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Bancor General Newbie FAQ

this was written by one person with opinions

>Why Bancor?
The Bancor team invented the AMM. The only exchange to offer single sided liquidity pools, with huge rewards. The only exchange to solve impermanent loss. v2.1 brings Vortex, allowing you to leverage against your staked BNT for degen plays. Bancor will deploy Arbitrum soon (testnet since early Jan, 50x gas fees improvement) and on Polkadot (announced, crosschain swaps). It will become the #1 DEX.

>What means liquidity blackhole?
TVL is growing faster than anyone else and they’ve already captured over 40% of TOTAL Link trades. Between the rewards, vortex leverage, and best of all the IL protection, this is the best place to put your liquidity, period. It will inevitably gobble up the liquidity for the pools it offers.

>Price predictions?
Bancor is currently around ~700m market cap. Uniswap, an objectively worse fork of Bancor, is around ~8b mcap. 10x is just catching up to its mutant child. As Defi grows, Bancor will lead the pack. $40 is FUD.

>Is this the next LINK?
No, Link is the next Link. This is good though.

>What is make it/suicide stack?
IMO, you’ll probably want around 500 BNT to be worth staking. Make it stack it probably around 3000 BNT. More is better.

>Should I stake?
Yes. Rewards are insane for the time being. Stake your BNT in the LINK, ETH, or wBTC pools as those rewards are likely to be renewed and they have the highest volume. Stake your non-BNT tokens in their available pools. Yes, gas to stake will be expensive ($200-$300).

>If I stake LINK, ETH, etc, do I get more of that token?
Partially. Rewards are paid in BNT, swap fees are paid in the native token.

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>I heard there are infinite BNT tokens.
Not a question, but ok. The token supply is elastic. If BNT tokens are needed to balance a pool, they are minted. If someone joins the pool with BNT, the system’s BNT are burned. There are pool limits which expand when it is safe to. These tokens are not actually in the supply.

>How do they solve IL?
Transaction fees from the system’s BNT are reserved to pay for impermanent loss. v2.1 beta showed that these fees pay for possible IL many times over. You have to stake for the full 100 days though. If you remove early, you won’t be fully protected.

>It’s already pumped. Is it too late?
Nigger I just told you it’s a 10x PLUS you stake for more BNT. If you double your stack through staking that’s a 20x. If you buy and stake you’re actually soaking up my rewards so this is virtuous biz trying to help you.

>What do I do with vBNT?
If you need to ask, you need to research. Do not leverage if you don’t know what you’re doing. You might end up locking part of your stack without realizing it.

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Lol, you do know BNT was hacked and I know for a fact loads of people do not this happened.

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You say this every thread.
You're still a virgin.

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But guys, what if LINK staking comes out and literally EVERYONE immediately exits the pool and then EVERYONE immediately sells off their whole BNT stack to buy more LINK? What then, huh?

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thank you sirs

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Source: anon
thanks for the thread OP good FAQ too.
Although 3000 BNT is hardly a make it stack. Maybe if you fully degen into vBNT for a couple of years?

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the thread would benefit from you sharing historical links to the story anon, please feel free to go ahead

anon, i'm not sure why i didn't think of this before, but you are correct. i have sold all of my bancor network tokens (ticker: BNT) and i advise the board to follow my lead.

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Wish I waited a day to add to my stack but hindsight’s 20/20. Sitting comfy with 1100 and trying to figure out whether I should stake now or wait until Arbitrum.

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oh no he's right

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as far-fetched as this situation is, it would certainly mean an immediate and gruesome death spiral for Bancor, right?

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Have a bump OP. How shall I direct your call?

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>But guys, what if LINK staking comes out and literally EVERYONE immediately exits the pool and then EVERYONE immediately sells off their whole BNT stack to buy more LINK? What then, huh?
he doesn't know that when Sergey talks about staking link he's talking about staking link on bancor. ngmi.

