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the market is healing faggots

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My asshole still hurts from the fucking those red dildos gave me

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>tfw fell for the mining meme
>tfw miners only matter during bull markets
>tfw if I was purely a trade I would just buy the dips and sell the tips
>tfw mining barely breaks even during mild bear markets and is a net negative during bear cycles
dont fall for the mining meme

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> I would just buy the dips and sell the tips
Easier said than done. Mining ROI depends largely on how much you pay for your hardware; you didn't overpay, did you anon?

>T. Miner making about 35% ROI per month

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I bought 6 5700s in september, I just feel like I would have been better off putting $3000 on linkies

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500 for 50Mh is pretty good.
You're only saying that in hindsight because it's been such a crazy bull market for a couple months. It's true you lose some potential gains (vs just holding coins) if everything moons suddenly, but mining gets you revenue every day even if everything crabs. Don't get greedy, if you've been mining since Sept you're doing very well.

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If you don't have solar panels, why mine when you can buy hashpower or $MARA?

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dont buy bags from loser anons
buy dividend kings and valuable assets
sage all shill threads