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Is hyperinflation really coming? Is this the end?

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They're signalling to prepare you for it

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>Is hyperinflation really coming?
its already here, or did you just wake up from a coma?

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The US has spent, off the top of my head, like 6 trillion in the last 10 months of direct subsidies to businesses and individuals, with the direct encouragement to spend it on basic resources. In ADDITION to their normal spending budget. How can you NOT inflate aggressively in that environment?

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I need to know if this is bullish for crypto or stocks.

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>we just closed the whole economy and printed money to pay for it but it will be different this time

Every time this fucking happens everyone thinks it will be "different" and they've discovered some magical new way of making money out of nothing. It isn't different this time. Hyperinflation is inevitable.

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You ignore inflation in major sectors like housing, healthcare, education, even cars, and limit "inflation" to consumer products

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this. get ready
i hope everyone here has at least one btc

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I'm not ignoring it. Obviously it's there. It just wasn't relevant to the point I was making.

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what do you think about crypto surge in the last 2 months?

spoiler: it's cause expected inflation, not fucking adoption

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So our answer is to dump all of our crypto and stocks into USD?

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No I mean that's how they come up with these "where's the inflation???" meme pieces, the inflation index doesn't take into account some of life's biggest expenses, they say it's only 1-2% per year, it's really more like 5.

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Peasants only let you piss on their backs for so long until they start to question your rain stats

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The European central bank is printing non-stop. The Canucks are printing non-stop. The burgers are printing non-stop.

Anyone who doesn't have assets in the next few years are going to get seriously assraped the moment their monthly salary is suddenly just enough to buy 1 liter of milk.

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Lol, oof ouch owie my reading comprehension.
I never thought of that, but it's true isn't it? Explains a lot.

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>In the last year the US government has given about $100k for each of its citizens to large businesses/corporations (a lot of them publically traded) regardless of how profitable or effected by the pandemic they were
>People still don't think we're going to see hyper inflation
>People still believe the bullshit numbers the feds give
Kek, the absolute state of the states

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Then we will simply raid the houses of people who did this to us, and people who have assets. As a broke westerner this would be great. Looting too.

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Hyper inflation, no, not yet at least, but we will see a spike, when the get to herd immunity. There's pent up demand up the wazoo. Commodites are gonna moon real hard, but it will blow off eventually ,as inventory catches up with operational flow. The real lulz comes when the bond market forces the FED to choose beteen YCC or raising rates.

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Umm anon...

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You tell me.

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Ammo, rice and water?

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>eat the rich

you soft handed left wing commies ain't doing shit.

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hurry, do it now before it's too late

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By keeping velocity down?? Just need to convince the population there's a major pandemic going on and introduce new strains of it every year. And violla velocity never goes up

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precisely lol. we can even see the inflation coming. banks and corpos put that money directly into assets, stonks or real estate mostly. both of those markets are performing unreasonably well right now. the price changes we see in real estate and stocks will reflect in consumer products soon enough

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Short term bearish, long term bullish I think.

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This. Home prices in my sparsely populated shithole went up 15% last year alone. Complete insanity.

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And then act like the consumer prices are perfect because they’ve stayed the same for 20 years, not considering all the tech innovations of the last two decades should have made consumer goods cost 1/2 of what they are

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Pent up demand? People have been spending more than ever before.

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Should we dump money into crypto or stocks at this point? What stands to hold value if USD shits the bed

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this anon knows what's happening

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There's no escape.

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You're thinking toilet paper, zoom out. Take buying a car, for instance. Inventory is bare bones. Cars use a shitton of parts. Parts ae made of metals. Metal inventory is also bare bones. Semi conductors, they're already out bidding eachother. Now imagine everything else, people can't do now, and will be able to do, at-the-same-time. That's the key. AT THE SAME TIME. Travel. Hotels. Restaurants.
You name it.

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newfag, look at that little thing called "ID" above your post

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even a retard like you can switch IPs

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imagine being this schizophrenic lmfao

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Let’s stop bullshitting each other for one second. We all know what’s going to happen in the US. Hyperinflation is coming and if not already here. Last year and this year we have seen how unprepared the US government has been. They’ve focused so much on Military might that they’ve neglected other fields. That’s why most of us are into crypto or stocks. We do NOT see the value in the dollar anymore. Lmao, people talk about livable wages but the real conversation should be the strength of the current dollar. It doesn’t matter if the minimum wage is $15 a hour when gas is 3-5 dollars in certain parts of the country. When chicken cost $9 and milk $4. We all know owning a home is out of the question for most Gen Y and Z people. I really hope the government can manipulate this shit though because I don’t want to experience hyperinflation with the world reserved currency.

