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Thank me later anons.

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this might be the top

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I don't take advice from niggers

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jesus why didnt her dad pay to have her snaggleteeth fixed??

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>her dad

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Anyone else annoyed by black people?

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Oh anon, you have no idea. And I can't say anything because the conversation is never going to be productive IRL. I had one friend saying "white trash" was racist against black people the other day, I couldn't say anything just ignored him. We're at nuclear grade levels of delusion here in the US.

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I went in expecting to rage but she unironically sounds more educated in trading then most of you fags lmao

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What the fuck are binary options

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>financial advise from nignogs
Not even once.

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you know what? now that you mention it, they are getting a little tiresome

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Boy or girl.
That's a binary option.

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>I had one friend saying "white trash" was racist against black people
oddly subversive

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it’s called nigger fatigue
making the internet mainstream was the worst thing ever
i almost want crypto to fail in fear what new plague it could bring over us once it goes mainstream

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I'm curious what they can extend to anti black racism next. It's a science at this point.

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Yes. I didn’t think I was racist until I started working with them. Loud and unproductive the anti white man in business

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No way anon, you've got to be joking. Personally, I really love niggers.

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Because it insinuates that the bulk of whites are good or better than people of color.

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>by trading binary options

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I am just tired of hearing about them non stop. I live in Canada and the news media is always race baiting every little thing. They are in every commercial, mostly as interracial couples with white wives, they are in every movie and are usually presented as high iq, classy, composed while the savages/ bad guys are always whites and a lot of the times German. Also the non stop mega Corp pandering, the affirmative action, and the sports ball negro worship. I hate it so much. It’s a mockery. It’s like sick and twisted people are in control of everything and just seeing how much they can make the world suffer as a joke.

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That is a gentle way to put it

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Please don't be racist. They're nice people when you get to know them.

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That's her at the end of the month:


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Quit being racist guys, it isn't cool.

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Here you have it folks, the endlessly self absorbed black

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You know, ive always had some sort of feeling toward like 98% of niggers that I come across and now that you mention it, I do believe that feeling is annoyance.

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I am not racist at all but man its "Too much of anything is bad for your health" and they are so fucking overrepresented this days. Its too much.

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>post black person

lol, they live in your minds rent fucking free.

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I think somebody's paying for all this propaganda getting spammed in media, TV and sports anon

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black "people"

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Ya'll just jealous that black people can make more money than you in crypto currency
You kept us out the game long enough but now we in the market and you can't do nothing to stop it

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> The term white trash degrades blacks?

How could your friend possibly justify this without holding the preconception that the average black lives comparably to white people labeled "trash"? I would have had to ask but yes, ignoring progressive retards is typically the best choice...until they can no longer be ingored of course.

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>the savages/ bad guys are always whites
>a lot of the times German.

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>you kept us out the game

10/10 troll post. they really do blame us for just not knowing shit

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>Because it insinuates that the bulk of whites are good or better than people of color.
And? Stating facts is wrong now?

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gib me dem private keys lil nigga

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>financial guidance from a nigger
I've seen it all.

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This started with Occupy Wall Steeet. As retarded it was, it posed some mild disconfort for the masters of the universe, then they made the call "OY VEY ! TURNS OUT, IT'S REICISM !!! " Progressives gobbled it up, they're lemmings after all.

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I made so much money with bella.fi I fixed my teeth. She's obviously not heard about it.

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After I figured this out I gave up all home for the US. The population is too stupid for any real change. I'm just going to try to use this broken af system to help me get rich. Once I've made it I'm going to fuck right off and live innawoods or some shit.

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>el ogro uruk de isengard

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Sell signal. Defis going to moon tho. Check jigstack out, the so called microsoft of defis

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Yeah, there are several levels of facepalm with this take, but clearly there isn't even any point in bothering. I'll try to reason with them and then it'll end up with me getting called a racist and I'll just be stewing the rest of the night.

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I wouldn't be if they were in their own countries, but now that they are in Europe they are very annoying.

