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You have 10 seconds to be as middle class as possible.

>”My home is my biggest investment.”

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>dont quit your job until you have another one lined up

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> "my wife's new tits are great"

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>"Jimmy received an A- in his recent English report. I've told Margaret we need to reroll him with one of schools tutors for evening lessons. Promptly, I might add."

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>We should remodel our kitchen.

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My 401k is invested for safety, not risk.

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>paid off my 7-year car loan, now I can finally upgrade!

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I mow my lawn every week during the summer. Sometimes if there’s a bit of a dry spell I can get away with every two weeks. But

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I've got another holiday coming up next week, it's going to destroy my wallet omg

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>I might finance a 2019 BMW as a birthday present for my daughter

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>We make a combined income of over £250,000 per year, and we're socialists. Down with the middle classes!

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I feel attacked

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>Son, if you want our old Honda Civic, I sell it for $10K.

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>Thinks everyone poorer are evil communists
>Thinks everyone richer are evil capitalists
>Have 2 digit IQ

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>My wife goes to yoga class and sometimes doesn't come home until after dinner.

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>investing is gambling

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Whoa if I refinance my mortgage I can get $15,000!
>spends it on a vacation to disneyworld

The kids go to public schools not to learn things, but to socialize!
>kids are getting bullied, just ignore it I'm sure it'll be fine

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What should we have for dinner? Nothing in the pantry, so screw it, lets just go to Olive Garden.

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For real should I buy a house as a single 27 year old or nah? I only have $65k so it'd be my entire savings down payment.

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>Gotta spend with weekend with little Timmy's traveling team. The scouts are starting earlier and earlier.

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>we can't afford to travel because we're house-poor, maybe after we retire I'll take Karen to Hawaii

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I have kids

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>my wife often sleeps on her sisters couch when she drinks too much haven’t seen her for two days

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Best thing about moving out was not having to mow the lawn EVERY GODDAMN WEEK AHHH

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>Sorry son, I'm busy

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>can you move it just a little more to the left? back to the right? No, more to the left again. There, thats perfect

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Middle class here. Mine is high risk with 90% being outside the US.

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>I could have picked a job that pays three times as much, but I settled with the company im at now, because they have great benefits

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ouch anon this was supposed to be a fun thread

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>Back in my day you had to work for a living. These young folk want everything handed to them.

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>put as much as you can into your 401k

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>Always pay your taxes early to keep the government from taking on more debt
I've heard geezers say this.

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>We're doing OK since we don't take any risks

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>Not making mowing fun with all electric. Like off wheel go cart.

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>why should I pay cash for my new carpet if Home Depot offers such cheap financing?

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Not middle class, unless the bolt ons are financed at 30% apr.

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I just checked the crime stats for that neighborhood and it's 2% higher than ours!

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>our goal is to someday flip houses for a living, just like Chip and Joanna

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This is painful and the best post.

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>I think it's really great you kids get to experience so much diversity at school, I just hope they don't move into our neighbor and bring the value down.

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This image disgusts and horrifies me on a level I can't properly articulate

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>I'm socially liberal but fiscally conservative.

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This is actually smart, as long as your debt interest is lower then the returns you make on investments. Paying large ticket items with cash is stupid

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>I book a vacation to Iceland/Peru/Puerto Rico/Italy that I can't afford in cash on my credit card!
>It's travel hacking, anon

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I used to mow the lawn with a pushmower that was fucked up and hard as hell to start, especially for a scrawny 11 year old, because my dad forced me to. Then we moved to a house with 3/4 of an acre of lawn and I mowed THAT by hand. Then he got a riding mower, but made me do two passes around the edges so that there'd be room to turn for my younger sibling to ride the mower. Then I moved and my dad lost motivation to make my younger brothers mow the lawn so he started just doing it himself.

I will NEVER EVER own a lawn, ever. If I buy a house with a lawn, I will tear it up and replace it with a permaculture garden. FUCK GRASS.

