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why do you still defend this retard?

why do you hate this retard?

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But that image is true? The man has a goth/ alternative waifu. That’s pretty fucking smart

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Looks like a tranny to me.

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What he said is completely true, and I'm not gonna knock a guy for his taste in women, he can like what he likes.

also HODL.

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He’s also had three divorces and 7 kids, don’t envy him

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And still competing for richest man in the world. I can only envy this man.

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The amount of kids you have doesn't really matter if you are as rich as him.

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Means he is probably over the illusion of finding "the one", true love, whatever. She probably fucks like a demon and is compatible with his more jaded detached view of love & relationships, sounds like a huge win.

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>Richest man in the world
Yes. If you only look at lists that exclude royalty and nobles (e.g. The Rothschilds)

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He's successfully spread his seed 7 times, isn't that the end goal of being a man, passing your genes onto the next generation?

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7 white kids. Elon is /ourguy/

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>he made a shitcoin wiggle a little
>i care
pick 1 and only 1

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Don't forget the Astors. Also Baruch was a trillionaire almost a century before Bezos. The modern moguls are small-time shrimps compared to the nobles above them.

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get. punched. nazi

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Would literally give anything to have one of her used tampons as a teabag.

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Shut up fag

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Fuck right off faggot. Yea royals nobles and dictatorial national leaders don’t report how much the actually have fucktard and they certainly did earn it the way he did. Get your low IQ cherry picking ass of our board.

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Ok so some Jewish people happen to be rich, who cares, is that a reason to not like them? Jews are awesome. My favorite comedians are Jewish,

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How's your onions latte? There's a Rick and Morty marathon tonight! Make sure not to miss it.

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what? you gonna call the cops fucking pussy

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Stfu nigger they have unusual amounts of power and use it to push their fucking disgusting morality on us

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He only earned that money because they allowed him to. You think that hyperloop, Boring company and electric cars are revolutionary stuff? They've had those since before WWII.

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>thread about fellating rich white guy
>"But these white guys are bad because they're rich"

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>cites relationship between the white man and the negro

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G8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8

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You know they just selectively test their smartest people and apply that to their whole population? The way the Chinese do? Get real. They're slaves to the elites. Just the same as us. Except they're kind of like royalty slaves. Like the janissaries. Trusted to keep the cattle in place, and to do the dirty work of their masters, but still insecure because of their origins.

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7 kids is a blessing you jackass.

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u dont think every race selectively tests their best?
nobody ever gives their obviously moronic kid an IQ test.

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>get. punched. nazi

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Holy fuck my gf is 10 times better looking than this woman and my net worth is negative. TIME TO FUCKING SELL

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Having a girlfriend / wife more attractive than grimes isn’t hard lol.

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>high profile appointees
>deputy secretary of state
>political affairs
>technology policy
they're also white

this is literally what the libtards do.. but say
>w-w--why aren't they black!!!!
take a wild guess

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Whatever you say man.

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Nah, they are an inbred pedophile cult. Nothing "white" about it unless you're going to show off your extra chromosome and talk about how kikes sucking baby dicks over 6 thousand years ago referred to themselves as "white".

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5 of them were grown in a lab

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>Commies and negros hate the jew
>Meaning I should hate the jew
Is there anything more bluepilled than anti-Semitism?
Befriend the Hebrew and make stacks on stacks on stacks bro.

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what he's saying here is true if taken out of context and also malcom x would be happy if you were murdered.

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Yeah italians aren't white either

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You're a retarded coping faggot. He's not THE RICHEST person, so his life is horrible!!!

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>but italians
>muh white
>literally can't take baby dick binkie out of mouf

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7 autistic white kids
Musk is a literal autist

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those are men

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7 kids with three different women is based. That’s three different genetic codes Elon got for his kids. Now he just has to have them all work together

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Jews are the best.

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Yup, sounds like a white person

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The context seems correct to me. Anyone with reading comprehension can tell what he’s saying.

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>Yup, sounds like a white person

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Jews are not white, anon.

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I just came on 4chan properly for the first time in like 7 years to check out /biz, it's even more racist here than it is before lol. Used to go on /b a lot when I was younger from 2010-2013, and there was a bit of racism but not a whole, most of it wasn't that serious though. I've heard it's gotten a lot worse.

Being racist and getting into racist conspiracy theories gets you nowhere and leads to negativity and a shitty outlook on the world.

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Only polcels take racism seriously. We should drive out poltards from this board. They dont even have the money to gamble crypto. They just post and contribute to demoralization threads.

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pink hair doesn't make you special or attractive faggot

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I dilated your mother's asshole last night.

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It was tacitly ironic until the conservative movement started taking it seriously when they migrated.

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Yeah unfortunately the whole anti-SJW movement around 2016 led a lot of people down the rabbit whole of racism. I completely understood the whole anti-SJW thing, I can't stand them, and woke culture. But those videos and memes led a lot of people further and further into conservatism and racism.

You can still be left leaning and not like woke culture and cultural Marxism, I think people need to understand that.

