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holy fuck thats gay!!

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Bullish for XMR

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>this form will become affective
ask me how I know that you edited this with inspect element.

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>O-ohhh say can youuu seeeeee

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What coins do you own?
>dentacoin - A coin for dentists
But sir you work at McDonalds

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Regulation means adoption retard
We're going to make it.

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Sorry I lost all mine in a boating accident

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holy fuck it's real

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Ah fuck, I sent all my coins to the wrong wallet. Shucks.

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literally bullish

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That cant be real

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Based Biden administration! We need more taxes to pay for the stimulus debts.

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Yep, confirmed brainet.

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bullish for XLM
I thought I had to report it for 2020 tax year but Turboturd only let's you document gains/losses not holdings.

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>felony for this
holy fuck

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Also it's not real and OP is quite talented to be able to make this edit while furiously sucking cocks

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why is there so much fud like this today

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Fake and gay

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>Send all coins to private wallet
>Sorry I lost all of my crypto in a Nigerian phishing scam
How can they actually enforce this shit?

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>>dentacoin - A coin for dentists

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one more reason to move as the US collapses

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wanna know why I didn't even bother checking it was real?

fucking kys FUDfaggot

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tell me more about the freedom in your first world country please

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ridin' with biden

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Still don't give a fuck, still not reporting, still never cashing out.

I'll hash out my millions with whatever Asian country I flee to in ten years.

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Dis gon be affecative soon boi! Bedda jus sell to me b4 da bottom DUMP yo!

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If this is a real article is memory holed because I can't find it anywhere.

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Do not forget to report by April 15th, 2021

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Did you KYC on an exchange?
That's how.

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>Do not forget to report by April 15th, 2021
>ridin' with biden
they're going to start offering bounties for snitching on your neighbor and family/friends for unreported crypto holdings

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I've already filed my taxes. I always do it early to ensure that our government gets the money it needs promptly. I'm a good American.

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>they're going to start offering bounties for snitching on your neighbor and family/friends for unreported crypto holdings
unironically the same as during the 30's with gold.
the major crash is programmed, planned and unevitable to happen before this summer

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Good thing about being a turd worlder is that our IRS can't track crypto for shit.

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>unironically the same as during the 30's with gold.
the more things change, the more the stay the same

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anglonigger tax cattle

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what if i have no job

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pack your bags anon, we're leaving

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1)Buy BTC on localbitcoins from a random person, pay with Paypal.
2)Never use any KYS exchanges.
3)Never cash out or cash out via localbitcoins and Paypal.

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>it's real
oh shit


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>dentacoin - A coin for dentists

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Kek, you obviously don't understand the quality of """journalists""" we have in 2021.

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until an undercover CEA agent meets up with you to "buy" your 10000 XRP at the local starbucks

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kek I remember dentacoin from the last bullrun

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It's coming to Europe soon enough to. Sell before it's too late.

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good thing chainlink is an ERC20 token and not a crypto currency

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Or "lose" your keys.

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nice try pajeet

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FML its true and coinbase has all my records.

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This is old fucking news you idiots.

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Boating accidents are up 1000% this year

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The loo. Poo in it.

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fake and gay lmao

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joke's on you, i don't pay taxes

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its real

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post the actual article you brand dead fuck face. Then post the Government website stating what they passed you turd eating shit poster.

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Cosmos to the rescue:


Suck my cock IRS.

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i filed my taxes a few days ago and it was a question on them but it also was last year

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it's fake false alarm

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Why isn't Elon on the list of billionaires?

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Yeah but then a Nigerian prince took his coins

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But what if you lost the password for your wallet? It is your money but you can't liquidate it. Also how do they plan to enforce it?

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dont worry let the big boys handle it

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That's why I'd be sending money via paypal.

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Am I glad to be European.
Moving to Andorra niggers bye bye.

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fake faggot spamming his fake shit on biz and pol


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Been claiming crypto and paying taxes for 5 years now, it's just how the world works when you actually make money.

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feels good to be in the clear

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>Why isn't Elon on the list of billionaires?
he was against covid lockdown and doesn't subscribe to woke religion

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I still haven't hit even 20 coins yet. Pls don't pump :(

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Yes it was on there but just like Hillary Clinton I don't know what is legal and what is not so I cannot be held liable for that. If Hillary Clinton can have a server in her home with tens of thousands of top secret emails and get away with it, then nobody has to follow any fucking laws anymore, ever. i don't know what a cyrpta is, sorry. No, I don't know what a digital wallet is, hah, my wallet is made of leather guys. All that coinbase stuff in my name must be an accident of some sort. Just like Hillary, I don't know anything okay so I will just go about my business now.

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fake and gay. why is this fud all over the place. it's fucking annoying. you're a faggot

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that link isn't real...

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fuck off

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I've reported every transaction since I started. Only dumb fucks screw with the IRS.

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this is bullish for monero

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my seed key can be found at the bottom of the mariana trench in a rock shaped usb that I lost in a boat accident, no transactions, unknown amount

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I unironically can't wait to tell them I hold niggercoin.

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Welp, I turn 30 on that day

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please can you explain how its bullish for XMR

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>get ""hacked""
>exchange for xmr on non-kyc service

the rest is up to you

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They can extradite you from just about anywhere these days, unless you go to fucking Iran or Russia or something

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kek'd and based

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great gif

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Your response?
Oh match

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Cool. Looks I'm throwing everything in XMR now.

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i'd fuck the blackness out of her

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i mean yeah if you want to only be able to spend your XMR in tiny amounts. you'll never be able to buy a house or anything remotely large because if they audit you, you won't be able to prove where you got the money cause you didnt report your taxes

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It's all just scare tactics. They will never be able to enforce this.

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it's fake you gay boy

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Is verifying ID/drivers licence on Binance considered KYC? Or do you also need to verify your bank info?

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good job detective!

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Won't matter. You had the coins, you made gains on them, and then you lost them. The gains don't disappear. I suppose you could file a police report, and make a claim on insurance, or something like that. If you could somehow make it documented and legit from some authority that you actually did lose that money in a scam, or accident, then you could probably write off the loss, although there might be some limit to how much you can do that for.
Oops, just googled it, sorry no, you can't write off thefts on your taxes lol.

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The article screenshot is fake but the law isn't you fucking imbeciles. Look it up.

Starting this filing year you have to answer yes or no to basically "did you do any crypto stuff at all?"