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They manipulated it for a long time already
The chickens are coming home to roost

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For a no ps5 sure but no food and you see how many people do a 180

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0.1 BTC, but have 600 ozt silver and 5 ozt gold.

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The pandemic caused this

Not the other way around. Its retarded to think they made up a pandemic to stop money velocity. You only need to step back and see that all nations on earth have been effected by this.

Kim Jong Un publicly cried on TV and apoligized to north koreans even.

Now was COVID hyped by the western media and weaponized against TRUMP?

yes absolutely it was. I would say without a doubt they inflated every statistic they could

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Short term pullback, long term surge, where the fuck are you gonna put your money if its becoming worthless?

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(((they're)))) gonna hit us with the surprise deflation arent they. Sneaky funny hats.

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Cans of corn beef
Fishing poles
Spare Automotive parts

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it's fucking insane. I'm trying to shop for a house now and in my area prices are up 20%+, new constructions are just raising prices literally 4-5K every two weeks for no reason, houses getting bought by chinks and indians sight-unseen within 2 days of listing AND with like $30K+ earnest offers. As it that shit wasn't bad enough, interest rates/APR/points on loans skyrocketed over the weekend it looks

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This begets a rise in nationalism and right wing extremism. The effect will be greater than the first time this happened. History does rhyme

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Where are you? Im seeing this in florida..we are being told its demand tho

I can believe that..people fled lockdowns

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Or bolshevism and gulags

Pick your pousin

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>Home prices

Not relevant to inflation. The cost of housing is controlled by different forces than the cost of everything else.

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The ingredients to make a house are full of commodities retard. Wood..copper..plastic. fiberglass. Plaster.

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>Pick your pousin

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Either 110 or Holomodor

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low interest rates to keep housing up even though unemployment is high and the money printer is going brrrrr.

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>2008 was only because of homes
C'mon Man

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>escape the communist, tyrannical regime and hyperinflation of my home country, Venezuela
>arrive to Argentina
>immediately afterwards they elect a socialist government that imposes harsh market and currency controls, which starts a new hyperinflation cycle
>leave Argentina
>arrive to the USA
>immediately afterwards the government turns into an authoritarian technocracy ruled by "doctors"
>later on they elect a left-wing president
>now a hyperinflation cycle is about to begin
Is this real life? Am I trapped in a Truman Show of sorts?

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American houses are made of plaster and cum

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northern globalhomo VA. I deserve what I get for living here.

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So just buy crypto and you'd be relatively safe right?

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gold and silver obviously, you stupid faggots.

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Get in Steel to beat inflation

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This, house pirces already hit hyperinflation years ago.

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We're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine.

And the machine is bleeding to death.

It's happening.

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Difference is anon, solution can be in your hands in the US.
Get some guns and hang some senators in minecraft

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Should I still get in now? What’s the option fren

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Well i bought my house for $158000 in 2016.

Just appraised at $345000. Just a simple 3/2 1500 square foot ranch style house build 70 years ago.

We are thinking of selling next spring but anywhere we move we will likely be paying the same because of the increases

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Quick, anon! Go and cuck Canada for us real quick!

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that'd be going for ~$700K minimum here, likely closer to 850 these days. Honk honk.

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nice meme language, but it's more like anti-Capitalism.
you realize that there is a Visa for every job in America, right? and that with NAFTA 4.5 million careers have left for Mexico? and millions more have left for China?
and that 40 million mexicans have been allowed to flood in to do whatever is left for 1/2 the wage?
we actually had borders and trade tariffs right up until communism fell in 1991.

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This guy spams all the time. I don't know what his deal is but those options have 0 liquidity.

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But if you sell it aren't you just going to have to buy another house that's done a 2x since 2016? You don't really profit by flipping houses

>> No.29400026

Like lumber prices?
Which have gone vertical
Fucking idiot

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600oz of silver is too heavy, swap it for something lighter.

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>They can just print money infinitely like venezeula without becoming venezuela
Nah bro hyper inflation is a meme. Trust fiat. Love Fiat. Fiat is rock solid and can never die.

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You can't lift 18kg?

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I hate you retards more than anything, history is by definition neither cyclic nor even recurring. But go ahead lets hear about the rise and fall of empires who all actually fell because of completely different reasons and circumstances.

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there is no pandemic...

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>$100 quickly becomes $10 million
yes dummy, literally free money

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Canada is already going zimbabwe tier with dudeweedbro at the helm. just rake us already

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Damn bro nice digits and A+ post

Them digits made me reconsider...the area. 80 miles north of where i am at prices are still low but its bumble fuck country. It would be a change butni should consider it..sort of getting out of the suburbs

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COMEX default is imminent, that's when the hyperinflation will be truly exposed. Hope that you all dumped your meme stocks and crypto for silver and silver stocks because this could take place any day now.

