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Why did I try to swing this? Every time I think it's going to dump it literally just drops 5 cents and keeps climbing. I am NOT selling this shit until $1 at least

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Comfiest bread around.

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I didn’t listen to Roosh and never bought. How do I cope?

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$1 by eom
$5 soon after

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How do I deal with missing out frens?

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Roosh shilled it?

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just fud the shit out of it. you know you wanna

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As other anons have said this is the true ANS 2.0

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whales just let it pierce .5 you assholes stop taking profits for one GODDAMNED minute

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it's going up, just buy it

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people thought they were "missing out" when this was 30c

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nah, I can't waste energy on that. It's never going bat to low 30s again anyway, and that's what it would take for me to buy in. I had my chance with the dip today. Congrats guys, $1 in a few weeks is going to happen.

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I have made it. I will never insult a female who wishes to be a male again, knock yourself out, freak.

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this is going to top 10

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It's an affliction, I can't help it. I never want to buy something for more than I could have gotten it for in the past. I'll set a buy order for .33 that will never be filled though.

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pickup artist guy?

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i only have link should i buy ftm

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is 10k enough to make it?

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100$ EOY

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How does 10 million in 2024 sound?

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I split my folks link up at 9cents fanties and have been happy.

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to the anons who were redpilling me on HOT last thread, is now a good time to buy? actually is now a good time to buy alts in general considering the BTC/ETH dip?

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get out of here faggot and start your own thread

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heh... nothing personal, my own coin.

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this is going to 1 usd eow, 5 usd eom, fucking 50 usd eoy

anyone not buying right now is a retarded nigger with autism

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cant happen, i could retire if it hits 50

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what would Fantom's price be with Eth's mc?

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80 US dollarydoos

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$1b USD = $.50 FTM
You tell me, I dont have charts up.

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About 70 USD if memory serves

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I picked up a suicide stack last month. What is this shit for?

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I have £1000 to my name. Do I slam it all in?

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The ethereum helper lad

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whats a suicide stack to you? not judging just curious

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A honest question for all fantom hodlers: why do you think 1 usd is possible? There is a lot of people who buyed millions of ftm at cents or even less, do you really think no one would dump for literal 7 figure profits? Or do you think the market would just eat the sell?

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ill tell you right now why
i get my financial advice from actual schizophrenics

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are you even seeing whats happening? defi on ETH is moving to FTM, all of it. the market will eat the sells as always, we have all year to pump to $10 minimum. Im getting fAntShares vibes.

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There are ico whales in every platform senpai, let them sell, the distribution of tokens improves

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Look at the biggest red dildos of all time in the charts. Even huge ones can't keep the momentum down for long. Once this thing has institutional support from governments even a whale dumping 5-6M won't have effects lasting more than a few hours

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Dumbass. Same reason why YFI token hold it’s current price: Because the token is valuable and can generate passive income.

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I didn't even know he shilled it. But I guess that's what happens when someone is deplatformed by kike faggots.

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AVAX marketcap = 2B

has an equivalent product as FTM, though not nearly as many partnerships and not as unique.

FTM at $1 matches AVAX marketcap.

It will go above $1 because it offers more than AVAX, has pilot programs at the national level, which are essentially pilot programs for the rest of the world.

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like the kings of old who used to get their fate told by schizos

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I have over 600k ftm. I have 0 intention of selling even if it goes to $100. My plan like every other early buyers sub 1c plan to stake and live off the rewards, only sell stake rewards.

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>we have all year to pump to $10 minimum
You realise there is a high possibility of the bullrun just ending in the next few months, right?
>institutional support from governments
I don't see this really happening
> generate passive income.
>you are trying to describe a ponzi?

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fellow 600k holder here, we have already made it and just need to wait another month or two for the price to catch up for real

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what a god

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fuck off brainlet you clearly dont understand where this bullrun is going. btc is only at 50k lol

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YFi is a ponzi? Glad to know I’m talking to an actual fucktard then. Stay poor forever. I can smell the poor in you.

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Seething nofantie confirmed.
Hes concern trolling.

