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Anon, can you help me and answer honestly without FUDing and shilling? I put 80% of my portfolio in pic related at around $310 per coin after watching it going higher and higher. I was watching the chart all weekends and was hoping that on Monday chinaman will pump the prize back to $350+. It now costs less than $250. Should I cut my losses. I'm not sure if "you don't lose until you sell" can be applied here because the volume keeps decreasing every single day and the price was inflated in the first place. I am also not very smart, so I'd appreciate any advice. I already lost practically $1k on that and I don't have a lot of money, so I don't want to lose even more. What do I do?

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Yes, Buy high and sell low is the name of the game. You got this OP.

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it will 1k soon just hold lol

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literally just hodl, if you sell every time you see red you're never gonna make it.

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>he fell for CZ's scam pump
don't know what to tell you OP, it's not my place
all I know is BNB is not a long term hold unless you're the kind of guy who would invest in a meth lab

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>investing money into anything related to binance
holy shit what were you thinking

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The whole market is red, retard

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NUTS is a farm insurance project, launching on bsc in 1-2 days

>Telegram: @SquirrelDeFi

(trusted gem from their eth platform)

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crypto always gestion up, maybe not this day, week or month, but you will make your money back

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the way BSN's growth is exploding just hodl for now

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I wanted to invest at $100 but I thought it wouldn't go higher. I wanted to invest at $300 but it went up to $350, so I bought after a dip to $310. There was no way to know it'd stop pumping.

You said that on weekends, that on Monday it would pump. But it dropped way lower. The volume is dropping every single day. Why would it go higher now?

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we're all just waiting to see what BTC is gonna do anon. welcome to crypto. BNB should bounce back to $300 no problem as soon as the market is confident BTC isn't gonna nuke.

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my dumb ass was tethered most of the weekend, but bought a few hundred BNB yesterday thinking the dip was over. of course BTC gotta fuck things up today.

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Why is BNB got hit so hard then? Wouldn't it stop all the momentum it had?

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>there was no way to know it'd stop pumping
Yes there was. The fact that it did 200% in a week. It's your fault you FOMO'd in at the top. Stop chasing pumps, do your own research.
On the plus side, you bought a coin from the largest exchange that copy/pasted eth while eth shits all over itself with $100+ transaction fees.
Unless a shark is going to break your kneecaps tomorrow unless you give him something, hold.
You fucking ADHD zoomsperg.

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The drop is in the whole market. It's not a BNB thing.
As already said - this is almost guaranteed to be way above what you got it for.
Also - you should never invest in crypto money you can't afford to lose.

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Op I put 20% of my portfolio at $300.
Then it went to 250 and I put more10%
if it hits $200 I'm putting more 10%.
And if it hits $150 I'm putting more 10%.

Just hold it. BNB is a solid project and it will go back to green sooner or later.

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anon...have you looked around to see what other coins are doing right now?

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Holy fuck just sell please

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Sell, OP. Who could wait a couple days for it to pump again? Not you. Sell

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