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>first bull run
>Didn't cashed out in time

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Time is later.

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dont worry anon, theres always next time! be ready the next 3 years

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genuinely dont even think this is the end of the run

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Lol it’s not even down 10%

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>tfw bought 6 BTC at under $5k in March after the covid crash
>tfw sold at $40k in early January.

Honestly got lucky as fuck and I am never touching that shit again. Good luck gambling on buttcorns faggots.

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You think guys? I was at $1700 and now it's on $1200 and going down, I don't want to sell on a loss and I know these re pennies for some of you but from where I am it can ruin me or change my life
Good for you m8, get your parents a nice dinner

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that made me feel sick

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How can this run be over? Lots of my shitcoins haven’t even reached their ath yet. Wtf

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>I was at $1700 and now it's on $1200 and going down, I don't want to sell on a loss and I know these re pennies for some of you but from where I am it can ruin me or change my life
I was in your position in the 17 run, and it actually did fuck up my life. But we've not reached alt season yet, honestly. And the log BTC graphs don't show what they have for every other crash. When it's alt-season (assuming it is), you won't want to sell. You'll know when there's blow off tops everywhere and ATHs every day.

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You can argue whether they are self fulfilling or not, but all the indicators say we are close but not quite there. This is the most bearish one

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This indicator is what's given me the strength to buy every dip. We're not there yet fuckers, we've still got good profits to make this bear run

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I should say close in time. Not price.

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Bull**** I'm a retard

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Thanks anons I hope we all can make it together

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alt season is a myth, has only happened once

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In the end, we all make it.

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Anon it only happened once because there has only been a diverse set of alts once before at the peak.

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If you haven't learned to hodl by now you will never make it

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yo, great pump I passed by
need help fellas, someone uses Bot Ocean project?
worth buying or better to check for other bots?
wanna test trading with bots and instruments

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This is why I buyed. I think bitcoin will recover some of what it lost in the next 24hours and then do Jack shit for a few weeks and alts will go crazy.

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Wait until we flatline and buy as much crypto as you can and prepare for 3 years

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Yes of course. Just trying to make some money now so I can buy more then.

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>You'll know when there's blow off tops everywhere and ATHs every day.
How long does that last for? I don’t want to sell too early either.

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>four more days until my bags qualify for long-term capital gains tax
>bullrun collapses
Goddammit, this better be a fakeout.

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You'll have about a week, max, to sell at the top. And even then it wont be the absolute peak.

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Was last week close to what the real thing will look like?

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No. Not even close, to be honest.

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No it wasn't urgent enough. You'll know it when you see it. There are various charting tools all pointing to roughly the same thing.

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Shit now I’m scared.

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When you think with your stack that you'll be adding two zeros to your portfolio, then it's time to start selling.

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retard you are literally getting a second chance to buy back at 40k before we go to 100k+

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Digits don't lie but it just feels like people are more wary of alts. What's your target for BTC dominance?

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No idea, I actually don't care about BTC that much, except for its influence on my alts. But it'll keep dropping. Honestly, when XRP moons and does a x10+, then it's a flag. I just use log charts like you'll start seeing in many threads. Rainbow chart and whatnot. No point doing lines, just go on the sentiment. Another thing, when the time comes, Binance will shut down for 'maintenance'.

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