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fucking kill me

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jeez anon you could have atleast waited for the rebound..

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you're clearly too emotional for this market

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your hands are too thin and frail to ever make it anon, I'm sorry

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Just buy back in we're going over 100k

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I've been here since 2017 too. I blame all the faggots insisting this is like December 2017 all over again and I blame myself for listening to them. The really dumb thing is even if this was the bubble pop, there still would have been a dead cat to sell. I just freaked out and market sold. God I'm such a faggot, at least I sold high enough to afford some quality rope.

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This is the reason why we hunt for stop losses. Weak feather hands like you. Stay on the sidelines and warm the bench. Watch how the big boys play as we price you out. Buy high and sell low, you shoud be /biz main mascot.
>I sold at 48200
pamp it and price him out.

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Go back to putting your money in an IRA, or something.
You can always sell drugs too. That's a decent return.

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>bought 5 BTC at 49k a week ago
>set a stop sell at 54k
>went to bed
>woke up and found out all my BTC got liquidated
>buy back into BTC at 52k

feels comfy making EZPZ money bros

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Is that a man?

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That's good. Considering some people here will never have the chance to buy 1 whole bitcoin.

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That's cringe, bro

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>I bought at $48,200

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You forget about the taxes m8

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it's all men out there

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it happens to all of us, everyone acting tough here already learnt the lesson. seems like you know what to do next time. when i saw the drop i alt f4’d the charts and turned of notifications on phone. next step: dont fomo into anything now.

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I don't believe that for a second. The only way you could have done that is if you had a really low stop loss. You... You didn't have a stop loss on Bitcoin... Did you? DID YOU ANON?

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I learned my lesson with not setting stop losses. Mine got triggered and I just kept waiting for it to go back down. In the end I lost 900 Ren coins buying back in. I'll never set another stop loss again.

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Bought at 52000, bought again at 49000
Not selling any BTC until it is worth at least 1,000,000

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i'm such a fucking moomer

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dont forget to spread'em for the tax man

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How can anybody be this fucking retarded? Panic sellers need to off themselves.

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haha u fuken retard

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kys, nervous paper hands maggot

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Why? It does this literally every week. How have you not figured this out yet?

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>bought at $58,000 Saturday
>sold at 48,000 today
>bought back in at $54,000

You all convinced me it was the crash! Reeeeee!!!!

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it's over 50k you're good

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It's never wrong to pull a profit bro. You did make a profit right

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I don't get why people freeze like this, he had 25 seconds to pull the plug. My old roommates were the same, a pipe burst once, spraying water everywhere. They all just stood there till I walked in and turned the valve off.

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So the pattern reverses in a bear market?

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Always do the opposite of what /biz/ does

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? all profits are taxed anon, you might as well make money

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spare some change for a rope fren

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I assume it's just the market adjusting to any systematic bias in prices, people/bots learn to sell on Saturday, so peak price moves to Sunday, etc.

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Wait a second, how is a "week" defined here? If their week starts at sunday and ends at saturday all this shows is that bullmarket goes up. Literally all this data is showing. Yeah no shit

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you sold your entire stack? and your trading stack is 100% of your crypto holdings?

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Hourly BTC closing prices were broken up into weeks. For each week (Sunday 0:00 - Saturday 23:00), hourly prices were normalised by divided by the maximum closing price of that week (i.e., 100%). Then all points (e.g., Wed. 1:00, 2:00, etc.) were averaged across that year.
End result, you have the times that the weekly peak and dump occur, regardless of whether is a bull or bear market.

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Don't feel bad. See it as a donation to the other anons who want to make it.

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buy high sell low

very nice

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Yes and in the bull market prices are higher in the end of the week because they were going up all week. In the bear market prices are lower in the end of the week because they were going down all week. Anon this data is shit no offense

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>sold at $48,200
buy back ASAP and get involved in our pump to earn that partial coin back
we pump this saturday: invites just opened discord gg/SNqPpk5Pjw
we hit some low marketcap coin, pump it, organised shill, sell. It happens all the time here - everyone shilling their shit they bought, why not try an organised version of it

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Why the fuck sell when you know it’s getting more and more mainstream popularity? I really don’t understand this. If you are going to sell, just sell a little bit and reinvest into other cheaper shitcoins. Don’t sell all. It is proven that the major long term hodlers have greater gains than short term sellers and day traders. Have you not seen all the memes about this? Trying to time the market diminishes your gains

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That would be true if the price change was linear week over week, but most of 2018-2020 prices just crabbed around. And there's no reason why the peak should be at exactly Saturday or Sunday in either case. Hell, in 2018 and 2019 the weekly low occurred on Friday, in the first 2 month of 2021 the weekly low has occurred on Monday. All this is showing is when the weekly low occurs.

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>Blaming everyone else for his retardation
Checks out

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Though I will grant that linearly detrending each year would make things a bit cleaner. Though regardless, the weekly low should still occur at the same time.

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This is retard shit
>cost basis of 245k
>sell everything for a total of 270k
>grand total of 25k or slightly over 10% profit
>lose 30%+ of gains in taxes
>immediately buy more
>pay fees three times

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>i fell for the decentralized meme and could not have a limit order ready because the whole market moved to AMMs
being in it for the tech means getting cucked out of gains again and again and again and again and
don't get me started on the kraken eth flash dip to $700

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>Make 100,000s
>reinvest using money owed to the government
>ezpz money

knock knock, anon

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I sold my bfarf on open at 6.50 and fomoed back at ATH 8.80.

Just kill me someone im so stupid

Lost about 5k today

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I did the same with ADA bro, more than once. As long as you're generating net profit you're on the right track. Just learn from your mistakes and keep making money.