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This happened in my city. The competing bank offered a slightly better interest rate on holding your money there so every single customer immediately pulled out all of their money and ate the big account closing fee
This lead to financial ruin

Many such cases SAD

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probably they would just lock up the withdrawals or exchanging for awhile

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>Many such cases SAD
shoo-shoo, peasant bitch. we don't talk like your obese spraytanned daddy here

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I'm fucking making fun of them you absolute weapon

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You have to go back

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Stake it

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If I stake my 1100 and Arbitrum comes out during that, will the lower cost apply to staking my rewards? Can I add them to the original BNT I staked so they’re all in a single transaction? And should I go for 100 days or would it make sense to do something like 50 days with the amount I have to add the rewards?

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Give me a single example where any DEX has had mass liquidity pulled out or drained an entire pool aside from a weakness found in some of the early flaws of other platforms.

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also ngmi

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>link staking in near future
Lmao good one lad

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how often do they expand pool size? waiting to get in with my LINK stack...

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Is it worth staking 350 bnts?

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Also looking for the answer to this. I've been DCAing in and I'm wondering the minimum I should accumulate before I move off the exchange and stake

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Meant to say 250 ree

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if you plan on leaving them in there, yes

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if you have a little stacklet, up to a couple thousand, just keep checking back as often as you can. space opens up all the time. if bigger, perhaps another anon can say when next lot of space will open

do you see the big wall of text at the start of the thread? that's for you faggot

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But I already did...

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You strike me as a vindictive little faggot. thnx tho

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thanks for the reply, looking to get in ~4k link. would like to do it in one swoop, but any time the pool starts to open ~600 link, it gets filled.

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Sergey is very prudent anyways
I doubt we see anything higher than 3.5% apy on link staking

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yeah it's tight, but it's in fluctuation all the time. you'll have to get in just after some whale has deposited a load of BNT in the same pool.
every now and then bancor open it up and there's extra 100,000s of LINK worth of space. i think this just happened last week so not sure when it will happen again

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Tbh before link staking comes link pool probably wont be bancors main spotlight anymore

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No, your play is to swap that BNT right now when 1 vBNT = 0.6ish BNT, wait few weeks and swap back for far more BNT than you could get by staking in that time, then stake after arbitrum

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Just leveraged my stack twice with vortex. I’m in for the long haul now.

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yes, you will have to pay gas to stake more into your pool. Either wait for arbitrum or accumulate.

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And I mean swap to vBNT

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how much $$ was your gas?

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Don’t think it’s worth staking for me , I own 55 BNT, but I’m gonna keep DCAing in so I can join in with you guys, gonna try to get to at least 1000 before the end of year

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Will arbitrum make it more feasible to stake with lower amounts due to lower gas fees?

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~2k total. Swap fees, tx fees, contract fees etc

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Delete faggot

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once the cycle ends on your current pool, do you have to unstake and restake (2 gas fees) to start a new cycle?
anyone know the answer to this

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thanks. i was gonna make a move too but dont wanna eat $2k rn

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No. You stay with the pool

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im a tard with a coinbase scared to stake cus line will go down

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holy shit lmao.

i have a slight concern about this play. i have done this myself, but i wonder, when the peg is restored, just how fast it'll dip. there's probably tens of millions in vBNT waiting to be converted instantly by bots. i don't expect to be able to sell my vBNT back for BNT at more than like 0.8/1 to be honest, although i hope i'm wrong.

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I feel that. Luckily I had some shit on binance that I forgot about. Usually around midnight gas fees are a lot lower so check back later

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why does everyone imagine there shitty ass 50k link stack will pay more than like a dollar a day on mainnet?
serious question
there are 408 million circulating of 1 billion.
you will make way more money staking for fucking swaps than you will on mainnet.

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r u me lol

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thanks buddy

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you buy more when the line goes down

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honestly the rewards are the only thing that is making this worth it, the profit from fees is horrible.. I have $50k staked and so far in 5 days I've only made $50 from fees lmao..
the moment rewards are removed from everything, the profitability of this goes to shit unless the volume goes up significantly

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Just staked in the BNT/USDC pool, looking forward to the gains

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>unless the volume goes up significantly
yes, anon. you are correct.