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Jesus anon

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>My favorite activity is watching Tyrone bang my wife

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>Alright Molly, explain to me again why our son needs to participate in "Gender-inclusive" seminars. He's only 8.

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>I used a 50k inheritance to pay off all my education loans in one go, otherwise it would have taken years. finally debt free!

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>If it's yellow let it mellow. Septic is having issues again.

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Do you need a house?

There are MUCH better investments for your money and time.

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>This e-mail says we're pre-approved for a $30K loan
>Imagine all the fancy clothes we could buy

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>The Johnsons want us to come to their BBQ tomorrow
>i think their pervy daughter is trying to sleep with my husband Steve
>thanks Juan, you know how to work the field outside and inside

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>gets upset when people talk about money

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Based and boomerpilled

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>Honey we're late on the mortgage payment and our credit cards. You want to buy more candles and sweaters on Amazon? Whatever you want

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omg this is so fucking accurate. These ppl are like a repeating machine for the fox/CNN network. Whenever I talk to them I feel like they have emptied their minds and refilled with shitty agendas in full

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> "I don't think i should have mixed 2cb with mdma im fucking munting away. Im pouring buckets am i ok? Am i ok? Am i ok? Oh Jesus christ call an ambulance"

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>investing in the bitcoin stock to remodel my kitchen

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Son, live beneath your means and invest in the S&P 500 on vanguard. Set it and forget it for about 30 years.

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>Happy wife, happy life!

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No I just hate living in a tin can apartment and bigger ones are half my monthly take home pay.

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Had a gas mower, then it got clogged. Then I splurged on a electric mower, my god it made 10x the difference not breathing the fumes and being silent compared to the old mower.
My leg got fucked so had to get a electric riding mower so the city didnt yell at me. Paid $2000 for it instead of getting a Ryobi model but totally worth it after 3 years. Lawn before was an hour with charging break, lawn with riding only takes about 20-25 mins.

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Honestly pretty based, wish my family was this smart

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>I should have bought more property! My opportunity cost has been so bad! Just look at the low interest rates, my current investments are barely keeping up with inflation!

My dad RN he's alright but still a boomer

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I will take 200k debt to go learn about sociology
I think communism is the future, the working class (me) is too oppressed by the evil capitalists

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1000% agree. What a waste of space and resources to have a lawn. I'd replace the whole thing with a garden if I could

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saves you a lot of pink wojaks

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>Maybe next year

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>“Hey Susan! How is everything?... Oh that sounds amazing, btw, Gary and I are taking the boat out today on the lake and we’re going to have a few drinks. You should come and bring Gerald so Gary isn’t all alone while we get out drink on, hahaha!”

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OP said Middle class, not lower class / pol

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Can you watch the kids for a bit? I’m going to brunch with the girls. It’s all you can drink mimosas!

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pink wojaks are the second most fun part

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OP said middle class not children of the upper middle class

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The kids found my cookie stash

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You think middle class abusive fathers don't exist? Nah man, they do. It's only at the upper class where there's no need to get violent because both partners have side fucks and there's enough money to satisfy every desire anyway.

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I really hate the middle class bros, can't say I feel bad about them disappearing.

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Also 0% chance of escaping the wage cage with it

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>go to college, get a degree in whatever you want! all companies care about is that you have the degree!

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nope too bougie. A- is good when you're middle class.

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most middles class posters here are upper middle class, lower middle class is true hell

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I have a mortgage to pay off and two kids to put through college

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>middle class
>paying for kids' college
Hah, no. That's what student loans are for. Too bad you didn't qualify for grants, sport, I just make too much money haha no I'm not helping you or cosigning anything, good luck.

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*buys a SUV*

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>"My black co-worker is a swell guy!"

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middle class bitch about having to pay for college but dont in reality. theyll cosign the student loans though

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i unironically do this with 0% financing. extra money towards investments/mortgage. pay off before due date.