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ftm chart looks terrible. $0.20 eom

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i just fomo'd because someone on twitter told me to
guess this would have been nice to do last month

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>You realise there is a high possibility of the bullrun just ending in the next few months, right?
You realize you don’t know shit right?
>I don't see this really happening
Thanks for the insight
>>you are trying to describe a ponzi?
I can tell you got excited on this one by fucking up your green text lmao

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I said high chance and you can't deny that one great market crash(what is about to happen anyway) would break everything down.
No, saying that everybody will buy because they can earn passive income is.
I'm not trolling or anything. As i said, my question is legit as i want to know ftm hodler's opinion on ze subject.

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Yeah great, sit back and watch the MEN get rich, kiddo.

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At $10 we can easily generate enough passive income to live extremely comfortably. We made it fren

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What i get from this thread is that almost everyone here believes that the bullrun still has a long road and ftm will get more impulse with it. I think it can end before we expect because this time we have way more world calamities at hand than in all previous bullruns, but i wish you all luck anyways.

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even $3 will be more than enough

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Guys I sent my FTM to the fantom fwallet and I never received it. Don't tell I fucked up somehow. I did wallet > receive > receive from Ethereum blockchain > comfirm deposit > it went through on etherscan but it's just not there.

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Thx zoomer, go read a book

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Jesus it’s like talking to a 13 year old autistic faggot. Kinda makes me wanna punch the retarded poorfag in the face.

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Why is 1 wFTM = 0.5972 fUSD
But 1 FTM = 0.4378 USD

>> No.29434675

Keep refreshing, can take up to 30min due to eth congestion

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Yeah no shit the bullrun won't last forever.
Fucking Sherlock over here thanks for saving us!
We would've gone to ruin without your massive intellect. THANKS !!!

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You buy upmarket price when you mint, you need to factor in 10c.

>> No.29434757

Message the fantom devs on their website. Did you maybe have two different browsers open with your fwallet open? Might've sent to the wrong address. Double check the address you sent to against the address they told you to send it to.

In the future you should sent a really small amount first, I know it sucks balls wasting 40+ bucks to do a transfer for nothing but it's better than losing all your shit.

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I’m at 400k how much passive income would I get from it at 3$

>> No.29434911

You may have to bridge it from MEW to Opera. I sent mine from Kucoin to the eth wallet not Opera. Currently struggling with it and want to stake. Bit nervous for some reason but the etherscan still looks good

>> No.29434920

do your own math

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da fuk, how could i have missed this

>> No.29435037

I don’t even know where to look to figure that out

>> No.29435076

sucks to suck

>> No.29435125

Its no biggie just place your last mint order around .85 to leave plenty of room

>> No.29435133

You arent missing out until it's top 10. And even then still plenty of gains.

>> No.29435138

Yeah because literally every 3rd post in fantoms reddit for months is their coins getting stuck or lost. I don’t care if they off 100% APY I ain’t ever staking shit. Give my 5$ and I’m out and sucking titties forever

>> No.29435191

Buy fUSD

>> No.29435213

stay there you obviously fit in with those kinds of people

>> No.29435275

Probably just go back. Best for all involved.

>> No.29435288

i just learned about FTM yesterday and it was easy as fuck to move in/out of. and im retarded.


>> No.29435383

what does that have to do with anything? you can mint and buy at any prices as long as you expect fantom to still go up reasonably. this will be especially true once they peg fUSD to 1 USD

>> No.29435612

It is pegged....

>> No.29435633

Lmao user error

>> No.29435679

it's not. whatever you think is going on when you talk about "factoring in 10c" and the "upmarket prices" (?????), are actually the effects of fUSD being worth less than 1 USD

>> No.29435750

its actually insane how retarded they are
>if you're sending ERC FTM, send it to ERC-FTM wallet first, don't send to Opera FTM wallet
>somehow they still send it to their opera wallet
Fucking hell

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Just made this.
>why the stupid-
Because shes cute and sweet and my waifu and for some reason brings me good luck.

>> No.29435995

lets summon ftm schizo

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I think I'm in for a 10k stack

>> No.29436088


I just stop in on Reddit to see the page once a month maybe. I spend all my time here. I’m in South Dakota and there’s nothing to do here but figure out a way to give my mom 500$ in rent

>> No.29436149

Get a job maybe?

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i love fantom!