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did you pick your pool by lowest APR or something

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newfags who don't know how based things really are, take a read

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There is a response to this type of scenario in the Economic Analysis (page 22, just search for spiral in the doc) linked in the Bancor FAQ. It has more to do with major price changes vs IL protection but it's helpful.

Note: This is not financial advice.

In short, the safeguards are:
1. It is not guaranteed that LINK staking terms are better and it's not guaranteed that even if they were that ALL liquidity providers would exit their pools.
2. If they did, it's not guaranteed that they would do it instantly and simultaneously on launch date, allowing mitigation.
3. It's not guaranteed that people would liquidate their BNT holdings, especially since it's single sided pooling so LINK whales may not even own BNT. And if they do, they may still consider it a worthwhile investment.
4. The pool system is a natural stabilizer. Bot arbitrageurs will do a great job at scooping up price swings as LINKers exit.
5. Bancor has a highly active DAO. Presumably if native LINK staking is announced and the terms are better than Bancor can offer (not guaranteed) then the DAO can propose something between the announcement and launch of LINK staking to mitigate (I'm not smart enough to tell you what that would be but probably improved rewards).
6. LINK staking should shoot the price of LINK way up meaning that you'll need less LINK overall to balance the pools.
7. LINK staking is still 12 years away.

Someone smarter than me can correct anything I got wrong.

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>7. LINK staking is still 12 years away.
fuckling kek.

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I have multiple positions open on the LINK/BNT pool, but my last two deposits have an APR of 0.0% even though it's been a few days already. However I seem to be making more in BNT since I opened those positions. Anyone know how that works? Is it because the LM rewards were higher than previous when I opened those positions so they're just using the lower ones or something?

>> No.29411736

If I have a few BTC that I plan to hold for a few years, is there any reason that I should not convert them to WBTC and stake on Bancor, provided there is room in that pool? Seems so obvious that I am wondering if I am missing something.

>> No.29411941

Just a glitch or something the same things been happening to me

>> No.29412064

Recently there was an exploit where the pool appeared to still have space but the link sent went to a different address. Did you send it in this week?

>> No.29412212

Anyone know when UI overhaul?

>> No.29412480

Funny but no, all LINK tokens went into the same contract address: 0xeead394A017b8428E2D5a976a054F303F78f3c0C

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nice fud
refresh or log out out or try another browser

>> No.29412567

in the situation you are describing, there is literally 0 reason to not port your BTC over to ETH in a wrapped format (WBTC for example) and provide it as liquidity in a DEX with 0 impermanent loss (like Bancor)

You could also pool it on AAVE or something else with 0 risk, but obviously im going to suggest Bancor

>> No.29412588

Is this FUD? I read the IL protection contract and there is no audited contract right now. Don’t scare me.

>> No.29412893

any reason I wouldnt stake my 2000+ BNT in the USDC, USDT or DAI pool? Volume and APR is high and I would imagine they would stay high. Are we just going for LINK, ETH or WBTC because the value of rewards can potentially go up as coin price of any of those assets goes up, as well as the rewards being renewed? Quick response appreciated, ready to pull the trigger on whatever the majority suggest

>> No.29412996

There are many audits


Think about it like this: if that guy is right, why TF do LINK whales have 250m of LINK staked on Bancor?

>> No.29413076

>any reason I wouldnt stake my 2000+ BNT in the USDC, USDT or DAI pool
only reason you wouldn't do this is that the LM rewards timer is the lowest on these pools
of course i believe it has already been voted to extend these pools, but for how long

Also there is a "new pool format" for stablecoin pools that will be going live sometime, and nobody really has any idea what this is going to entail

>> No.29413148

Indication for rewards multiplier is being added very soon. noice

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everyone who has a stake in the pool has the same voting rights into which pools get rewards extended. I think the assumption is that ETH/wBTC/LINK whales would vote AGAIST extending USDT although I really doubt that since USDT/ETH should be a popular transaction and liquidity is definitely needed there.