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>sell your btc's
>sell your tesla stonks

shit will hit fan

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Why even live

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sounds like more neoliberalism

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he goes down
this will make u reddit bastards weep
LMAO it grow
then LOL it dumps
why you cry like a girl??
ar u lose one more time with your trash algorithm for trading?
> be genius use bot ocean for cex and dex trading, forget about scam strategies

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Inflation is leading to more wealthy people parking their cash into assets which aren't fiat or bonds as a hedge. Real estate is now one of the few assets left that actually beats inflation so demand is skyrocketing.

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Not sure where you live but consider moving. Thats fucking ridiculous

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It's already here.
Everyones been pretending like the market is booming when it reality it's just assets gaining vs. the dollar, because the dollar is tanking. Fiat reserves are being emptied and poured into assets.
You keep eharing about the real estate boom right? It's not actually a real estate boom, it's the dollar bust.
People are buying houses above market value for cash bc the cash will be worth 10% less in the short term. The dollar has lost more than 90% of it's purchasing power against real estate in the past 30 years, and at least 50% in the past ten years.
The dollar crumbles, asset values (when measured in USD) sky rocket.

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Can't say i really give a shit about USD. One of the worst currencies on the planet.

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Not the samefag but this is my city. This is the end game of multiculturalism, diversity, and globalism.

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It really is.

Imagine being so dumb you spend 40 hours a week working for pieces of paper that come from a printer but when bankers need trillions of dollars they just get it..no labor required.

Huge fucking scam. Covid opened my eyes

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better quality, frens. Playing right now kek


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How to crash housing prices?

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Northern VA, one of the globalhomo hubs of the east coast. It's great.

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No... the endgame is mass deportation of immigrants and likely some form of deathcamps for enablers.

>> No.29401264

The commodities used to make a house are an inconsequential fraction of its sale price.

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>> No.29401293

Yeah every country on Earth did do this, because it's about the NWO. Nation states are meaningless at this point.

>> No.29401439

Falls Church is full of glowniggers.

>> No.29401610

Waiting for the GSR to close. Silver has more short term upside than gold. Once GSR closes to around 1:30, I may swap some into gold. But I think a lot of market factors may take GSR *really* tight. All the green tech needs silver. We've reached peak silver production and have had 4 straight years of declining year over year production. Meanwhile, demand for silver is accelerating as green technology takes off. Solar panels and batteries and chips need silver. Declining supply paired with increasing demand means silver really is going to be in a new paradigm. I will eventually trade 75% of it into gold at various points, but for now, silver is even more asymmetrical a bet than gold.

>> No.29402921

>>later on they elect a left-wing president
Biden being left-wing is such a fucking joke

>> No.29402993

which one do you think they will choose?
I hope they save the dollar and let the house of cards fall once and for all so we can start over

>> No.29403022


Stop buying silver and gold. Buy water.

>> No.29403079

There are many facets of what defines a nation. What makes this time any different when comparing the histories of empires? The United States has changed dramatically in demographics in the last ten years. It will only accelerate. You will be shocked if you think the current standards of financial well being for each individual will remain in another ten years. Diversity is a coded term for destruction. I'm all for diversity, but when society is run by people who have no scruples, elected on the color of their skin or the way they look instead of their achievements and intellect, the foundation of services to the people is not strong. This goes for any position. The country needs to return to efficiency or it will bleed.

>> No.29403191


Where to next, Poland? Or Isreal

>> No.29403216



>> No.29403309

You know that isn't going to happen with current demographic trends. Hungary is an anomaly and they arent even close to replacement demographics. Our race is done and undesirables are taking over the earth, nothing you can do will stop it. Just accept it and focus on things you can control yourself.

Import 3rd world people, import 3rd world lifestyle. Import 3rd world crime, 3rd world economics. It's that simple. You mix coca cola and water and you don't get better water, you just get shitty coke.

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and then you (((adjust))) the results until you get a number you can live with, and then you disseminate this to the (((media))) so they can write mind control articles like
>inflation below expectations. and where's how.

>> No.29403385

the UK is a police state lad

>> No.29403422


Do not trust a (((top economist))) take on anything. Trade, taxes, immigration, inflation, any of it, they are out to destroy you and your people and run off with the bag.

>> No.29403457

Faalklands will be independant

>> No.29403879

I've been taking around 10% of my crypto profits and putting into silver for these reasons. A commody that will see increased usage and hasn't yet reached it's 1980's peak, kinda dumb to not have some, boomer memes aside.