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don't generally have children aka "lil X"

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Know the white nigger. Whereas the negroid becomes void because of his conditions, circumstantial, naturally inherited, or otherwise, in the absence of these conditions, the white nigger betrays his potential as a white man. He discards his intelligence by succumbing to thoughts of conspiracy in the absence of any achievement he can call his own. He worships his glorious ancestors but does not demonstrate his own skill. In this way he degrades his whiteness, and it becomes a heinous thing. When confronted, the white nigger will respond with tactless libel, but never material, as he must prove not to his opponent that he is correct and superior, but he strains to prove to himself that he is not a white nigger.

Know the white nigger.

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Like half this board (myself included). So?

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Imagine being a celebrity billionaire and actually breeding with this hatchet face

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7 white kids?
Based African American putting in work.

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how do I get rid of this dog crap? I bought at 95 and it’s not going to 120 again what is wrong with this shitcoin and eternal crabshit

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Racism ironic or otherwise is the only way to be a true dissident in the modern world. Normalfags think saying the word nigger is worse than murder. Nigger / faggot / kike is used to keep you le epic redditors away. Now fuck off

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Context? What coin are you even talking about?

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goths are fucking trash and ugly, prove me wrong

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Read old newspapers. Go back in time.
Buy low, sell high.

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Contributing to the future of the white race is the only based thing he did.

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"What did the Romans ever do for us?"

>> No.29445070

She's gross, but it's honestly kind of refreshing to see a bitch like that.

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>racism has gotten worst
I wasn’t even racist in 2019.
Fucking niggers.

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Lol fuck off? I basically spent my life on /b from 2010 to 2012, I was a part of that whole culture when it was growing. I was there when people started saying top kek. You're not going to be able to tell me to fuck off, and the fact you think I'm offended by people saying those words is laughable.

I don't care if you want to be edgy with your racism, hopefully you grow out of it. Being an edgy racist shitlord is going to get you nowhere in life bro.

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>I went on /b/ when I was a kid
>reddit spacing
Please go back faggot

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I'm now more racist against every single race except Asians.

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Hiya rabbi.

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I wasn't a kid. You'll be a lot happier if you weren't spending your life trying to be an edgy shitlord on the internet.

Also this isn't reddit spacing, it's just how I type, lots of people type like this, it looks better and it's easier to read. I started typing like this on 4chan, and I know for a fact a lot of other people on 4chan type like this too.

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Thought this was the "was it doge manipulation" board.

When did it become the "racist competition" board?

Must have missed a few posts...

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just a coincidence, goy

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this is about as apex based as you can be though. It isnt like this is some trailer trash with 3 baby mommas, when you got it like this and take care of your kids you can 100 kids with your haram like Emperors did. All monarchs had bastard kids etc. When you got it like this it doesnt matter who the mothers are they are literally just the soil to plant the seed in to havest the fruits it brings forth. You are a dumb cuck with a peasants mentality.

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Is that blackpilled's incognito twatter account lol?

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>Jewish flags juxtaposed next to names of people with white skin is impeccable evidence that they are all 100% of jewish racial heritage
I mean I know skinheads are inbred retards but this is just embarrassing lmao

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this is the only correct post and everyone else is a serf

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>lectures strangers about racism
>uses reddit spacing
>I learned to type like this on le 4chan!!
Jesus Christ

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And I love it when leftards use words they don't understand wrong because they think they are big boy words.

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nazis faggots are just so secure they dont have to shit all over every single fucking thread in every single fucking board about their "white race" which totally exists and isn't a mental disorder.

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Dude I hate how she's gone tranny.

>> No.29446111

Anybody that has to buy hairplugs is not someone to be envied

>> No.29446118

are you jewish? honest question.

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that's actually funny coming for a nigger

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You forgot "because I say so"

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He is a billionaire that gets his kicks fucking with the population, I find it entertaining honestly.

You said that just to get hot both pics, didn't you?

>> No.29446341

t shitskin

>> No.29446397

>his bloodline is secure

Wow what a failure

>> No.29446430

Never said I learned to type like this on 4chan. I said it's just the way I type, and 4chan just happened to be the first image board I went on.

It's pretty fucking normal to space your points into small paragraphs on any type of forum or image board, it's not exclusive to any website or called "reddit spacing" you retard. It's just a way to type things so it's easier to read and type. Go on literally any internet forum site and you will see people who space their points into small paragraphs.

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losing your hair is from high test testosterone cuck stfu

>> No.29446542

Is he talking about himself?

>> No.29446589

Not necessarily, it's also hugely tied to genetics. There's some high test guys who have a full head of hair, just guess they are lucky.

>> No.29446662


Hating someone for having white children. What a faggot. lol.


But seriously though fuck that guy from stopping the early market correction with his fuckin tweets - it will now be viewed as a crash because it's going to be two corrections rolled into one.

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>> No.29446793

Mormon just go pray or something.

>> No.29446810

>losing your hair is from high test testosterone

No it isn't it's from high - di-hydrotestosterone which means your body simply over emphasizes that process in breaking down your testosterone over others. Plenty of high test dudes have full heads of hair, plenty of low test dudes are baldos.

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Took the bait. Not a nibble, the whole hook.

>> No.29447187

This. DHT.