>> No.29413482

Thanks anon
Fuck you

>> No.29413508

Should I be all in on BNT or should I focus on BTC until the bull run ends? How likely is it BNT pumps before 100k BTC

>> No.29413775

How long is everyone holding BNT for? What price do you see it at EOY?

>> No.29413950

BNT is pumping almost directly with bitcoin.

>> No.29413957

I think the chances of a 10x before $100k btc are extremely good.

>> No.29414283

>everyone who has a stake in the pool has the same voting rights into which pools get rewards extended. I think the assumption is that ETH/wBTC/LINK whales would vote AGAIST extending USDT although I really doubt that since USDT/ETH should be a popular transaction and liquidity is definitely needed there.
no proposals yet, but i have seen forum posts arguing stablecoin rewards should not be extended, something about the IL insurance being out of whack, possibly on the BNT side of those pools in that it might not be paying for itself which whales see as a risk. I have 2/3 of almost 40k bnt on the usdc pool so keenly interested to see where this goes, but there isn't a proposal up yet last I checked...if they pull it from stablecoins I can't imagine why I would not restake on one of the 3 largecaps, even with the LM reset on my other 1/3...

>> No.29414371

>Also there is a "new pool format" for stablecoin pools that will be going live sometime
more info pls? was not aware of this..

>> No.29414447

What is this?

Found $MCM is that good?

>> No.29414537

>How long is everyone holding BNT for? What price do you see it at EOY?
no idea, i am in it for forseeable future though, my stake is literally paying out $1500 a week right now. At some point I might cut bait if I get sense everyone is heading for doors, but for now there is zero reason to leave. Even if BNT mooned to say 100(which would be me making it very very much) why would I dump?

>> No.29414561

So, how are the LM rewards figured out? Do they take the dollar value of the tokens into account? Or is it just like, you deposit 100 of xToken, you'll get y BNT back?

>> No.29414632

Fuck it I'm going to move my BTC to BNT and DCA in for a few months. I like what I've read and it seems stupidly undervalued, especially considering the alt season after BTC hits 100k probably end of year.

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>> No.29414767

If the bear market isn't as bad as expected (due to Defi actually working) then I might not be selling for a long time.

>> No.29414983

Anyone go balls deep with vbnt?

>> No.29414987

guys, explain to a brainlet, what does bancor do? is it some kind of an upgraded exchange with cool features and that is it?

>> No.29415007

the thought of it hitting $100 makes me very happy

>> No.29415219

It is going to make us so much money

>> No.29415413

Think of Binance as an exchange where CZ, the owner, holds large amounts of, say, BTC and ETH, and when you want to sell some BTC for ETH he takes your BTC, gives you some of his ETH and charges a fee.
The Bancor model lets me and you be the people lending those coins to the exchange, so that we earn the fee instead of CZ.

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File: 182 KB, 1080x1512, 8y9ta336vxo21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for coming up with a good explanation for us retards fren. have a comfy pic

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Holy shit... I feel dizzy.

>> No.29416243

So is it the gas fees that make it not worth staking smaller amounts?

>> No.29416285

On July 9, 2018, a cryptocurrency wallet on Bancor’s network was compromised, which led to the theft of $12.5 million worth of Ethereum and $1 million worth of Pundi X. Hackers stole $23.5 million originally, however, $10 million was recovered and no customer wallets were breached.[17] Bancor was able to prevent $10 million of its own BNT crypto tokens from being compromised by freezing the funds, which raised questions from critics about Bancor’s decentralization. Litecoin creator Charlie Lee claimed that Bancor would not have the ability to freeze customer funds if it were truly decentralized.[12] Bancor argued that these abilities were necessary to protect the network and token holders in a state of emergency during a network’s early development years,[12] and after their first three years of operation the BNT tokens would be upgraded and Bancor’s centralized control decreased.[18]

>> No.29416307

okay that makes sense, thank you.
Also, what is the current APR? I might consider moving my linkies there to have some additional gains.