>> No.29436307

There’s nothing to do here but play Xbox. And I’m not going to work in an oil field like she wants me to do when link is so close to the singularity

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>> No.29436403

I just bought and the price started moving against me. I bet the bull run ended and I have to exist at a small loss, as usual

>> No.29436446

you can either give her 17 link or get the frying pan

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i only have 35k i wanna help my parents retire

>> No.29436555

are you staking or minting & swinging

>> No.29436652

Hows $3,500,000 EOY sound?

>> No.29436666

he's probably busy atm seeing through space and time in his jammies

>> No.29436978

why would i dump for 7 figure profit when i can dump for 8 figure profit????

>> No.29437043

Cool bro, i really dont give a fuck what you think hey, made my 300k stack to 600k so suck it

>> No.29437322

wish i understand the minting process, ive read the easy guide but i feel like im too much of a brainlet. someone explained you pay back at somepoint? i know you cant get liquidated now but at some point you could?

>> No.29437325

At least Asians haven't started dumping this

>> No.29437511

You mint, price goes up, no problem, price goes down, you lose fanties until the difference is covered

>> No.29437548

This shit is gonna dump faster than diarrhoea when ETH 2.0 comes out

>> No.29437591

so start minting after a dump? do i just babysit it then?

>> No.29437749

>when ETH 2.0 comes out

>> No.29437985

Bull run's over, because I'm a holder

>> No.29438139

I am the best top indicator in the market

>> No.29438252

You will make it fren, $100 eoy, $1000 by 2025 Q1

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>This shit is gonna dump faster than diarrhoea when ETH 2.0 comes out

>vitalik: sirs eth POS coming 2018, err.. i mean 2019, 2020 -100%

>> No.29438511


fantom wil be $ 2,000 a token when that happens

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Trips confirms wgmi

>> No.29438545

You know that's not real.

>> No.29438674

Someone explain how fantom "helps" BTC and I will buy

>> No.29438785

ofc fren just shitposting while i wait for my ambien to kick in

>> No.29438836

it helps btc in the same way Columbus helped the natives

>> No.29438901

also fuck you all fudders back when this shit was 20m market cap i sold half my stack back then and now im no longer a duke and thereby worthless

inv me to secret discord pl0x

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>> No.29439108

I only sold half but i FELL FOR THE FUDD AND I REGRET IT.

>> No.29439154

You're going to make it just based on your waifu choice alone. Keep it up, anon.

>> No.29439181

was me selling sorry

>> No.29439250

I saw, that was just under half your stack, swingies get the rope

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Thanks for selling immediately after I minted fUSD, just increased my wFTM stack by 10,000

>> No.29439287


>> No.29439390

very nice anon

>> No.29439471

sell so it can hit upper ,50s

>> No.29439585

dw swear loyalty to me so i can overthrow some dukes and get my title back

>> No.29439627

i feel like a retard with this minting shit
do i want to mint when its high and buy when it's low or the opposite
oh god what have i done

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Stay back

>> No.29439850

Someone should make a meme for the Fantom schizophrenic

>> No.29439933

gonna buy now so you lose fanties fuck you

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>He doesn't know I aped back in

>> No.29440228

Friend, I suggest you just hold, maybe steak. Do some reading on the subject of finance in general, then read about defi. What you’re trying to accomplish is not difficult at all to understand at an entry level, slow down, you have more time than you think.

>> No.29440381

>FTM/USD pumps
Mint fUSD at top
>FTM/USD dumps
Swap fUSD for wFTM at bottom

>> No.29440397

i know, i just want to get 75k fanties (i have 64k), i cant afford anymore with liquid. i kind of get it, but i should read into it it more yeah.

>> No.29440696

Kek thanks anon, WAGMI.
I can give it a go, what is a good symbol of his power?

>> No.29440890

star of david maybe

>> No.29440938

oh i get it now. thanks lads.

>> No.29441140

Yeh that is how I increased my stack here >>29439255

>FTM/USD pumps
Swap wFTM for fUSD at top

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>> No.29441391

i did it a little backwards first time lol. only by a few % so no big deal. next pump at the top i'll mint then when it dumps ill swap. will try to get to at least 70k. neat. hope i dont get assfucked somehow in the future for this. I should have done this back when it was .15 lmao

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That was me Chico, Billionaire Ted and all of his men cant put ETH back together again

>> No.29441460


>> No.29441464

so if I stake 100% of my Fanties can I mint them or I have to chose between minting and staking?