>> No.29404151

>I'm all for diversity
you mean brown supremacy and siding with the outsider rather than your own people.
pro-tip, not a single brown person is going to secure your future. you have to do it yourself. not a single brown person will EVER take your side or make room for you.
you have to develop a spine.

>> No.29404367

so what do i do now with my crypto holdings? ive been holding for 2-3 years now. i guess i can hold longer? tell me anons

>> No.29405474

you did this to yourself. it wasn't done to you. you chose to play the game, accept the rules. it's a choice everyone makes.
if sheep could rise up, they wouldn't be sheep

>> No.29405722

time to move to Israel anon. do it for us

>> No.29405769

This shit started before I was even born nigger. Everyone knows democracy is a scam.

>> No.29405788

>if peasants could rise up they wouldnt be peasants

I'm sure the Tsar told himself that every night after 1905

(not that the october revolution was a good thing but the february revolution was)

>> No.29406094

of course it is. but the illusion remains. illusion of fiat, illusion of freedom.
the one continuity in history is the expansion of power, nothing else.
silly of you to think that those revolutions helped the sheep not become sheep anymore. quite the opposite.
what happened after the october revolution? were the sheep set free from their serfdom? LOL

>> No.29406142

worst part about schizos is how proud they are to be category 4 brainlets
gets on my nerves

>> No.29406219

Yeah, it's a huge trade I think. The only issue is the paper trading suppressing price. Eventually, they fail, so it's a patient hold. But the cracks are starting to show as demand gets too large for them to paper over. Besides, it's a super comfy hold because no matter what happens, it's right where I left it. Plus it's shiny as fuck.

>> No.29406272

Seeing the same in Tennessee

>> No.29406283

no just big inflation
hyper is being dramatic

>> No.29406298

thats why I said the spring revolution genius, Russia nearly modeled itself after the USA. October was a coup.

>> No.29406442

Why are you guys calling it HYPERinflation?
To create drama?

>> No.29406445

Why would it cause stocks to crash? Where would you store your money?

>> No.29406809

your savings lose 20% of their value
your savings lose 99.9% of their value

>> No.29406998

don't you understand that if you make the people the basis for legitimacy of a state, in whatever flavor you like, then ALL people are subjugated? democracy is an absolute totalitarian system. the will of the people above all. as I said - you did this to yourself.

>> No.29407097


I like this

Im going to use it in real life

>> No.29407141

0.009 btc but i own 3 houses

>inb4 boomer

>> No.29407238

ummm yes sweaty

>> No.29407352

>past performance is not indicative of future performance

>> No.29407466

gotta take some time to spend on trading now
but this nabbas try to shill their fucking shitcoin
fine that I join bot ocean algorithms and strategies
no reason to believe in this shit

>> No.29407781

Historically stocks fair well in high inflation environments. Doesn't mean your $1 in s&p will be $1 in inflated bucks 10 years from now. But it will be far better off there then in cash since at least theoretically the value the companies produce will increase with inflation.

>> No.29407869

If I own a house with a mortgage and the rug gets pulled, what happens then?

>> No.29407871

>services to the people
you live in a giant stockholm syndrome.
>The country needs to return to efficiency or it will bleed.
efficiency is the antithesis to leftist polictics, which is power entropy.
give the sheep their own illusion of power, they will love it.
if you want efficacy then take all power from the people and concentrate it. but that will never happen, because thermodynamics.

>> No.29408061


Your fine. Literally a days wages in 2023 will pay your $300,000 mortgage you took out last year

>> No.29408208

why do they fear deflation over inflation?

>> No.29408282

Because it's their fetish

>> No.29408323

Yea, cougar works as realtor and tells me some of her buyers are leaving their lockdown states to FL or escaping winter. She tells me that she's capped bc they're selling TOO fast.

>> No.29408558

The job of the federal reserve is to make sure prices remain steady on consumer goods. So he's you are right but also it's a fixed game.

>> No.29408652

Yeah well, slow velocity IS still movement anon. They can try to bump it all they want but reality is gonna catch sooner or later.

>> No.29408679

So the service industry. Which is basically the only part of the real economy still shut down.

>> No.29408831

>they inflated every statistic they could
actually no, deaths are under reported if anything.

>> No.29408882

They can't work out what the problem is because they don't understand value in terms outside the USD. Everybody measures success in how much their shit is worth in USD. Does it make sense to you that 1 oz of silver should be a fraction of the price of 1 oz of cannabis? In what world does that make sense?

Clown world.

>> No.29408971

Flu dropped off a cliff. The pandemic is a hoax. You're a retard if by now you don't get this. Of course they made up a pandemic to do this you complete half wit lol.

>> No.29409152

Im literally buying non-parishables by the end of the week. I have plenty of ammo already.