>> No.29416336


>> No.29416438

Yes. Once Arbitrum kicks in and gas costs go down 50x, even poorfags can stake on Bancor and join the comfy train

>> No.29416459

now that they're aware that they can be held accountable for that they're less likely to get hacked again, compared to clean shitcoins

>> No.29416530

Do we know when they are releasing arbitrum?

>> No.29416547

when is Arbitrum coming ?

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Fucking can't wait.

>> No.29416859

>2 and a half years ago

they're still the original AMM, and they're clearly more experienced now then they were before

>> No.29416990

What percent of your link stack are you staking? Do you trust bancor enough to go all in?

q2 this year.

>> No.29417018

what happened to EOS and Bancor? They still have a support page for it but does anyone use it and why not? wouldn't that deal with the gas fees?

>> No.29417174

Should have a decent stack by then

>> No.29417477

Is it worth it to just buy like 50 BNT without staking?
Im pretty new to crypto/investing so dont quite know yet if i should.

>> No.29417617

almost everyone on this thread expects bancies to go up in value so I would say yes

>> No.29417767

the EOS thing is still there but what in the god fuck am I looking at?

do you need 140 IQ to use EOS?
quantity: 1531.8780000000 BNT

>> No.29417775

If you're new and interested, DCA in. Set a weekly buy (X coins per week or $X per week) and then just accumulate. You'll make yourself more resistant to market fluctuations by smoothing out your average buy, and you can satisfy both your fomo and fears at the same time.

I started doing this around $2 and now it's at $6 so even though I don't have enough to stake I'm still up between 2-3x

>> No.29417961

Alright! Thanks guys!

>> No.29418835

jesus how big is your stack

>> No.29418892
File: 16 KB, 1161x122, Screenshot_2021-02-22 Bancor Network.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How can you calculate how much you're actually going to earn?
If i put in 1000 BNT I will get 1040,9 BNT back after a year? And what else? What does BNT 87,89% and LINK 23,02% mean? That when the reward timer is up you get 87,89% of the BNT you put in? (878.9).

I read everything on their website I don't get it.

>> No.29419146

they seriously need to update their UI it's confusing as fuck. The rewards are what you get for staking in a pool for a year in BNT. So if you stake $1000 worth of LINK you get $230 worth of BNT. The APR is the amount you get from fees, and it is paid in LINK (if you staked LINK). Also you don't need to stay a full year, you get them paid out in real time.

>> No.29419184

Are you going to restake any of that? I was trying to figure out the optimal amounts to restake at since withdrawing BNT resets your rewards multipliers.

>> No.29419246

How can smart contracts be closed source? Can't trannyswap just fork their shit again tonight and ctrl + replace bnt with their shit uni token?

>> No.29419371

Thanks fren. Agree they could make it more intuitive for sure.

>> No.29419372

What's the game plan for BNT, is it to get a stack big enough to stake and just let it sit for a few years until BTC enters its bull market in the mid-20s?

>> No.29419514

Apparently they have a UI overhaul in the works, which they definitely should get out asap lol

>> No.29420395

I like this coin
Good fundamentals

>> No.29420470

Never mind, I'm retarded. Restaking doesn't reset the multiplier.

>> No.29420955

1 billion dollars unironically

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how the fuck did we get so many newfags in the coin?

>> No.29421014

Just bought $2500 worth of BNT. How fucked am I, feel like I bought the top.

>> No.29421026

we gave this board too much exposure. we did it to ourselves

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I'm moving to either switzerland or israel, no exceptions

>> No.29421178


>> No.29421238


>> No.29421263

it's hard not to when you come upon something organic like this
like linkmarines couldn't help themselves
and honestly BNT shilling is pretty tame, mostly relegated to one general that's mainly active during the U.S. daytime

>> No.29421273
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>> No.29421317

that literally looks like a pajeet fud. this is unironically bullish

>> No.29421372

This guy knows

>> No.29421432

honestly don´t think, a lot of whales post that it has a major breakout possibility. Even if we go into a bear market, the IL protection will attract more whales.

