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Do better was right BAObros. It's ogre

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ok sir

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I'm still up 10x with 1.5x my initial farmed. Stay poor.

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just wait.....the Chico effect is coming .

rinse and repeat

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I'm farming. sold my 10mil stack for over $12k. Now in Vesper but waiting for Bao to get to .0006

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new logo

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> it's ogre
> ogre before xDai migration

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Now is the perfect time to buy lol

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Thanks I just bought.

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>t. Coping bagholders
Any day now itll go up for the first time in a week! Kek. Why dont you all admit you just bought in the first place because the APY was high and that's the summary of the entire project, while its APYs are shrinking. Yes, they're still relatively high but its just a farming token like PIZZA. It has 0 function, 0 roadmap, 0 future plans, and its literally a food item token you get more of for locking them up. When did biz become retarded?

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a week? do you have turbo adhd? watch in march :)

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There’s other projects that are building syns for sushi that don’t need to hire a lead dev to do so.

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I am very proud of this thread

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the roadmap has soft synths in spring and hard synths in summer.
the fud on this coin doesn't make any sense. nobody gives a fuck about the price before december.

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>It has 0 function, 0 roadmap, 0 future plans,
that's why sushiswap picked up baoman right? I know you are trying to buy the dip at 0.0006, but create better FUD than "muh foodcoin," kek.

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This thread is to drive price down via FUD so ppl buy low before march. This only works as we have so many newfriends and retards in this board and it spreads to twitter where REAL retards live

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honestly retailers on 4chan have almost zero impact on price after 8 figures desu
also anyone who chills on clubhouse knows this is going to be huge just based on 0xmaki being connected to the defi dev mafia

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so i shouldn't swap the bao i left in my wallet for jupiter? im feeling pretty good about jupiter...

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Vesper/Gysr combo

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You'd be surprised how many outsiders lurk this board for tips and believe low iq FUD. But that's not this thread.

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hard to say i dont give short term mid term advice king, but if bao literally just accomplishes its cut/paste of aave&snx it will capture a ton of value just by being part of the sushi ecosystem

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i know lol biz has kind been reddit'd rarely any good alpha on here anymore still not bad tho
ample30x, thorchain40x+, pnk10x, i saw GRT shilled pre-ICO, bao, not to mention hex2x and tellor @ 5

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You know there is a high possibility of the bullrun ending way before December, right?

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finally someone with 3 digit iq

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Pretty ironic seeing as the last 2 4 year cycles started and ended at the exact same timeframes. If history repeats (for a 3rd time in a row), youre both incorrect. So, while there is a 'chance', it is not high.

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