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While you're at it, read up on the last century of the Roman Republic. When the backbone of roman greatness , the farmer-legionnaires, started getting replaced by a horde of imported slaves, they imposed a complete outsider, Marius. "He'll fix it for us ! " they thought. When that failed, later they came up with Sylla . "Let's just kill all the Patricians ! " When even that failed, they were ready for Ceasar. The US just had it's Marius. When the pendulum swings back, Sylla's up next.

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Balcks have been told, for three generations now, that they're not responsible for anything they do, it's always someone else's fault. They're children.

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(My fucking sides have left orbit).

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kek, so true.

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Most passive racist I've ever seen

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Yeee, that’s right ytboi, hold these here bags fo’ me cracka

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I'm going to start using that.

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Saying people of color is racist soon

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This country died a long time ago and was sealed shut on 9/11. Everything since then has been this shambling corpse of a nations death rattles. People lived through all of the Bush era and think that "the past 2 years really showed me how corrupt govt is." Fuck normalfags.

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I think it’s because the negro is loose with his money while humans have been holding on tighter having insight into the coming troubles.

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all you weebs talking shit on a black girl who's actually creating value in the real economy

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The strangest part is that in Canada most blacks are Islanders/Nigerians who don't identify with any of this American-style "black history" shit.

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but they are rapidly being taught to identify with it and to hate whitey

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They will, in the UK even the Indians are starting to act like African Americans

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that's a nigger boy

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Women who act like they know how to make money are the worst. And black women are 100 levels below that. It's just cringy as fuck and the biggest sell signal there is.

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>Anyone else annoyed by black people?
A tale as old as civilization itself

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>all you weebs talking shit on a black girl who's actually creating value in the real economy

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Black people are so toxic to everything

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What does this dumbfuck trade?

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This. At every turn they give away their power and then wonder why their lives feel out of control. Women and niggers have 0 self-responsibility.

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Now shes posting videos trying to defend her retarded logic.

"all you need to do" is make 8% every single day.
Yeah all you need to do is beat every investment ever and you can turn 0.01 into a billion .

God, these niggers I swear

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Are you a newfag? What responses were you expecting here?

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I'm not gonna sign up for tiktok just for this.

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Her eye lashes and crooked teeth are cute. They look like fangs.

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to put it mildly yes

I live in England. Literally every single time I look at a screen I see them. The BBC never shuts up about them. Leftists have copy+pasted American identity politics into british discourse even though the history is completely different. Police killings are very rare but the summer BLM protests happened anyway.

The weird part is they only make up 3% (THREE PERCENT) of the population and weirder still is there are more than twice as many south asians (India, Pakistan etc.) in the UK but you never see them in adverts. It's always blacks for some reason.

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it's provocative, it gets the people going

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I wish I knew what she buys to fud the shit out of it.

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Politics aside, anyone shilling anything as "financial advice" on Tik Tok is full of shit.

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Niggers and white women are the only retards who will spend money on fashion they see on tv. That’s why they pair them together it’s the apex psychobabble marketing. You have the dumb poor groid fantasizing about being rich dressing flashy and fuggin muh white women and you have the spoiled white cunt fantasizing about bbc memes from a model who’s 1/18th black and looks like a model while also hitting her in the “dating niggers as fashion accessories” like small dogs designer bags and abortions. Gigakike spooks who control the media understand this because they know like I know that white dudes Asians and Mexicans couldn’t give less of a fuck about the epic tv.

Black “women” are separated into their own marketing bubble to make sure they stay single mothers and pump out more dumb groids to feed the cycle.

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Thanks, I just sold.

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It is in the sense that whites hold each other to a higher standard while they treat blacks with kid gloves. It's the racism of low expectations.

There are so many directions to tackle this from, but they all end with the same result. Leftists can't cope with the fact that blacks will never be competitive in a merit based society and everyone else is too afraid to explain why.

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eh, I actually looked at her tik tok. Even if its worthless at least shes trying. Or would you rather have her steal, rob and fit your /pol narrative

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>they are in every movie and are usually presented as high iq, classy, composed while the savages/ bad guys are always whites and a lot of the times German.
What movies?

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New English show about the redhead getting plowed by the nog comes to mind. It’s set like 300 years ago

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>Binary options
The next thing this gill will shill should be investing in horse racing or roulette