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niggers think they're on same power level as jews and irish lmao how delusional these monkeys get

>> No.29429870

You get chastised for doing this btw.
Art Teachers despise anime

>> No.29429873

How much do you think is enough to escape the wage cage?

>> No.29429877

I have a hard time determining what class my family is in, I wish there were more obvious indicators.

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>Leasing a car is better then buying in cash

>I'm so glad with my credit card, I can't function with a normal debit card

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Let’s have another kid.

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I managed to secure a lease for a brand new Mercedes, with an option to buy in 5 years.

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> can’t recognize we’re all human.
> only focused on skin color
> how nigga

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Art Teachers hate everybody who doesn't pander to their style

t.had female art teachers who absolutely hated my art and male art teachers who praised me

>> No.29430155

Same, The only teacher that ever praised me was a man who liked the captain underpants tier manga that I drew

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"Have you ever been in a storm, Wally?"

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The government/media uses income, but that's obviously just propaganda. The real determination is in how you earn your money.
Lower class: works for someone else. Trades time/labor for currency.
Middle class: works for himself. Still labors but produces something of value in exchange for currency.
Upper class: does not work. Hires others to work for him and lives off the return of his investments.
Untouchables: NEETs and welfare queens.

The middle class is long long dead. Everyone is lower class but the government uses the media to propagandize people to think they're not so that they don't develop any class consciousness and start doing pesky things like strikes or collective bargaining.

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Female teachers are just shit, full stop.

>> No.29430477

yeah, maybe middle-class Asian

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God, that's what normies actually think, isn't it.

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middle class minorities only

>> No.29430824

>and irish

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>>”our daughter is going to college best investment we’ve ever made!!!”

>> No.29430931

The only reason you should ever buy a house is if you're in the place where you're reasonably sure you're going to live in for the rest of your life, and either a) you're planning on starting a family soon or b) you lucked into money and can pay off the entire thing.
Having a house on mortgage is a tremendous restriction on your mobility, which affects your future earnings potential.

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>"Oh [thing] broke? now you can buy a new one!"

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>middle class work for themselves

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>I retire next year. $100k is plenty!
>My kids mean everything to me. But once they turn 18 they need to move out on their own.
>Can't take it with you! Might as well SPEND :^)

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This is the most goyim one yet.

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>”The TV said masking works and we need to not hug grandma anymore.”

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this guy looks like every boomer professor ive ever had

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>"son don't be an idiot and invest in that stupid internet money. buy gold and silver instead

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The hanging "but" got me

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>OP) #

>> No.29431531

This is the best one.

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Brexit is really fucking with the availability of boquerone anchovies in Sainsbury's.

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Lower class: Was impacted by COVID. Jobs can be automated, and let go. Income is sub 20k

Middle class: works for someone else. Trades time/labor for currency. Income is between 30k - 75k

Upper class: may or may not "work". 75k to just under 100k

Rich: works for himself. Still labors but produces something of value in exchange for currency. 6 figure incomes only and above

Untouchables: NEETs and welfare queens.

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Mondays, am I right?

>> No.29431703

>the lawn is looking a bit long there champ

>> No.29431732

>middle class works for himself
lol no

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>> No.29431819

>middle class starts at 30k
The absolute state

>> No.29431824

"Not now, honey, I'm on a call, go play."

>> No.29431826

Mine too. Today hurt.

>> No.29431855

if only white parents were this involved in their childrens lives

>> No.29431859

Buy a duplex and live in one half while renting out the other

>> No.29431882

Owning your own business is middle class. Being an independent contractor is lower class.

>> No.29431883

these made me laugh out loud

>> No.29431898

>*watches sports*

>> No.29431987

desu anyone who got a stimulus checks falls into either middle or lower class pretty sad

>> No.29432054

Nope, how much you make has nothing to do with it. Stock brokers making $5M/yr working for goldman sachs are lower class. The pool cleaner who owns his own business making $30k/yr is middle class. The NEET who lives in his parents' basement is untouchable, and the NEET who got rich on crypto is upper class.