>> No.29409457

Stop clinging to the past boomer. Trying to go back to "the good old days" is what we've been doing as a species for centuries because no society has ever lasted without someone asshole hoarding all the stuff.

>> No.29409464

>Flu dropped off a cliff
There are about half as many flu cases compared to average because all the lockdowns and other mitigation efforts obviously work against the flu also.

>> No.29409498
File: 8 KB, 211x239, brainlet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>under reported
What would be the purpose of that?

>> No.29409593


From the data I saw the rate of flu functionally dropped to near 0, which is absurd if true. I can buy less cases due to distancing but none at all screams sham.

>> No.29409630

And a gun & at least 30 packs of ammo

>> No.29409660

kek no. They literally changed the way they test COVID 2 hours after Bidens inauguration and so cases plummeted. You think thats a coincidence?

>> No.29409782

>all the lockdowns and other mitigation efforts obviously work
But they clearly do not, since the places with the most draconian lock-down laws are also the hardest hit with Covid based on the data of infections. Look at Florida rn and compare with California

>> No.29409808

But could there be hyperinflation if salaries don't increase?

>> No.29410063

There is the very obvious motivation of in-power governments maintaining facade of competence. Perceived poor management of pandemic puts their reelection on the line. But it's mostly due to limits and delays in testing/tracking, or early in the pandemic they didn't have the infrastructure in place to accurately track covid deaths so you saw big surges in "pneumonia" deaths etc. Both reasons were/are especially prevalent in third world or general shithole countries, e.g. Brazil.

>> No.29410071


Hey retard..i just proved it wasnt a hoax. Its all over the world. Literally impossible to fake a worldwide pandemic..somebody is going to call bullshit eventually

>> No.29410149

>hyperinflation with the world reserved currency
do you know when it happened last? anyone?

>> No.29410175

Any idea when shit will get real? I have a bunch of liquid cash and I have no idea when to throw it at the markets (ETF/Silver).

>> No.29410390

You can delay inflation but not evade it, and the more you delay the worse it gets.

>> No.29410454

Theory says that when velocity of the money speeds up. Most of the new dollars are frozen or aren't moving quickly enough, thus it's like they don't exist. But in the moment the stimulus starts being used (buying commodities, constructing infrastructure, paying salaries, etc), things should start to get real.

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File: 41 KB, 512x564, 1614027019258.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If hyperinflation is real why am I still getting paid the same dumby

>> No.29410611

So they are trying to maintain a facade of competence by downplaying the number of cases, but at the same time there is a concerted effort to discredit (or even properly research) affordable medication that could help the situation in increase their competence in the eyes of the public. Primarily Ivermectin, but also HCQ. Even vitamin D is not widely promoted, and when it is the recommended dosage is 10x lower than it should be.
Maybe I'm a brainlet, but these to statement seem a bit conflicting to me.

>> No.29410666


>> No.29410739

>But in the moment the stimulus starts being used (buying commodities, constructing infrastructure, paying salaries, etc), things should start to get real.
The real question is if Biden's stimulus will cause this or when the lockdowns go away.

>> No.29410798


I suspect after the last round of COVID stimulus checks for combined with the re-opening of everything. New money will run out and the asset bubble will pop. Lot of people will sell. That money will flood the market. Who knows what will pop the asset bubble though.

Weimar's inflation didn't kick in until after the war. The war is COVID in this example.

>> No.29410817

>rate of flu functionally dropped to near 0
Show me that data. Sounds like bullshit. From the data I've seen flu deaths have less than halved in fact. for example: www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/datasets/deathsduetocovid19comparedwithdeathsfrominfluenzaandpneumonia
They were plunging for 2 weeks before his inauguration date, anyone can see the chart.

>> No.29410837

You'll own nothing.
And you'll be happy.

>> No.29411070

Hey fuckwad it's a psyop.

>> No.29411078

If lockdowns prevent inflation then how can we expect hyperinflation?
Lockdowns can easily be re-implemented, and people will go along with it. Demand-pull Inflation stalls. I mean we've been locked down for nearly 1 year and no revolution. Its politically viable.

>> No.29411153

this was always bullshit anon
As for vit D, C and zinc, yes they should be widely recommended. And at least my government caught on to that to some extent albeit late in the pandemic.
>statement seem a bit conflicting to me
because there are conflicting motivations. people with power aren't a monolith with the same goals. there are those trying to retain power, who downplay the virus (trump/republicans, prime example), and those who seek to gain power by exaggerating the effects and mismanagement of the virus (democrats, prime example)

>> No.29411240

Thanks Anons - I know I am trying to catch a falling knife.

>> No.29411418
File: 16 KB, 910x716, covidflu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29411459

>Look at Florida rn and compare with California
Florida have significantly more deaths per capita and a proportionally greater rural population despite higher population density of paper.

