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imagine unironically not investing in the most valuable asset in human history

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the green trips of truth have spoken

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Based and checked

1k per bnt

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I can't fucking stake because gas fees. Should I just be a good goy and pay up?

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>green ID

shit man i might have to buy this

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>implying I didnt buy 100k bnt last month because a talking dragon in a dream told me that if I wanted to sit on gold like he does that I need to buy the most jewish coin I can find

so I bought it lmao

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Based he’ll yes

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i mean, guys, money pepe trips. I think he's right i don't know what this is but i'm throwing a couple grand at it

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What’s a make it stack

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why is this better than uni? Shill it to me.

what were u smoking?

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10K staked

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based doesn't even begin to describe it

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Dubs and I throw 1 eth at it.

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2 eth it is then. Make sure to exchange it bancor goy

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this is my favourite jewish scam of all time

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I’ll buy a couple more then

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Just wait until you read about the Vortex

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where do I stake bros? should I just provide BNT liquidity to a stablecoin pool?

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yeah go for something with high rewards + apr

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this ugly horsefaced spic piece of trash has some nerve shittalking based jews.

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>t. el gordo blanco

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I'm white so I don't speak spanish.

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Like the eyes very nice

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>$300 staking gas fee
yep im thinking im just gonna hodl

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imagine not buying the original AMM that is going to overtake UNI and Sushiswap completely.

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Jew coins are going to make it

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Traducción: Onions un americano retrasado y no hablo el idioma de los dioses

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1k suicide
5k 'stake it to make it'
10k make it

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