>> No.29432085

>not investing in anything during this bullrun
you will spend years of your life dealing with suicidal thoughts for this. what the fuck are you doing.

>> No.29432111

>we don't have any hotdog buns, dear, just eat it on bread.

>> No.29432160


But leasing is better.

Rich people lease. Poor fag middle class boomers. Buy a depreciating “asset” with credit !!!! LOL

>> No.29432183

What are you guys gonna do with your tax refunds this year?

>> No.29432272

>Where I live is only two hours away from work, so I can be at home at 8pm, just in time to say goodnight to my wife !

>> No.29432379

> I'm not racist

>> No.29432420

>Would you look at that? This Karcher Pressure Washer is the exact same size as the hole in my soul! And it's on sale!

>> No.29432509

>Almost time to re-stain my deck

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I ENJOY listening to SuperHitsFm on my way to work around 5am!

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I keep all my money in my savings account, and only a modest amount of my total networth is invested into low risk stock ETFs that yield me a 1% profit dividend every year. Slow and steady wins the race. I also pay $800 a month to finance this brand new car I bought that I owe 25% interest on for the next 80 months and have $25k in credit card debt

>> No.29432602

delet this

>> No.29432650

>My wife is an Asian American I met in college, she has a great government job and my son has straight a's! He's a real go getter!

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>> No.29432792

Fuck this is accurate

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>make sure you give your boss a 2 week notice before you quit and don’t quit until you have another job lined up

>> No.29433258


I'm having vietnam flashbacks of my friends and family doing this to pay off their student loans after their grandparents died. All that money gone. Here's some I can think off the top of my head.

>"Yeah we sold Granma and Granpa's jewellery, gold and stamps. We're going to use it to buy a new car/vacation/remodel!"
>"I still have a hefty amount from my grandfather's inheritance. I can spend my time in school as long as I want. Plus alot of play money too if I'm feeling generous to myself. That's what it means to be educated and wealthy ;)"

One thing I've found throughout my life is that any grandparent/father mades a successful business, the kids end up screwing up in whatever field they are in, either work back into the business or continue "pursuing their passion", and continue to receive money support well into their 40s while having teenage children. It breaks my heart knowing these grandkids are going to end up in the poorhouse ontop of being spoiled and entitled with their parents because they squandered their inherited wealth.

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Guarantee you have tiny wrists

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>Stock brokers making $5M/yr working for goldman sachs are lower class.
>making $5M
>5,000,000 is lower class
Are you being serious?

You are correct on income depending on the circumstance, though your pool cleaner example is terrible.

The pool cleaner is whatever he wants to be. That's largely subjective. He has his own TIME
you cannot get back TIME. no matter how much money you have TIME CANNOT BE BOUGHT BACK.

Most middle class workers do not have the ability to control their own time. The pool cleaner depending on the area he lives in could hire workers, be it illegal immigrants a family member or a craigslist ad. Then he takes a pay cut but he could automate his business by running macros spam posting pool cleanings in the area to make up for it. Long story short; he can use his time much more effectively as he focuses on lowering his expenses and increasing his cashflow.

The biggest difference between middle class,lower class and the rich + neets is the time factor. Who ever has the greatest control of their own personal time wins the game of life.

>> No.29433556

>"Buying a car is an investment."
I heard this one all my life

>> No.29433575

> Upper class
> 75k

Open your eyes man, does bill gates or rothschild share a spot with John the supermarket manager??

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>> No.29433663

But is this wrong though?

>> No.29433695

My fucking friend sold his BTC at 10k last year to buy reno's for his house, the main one being new cupboards and an island for his kitchen.

>> No.29433853

There's no food.

>> No.29433928

If you enjoy licking boots and being a wagecuck then no

>> No.29433934

neets living in their parents basement untouchable sure, neets who got rich off crypto - upperclass hardly.

It depends on how the crypto funds are being used, and what they plan to do with. Also the total dollar amount in whatever currency.

