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This is sad

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that is actually retarded and a huge waste of money

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I need to get one of these for my wagies hahahahahahahh fully automated anxiety inducers

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Top kek

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the grocery stores in my area have marty.... I don't even think his main purpose is to find messes desu...I think they have him to watch shoppers, or make shoppers feel like they are being watched. I don't trust that shit

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They literally just want to normalize nigger phallus in public, no other reason for this

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It probably breaks after 2 months, and then you have to buy a new one, because it's over complicated. They could just give everyone a raise, but they rather do this, and demoralize everyone.

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Based robot

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Looks more like a horse.

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Those things apparently take inventory too. Worth the price if you can fire one assistant manager.

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I love how they made it a dildo
To fuck wagies right in their asses

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Check out these cookies. I dropped some on the floor. Clean them up

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Yea that Marty better watch his back. Fuckin snitch

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this one doesn't take inventory, but I think there are other inventory robots. this one literally just putters around all confused trying not to bump into shit.

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this whole "wagie" shit is a jewish psyop to get you to foolishly dump your entire life savings into some shitcoin and get rugpulled by jews or pajeets, therefore leaving you in a worse position than you were

there is literally nothing wrong with waging for a couple years and investing your earnings properly

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That would end up "falling" down a flight of stairs within a week at every workplace I've ever been.

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>this whole "wagie" shit is a jewish psyop to get you to foolishly dump your entire life savings into some shitcoin and get rugpulled by jews or pajeets, therefore leaving you in a worse position than you were
>there is literally nothing wrong with waging for a couple years and investing your earnings properly

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the pinnacle of modern robotics
based automaton

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Imagine Marty the robot being a local celebrity in every town
Fat housewives with their arms around him taking selfies
Boomer dads holding a case of Bud Light joke with him "gonna catch the game Marty?"
All before a kneeled seething wagie cleaning up a meat platter spill on aisle 9

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post nose, foreskin and sideburns with timestamp

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It is Jews but they are just making fun of their slaves like they usually do.

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>It's real

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This post is massively underrated. Thanks for giving me a chuckle, anon.

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>I dropped some on the floor. Clean them up

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>it's real

what the fuck? lmao

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HAHAHAHAHAH *GASP* It snitches on the wagies for not stocking the shelves! HAHAHAHA

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I'm on my way to stock some more aunt jemima pancake mix marty, please wait

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The real wagies are the software engineers who spend thousands of hours figuring out the mapping, localization and perception to figure out if some shit is on the floor.

> t. robotics engineer

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Imagine being the designer, and the retail people keep breaking the machine because it snitches on them for unstocked shelves. Have an idea, put googly eyes on it and call it "Marty". Boomers love taking pictures with asshole robot, customers won't allow Marty to be harmed. Massive profit.

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Here's your new manager, wagie.
CHOP CHOP now, work hard for Marty and I'm sure he'll reward you in your annual review.

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Please don't tell Mr.Shekelberg I left the shelf empty again! It'll be the 2nd time this week! I'll work through my break again!

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>this one literally just putters around all confused trying not to bump into shit
So.... still more useful than 80% of minimum wage workers

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better get off /biz/ after your 15 minute break.

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What is stopping 2 people from continously dropping things in front of Marty so that the wagie has to keep running from one wage alarm to the other?

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>thousands of hours
nah, you can put together a few common public ROS packages in a day and do all of that. only thing they have to do is probably train the hazard detector

t. robotics engineer at nasa

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most humans are worthless
this is just there to normalize robots before they're replaced

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Nothing, lets hope he can CHOP CHOP fast enough to keep his job

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Why the fuck would they make a wagie boss robot stead of making a robot that cleans up the mess itself? This is just a cruel but still quite funny joke.

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> robotics engineer at NASA

At least someone in that place is based enough to post on here. We have a company right now trying to license us their mapping and localization software. Took us a couple of hours to figure out they were just using off the shelf ROS with some sugar sprinkled on top. They're going under anyways so they were trying to hustle us. ROS take's a long ass time to build though.

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Well, I've got my Saturday afternoon plans made now

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Jesus that is PATHETIC. For 35 grand if your robot can't just vaccuum up the trash then what the fuck robotics 2021 everybody. Marty the robot. I am SO disappointed in humanity seeing that.

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I am convinced it's primary purpose is a wagie torture device. It just so happens it can detect trash as well.

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do it inhouse man, what company is it if you don't mind me asking? Mapping and localization are the easy parts unless you're in a gps denied environment or don't have any light. Not going to lie a lot of work I've "done" for higher ups was just configuring different public SLAM packages to work with our test platforms. By the way, was that picture you posted of the cat real?

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I unironically work at Walmart and unironically have one of these at my store. I also have unironically planned my suicide.

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There’s gonna be a lot more Marty’s and a lot less Wagies with minimum wage set to $15, the remaining wagies will be GRATEFUL to have 6 Marty’s screaming for them to hurry up and clean up Boomers shart trails.

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Haha, does it snitch on you? Do you guys have scores based on how often it catches violations.

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You're gonna clean up my mess at $5,000 AAVE

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There's no reason to have employees anyways.

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Kidnap Marty on your last day and take him with you.

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He also scans the shelves for out of stock items

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QUICK! Marty! Have a wagie come clean up this spill!

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Nice trips. And ya we do it all in house. As far as the company goes this anon should be fine. >>29443473

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The dystopia we don't deserve

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Based marty

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Wrong robot anon.

> stock the shelves wagie

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No in the Marty video he says the robot also makes sure stock and price tags are correct. Still funny though.

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Yeah we've been getting these at some stores at Woolies in Australia, my store hasn't gotten one yet. Watch them bring one in and suddenly "gotta cut budgets and wages guys sorry" store is bare bones staff as it is.

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Yes, we are collectively scored on response time. I really dont need this job. I thought it would be a good way to meet qts but I absolutely can see myself walking out without a word and never coming back.

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Wagie here, this thing is kinda useful actually. Basically you just sit back and chill while the robot checks the store. If the alarm isn't going off then you know the store is reasonably clean so there's nothing to worry about. Ultimately it does slightly lessen your work load by giving you an excuse to hang around doing nothing. Not worried about getting replaced by a robot yet. The sheer amount and variety of garbage people dump at your average store is truly shocking. I'd say it's too complex for a robot to clean everything on it's own.

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Pee poo

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Walmart is crazy, the only person who will talk to me while he stocks shelves is one black guy who stocks the water/juice isle who likes to talk about water and juice, everyone else seems miserable and is clearly worried about their time quotas.

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There’s a 16 foot line of Shart on isle 4, you have 30 seconds to clean it up before your Nuggies are docked Wagie!


This is the future that Boomers gave us.

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They had one of these stupid things in my local store I remember vividly my first shopping trip after covid watching the panicked hordes fight over tp, seeing this stupid fucking thing bumbling around getting in everyone’s way, all while “pocket full of sunshine” or some shit is blaring from the speakers. What a depressing day that was

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Kek this is the most blatant shit-in-face rubbing I've seen since the wagie cage

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