>> No.29421450

Would have been better if you bought the dip to $5 today but you'll be fine. This is a blue chip anon.

>> No.29422533
File: 8 KB, 240x234, 83A18411-3478-4BBA-8A3C-2BFEC087D23C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Getting about $4,000 of BNT each week and dumping on your heads every 28 days. Nothing personal bnttards.

>> No.29422720

bancor will have bigger better liquidity for other pairs by then, and link staking probably wont be as good anyway

>> No.29422728
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stake it again

>> No.29423143

Was bnt invented just for whales to dump their coin on us? What’s the counter argument to people like this?

>> No.29423412

Well by that logic BTC was invented for miners to dump their coin on us. BNT whales power this network the same way BTC miners power their network so both deserve to be rewarded

>> No.29423472

>losing his multiplier every 28 days
lmao retard

>> No.29423589

Whales have multipliers just like everyone else. If they want to cuck themselves out of higher gains that's on them.

>> No.29423661

You’re calling me a retard yet you don’t even know how rewards work. Here’s a hint: they’re retroactive, retard.

>> No.29424089

4k is not really much right now

>> No.29424179
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>> No.29424335

And after 28 days all of the rewards I earned during that period are x2’d again. Rinse and repeat. KEK! At least learn about your garbage project before shilling it.

>> No.29424415
File: 127 KB, 1125x790, C6717B17-DC6C-42EE-849E-75BF79A1D39A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kill yourself mouth breathing retard

>> No.29424616

Hi guys, how much Bancor do I need to make staking with it? Poor fag here looking to stake my altcoin wins

>> No.29424683

>didn’t read the sticky
I’m ngmi am I

>> No.29424732

No, it does not work that way, the retroactive was for pre 2.1.

>> No.29424789

damn bro who hurt you? i thought we were having a discussion not some small dick autist yelling about "im dumping muh rewards on you all LMAO"

>> No.29424793
File: 44 KB, 1166x448, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me
>at work all day, wage slaving, thinking about BNT
>wondering what my bancy bros are discussing in BNTGeneral
>wondering how those rewards are coming along
i dont want to go back to work tomorrow

>> No.29424796

You're arguing that after 28 days you retroactively receive an equivalent amount of BNT as if you had 2x multiplier for the first 1-27 days?
Youre wrong and thats not how it works

>> No.29424824

Btw, im staking more than that and there is literally no way you are making 4k a week.

>> No.29424859

>larps about how much money he makes
>calls it garbage project
1k is probably the minimum to be worth the gas fees at this point

>> No.29424940

Yeah I was pretty sure the the rewards would not apply retroactively. It would actually be based if it were true as it would mean I could withdraw once a month.

>> No.29425014

anons were saying they are retroactive in previous threads. I've yet to find out

>> No.29425049

dont worry dude you're gonna make it

>> No.29425089
File: 18 KB, 321x321, 1613988563017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

go back

>> No.29425279
File: 88 KB, 781x555, BNTmultiplier.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well ill be fucked.

Hes right im wrong. You can constantly dump every 28 days and you're completely fine.
I'm a faggot retard

>> No.29425307


Plenty of audits.

>> No.29425342

kek, 20 dollars in a day

>> No.29425899
File: 128 KB, 1125x917, 066AB058-D161-43C5-953C-5BB969EA4317.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29426010

can someone explain how this works? when i withdraw does it just double my rewards stack upon withdrawl? or is there a place i can see my 2x before withdrawing

>> No.29426011

im looking at the BNT gained, not the dollars
ill post tomorrow again after wagecucking thru another 10 hours shift
gonna buy more next paycheck
thanks buddy

>> No.29426523


This doesn't make fundamental sense. Think carefully about how Link works. Users need to pay Link to access offchain data. In order to obtain Link, Link must be bought for another coin. In the future DApps will have most of the utility token swapping happening in the background so users don't really need to care about how much Link, Eth, etc they hold. They will just have their fav token and the Dapps will get paid in their preferred token as well. Many contracts today just hold deposits of Link in order to pay for the requests. In order for Link to function this way in the future there will need to be lots of DEX liquidity, therefore it will always be in Link's best interest to encourage people to provide this liquidity.

