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>Everything except RBC is going down the drain
C'est la vie!

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they alll laughed at us

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We are currently at stage three of the five stages of loss for the FOMOfags. I give it a month before we see dozens of pink wojacks from people wishing they bought RBC instead of [insert shitcoin here].

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is it too late to get into rbc ?
kinda want to get a little stack

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LUA is a superior option at this point. RBC has been pumped and cannot succeed.

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People are saying this is going up to $100 EOY, but if you want a totally reasonable limit I'd say it can reach $5 or so by EOY. It's a good project with a solid team behind it, so if you're looking for a solid long term hold with a nice profit then I'd buy some. Also don't listen to the LUA shitposter, he's basically just a bot that sits in RBC threads and pretends that LUA isn't a scam that was pump and dumped within the first week of it's release.

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LUA spammer has been popping up in RBC threads all day. Cringy

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>muh am I too late for RBC

I am just going to start pasting this in every thread whenever someone asks this. Answer your own question like this:
>open Excel
>create a new document
>column one market cap, column two token supply, column three price per token
>add rows and fill in current data for Uniswap, 1inch, PancakeSwap, Rubic, and any other DEXs feel like
>compare those numbers
>What is the price per token of Rubic if it gets 1% of Uniswap's Market Cap? What about 5%? 10%?
>Take the data from above. Then DYOR and consider Rubic's existing and upcoming feature set. Pick a market cap comparison percentage that you think is reasonable when comparing the two. I certainly think it is more than reasonable for RBC to get 10-15% of UNI's cap, at least, after a while.
>Now answer your own question: Is the current price per token now, less than the price per token at the target market cap? If it is less, then you are not too late.

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We love the cube

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lua is a fucking pajeet rugscam piece of shit, the amount of dedicated fud to rubic is insane, and its making my nuts full

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