>> No.29411569

Show me deaths. They have less than halved in the link I posted.

>> No.29411625

Only until it doesn't. Its a massive game of musical chairs

>> No.29411706

If there are ~0 positive cases then how could deaths be >~0?

>> No.29411729

When's the best time to build real estate? Now or after?

>> No.29411906

Everyones too drunk and high and addicted to their devices for that to happen

>> No.29411909
File: 122 KB, 961x860, velocity of money.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when velocity of money speeds up
This doesn't make sense. "Velocity of Money" can't be measured directly. Its just a ratio:
V = GDP / Money Supply

So to think velocity will increase means GDP has to go up bigly, or M2 has to go down, or both at the same time. How are either of those things going to happen?

>Buying commodities, constructing infrastructure, paying salaries etc.
All that money is available NOW to spend. Its the M2. What do you think needs to change such that it gets spent?

>> No.29411922
File: 247 KB, 960x854, Screenshot_2021-02-22_16-06-35.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't find deaths, but you could do some simple math to figure it out if you know the normal flu mortality rate

>> No.29411942

>HCQ was always bullshit
it's not clear to me that it's bullshit even now. Studies that "disproved" HCQ used too large dosages too late without zinc+azithromicin, while all the proponents of HCQ recommended HCQ+AZM+ZINC prophilactically or in the early stages.
I'll give you that it wasn't the silver bullet that trump claimed it was, but I'm still conviced that the only reason it was shot down the way it was - was because of trump.

However, Ivermectin does not have that problem and it's still censored and suppressed.

>> No.29412060

move some nogs into a neighborhood.

>> No.29412076
File: 316 KB, 963x728, Screenshot_2021-02-22_16-08-44.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This one shows basically 0 deaths since the beginning of covid

>> No.29412279

Will stocks get fucked by hyper inflation? How long till everything collapses to Venezuela levels?

>> No.29412338
File: 236 KB, 987x852, Screenshot_2021-02-22_16-12-11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29412369
File: 202 KB, 996x1468, IMG_3110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If we do get a major retracement, where is the best place for a quick buck?

>> No.29412416

Not really hyper inflation, but sure to ruin the savings of any working class fella that doesn't have 90% of their money invested into something.

>> No.29412748

he supports non-White mass-immigration into the US, supports the castration of White children under the guise of "transgenderism," is a self-declared Zionist, and has openly stated that he thinks White people becoming a minority in the US is "a wonderful thing." If you don't think this makes him a textbook leftist, you don't understand what leftism really is.

>> No.29412935

>everything that isn't full on anti-semitic white nationalism is textbook leftism
this is your brain on /pol/

>> No.29412944
File: 91 KB, 1166x553, inflation japan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good stuff. More than expected it to be a psyop. Makes me skeptical about the true nature the "INFLATION!" narrative as well.
>banks buy gold
>banks sell the gold, buy bonds
>banks sell you the bonds, buy /BTC futures
>banks flip /BTC futures and buy defense sector
>banks sell defense equities, buy real estate

happens over and over

>> No.29413146

>Is hyperinflation really coming? Is this the end?
Yes, but unironically.
>Biden has already pledged to keep spending.
>The Fed has already pledged to not raise interest rates. (They can't raise rates or the government won't be able to pay the interest on their debt triggering the U.S. government to default.)
>More stimulus is likely on the way. (Piling more currency on the inflation pile.)
>If they end the lockdowns all of the pent up money they printed in 2020 will enter circulation (because people and institutions want to spend but really can't right now) triggering immediate and noticeable inflation. (They literally can't afford to end the lockdowns.)
Inflation and/or hyperinflation are unavoidable at this point, the real question is how long can they delay its onset. Stock up on non-perishable food, vegatable seeds, water, water filters, medications, guns, ammo, gasonline, and propane while you still can. Seriously.

Even if hyper inflation never happens the 2020 riots and 2021 Texas deep freeze proves that you still need all of that stuff anyways.