>> No.29441547

you can mint your staked ftm, its pretty cool, you can use the staked as collateral, thats what sFTM is

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oy vey I've been found out

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>> No.29442319

whats the original source of that image bros?

>> No.29442460

yeah, makes sense now. i just needed to do it in action once. worst case scenario fanties dump to .1 and my shits locked until it ever rises again OR they introduce liquidations and we're all mega fucked, yeah? lol

>> No.29442788

are you guys buying that dip? im thinking of it if i wake up and its any lower

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>> No.29443020

can you fantom logo on a rocket taking off?

>> No.29443054

im putting that on a shirt

>> No.29443166

I bought 10k fanties at $0.49 AMA

>> No.29443245

Hows $1,000,000 EOY sound?

>> No.29443275
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>with minting now i look forward to fantie dumps

>> No.29443279

Lord I wish.

>> No.29443284

buy the dip. even im thinking of it

>> No.29443388

im thinking of minting but i kinda wanna try to time the top and sell and maybe buy back in lower or watch it for awhile

this is my first ever bullrun id kms if it dropped 70% for 3 years

>> No.29443429


>> No.29443829

Can you buy more in this dip? look at those wicks trying to break .4 support. you may be late but your gonna want more when we launch through .5

>> No.29443966

>this is my first ever bullrun id kms if it dropped 70% for 3 years

Not happening my man. We will take a bit of a hit from faggot bitcoin dumping but not that much, look how green we are compared to the rest of the shitcoin market, too much momentum behind this now, projects coming online and shit, it's all happening.

>> No.29444002

thing is i was shuffling around my shitcoins for more ftm, meaning selling them and then buying ftm. They've mostly all taken pretty hard dumps idk if I'd want to sell more right now.

>> No.29444032

im looking at old charts it looks like link didnt get hit that but every single alt went up through the fucking sky and then back to the ground in a month

its fucking garbage we move in 4 years cycles...

>> No.29444254

Sell FTM and buy PNK.

>> No.29444276

If ftm matches eth market cap it'll go to 78usd, so honestly not far off, just not by eoy

>> No.29444321

I don’t know. I’m not creative. Do your thing

>> No.29444582

red dildos are here

>> No.29444679

now that FTM is over with what next coin are you buying with your FTM gains?
i’m going to accumulate a sweet stack of BNB because it’s dirt cheap now abs will skyrocket again soon
BSC is going to be HUGE you absolutely need to hodl at least 5 BNB because it will be 1k soon

>> No.29444732
File: 220 KB, 775x581, no.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my empire... of dirt.....

>> No.29444738

Over... fucken sell now you loser

>> No.29444773

sell then. do it

>> No.29444870
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>> No.29444942

what's the point of minting coins like fLINK? Feels like all I can do with them is repay it?
Like, I get if I mint fUSD and buy more FTM if I think price will go up. But, what's the point of the rest of the synthetics if all yuou can do is mint and repay?

>> No.29444954

were all up 10-50x

>> No.29444963

>next coin
The bull run is over, all alts will correct 90% from here.
A good play for the next 12 months is Gold and then buy back into crypto for cheap.

>> No.29445321

I'm glad you see it too.

>> No.29445361


>> No.29445371

same things you can do in any other market, trade. buy hi sell low. the same concept applies.

>> No.29445397

i don’t think so it’s never over you can buy/sell all year 'round if you’re smart and don’t buy tops

anyways, i just got 27 BNB for dirt cheap
it is guaranteed money since it will go up over 60% once btc is back up in 55 - 60k region

>> No.29445466

>buy hi sell low.
i hope for you this was a joke lol

>> No.29445506

rainbow chart

>> No.29446158

I sold the top again

>> No.29446192

The fact that so many people are freaking out right now just shows how uneducated people are. Heavily bullish sentiment right now for a variety of reasons. Zoom out at the 1 day mark on Bitcoin. Zoom to the 4 hour mark on Fantom. If you know, you know. If you sell, have fun being poor. I also know there's some good news in store this week. If you've been keeping up to date, you already know this.

>> No.29446351

its the biz way anon, the path to true financial euphoria

>> No.29446419

Well said, i welcome days like this, time to buy more and shake out the non believers. Plus the pink wojaks are great

>> No.29446692
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>> No.29446792


>> No.29446805

Rajesh my son by the will of ganesha we will take the rite of karmic defacation, my brother. shit in the street with me 1 time every day for good luck, we shall be rich in FTM tuesday sir. Shptirial blesaings brothers

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But they said it was over!