Consider this:
Neet has roughly 50k in crypto post bull run. He cashes out the full 50k, and purchases a shitty econ website cashflowing $400 per month for 50k. Within 6months the neet was able to properly do seo on the website and it now cashflows 4.5k in total income per month.

Said neet now has the option of keeping the website or selling it for 2.5 times earnings.

Who would you consider to be upper class, rich or middle class, or still a neet?

>> No.29434020

>don’t worry about those stupid stocks or bitcorns.. just make sure you’re getting to work nice and early.

>> No.29434040

Actually they're larger than average according to a chart I saw on /fit/. I was just a non-athletic child using a poorly maintained machine to do a ridiculous task under threat of beatings if I refused.

>> No.29434244

If he's putting labor into the site, he's middle class. If it's entirely hands off passive income, he's upper class. And I was originally thinking of someone who made $5M or more on crypto and now has enough cash that they never have to work again, that's upper class.

Of course, that's upper class ECONOMICALLY. Socially, pfft, of course not. Social class is different from economic class. That's why people think my example of the goldman sachs trader making $5M/yr being lower class is ridiculous. He's lower class economically because he still has to put on a suit, show up on time, and get yelled at by his fat boss. Socially, however, he might be in the yacht club and banging rich dudes' wives and living in a Manhattan penthouse.

>> No.29434249

>”Were going to remove the carpet in our house and get Mexican style tiles. It’ll increase the value home!”

>> No.29434270

Where I live most supermarket managers make about 56k a year.

>> No.29434326

>Headin' out to Tar-jay, you need anything?

>> No.29434860


>> No.29435040

"Why can't people just wear the darn masks? It's not that hard! Just wear it!"

>> No.29435171

Homes are shitty investments. Money sinks and anchors are what they are.

Just take the Theta Gang pill and sell options (naked puts and put credit spreads) for income. you can easily get 30k a year with 65k.

>> No.29435406


>> No.29435770

lower class

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>Reading thread, realize how my parents used to do all of this when I was young.
>During my teenage years, they slowly but surely stop doing said thing.
>When I became 21 my parents crossed the wall between upper middle class and lower upper class.
>MFW socio-economic class really is built in to people's personality traits and is almost impossible to change in either direction, save for a small select few, my senpai included.

This insight is why I love you guys. We're all gonna make it.

>> No.29436351

cant believe i read this

>> No.29436719

If you don't have anything better to do with your money, sure. Just make sure it's a home you really want and stay in.

>> No.29436959

You have 10 seconds to be as zoomer as possible

>i watched a show from the 90s and it had no black people in it, i literally had a panic attack

>> No.29437010


>Son! Why don't you ever call back?

>> No.29437140

I wear a different color Vineyard Vines shirt everyday

>> No.29437150

This one hurt. Do the rich not remodel their kitchens

>> No.29437316

>Why don't you have a LinkedIn? It's a great way to network and lets the RECRUITERS find YOU!

>> No.29437383

The 90s were a pretty inclusive time bro, it was never in your face about it either

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>go to Grad School! It took your father a decade to pay back his med school loans but it was worth it!

meanwhile I'm
>6 figure student loan debt
>5 figure salary (barely even close to 6 figure)
>mom's new advice is "just get a better paying job"

I love my parents but their out-of-touch advice unironically fucked me over big time. When I have kids of my own (which has been delayed due to financial precarity) I PROMISE my unborn children that I will study the financial situation of their generation as much as I possibly can before giving them life advice in their early adulthood.

That "just go to college and grad school lol" meme advice my upper-middle class parents gave me fucked me so hard.

>> No.29437431

yo how about be as millennial as possible

>> No.29437438

my parents just painted our kitchen because they thought millenial homebuyers want white and grey two tone shit. are they right or peak middlecore?