>> No.29413149
File: 56 KB, 511x512, 8469422C-EFFD-43E6-9A3C-A96BD79145B2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

% Increase over last year...
Lumber: +115%
Basedbeans: +59%
Silver: +55%
Copper: +46%
Corn: +45%
Cotton: +30%
Coffee: +25%
Gold: +17%
Crude Oil: +16%
Wheat: +16%
US Home Prices: +10%
US Consumer Price Index: +1.4%

>> No.29413152

I think the pop will be COMEX defaulting on silver shorts

>> No.29413158
File: 78 KB, 725x732, 9f9d52c2a61b3644252bf3055da18672.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A few things. It doesn't show basically zero it shows a slither of yellow still. Dramatic reduction is expected considering all the drastic covid mitigation efforts would obviously work for flu, moreso even as it is much less infectious. Flu deaths total maybe 50k per year on average in the US, if the implication is the US government is somehow disguising flu deaths as covid deaths this would only account for a tiny fraction.

regarding pic rel, this is the excel data from your source. the highlighted rows are pneumonia, flu and covid deaths. Notice how flu deaths were consistent with prior years until covid mitigation efforts were imposed, confirming what I said in above paragraph. Also notice how "pneumonia" deaths absolutely skyrocket compared to prior years when they have never reached 5 figures, this shows covid deaths were and are still (if you download the chart and look at more recent weeks) falsely tracked as "pneumonia" deaths. Why aren't you up in arms about that? In fact, pre-covid, pneumonia deaths were consistently in the 2-4k range and since covid, "pneumonia" deaths are at least 4k up to 14k in recent weeks.

>> No.29413178

>What do you think needs to change such that it gets spent?
Are you serious? Hes talking about the lockdowns. Normies want to spend their money on cruises and concerts. Citycucks in the US cant even go to a restaurant or bar. That's a bunch of money sitting on the sidelines waiting to be spent

>> No.29413203

>accept the rules
lmfao nigger I have guns and I'm a sore "loser." I'll mix oil and water right in front of (((their))) fucking eyes.

>> No.29413223

>oy vey, we beat the inflation target of 2.3%.

>> No.29413228

When money burns hands the wealthy buy stocks and real estate.

>> No.29413271

Democacy is a TV show.
they literally tout "scandal-free administrations."
as if these celebs were the issue.
they give you a facade of power, but you are ruled by jewish banks, zionists, Capitalists behind it all.
no one in America voted for open borders, NAFTA, or Reagan's amnesty, the 1965 immigration act, etc.
and when you get trump in office he does nothing.
biggest sham in world history.

>> No.29413276


>> No.29413310

People have been buying capital goods and real estate like crazy. Shifting that consumption to services is a zero sum game at best. Pent up demand in aggregate is a meme.

>> No.29413330
File: 25 KB, 540x600, 1613416660163.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Back to /pol faggot

>> No.29413383

I'm super invested in gold. Lets do this!

>> No.29413405


Stocks & crypto will pop. A mass sell-off will flood the market leading to hyper inflation.

>> No.29413454
File: 14 KB, 300x300, Amazing Chest Ahead.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw 0.43 BTC, AR-15, and 3500 rounds of .22lr
Am I gonna make it?

>> No.29413491


>> No.29413652


I shorted basedbeans and lost everything.

>> No.29413745

low iq post

>> No.29413748

deboonked, see

>> No.29414019

Pathetic gesturing from a pathetic ""man""

>> No.29414044

Deaths are negligible in this case since the data proves that the only people dying are elderly or those who already have compromised health.

>> No.29414445
File: 122 KB, 1024x567, Boomer3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most men can only stand on the shoulders of their forefathers. Instead boomers dug our graves for us and are now trying to sell us the 6 ft pit.

>> No.29414486

>That M2 spike
It's over anons, This is just the final nail. We can't recover from this stagnation.

>> No.29414521

it's up like 25% this year in ID. Fucking insane

>> No.29414569

>the only people dying are elderly or those who already have compromised health.
I agree, but now you are switching arguments.
If you ask me we should have never had lockdowns and effectively let the virus burn through the population while protecting the elderly and vulnerable as best we could. What I'm demonstrating in this thread is merely that covid is real and an order of magnitude more deadly than the flu, and the idea that flu deaths are being disguised as covid deaths is really dumb.

>> No.29414679

The Fed is already setting the stage for yield curve control. They have to choose YCC because if rates go up the government defaults.


>> No.29415035

ok weird Nietzsche-Plato synthesizer, now run along with your big brain, and go suck a tranny dick you coward

>> No.29415264
File: 224 KB, 1149x754, value per sector.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You really think a sector that is at best 5% of GDP will push us into hyperinflation? And you think citycucks (an even smaller percentage of the sector) will be the ones to do it?

>> No.29415320

>fishing pole
>spare auto parts

>> No.29415459
File: 30 KB, 600x459, T01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The market in Idaho is almost comical.

36% of searching for Boise real-estate are from CA IP addresses.

F Idaho.
It will crash and burn like Austin TX is doing now.

>> No.29415487

>"inflation is coming!"
Bullish on BONDS. No inflation confirmed. I mean, obviously there will be no inflation. Everything is doing what the japanese economy did.