Hope no one roped.

>> No.29447104
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>everything is fucked and in freefall thanks to b*tcoin
>we are still up 12% and rallying above .4

Thanks for scamming me bros.

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File: 108 KB, 600x1079, 80788ea3e4f1708a4132a4ed8a68eeecf4414a179bf549c956da21efffbebca8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here anon, it's for you

>> No.29447348

If I can stand to see several hundred thousand dollars drop and not even flinch, I expect everyone to do the same. If they can't stomach the lows, they don't deserve the gains. You're all marines now. Remember that.

>> No.29447474

I feel nothing. Lows or highs, im locked in just like all fantom chads should be

>> No.29447612

locked in my sissy cage as well

>> No.29447701

i like it when it dumps on me

>> No.29447725
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how tf do I fix this shit?

>> No.29447882

just wait till it goes up anon, when it's back to .50 your c-ratio will probably be aorund 600%, it just dropped because you minted at a higher price than it is now

>> No.29447906

I wanna buy in, but what the fuck does this token do? Is it just another wannabe etherium killer?

>> No.29447999

No friend, the ethereum helper

>> No.29448002

been making around $400-500 a day playing around with minting ftm, im obviously not withdrawing this as I understand what ftm is..but yes you should prob baby sit it, im literally sitting watching it all day from when I wake up to when I sleep...you need to read a guide on what to do though, it can get very confusing with how many moving parts there are, go back in the prev threads we have talked about it in depth

>> No.29448017

will I have to lock more sFTM as collateral before I repay?
also, how do I convert/unmint all the sFTM entirely?

>> No.29448073

So how does it work? I've read through the site but it's shit at explaining stuff
>i'm retarded

>> No.29448088

time to buy back in .27 region but this time I’m going until .5

>> No.29448182
File: 112 KB, 670x424, 1613774534871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why the pink wojaks? I don't get it...

>> No.29448192

Never gonna drop that far dude

>> No.29448297
File: 158 KB, 1280x779, FD68247D-39B0-40BB-A4F8-81ED06B4A898.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah sure

by the way, with march coming up, all of this is completely normal abs i hope you either sell before abs buy low during or just hodl through

>> No.29448335


>> No.29448430

Did you know?

Assets management pallet controls all the assets in Polkadex

It handles the transfer, deposit & withdrawals of crypto-assets into the #Polkadot network through #Parachain, #Snowfork & #RenVM

It also manages fiat assets issued through Polkadex Cloud


>> No.29448457

no, you actually havent borrowed anything (except 55 cents lel), so you're still good, you own all of that and have no risk of losing it. sFTM simply means you've locked your STAKED FTM as collateral to borrow against, but you havent borrowed anything substantial. it locked the sFTM as collateral because the price dropped, but even now it should be back abve 300%. go to the staking details tab and you can repay sFTM there, but, since it's staked, you'll need to unstake if you just want it back to normal.

>> No.29448537
File: 290 KB, 1679x1300, minting and making fun money guide.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this, I collected some comments to help newfags, take a look here

>> No.29448539

cheers dude, I realised it's half a dollar owing, but the OCD in me wants to clean up that screen

>> No.29448623

when it goes up to say 320%, you can convert a tiny bit of sFTM to wFTM and swap that for fUSD and repay the denbt bro, you're actually in a really safe position - and no problem. shits confusing but once you get it, it makes sense.

>> No.29448722

I can't seem to find a way to convert sFTM to wFTM though.

I can trade my existing unstaked FTM to wFTM though.

>> No.29448859

I'm right brained with OCD so just gonna have to try not give a fuck until the thoughts settle into functional understanding.

So no worries, I'll work it out eventually.

>> No.29449151
File: 141 KB, 1542x1806, magicmoney.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sorry I messed that up, I'm still getting it straight myself.
remember, sFTM is just your locked collateral that you're borrowing against, so you'd need to
>mint fUSD from your sFTM (after price has gone up, now your sFTM is worth more fUSD, this will take away from your c-ratio surplus, but you only need .55 cents, so youd need to borrow just that plus the microscopic .5% fee)
>repay your fUSD debnt with that minimal fUSD you just minted
>no more debt

pic related is what I've done. I borrowed fUSD, and bought wFTM with it. once the price goes up, I'll shave some of that wFTM off and repay the fUSD because it's worth more, this will effectively raise my stack.