>> No.29437472

>Son we could help you buy your first vehicle, but we’d rather spend the money on a second vacation home in the Carolinas

>> No.29437500


It also wasn't mandatory like it is today

>> No.29437531

>my children are my biggest investment
>my children are my legacy
>i'll live forever through my descendants
literally every subhuman middle class goy

>> No.29437560

I'm only going to have one kid, and I'm gonna make sure he or she is in sports!

>> No.29437646

those are elites not upper class. that's like 1k/million of US population who will never worry money ever again. Like silicon valley CEOs or Harvard professor circles. Even their whore daughter or retarded autistic kids will have enough funds to fuck around their entire life

>> No.29437678

Any non-retarded realtor would tell you not to remodel a house before you sell it because it's a fucking waste of money since people have different tastes and might remodel it either way.

>> No.29437691

> We're upper middle class.

>> No.29437730

That's upperclass thinking. Look at jews and how seriously they take their bloodlines

>> No.29437877

Giga jews create children so they have fresh organs they can get transplanted, to live as long as possible.

>> No.29437977

Why did you take their advice? That was kinda silly of you.

>> No.29438052

>Why did you take your parents' advice?

shut up you parentless nigger.

>> No.29438060

Your parents are retarded
You are retarded
Your children will be retarded
Do the human race a favor and cut your dick off

>> No.29438319

>silicon valley CEOs or Harvard professor circles
these two things are not even in the same universe income-wise
even at the top universities a tenured professor won't be able to "never worry about money ever again"

>> No.29438356

Except this is actually good advice.

>> No.29438379

you're a schizo. 14010 James 9000 555 Enron Bill Gates 7seven Tall Grey Goose Evidence Book

figure out my message, schizo, there's a big reward once you get to the next step

>> No.29438445

Take your pills schizo

>> No.29438539

I failed a class in high school and my mom never found out.

>> No.29438568


>> No.29438637

>hey how's it going?

>> No.29438691
File: 9 KB, 255x253, sad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish my parents cared about me this much. My dad got me hooked on ambien and alcohol when I was in 6th grade and after that I got D's until I barely finished highschool. He also beat me a lot and convinced me I would never amount to shit. I'm trying to unfuck my life now but I feel like I'm never gonna make it. I'm 21 and people I graduated wish are already starting their masters degrees.

>> No.29438799

> happy monday!

>> No.29438821

> time share in Hawaii

>> No.29438905

dude I'm 27 and a college dropout but I make money by being self employed by programming
you aren't limited by your parents nor schooling
good luck, never give up

>> No.29438927
File: 36 KB, 600x360, FA9C4CA2-FDB4-4D0A-A70C-D9E7538EEC0A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I bought a 500k house putting 5% down and also own a Tesla model 3 performance financed at 10% down. I have granite countertops and stainless steel appliances in my kitchen and buy a new iPhone every 2 years. I have 20k in credit card debt at 25% APR and only do the employer match for my 401k

>> No.29438947

The rich don't have shitty kitchens with shitty MDF cabinets covered in vinyl. Rich people use real wood that lasts forever and doesn't need a remodel.

>> No.29439067

>my wife's unborn baby is coming soon, going to need a second job

>> No.29439092

sorry to hear about that, anon. 21 is still very young, you have plenty of time to make it so don't worry. slow and steady wins the race fren, you got this.

>> No.29439117

>school catchment area

>> No.29439177

i send you great energy, fren
you will win bigly, you'll see

>> No.29439328

>I will NEVER EVER own a lawn, ever. If I buy a house with a lawn, I will tear it up and replace it with a permaculture garden. FUCK GRASS.

What is the point of replacing one plant with another? Still work. If I get a big lawn I am going to replace that shit with fake grass and be done with it.

>> No.29439356


This is unironically good advice. Gamble 50% max on crypto and let index funds be your backup in case you get rugged

>> No.29439486

I wish I had someone tell me this when I was 18. Fuck, my parents never said shit about my retirement investments. Then again I'm black.

>> No.29439681

> there are people above the age of 18 in this thread that blame their parents & other people for any problems they have.

