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>This is enough to make /biz/tards lose their minds

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Bullrun's over, see you in 4 years.

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How hard is it for retards on this board to not realize that people enter the market at different times?

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Yea holy shit. I hate how the mentality here is to shit on everybody and act like we're all good investors but people completely shit themselves and sell everything when we see a 2% correction after bitcoin pumps literally nonstop for a year straight.
/biz/ is home to the smoothbrains, not reddit.

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no one on biz actually has any bitcoin

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Shake out the whales, let them take profits.

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you’re obviously new, fuck off

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Newfag tourists

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Just woke up and all my shitcoins are pink.
What happened bros?

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It’s true, we’re all shitcoin-holding priced-out poirfags

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at this point who cares
it could go down to 10K and all I'd do is buy more
with institutional investors now bitcoin has become too big to fail
might be more heavily regulated, but the fix is in

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newfag and reddit- pilled
feels more like 2018 by the minute

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How is it possible for you to not realize that entering in the middle of the bull run is retarded within itself? You exist to buy my bags. I bought bitcoin when it was $3k in March. Eat shit retard.

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Sorry, I did a little shopping this morning anon

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eat shit, im glad you sold and will get raped by the massive green dildo after this

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you have to go back, WSB has some gme stocks they want to shill you

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It's all the retarded newfags who wants instant gratification. They want their 10x by next week.

They panic sell, then buy back in when the market recovers. That's how the rest of us can make so much money.

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Most of them are shitposting to make the weak hands sell. Those who are serious about "Muh, crash" are legitimately retarded, yep.

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It's okay anon, just don't treat yourself too often, fear and greed is what drives us.

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These pink wajoks are so tiresome. Can't we just laugh and point at chink rugpull scams again?

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kek you know that /biz/ is barely a blip on the crypto rader? Musk buying btc caused a greater effect in one day than biz has in all its lifetime

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Only newfags and normies who bought around ath. I was that fag in 2018.

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People here are NEVER gonna make it. The support level gets higher and higher each passing year

The demand for this coin exceeds the supply

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id like my 100x by today to be honest

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i do but i just sell listed so no big deal just means i buy at the dip again

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I know you're just joking, but I was being serious. The most important thing to become financially successful is the ability to delay gratification.

Most poorfags are impulsive and wants instant gratification. That means they'll sell after a 2x instead of wait for a 50x. Or lose interest the moment the market crabs. And that's why they will remain poor.

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So what would you do? Wait till it goes from 55 to 100K, then accumulate?

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fear and greed

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just buy, hold, buy more on the dips and then your cost averages.

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I think you guys underestimate how many people are just larping with their pink wojaks and bobos. Most aren't actually upset because they're used to the volatile markets.

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Based dip buyer.

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>caring about normies
lol you have to go back

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obvious nice and neat V bottom on hourly time frames and yet people will still be too scared to where it will take days to get back up to most recent ATH if not a full week.

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checked and based

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This. I bought BTC back in September last year. I only post pink wojaks hoping that it causes someone to panic sell and ultimately miss out on future gains.

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It is silly to be mad that you're down immediately after opening a position. You are always down as soon as you open. That's just a basic fact of markets, you buy the ask. As well, there is no investment opportunity when prices are correct, we speculate that they are incorrect and will adjust beneficially, thus you are always wrong as soon as you open the position and don't become right until the trade plays out.

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How hard is it to realize that 90% of the posts are just assholes shilling or trolling?

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So whats the deal, we start acoomulating at $50k now?

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That's the joke you moron.

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I do.

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