mushrooms, scotch and perhaps a bit of DMT at the end of the day

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not if you do drugs with non-schizos

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true, I didn't read it the first time but just read that post. Do people actually day trade lol.

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Adderall. It’s cheap and legal and very easy to get prescribed. Coke is expensive and will destroy you quicker than the adderall will. I don’t know much about Ritalin.

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>brain deteriorates

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40mg sildenafil

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Fuck this was fun. I remember being in high school zoinked outta adderall and tequila for my 17th birthday.

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Holy shit that sounds grimy

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That sounds like a blast desu.

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Adderall and some ginger tumeric tea from trader joes. Although I wouldn't really say I'm trading because I only buy and never sell

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Fpbp. Only acceptable answer
Sp best addenda

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dont trade. just buy IOTA and HEX and BSV.

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You are a very disliked person irl

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Out of those cocaine
Out of them all mushrooms

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dont buy carts you loser

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blue honey bro, even better