>> No.29449271

I like the screen shot, nice concise comments, once you know what the system can do all this makes sense!

>> No.29449300

thanks all for the minting advice. already making good progress. i will get to my goal stack of 75k i think at this rate if i play my cards right

>> No.29449336

followung up, if you can keep more surplus in your c-ratio so that its above 500% you'll get rewards, but since we're poorfags, they wont be all that much so I don't really care about keeping it that high until we're around $1 or so, then I'll be more careful. They also won't liquidate you right now since we're so early, so there's very little risk if it dips, you'd literally just need to wait to climb above 300% again.

>> No.29449489
File: 2.87 MB, 480x320, bullrun.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I get it now. have an OC meme

>> No.29449592

kek, thanks anon, glad I could help. the more I try to explain it the better I understand it to, wagmi.

>> No.29449701

okay for example sake lets say i minted 1 grand worth of fUSD at .4 and traded that immediately for sFTM. i owe 1,044.92 fUSD collateral.
I would want to mint at a higher price and use that to pay off the debt? Am I reading that right? (if i fucked up i dont mind paying the collateral normally later)

>> No.29449798

>time to buy back in .27 region but this time I’m going until .5
priced out rajeesh

>> No.29449978

yes, thats right, except you wouldn't trade fUSD for sFTM, you'd trade it for wFTM. sFTM is just your staked FTM. until you repay the debt, the wFTM isn't really yours, but once you do, you can stake that as well (or take it out and hold, or add to liquidity pool I believe). If oyu choose to restake those new gains, you can then lock them as collateral as well and they'll become sFTM.

right now as long as the price keeps going up, this all works because your borrowing under the assumption that what you're borrowing with will be worth more so you can pocket the difference, it'd be wise to reassess after we hit $1.

>> No.29450315

my fucking god i wish i had done this sooner. but better late than never. AND you can mint using your staked fanties... this is insane, honestly.

>> No.29450381

Props of being an early adopter

>> No.29450385
File: 116 KB, 1024x645, DDB9EBD5-C789-426D-B421-75A3F048D8F7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29450387

now it's clicking for you I see, this is exactly what I said when I figured it out lol, it's truly revolutionary

>> No.29450398

That looks more difficult to operate than a space shuttle

>> No.29450492

if you read through the thread I promise you'll understand, it's very worth it. you will be happy you put the time in to figuring it out, especially right now when you can't be liquidated and take really high risks.

>> No.29450579

i thought so too until, which is why i ignored it for a month because im a brainlet
and then i gave it a shot about an hour ago and it all clicked

>> No.29450874
File: 30 KB, 997x266, fantom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Experiment while liquidation is turned off.

>> No.29451011

imagine what it's like to be the big brains that came up with this thing, holy shit, what a wild technology.

>> No.29451183

I assume you cannot mint from the phone app?

>> No.29451192

really hope they give plenty of time to fix your shit before liquidation, I have a feeling well have a sharp spike down when they go to turn it on while people patch their shit up..although if people go the route of adding more purchased ftm..then maybe a spike fuck i guess it either going up or down, maybe crabbing though..fairest assessment I can give

>> No.29451277

he can easily repay that by $1 which is the craziest part

>> No.29451325

I’m so glad the FTM chads seem to be damn near immune to fucking freaking out and shitting their pants over a dip of any description because we know it’ll just go up again anyway. >dips are actively good for FTM
>we can buy more up
>it’ll just pump anyway once BTC calms the fuck down
Extremely based

>> No.29451362

I have a lot more holdings I can liquidate if I need to. Is there an ETA for liquidation being turned on?

>> No.29451379
File: 49 KB, 630x428, mint.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>really hope they give plenty of time to fix your shit before liquidation

>> No.29451432
File: 97 KB, 1174x737, minty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and they say on the site the will give ample warning before they turn it on, and will try ot find a solution that doesnt even require it if they can. pic related

>> No.29451489

based and DYOR-pilled

... i accept donations anon-k-kun...

>> No.29451624

Interesting. I might add more then.

I collect NFT art if you do that.