Also, I'm not so certain that staking delegation will happen on Link. I can see fishermen being a bigger potential to slash the stake held by Chainlink core nodes, but I don't see how individuals delegating to specific oracle nodes would be more valuable than providing liquidity for the utility token.

>> No.29426786

Nope, I was talking with a dev the other day, they still apply retroactively in 2.1

>> No.29426843

oh my god sorry i have a single digit iq, just realizing you can just....restake your stack plus the rewards for more money, can't you??

>> No.29426939

yeah but it does cost a lot of gas so you gotta let the rewards build up for awhile to make it worth it if you don't have a mega stack

>> No.29426976

yeah that's why theres a stake button there on the rewards...right next to withdraw...

>> No.29427145

oh EWWWW i'm a poorie i need to wait for arbitrum then. that shit better work

>> No.29427285

how come when you stake the longer you have it staked the less bancor you are able to claim?

>> No.29428118

retard here, i think that's got to do with your bancies being in the liquidity pool and after 100 days you'd be able to get them all

>> No.29428180

impermanent loss
after 100 days you will get the full value
on other DEXs being an LP means you simply eat that loss unless it recovers

>> No.29428941

Is it ok if I put 3k bnt into bnt/link pool and 1k bnt into bnt/eth pool?

>> No.29429187

youll have to pay gas twice. eth has much higher roi rn, id put it all in that one

>> No.29429342

So right now the USDC/BNT pool has no space for USDC, but space for 350k BNT. If I stake BNT, will USDC space open up?

>> No.29429387


>> No.29429443

Good to know. Is there any way to calculate how much would open up?

>> No.29429512

Is it worth it staking into the USDT pool? it has about a 112% return, but im not so sure if itll be renewed.

Would it just be safer to do wbtc instead, which is 101% and more likely to get voted in again?

>> No.29429650

80 bnt poorfag. Trying to ride pumps to increase my portfolio. How high are we going?

>> No.29429775

The total amount of rewards is fixed, meaning if the staked LINK is halved then everyone is getting double the amount of rewards per LINK, that’s about 50% APY, without considering the price appreciation of BNT.
The consensus among LINKies is that Linkpool will probably get the first hand in terms of staking LINK, and then the rest would follow. Given that there’re only 800 holders of LP token or so, realistically this is not a big problem. The only down side is perhaps it would hammer down the price of BNT for 20% for a week or so.

>> No.29429926


>> No.29429990

How much is the difference?

>> No.29430163

While it’s tempting to think that LINK could moon 10x harder than BNT and this creates a bank run scenario for Bancor. Realistically speaking we all know that it would be the other way around.

>> No.29430321
File: 2.12 MB, 1288x1786, 1593294169839.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nobody knows, 2 weeks left, there will be a proposal to renew link,eth, and wbtc for sure, only question is whether stablecoins are included....

>> No.29430571

equivalent value to your BNT deposit in $

>> No.29430683
File: 8 KB, 313x161, boom1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My buddy showed me this earlier. You guys should check out Bancor's numbers compared to competitors.. it's so fucking bullish lads.


>> No.29430730

How long do you reckon that will take?

>> No.29430781

Thank you. One last question if you don't mind: Do you know if there are bots out there ready to snatch up space as soon as it opens up?

>> No.29430985

Ita def possible, need to be quick...

>> No.29431030

Not that I'm aware of, but I do know that certain pools are sniped extremely quickly: LINK and the stablecoins

A bit of good news: the devs are working on atomic pool additions, where a person can add space to a pool on one side, and the space on the other side could be filled as well, in a single transaction.

