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anyone else define "making it" as spending time with your asian wife without worrying about finances?

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>asian wife
>without worrying about finances
Pick one

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imagine the smell

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Which way/biz/nessman

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this guy fucking gets it

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Imagine hauling wild sealife from your net and having an immediate picnic

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kinda hot when asian women get excited over eating fatty meat and stuff

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>asian wife
>making it
Anon, you should have sex before falling for the bug eyed caked up whores meme.

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OP is a Jew.

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welp thread over
asian chicks are hot but fuck marrying one, they're probably the most materialistic women you can find
you might have some luck if it's a rural girl who's somehow ok with marrying a foreigner

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Actual footage of me and my harem of qt Jap wives

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How can white women even compete with that?

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depends on your definition of making it. just don't be poor so you can afford your wife a nice lifestyle and this won't be an issue

they are all cute but 3,1,2 for me

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>Asian wife

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Superficial and spoiled / Ruthless / ???

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why would you get an asian wife if you made it. asian wife/gf is for like guys that have a job and aren't repulsive but are too ugly or socially weird to get a white woman. like cmon their faces are so weird. doesn't that freak you out at all to look at them? like it's nice that they exist and are so attainable but c'mon let's dream bigger

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>Sexual Partners: Japanese men have 10+ and women have 5+ sexual partners

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No, I define it as having several White children and making every day one day closer to getting rid of Jews forever.

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Fuck no. Wouldn't date an asian ever.

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My Asian wife makes more than but she can't leave me for an Asian guy since I have a big dick and she loves it.

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Women aren't different just because they are slant eyed. They are evil just like white women.

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Brown Asian is for losers, east Asian is for when you're successful. White women are for normie midwits

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>east Asian is for when you're successful
They’re as bad as white women you retard. See >>29439114
she’s cucking you with another richer white faggot lol

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what is it with NEET's and the worship of asian women? Is it because of the language barrier and they won't understand how boring and autistic you are? Is it because a fetish? All women act the same. They ALL want to settle down, marry, have kids and use most of your money to build a nest for their children and stunt on their friends with designer bags...

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>dating gooks meaning you're worth something
No faggot, make white babies. The white population is decreasing evermore and you decide to create hapa goblins and skanks. Kys

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That channel got so much shit because of Cr1tikal they changed how the food is cooked and presented. kek

That made me subscribe to the guy for good, I still think his videos are boring but he earned my lifelong sub for doing this.

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Absolutely based and truthpilled

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Asian woman cheated on me :(

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no making it would be hopping on TRT and lifting weights so you get over your bugfetish

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I just bred my Chinese gf

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How many more Supreme Gentlemen do we need before the white beta racemixers here realize they've reached their genetic dead-end?

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Second-from-right is at least an 8 in my book. Even third-from-right is looking pretty good.

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their parents bully them into not being fat

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They look like aliens. Imagine waking up to one staring at you

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I am both revolted and impressed by the chink''s ability to eat literally anything without problem.

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no, this anon >>29439354 is right, east asian are objectively the highest tier for women. why settle for less?


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hahaha yes
In Japan on my 3rd wife now.
I wish I’d read this post many years ago.

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Japanese is the best looking because she is the only one that doesn't look like her face is filled with plastic.

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Stop posting asian models as if it means something you cringey fuck lol

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>all these seething wh*te r*astoids ITT
Nobody wants your old ass worn out pussy, your constant need to whore yourself out for attention from strangers, you're all just generally miserable to be around.
Did I mention you age like milk in a dumpster on a hot summer day. Asians can look 15 years old for 30+ years while wh*te roasts get wrinkly, fat, and gross by the time they hit 27.
Face it everyone with a brain is sick of your shit, you made your bed, lie in it.
The age of the """Golden Barbie""" is over, and you did it to yourselves.
Eat shit. Eat shit and die.

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I am dating a Korean that is 6 years older than me but having pretty much the same likes and humor, how fucked am I?

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you don't want it man, trust me
they're really materialistic and prioritize money
that's why they buy basic brand name garbage and drive those retarded "sports" SUVs

they're clout chasing gold diggers and after the honeymoon stage, theyre not even discrete about it

OBVIOUSLY not all of them but gl finding that gem

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>Posts a model with european features and eurocentric standards of beauty

BTW the only good looking asians are the brown jungle ones and hapas. Regular chinese woman have snaggle tooths...

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most asians small town americans see are shit gened filipinos

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>tfw from east european shithole country
>no Asians qts for 1000s of miles
>even if I somehow got an Asian qt my family would disown me because they are racist

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Not in the slightest

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>dating any woman who's older than you
she will never respect you

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Tfw have qt azn gf who worships me anyway

You don't need crypto, just be white lmao

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Imagine not getting a qt bulgarian goddess unironically neck urself albanian gypsy

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>make more white babies
Look what white civilization led to, fuck that. Look what happened to literally every single white country
>B-but da jooz
Yeah, and we let it happen. So as far as I'm concerned it's time to adapt and evolve

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>wh*te w*men fear this

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How true is this, she doesn't seem like a bitch and is quite nice.

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So hot. Wish I could do this.

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what happened to this lady? I remember a bunch of youtubers made videos calling her an animal abuser

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this sounds comfy anon. let's be real a 6 year older asian women will look the same age if not younger than a white woman your age so this seems like a good deal if you share the same likes and humor

absolute cope

high iq

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Being nice =/= having respect for you

You can. Go to Japan, make friendly with a Nigerian when they invite you to a shady bar and tell him you want a couple girls to party with. It'll cost a bit (less if they like you) but totally worth it.
t. got to coom in a real-life anime girl last year

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She has maternal love for you. She sees you as a boy toy rather than a man.

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>She sees you as a boy toy
This isn't a bad thing. He has an actual Korean mommy gf. Everyone wants a Korean mommy gf.

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>they're really materialistic and prioritize money
It's mostly Chinese and Koreans that are like this. Jap girls are far less gold-diggery, but every woman is about 80% gold-digger by default anyways.

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she's still active, search ssoyoung

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>tfw your asian waifu torture and kill you

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Nice to see seething Chang assume I am white even without listing my race. Just because you are not man enough to put down a beating on your girl and keep her in line doesn't mean everyone is like that.

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>t. got to coom in a real-life anime girl last year
worth it?

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just pump and dump or pay for escorts do not get married under any circumstances.

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>worth it?
Very. Pic related.