>> No.29447385



From my mother: "But baldness is on the maternal side, father always had wisps!"

Thanks, Mom, I feel much better now.

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All niggers and kikes are criminals.
I hate every last one of them.

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implying muskrat is any better under the plastic surgery

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All humans are criminals.
I hate every last one of them.

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File: 1.19 MB, 724x613, monke.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All humans are subhuman monkeys
I love every last one of them

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>english monarchy
>not inbred
>not pedos

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Dumb fucking retard his dad is basically Jewish nobility and ran a slave mine in Africa u stupid nigger he earnt it the exact same way they did, inheritance and nepotism

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>and oppression of minorities

>> No.29449397

The fuck is going on in these photos?

>> No.29449443

y vladmir putin a tranny?

>> No.29449447

Kinda cute

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some rabbis suck the blood from baby circumcisions. stems from a medieval tradition, where they have alcohol in their mouths, which would ostensibly help clean the wound.
However some modern children have contracted herpes from this archaic process.

>> No.29450119

This is the based retard
gotta be 18 pal :/

>> No.29450177

To everyone from reddit who worship this guy, watch this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-FGwDDc-s8

>> No.29450232

i used to hate elon until he called the btc top, he has a heart after all

>> No.29450431

Lol, he is amusing to watch, pretty smart but I dont think he is exceptionally intelligent. Not a genius or anything, he's just a business man. A ceo, with neckbeard tendencies (weed, 4.20, grimes(pretty based waifu)), but he's still a business man/dev manager type that probably doesn't do any technical work anymore.

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File: 13 KB, 230x219, recieved1034-renamebeforepost.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Take your meds schizo

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>non white children being born is good
>white children being born is bad
You are basically proving that Hitler did nothing wrong with your post

>> No.29450994

At this point I hope he will get the Kennedy treatment.

>> No.29451038

Yeah but I don't have a trillion dollars nigga. You could buy literally a bullion grimes for that

>> No.29451087

I LOVE these 2 they are so FUN and QWIRKY. fun fun And QWIRKY. hehe i lobe them both its like qhat a perfect pair and i am so so so lucky i get to hear about them every day the male in the dress has some wild opinions!

>> No.29451235

r u srs lol

>> No.29451236

Hes right. Education is not a measurement of intelligence. Anyone who feels differently is educated and still gets called an idiot.

>> No.29451385

>get. punched. nazi
kek nice bait

>> No.29451413

Children being born is bad.
But race mixing is unironically probably good from a game theory POV because we need to reach homogeneity before rogue extremists get nuclear armaments

>> No.29451668

You understand that he’s p much white passing right? If you’re gonna be a nazi do your research

>> No.29451785

>i was on /b/ from 2010 to 2012
>thats when the culture was growing
>uses this point to explain his views on /biz/
Fuck off redditor, only a complete fucking retard would try to use the words culture and /b/ in the same paragraph.
The fact that you think youre an OG from using /B/ any time after 08 just shows how much of a Newfag you really are.

>> No.29452212

This Nigga eatin beans!!!

>> No.29452464

i herd u lik mudkipz?

>> No.29452748


>> No.29453112

>can have every women on earth
>chooses a 3/10 bat who apparently can't see herself in the mirror

wtf Elon

>> No.29454090

More of a crackhead crossdresser if anything

>> No.29454351

>caring about spreading your seed.

Imagine being such an idiot,

>> No.29454472

Outside of the weird arse names for some of his kids (probably an African American thing) he appears to manage it all very well.

>> No.29454906

Lol based

>> No.29455809

>tfw dogecoin is at 0.048

>> No.29455892

Suck my dick faggot, and hold your doge like you've got a pair.

>> No.29456804

Was he referring to himself?

>> No.29457652

You need to follow us, not the other way around; do you ever wonder why that is, are you capable of making your own groups, and living with your own values?

>> No.29457872

It's going down to 0.39. What now?

>> No.29457991

yeah, haha what a loser, being the richest man ever, having 7 sons to continue his bloodline, banging popstars and on his way to claim an entire planet for himself

>> No.29458220

>why do you still defend this retard?
has a goth gf and is based sometimes
>why do you hate this retard?
i lost some money when he told everyone to sell bitcoin

>> No.29459395

>game theory
Then why did the Allies prevent Nazi Germany from winning and colonizing the entire planet, but installed their own multi-cultural society in post-war Germany instead?

>> No.29459646

did elon cause this crash?

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Schiff his dumping his 2011 wallet on you fools.

>> No.29459866

Based CZ

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>not knowing Musky Husky is married to Grimes

>> No.29460073
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We all have some bad photos.

>> No.29460237

I can see your hooknose from space you grabbler faggot

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File: 456 KB, 1467x1000, 1610867644896.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is the gayest statement ever made.
Are you an incel or a straight up faggot?
Get laid. Seriously.

>> No.29461502

He's not wrong. I've seen friends go through the mills of higher education only to leave it just as clueless, or even worse, as complete muppets. This has also seeped into the STEM fields.

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>he is 0.004% Jewish

>> No.29461647

I hate when people confuse intelligence with charisma and fame, and engineers with conman.