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Elon Musk is a faggot general

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>We're going to Mars! TSLA needs to be atleast 2000!

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What is the fucking point of his tweeting anyway?

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>vat iz diz? haha diz anon iz so stupid he listens to ze rich men who think he iz ze plebe hahaha
>uncle adi-kun why is the OP a normie retard
>vell mein kleine blumeleins, OP suffers from a disease known simply as ze zmoothbrain along vith many other normie schwuchtels

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> be elon
> hate the SEC
> know about the banking cartel
> want to promote btc
> can't promote it if TSLA owns it
> shits on it
> makes BTC fall by shitting on them
> still spreads the word about BTC
> SEC assumes him of trying to make money
> on a falling asset
> questionmark.jpg

Based elon shitting on the shortseller enrichment commission via negative-inference logic tweets

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>Get into crypto and spend weeks taking it in the brown eye
>Finally figure out what to invest in and how/when to invest
>Wait for the dip, buy the dip
>Not even 1 hour later, BTC and everything else crashes by 10%

I cant fucking win

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how long have you been in crypto, anon?

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Been into it for years, but only started investing last month

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You only lose when you sell

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Why did I have to invest in the death sequence