You weren't born in Syria, shut the fuck up. You're a bunch of cucks regardless if you had bad parents etc. ngmi

>> No.29439770

holy fuck this gives me nightmares

>> No.29439846
File: 58 KB, 200x200, kek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hurts just imagining

>> No.29439937

>I slave away to fund a welfare state of illegal immigrants who rape my children and will drive my genes completely out of the Earth.

>> No.29439952

Learn sales of coding isn’t your thing. Just be talkative , nice, competent, and ask for the $$$. Most transferable skill ever

>> No.29440138

but there is a difference. lower class ppl want their children to success so they could have a rich comfort retirement. That's a hope for them. It's like saying I want my children to hit lottery ticket so we both get rich! Oh btw I want my children to win lottery NOT MYSELF because I love my children so much
Jews really have the wealth give to their children. And they don't want no goys to touch it

>> No.29440341

Based but some grasses are ok
Healthy grass even looks nice
The trick is you dont actually have to mow the lawn
You can just let it grow
Imagine, its even better for the grass to not be cut off every other day
Healthy grass can survive far longer without rain than mowed grass for instance

>> No.29440393

they actually do. It's not the income they have but their social circles. It's elites circle for both academic and wealthy venture companies. Imagine one of your friends won some Noble prize level shit or your students inherit his Jew fathers national retail chain. You can easily make money off of it. And not to mention rich Asians will give bribe to you every year to their autistic sons name mentioned in the recommendation letter

>> No.29440448

>still work
No, you can just let whatever is in your garden grow like nature intended
>plastic grass
Thas even worse than boomers crippling their grass once a week

>> No.29440580

> hey, want to see the tools my wife bought me for Christmas (with my money)

>> No.29440630

>dad actually saying sorry
I can only suspend my disbelief so much, friend.

>> No.29441214

You should buy a house before the covid money printing hits the market and they quadruple in price. After you buy a house, expect everything to break down or some unexpected big cost to happen in the first year, so save some for that. When it rains it pours, anon.

>> No.29441307

>Thinks any famous painter is good
>Thinks that you get what you pay for
>Thinks too highly of status; thinks too lowly of creativity and labor.
>Always trying to “buy” their freedom, despite already having it.
>Desperately accumulates what they value most (money, body count, experiences, etc)
>Devoid of creativity
>Mediocre judgement
>Mistakes novelty with innovation
>Fails to identify recurring themes/patterns in life
>Sees all things as one way or the other
>No matter how much they earn their poor taste follows them everywhere and makes them easily identifiable.
>Incapable of extended periods of meditation
>Incapable of charity without outward display or incentive (virtue signaling)
>Does not understand or believe in a higher power or karma
>Attempts to leave no legacy for family
>Little to no empathy for others
>Their mind is their master (They believe that the voice in their mind IS them)
>Unironically believes that they will only live once
>Motivated by fear instead of love
>Does drugs (alcohol, caffeine) routinely in public (bars, coffee shops, clubs, etc)
>Fear of commitment
>Low or no ambition
>Mediocre imagination (incapable of highly detailed, or highly abstract mental imagery)
>Rarely if ever feels gratitude for their existence
>Does not recognize transcendence as a possibility for themselves. Their ability to self-improve is capped by their “genetics”.
>Pessimistic when it is unwarranted due to their fucked up reward system (dopamine).
>Contributes minimal value
>Cheats on their partner
>Uses unnecessarily verbose words to communicate simple ideas in order to appear smart (“utilize”, “vis-à-vis”, etc.)
>Bland and boring

>> No.29441415

>Hi Robert, a hell of a hot weather today hahahaha

>> No.29441595

Thats more bommer than middle class but kek

>> No.29441927

You are gonna make it anon. We love you. Always look on the bright side of life

>> No.29443096

I appreciate it, friends. It sucks, but I'm trying.

>> No.29443983

>reports the thread for being offensive

>> No.29444640

they typically are

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