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autism prevents this. also if you want a shitchain just go to bsc

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Just make miners do it for free and give them IOUs

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That would make ETH centralized dumb ethkike


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That would make it cost more, you fucking brainlet.

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i only hold btc
i'm just wondering why ETH can't scale if they have all the devs.

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Just use Bitcoin Cash

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Why can't Vitalik just delete Ethereum?

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Because the miners wouldn't mine. The system is broken. That's why he's moving to POS like Cardano.

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don't miners want to increase the block size? then they can get more $ per block

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Temporary doubling of blocksize is one aspect of EIP-1559.

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How many times do you mETH heads need it drilled into your gas addled brains?


Its already a dead coin and you faggots haven't figured it out. The only chain that scales is BSV, but we are already far too gone for that to ever be an option. Crypto is fucking done because its populated by idiots who listen to central bankers and scammers, but I repeat myself.

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memes aside, EIP-1559 will unironically allow for block size to be up to 2x what it currently is

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god i swear if miners block this ill dump everything i have.

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Just use BNB. It scales better than ETH.

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They would need to fork eth, they have no say in it until the build gets pushed.
They can mine mainline or risk other people getting all the money if they mine the old version that no one is buying.

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/biz/ are low IQ, they wouldn't understand the connection between big blocks and exponential increase in centralization, these are the same idiots that backed BCH in the fork wars
That being said ETH is already centralized due to it's node operating overheads, lol just use BNB or a database

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ETH is a dead project. It's really great seeing ETH get exposed after everyone in that space was so fucking arrogant for so long. No, its not a given that everyone will just stick with ETH when it continues to suck shit out of a tube.

Thanks for bringing smart contracts to the masses Vitalik, but its time to build the world computer on a non-spaghetti code platform.

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It doesn't work like that

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they'll approve it on friday

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all of you faggots are wrong about eip1559 right? It'll keep the block size the same on average.

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No it won't , it let's it move up to double when the network is congested.
When the fuck is the network not congested?
If people are paying no one gives a shit about block size except for "muh raspberry pi node" faggots.
Shit is in the terabytes as is.

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the gas price can't keep going up forever. eventually it'll settle at 12.5M gas

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I can't really put it into words, but that picture of Vitalik is one of the few images posted on /biz/ that makes me laugh every single time I see it. Why is this?

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monero is theoretically infinitely scalable