They're also working on auto compounding rewards.

>> No.29431392

Thanks for the spoonfeeding, anons. Gonna try my luck with a big stack and hope not to get sniped.
>the devs are working on atomic pool additions
>They're also working on auto compounding rewards.
Neat, good to know.

>> No.29431544

i would consider joining the discord or the telegram. The devs are very responsive and informative!

>> No.29431800

Would you say the Telegram is more responsive? I tried asking something on the Discord earlier but was unfortunately ignored.

>> No.29431911

My target is 1-1.5 years or it could happen quicker than I think

>> No.29431921

Depends on what you mean by making it but anon 3000*100 = 300,000 and even $100 is FUD ultimately.

>> No.29432221

And if you have 3k, you're staking. If you're staking you should be able to greatly increase that stack.

>> No.29432348

incidentally i did that exact maneuver a couple of hours ago with no issue, put bnt into the bnt/usdc pool to open up space for usdc. i dont think bots are a major concern as long as you dont dawdle.

>> No.29432751

Successfully did it too just now.

>> No.29432850

nice nice good to hear

>> No.29433047
File: 77 KB, 640x640, bntgala.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have talked to the developers in the Telegram (find their developer channel) many times. They are very responsive and super nice, best team I have ever interacted with. They also occasionally do live voice chats where you can talk to them directly over telegram voice, it's great.

>> No.29433254

Alright, thanks. I guess I'll take the plunge and start using Telegram then.

>> No.29433280

bnt has a little something about it
but it also clearly has an army of paid shills

>> No.29433362
File: 111 KB, 1014x676, 1613872806432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes. Paid by swap fees.

>> No.29433385

If you can't tell the difference between genuine discussion and shills then you're not going to make it.

>> No.29433415

>Has a little something about it
>Solved the impermanent loss problem with single sided staking

>> No.29433469
File: 791 KB, 986x1024, 1613926643666.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>paid shills
You're right I am getting paid.
I'm getting paid in mountains of BNT every single day I have it staked..

>> No.29434298

I can tell from this post alone that you are a newfag. Can’t even tell good threads from shill threads.

>> No.29435426

I know I’m gonna make it when I bought before the FUD

>> No.29435537
File: 46 KB, 650x350, 1612826586752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

biztards mad that we're shilling money printers

>> No.29435923

That's pretty shit. Are you understating it?

>> No.29436157
File: 150 KB, 1390x882, 1613683079838.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I swear to god you niggers do not deserve Bancor. Go chase Pajeet rugpulls if you think a guaranteed 10x while PRINTING money is shit, you are too poor for this.

>> No.29436733

>10x in 1-5 years
Yeah that is shit...

>> No.29436757
File: 497 KB, 933x1563, 1613866371564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that pic lmao

>> No.29437275
File: 159 KB, 1488x985, EuqqftAXYAg5utE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did you forget the part where you're getting compound gains on your stack all the while, you absolute curryslurper?

>> No.29437895

How much more will this go up by April? I don't have enough eth to stake plus sub 100 bnt..

>> No.29438259

1 BNT will be worth 50 dollars by summer

>> No.29438584
File: 328 KB, 1125x1262, C22E1DAA-8B8A-4E0D-A1C8-FFC5F87AF644.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I tried to re-stake reward but it keeps getting out of gas. I set gas to 400 and nothing happens. Anyone can help me?

>> No.29438603

just buy rubic or something kid
you can hold onto a few BNTs but this really isnt the token for you

>> No.29438657

the gas looks way too low, maybe try later

>> No.29438715

Kys. I just want to make a pump by april.

>> No.29438769

heres hoping

>> No.29438995

They passed this to the team. Not try to fud

>> No.29439904

That's the gas price you're setting, so other than making it go faster, it's not going to change anything. You need to set a higher gas limit instead. This is usually estimated to a high enough number that it's not an issue, but occasionally things go awry and it suggests a lower gas limit than you need.