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I didn't get fantom any earlier because I'm retarded and poor but been keeping up with its movement.
Would I be buying at the top if I got in now? If so then shill me another coin to fomo a 100 or so into. If not then how much higher can/will it go?

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It pumped pretty hard so buy on the pullback.
Maybe if bitcoin shits itself again you'll get a nice discount.

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Buy Matic. Do not buy Fantom at all cost you will get scammed. Fantom is a known to have a yearly scam pump.

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holo is still way undervalued imo, im buyin till $0.01 per HOT. This is a potential 50x, but 20x guaranteed. FTM is also comfy but pumped to much for my risk appetite, i stopped buying after FTM hit $0.15, bought mostly at $0.02 tho

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>holo is still way undervalued imo, im buyin till $0.01 per HOT. This is a potential 50x, but 20x guaranteed. FTM is also comfy but pumped to much for my risk appetite, i stopped buying after FTM hit $0.15, bought mostly at $0.02 tho

Why are there people suddenly shilling HOT along with FTM but slightly fudding FTM at the same time because somene mentioned HOT in the FTM general? I dont understand biz

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suddenly? hot has been /our/ coin since 2018

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That's kinda what I'm hoping for, another yearly/weekly dump that turns biz pink so I can buy in cheap and not be late for once.
Gonna need a better explanation as to why Matic though bro
If it's than no reason for me to not put a couple of bucks into it I guess

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that sucks youve been following it but couldnt afford it. were all still holding fantom so buying is about the same thing as us holding

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The whole tulip psyop shit is starting to pick up traction, maybe that shit will moon.
I got the airdrop and I'm just holding it.
Apparently they will have news of NFTs and a farming platform called BULB coming out.
I don't wanna sound like a jeet so I'm not gonna say it's gonna moon like crazy but it started at 14 cents and a bunch of people sold their airdrop and it tanked down to like 3 cents. It went back all the way to around 9 cents and now it's back at like 4. Might be a good time to get in.
That and I'm also holding POLS, Coreto, DOT, YLD.APP, and 0x token.

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FTM had a good day and generated some interest, so shills for other coins are trying to hijack Fantom threads because they know a lot of people are reading these threads right now.

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I'm pretty sure it's a pump and dump. This one guy in our crypto group is shilling it 24/7 and annoying the shit out of us. And nearly 100% of the time he falls for pump and dumps.

I hope they rugpull very soon. Can stand his shit anymore. Those forced memes need to stop.

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FTM is unironically the shit.. this thing is way better than I thought.

Etherum daps can directly port over to FTM blockchain.

15,000 transactions a second vs 15 for Etherum
Penny fees

4-9% APY on staking depending on time staked

Most FTM is staked so the circulating supply is much less than the 3 BIllion

This is a guaranteed $5 by EOY min.. Easily could be $10.

I got into this at .26 and I am going to buy more.. this is a no brainer

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>still hasn't done his research

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>FTM had a good day
anon, FTM has been the most shilled coin on here since early 2019 - along with LINK and HOT who where the hottest shit in 2017/18. HOT just got delayed because of many many improvements with the whole codebase but the tech is still revolutionary and will melt faces soon - many anons will be glad they had more time to accumulate thanks to the delay... i would have never been able to swing-trade my stack up to 23 million HOTs otherwise

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If just everyone who owns too many bags has a forced signature saying so. As if it's not obvious from the content.

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I bought some in 2019 and sold it in 2019. I hate myself so much right now. Meant to buy back but got complacent. Picked up some bags at 20c now RIP.
The creator of FTM gave a glowing review for HOT when it came out and before he started working on/released FTM. So they are very very loosely connected.

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Mark Cuban bought the coin yesterday

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didn't they try to give holders hardware or something which was a complete trainwreck? seemed like a really stupid attempt for a crypto company

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the holoports are just normie bait really, it is not needed at all. you can run your own servers with a holonix OS, and the ports are not needed. they are just for plebs who can't setup a server...

idk about that part desu, if we play the long game, the holoports don't matter at all. good normie magnet though.

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As a RLC bagholder what do ?

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It's not too late, but you missed out on a easy 10x.

NPXS gives me early fantom vibes (even though it's more similar to REEF) so maybe try that, but def get a small bag of FTM at least because it will get to at (very) least $1

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I bought some MATIC yesterday. It's down, but I'm not even mad, it has good prospects too

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literally who

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I haven't read this thread but I can guarantee above there are AVAX, HOLO, and MATIC bagholders trying to shill you their shitcoins. I am telling you to buy Fantom. There is still at least a 10x to go.

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anything under $5 is a great buy. I bought at .13, .17, .25, and I’ll continue to buy more. I’ll probably wait for my Rubic to pump a little and swap them for more fantom.

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Lol I own rlc but luckily I own ftm link and holo. I don’t know shit about tech and my august friend kept telling me to let go off Fantom and holo.

How many RLC you have

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this, don't be stupid anon

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I'm a poorfag and RLC hasn't really moved like FTM

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>HOT just found solid support at a new ATH
fucking imbecile

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Just stick with RLC bro. If digital oil memes come true then your set. 300 in Fantom isn’t gonna net you anything substantial but 300 RLC could be the very bottom end of semi making it

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>someone uses my charlie fantie other than me
Too cute to resist eh?

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Where are you from????

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wait for retracement and just buy

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Just get the bag there is nothing more comfy than being in FTM

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Why wait? Why not just buy now? If they are gonna go to 5 dollars in 3 months why wait for them to go to 35 cents when they're 40 cents now? Why not just buy at 40 and have peace of mind and just ignore the coin for a couple of months and then just cash out when it hits 5 dollars or even 10 dollars?

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thanks fren
spreading the good word
literally the only crypto worth owning
long time bag holder here
lets get to uranus

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fren you have it wrong
im not sure what cents and dollars are
only satoshis and fantoms
where we going
we will not need no dollars n cents
money is a meme
time is a joke
im whippin the rari i never say sorry skkkrrtt
with the top back holler out money aint a thing

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It really doesn't seem like it's going to retrace. BTC tanked and it didn't even move.

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there was a small retracement to $0.43, but yes, looks like it'll just keep pushing up

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