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sell a few satoshis per month and jerk off

its not the future we asked for, but it is the one we deserve

>> No.29430782

imagine wanting to bust a premium nut and having to wait for that old shit to clear

>> No.29430833

bnb bcash etc, total shitcoins :D

>> No.29430878

Lol even these faggots don’t take XVG anymore

>> No.29431536

imagine someone paying with eth. they'd spend $200 for a $10 membership

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>Paying for porn

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Is there any particular reason why retailers would take forks like eth classic?

>> No.29432200

yea because eth can be declared illegal

>> No.29432440

The only reason anyone should pay for porn, is if they want niche fetish stuff that just doesn't exist in a large enough quantity.

>> No.29433652

based CZ

>> No.29433915

Might be cheaper than selling for fiat. At least selling the top in this case gets you porn and watching the price crash makes them cry.

>> No.29434053

Is this real? If so I am all in into BNB.

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