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How does a coin become one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world with literally zero to show for its project after years of promises. This shit is a scam.

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idk but my small dick is launching atm boiiii

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no fatties allowed

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She's not a fattie.

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Hoskins is a lazy fuck with no developers and no institutional backing. And the retards actually think theyre gong to get rich. Dumb niggers...

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that's what I thought. ADA is a shitcoin.

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Lmao I kidding right

Why do you think high waisted jeans/leggings have become the rage lately. She would look like father Xmas naked with that gut

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>Fat indian bitch
>doesn't even get raped in bangladesh

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It's called being curvy, bruv.

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Who cares. Even without any working product ADA is rising.

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The people will realise the lack of a product soon enough, though.

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smart money will sell the news
expectations are at infinity right now because tech illiterate retards think the world's new financial system will roll out the day it launches LOl

same shit happened with tezos and look how that went

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I guess.

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