>> No.29451722

I actually am planning to break into the space, just havent yet, been an 3Dmodeller/animator for like 6 years since college, got some stuff in the works, but nothing ready yet. work's been kicking my ass.I appreciate the reply though and may fat gains be forever in your future.

>> No.29451859
File: 588 KB, 1435x600, Snapshot_04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

WIP but need to do more on it and make it into a gif

>> No.29451862

you in the market for some ultra high quality original (redrawn) pepes?

how do I capitalise on my adobe illustrator skills?

>> No.29451902

where do i buy FTM

>> No.29451916

uniswap or kucoin

>> No.29451982

I've active on Rarible. UI / UX best of all market places imo. Nott necessarily up my alley but I am looking for more altcoin art.

There's an artist making twerking pepes. Makes bank.

>> No.29451991

I'm gonna start a https://app.rarible.com/ account, try your hand out over there

>> No.29452129

How is this sustainable?

>> No.29452276

You're taking a loan against your stack. You have to pay the loan back in fUSD.

You use your fUSD loan to acquire wFTM. That wFTM appreciates in value. You sell your wFTM for fUSD. You now have more fUSD than you took out a loan for. Pay back your loan, now your collateral is unlocked and you have the leftover fUSD.

Risk is if wFTM depreciates relative to fUSD your collateral gets locked up. Eventually liquidation will be introduced, but for now it's just a lockup of collateral.

>> No.29452301

we're looking at the short term, like I said, reassess after we hit $1.

no worries fren, you've given me a pretty good idea I'm going to start working on, perhaps you'll see my stuff on there soon and see something you like, either way, appreciate the input.

>> No.29452349
File: 181 KB, 1027x350, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fantom price - $0.4
Fantom price - $10 - still lower in market cap than Cardano/Polkadot/BSC and the rest

The lowest cap from the Weiss Top 5 rating

>> No.29452371

imagine if this dumps to .02 and you got your collateral locked up at .4 kek

>> No.29452374
File: 319 KB, 580x672, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chainlink is paying to have their tech ported to Fantom

>> No.29452397
File: 58 KB, 394x156, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even Mark Cuban is fomoing into Fantom

>> No.29452426
File: 475 KB, 618x666, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Andre Cronje is taking this to Jupiter with a breakthrough in implementation.

If you're paying lower gas fees it's because Fantom is running in the background and you don't even fucking know it

>> No.29452474
File: 758 KB, 847x1550, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Korean government and Fantom

Afghanistan government and Fantom
Fantom in Health -https://forbes.com/sites/lukefitzpatrick/2020/07/06/fantoms-blockchain-tech-is-being-trialed-in-afghanistan-to-solve-a-surprising-world-health-organization-who-problem/?sh=350264aa3844
Fantom in Energy -https://finance.yahoo.com/news/blockchain-firm-fantom-unveils-pilot-193717908.html
Fantom in Chamber of Commerce -https://fantom.foundation/blog/acci-fantom-pilot-program/
Fantom in National Standard Authority -https://fantom.foundation/blog/ansa-fantom-blockchain-issuance-program/

Dubai’s government and Fantom
Fantom in Smart Cities -https://cointelegraph.com/news/smart-dubai-initiative-receives-a-boost-as-dag-platform-comes-on-board

Ukraine’s government and Fantom
Fantom in CBDC and IPhttps://www.president.gov.ua/en/news/ukrayinska-delegaciya-pid-golovuvannyam-volodimira-zelenskog-66549

Fantom is the biggest non-ETH DeFi platform with over $280M TVL. All the DeFi projects are porting to Fantom

Flashloan Wrapper deployed on Fantomhttps://ftmscan.com/address/0xa89a83890cc5d43d710846cefcb4a41007a37347#code
DAI will deploy on Fantom -https://ftmscan.com/tx/0x483876ba9d5132272397a51de82499fe465a1a5f67e4e63979ef91052c71983b
Keep3rV1 launched on Fantom -https://ftmscan.com/address/0x7aeb9634c4e7b30ffa169ef17d0be29c86ee82f0#code
Cover Protocol contracts were deployed on Fantom -https://ftmscan.com/contractsVerified
UniLend integrates FTM and Fantom synthetic assets -https://fantom.foundation/blog/unilend-integrates-ftm-and-fantom-synthetic-assets/

yearn.finance and all of Andre Cronje's multi billion dollar projects are coming to Fantom

>3 months until 2 government pilots will be finished and showcased

>> No.29452503

then you wait until it comes back up, fantom is here to stay

>> No.29452520

>we are busy doing a PoC

>> No.29452525

My pleasure mate. If you're active on Twitter (great way to get eyes on your art) you should get off the ground much faster.

