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Can't sell because I'll get taxed
Can't tether up because it's about the implode


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you'd be taxed either way

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USDC or Dai

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thats sad to be you

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you only get taxed when u cash out to fiat to ur bank account, noob

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You're a retard for falling for the tax memes. You're getting taxed either way, whether now, an audit in 2 years, or going to jail for fraud in 10

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use USDC you fucking tard

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Both of those are 1-to-1 USD coins that aren't based on fraud.

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convert entire stack into XMR, hodl

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No no, dont sell, thats what they want you to do before they pump it

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Usdc is same as tether scam backed by shitcoins. Paxos and Gemini stable coins are legit

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Stop being a faggot and go all in BTC to not bleed in sat

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I'm holding only because everytime I sell it always pumps back up
I won't be taken advantage of this time

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but what if it doesnt pump up this time? we cant keep winning for ever desu

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we're at war against the chinese. they're going to pump it anon. just tether up and get up early tomorrow.

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sell below your initial investment and you'll avoid all tax.

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>or going to jail for fraud in 10
they just steal all your assets and garnish your wages, no big deal

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not for burgers, you get taxed just for transferring crypto

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In the US all trades are taxable events.

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Shut your computer off and come back in a few days. If you sell now you deserve to be poor.

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yea OP is retarded, also you're supposed to sell BEFORE the dump fucking nufags

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I think we can for a while still. This is the ultimate meme money, and fiat has to implode sooner or later

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that's false how the fuck did you come to that conclusion, if you trade it for another coin is when it's taxable.

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These are all considered "coins", and taxable events.


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Wrong. The way burger crypto taxes work are:
1) I buy BTC/ETC/whatever with my USD
2) I swap what I bought in (1) for a shitcoin
3) I swap my shitcoin to ETH/USDC/tether/whatever
4) I cash out

Going from 1) --> 2), 2) --> 3), and 3) --> 4) are all taxable events

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Isnt the US supposed to be a good place to live because of low taxes

Im Brazilian

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Increase the value of my stack plebs

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This but convert to USD first because Monero is going back to 60 bucks

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USDC nigger what are you retarded. there are plenty of stable coin options.

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yeah you going to report a "taxable event" if you do it on a non kyc exchange like uniswap really? lol just convert back to what you originally brought when you transfer back to coinbase or whatever.

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"Good America" is gone. We're 2nd world and Collapsing fast

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Yeah somethings fishy about this guy

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>transfer 30 eth out of coinbase
>transfer 300 eth back in
>haha idk it just grew


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How early are we talking here?

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i dont think the AI is sophisticated enough yet dude, it would be like self reporting cash income from your grandma or something

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Low-IQ niggers
Buy silver with crypto
Sell silver back in $5000 increments as needed
Wow, no taxes

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don't ask me. im a retard lol.

it could be a bear market, ask people know their TA, could be chinese whales.

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Apmex sells gold coins for crypto. Cash out into something that isn’t worthless.

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nuthin personal kid

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>Can't tether up because it's about the implode
This is terrible fud

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Are all these events easy to track on something like coinbase? If I buy and sell coins constantly is it going to tax me to death or just create separate events that don’t really matter?

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nah, the u.s. is really no different from any other country these days.

- we have big government (5 trillion dollar budget for 140 million tax payers, which is 35K of government spending per tax payer)
- high taxes when you combine all the different kinds (local/state/federal income tax, payroll tax, sales tax, gas tax, vehicle taxes, property tax, capital gains tax, etc.)
- debt based fiat paper money to finance it all
- diminishing rights (calling a man a man is now hate speech, being white means being guilty of oppression, etc.)

gun rights are one of the few remaining distinctions from the rest of the world.

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nigger the exchange has record of every transaction you have made, they will send the excel sheet to IRS and that's it.

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Can I also request this record of every exchange or do I need to track everything myself and send it in hoping I don’t make a mistake?

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>i dont think the AI is sophisticated enough yet dude

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Buy RSV or USDC :)

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what are the odds of getting in trouble for not paying crypto tax?

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How does the IRS sending you a gigantic bill for those taxes + interest sound?

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again, what are the odds of that even happening? There's 300+ mil people in the US. how will they know?

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your transaction history should be visible on the exchange. if not send them an email, get in contact with them ask for it idk.
there was similar thread today some anon wrote that he hired an accountant to keep a ledger for him. you might consider that. I don't know the exacts but look into it, don't get raped in the ass.

I think there are people who gotten letters from IRS on 4chink.

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