Upset at myself for nothing buying lower. Nonetheless still cheap.

>> No.29452669

exactly, just answering to him why he worries about it being sustainable. not worth it probably after a dollar and there is inherent risk. not that i think this coin is going anywhere but parabolic

>> No.29452962

why should I buy fantom instead of radix

>> No.29453040
File: 427 KB, 767x564, 1613799039934.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm about to do some degenerate shit.

>> No.29453111

radix is a whitepaper
we are in a bull run and you're investing in whitepapers, retard ?

>> No.29453391

what is going on with the buyers is this getting botted

>> No.29453589

Post some proaganda material so i can shill this coin to idiots, plz

>> No.29453634
File: 732 KB, 498x498, 1613949801738.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29453905

this coin is still holding strong lmao. how much willpower does this thing have?

>> No.29454569

The bull market is far from over. This will go to a multi billion dollar market cap

>> No.29454632

Meant double digit billion market cap

>> No.29454740

Can't believe I didn't sell all of my Link and went all in a few months ago at 0.02

>> No.29454818
File: 76 KB, 500x552, fantygirl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so comfy being all in in FTM while everything else fucking shits itself. We'll be back to 0.5 EOD

>> No.29455152

Man this thread has some good info. Anyone have a way to save it in one inforgrsphic or something?

>> No.29455236

Screenshot the shit and stitch together bro

>> No.29455292

Try a couple trillion

>> No.29455368

Why is it dropping?

>> No.29455448

who knows

>> No.29455682

I'm scared bros

>> No.29455693
File: 421 KB, 569x569, 1599142292669.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29455784

if we stay above 0.20 im comfy

>> No.29455966

Hold strong frens, wagmi. It was a lot of growth really fast, a correction is healthy and a good opportunity to buy more.

>> No.29456022

FTM isn't correcting, It's only retards panicking over BTC not knowing that the bull market is far from over.

>> No.29456201

is now time to mint fantom?

>> No.29456254

Yes, but wait till we’re at a top to borrow fUSD

>> No.29456553


>> No.29456611

look at BTC price

>> No.29456659

Fantom was trading at $0.5 just hours ago and these fucktards are selling at $0.33 now. Yesterday some capitulated at $0.3 right before the $0.5 dildo

Holy fuck, they are never going to make it.

>> No.29456706

yeah but yesterday btc went down while ftm went up

>> No.29456765
File: 19 KB, 608x281, fantom degenrate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29456768

dont btc holder understand that you lose only if you sell?

>> No.29456986

almost did the same anon, only this board full of ftmbros to keep me holding
i've put all my money (1k€ (student)) so i dont mind losing it all, it's just 2 months of minimum wage where i live
still a bit sad watching it go down like that, i wanted to put an alert on blackfolio for when ftm reaches x but that nig app isnt fucking working so i cant study in peace

>> No.29457258

a flash sale, nice

>> No.29457350

i knew i shouldve sold yesterday close to $0.50... meh, still up lots and i hope it dumps as much as possible so i will be able to buy back low af

>> No.29457556

>i knew i shouldve sold yesterday close to $0.50
It's only dumping because of bitcoin.

>> No.29457569

fag kys

>> No.29457607

you're a god

>> No.29457783

>-5% while the whole market is down 30%
>should've sold

>> No.29457789

Either about to lose half a MM...or retire my great grandchildren. Tired of waging.

>> No.29457799

remember always sell the dips

>> No.29457844

green dildos incoming

>> No.29457849

ftm dipped to 0.3 for a moment during the dump and recovered by jumping to 0.5

>> No.29458100

Feeling comfy af. Everything else is crashing but FTM keeps making it. WE'RE STILL GONNA MAKE IT

>> No.29458135

bought another 5k thanks to this dip igmi

>> No.29458433
File: 92 KB, 500x667, 1595654603992.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you're OK with losing it all just stop watching FTM all day. Check the price once a week or whatever to see what's happening and leave it at that, you watching isn't going to do anything beyond eventually mindraping you into selling at a loss.

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