>> No.29415567

inflation primarily affects the wagie
deflation primarily affects them and business owners
If goods/services become so cheap, then people wont produce things because theirs no profit motive, so while inflation is bad, deflation shuts everything down

>> No.29416049

>still falling for the pent up demand meme

>> No.29416100

Some guy in Macro Voices podcasts said that inflation is good for stocks until it reaches 4%. In real terms stocks can lose value in high inflation periods. Still better than cash though

>> No.29416140

Excellent question.

There are many reasons, but I believe the top reason is currency wars.

Devaluing the US currency reduces the price of US manufactured goods vs a country which has a sound monetary policy.

A weaker US dollar is a big FU to all importers (aka china).

>> No.29416188


gold up alot today so yes

>> No.29416276

Fuck off. There will be blood.

>> No.29416277

I know, it is fucked. I love it here, I was gunna buy a house up north in C D'A, but the prices haven't stopped going up for a year. I'm fucking priced out

>> No.29416467
File: 4 KB, 224x217, 1427500709217.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


live in Austin apartment
mfw most of my neighbors have out of state license plates. Stanford, Ivy league stickers, LGBT gay ass shit. Houses skyrocketing faster than I can save. Stuck renting or get a house with 1+ hour commute after covid

>> No.29416650
File: 200 KB, 1556x672, denbtps.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> what the japanese economy did.
I can see some key differences. We have less debts now than 12 years ago. Japs basically rolled. Japs have aging declining mono-ethnic conservative population and the US, well...

>> No.29416685

I have about 1000 mres. Getting another shipment of 100 soon. Thats a pretty decent amount right?

>> No.29416709



Fish are free

And 100ft of 5/8 & 1/4 radiator tubing will probably buy you somebodys daughter.

Read up on venezuala. Automotive tubing parts became worth more than gold. Cars must run...and in 2025 3 inches of this shit will cost you $150,000 USD

>> No.29416802

What platform can I buy bayhorse on?

>> No.29416847

So far I have accumulated:
>6 months of food/soap/dental hygiene supplies
>Berkey water filter, extra filters (good for 1 year)
> 400 mason jars, 1200 lids
>All American pressure canner
>+-500k seeds of different varieties
>Chest freezer (quarter cow ordered for next month)
Right now I am working on a microgreen setup for my apartment and saving for a generator.

Am I going to make it?

>> No.29416876

realistically speaking, if an anon had no savings due to student debt what does he have to lose with hyperinflation

>> No.29416902

That's literally what euro governments are doing, they measure inflation by checking chinese electronic prices lol.

>> No.29416921

Americans are funny. It's not hyperinflation when prices go up 5 or 10 percent per year. It's when prices double each week.
Inflation in basic goods is going to be very small because everyone has all food and clothes they could want. People don't eat 2x if they get 2x more dollars. That's why everything goes into assets. There's an abundance of everything.

>> No.29416985
File: 114 KB, 714x712, 1512073660964.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nothing, google german inflation king.

>> No.29417012


Enjoy the thud of your footlong compact bloodstreaked football sized turd as it hits the sand in your desolate backyard at 1am because you know it will destroy your plumbing.

>> No.29417070


>> No.29417133

Preppers are mentally ill. This is a mental illness.

>> No.29417187

Buy the dip, tard
>they told again and again
Then shill this trash on /biz/
>good I have bot ocean subscription and use bots for trading and less risks on DEX

>> No.29417244

Of course not. Infinite money printing never resulted in inflation before. Why would it now?

>> No.29417250


>> No.29417303

bullish 4 silver

>> No.29417325

Unless your student loan is pegged to the inflation rate +3%
T. Bong

>> No.29417352


Most preppers are larpers

I have some silver. Gold. Crypto. Auto parts. 100lbs of rice and and oil and 30 cans of corned beef and some spaghetti.

Im good. But i live in florida...i learned in 2004 to always be prepared. The state was hit with 4 hurricanes in 4 weeks and all traffic into the state had stopped because of flooding.

Those 4 weeks were rough. Shelves were empty

>> No.29417354
File: 67 KB, 680x641, 1612766839186.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

QQ I know.
I use to live in ID and love love love it.
Stay strong brother. Owning property isn't the only winning strategy.

Couldn't agree with you more.
There is no semblance of southern hospitality anymore. Lived there a couple times, most recently in 2020. The Domain use to be nice, but now everyone and everything feels so plastic.

>> No.29417380
File: 41 KB, 750x544, 1613886450816.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

USDA Anon was right if this is all true. Everyone is going to be in a foodbank or lining up for food when all of this hits. I'm very scared. I don't think any of us will make it out unscathed.


Do you have land to grow on? Look into growing bean sprouts. Growing bean sprouts like mung beans and lentils They are much more cost-efficient and nutrious than you think.

>> No.29417516

so what you're saying is that I can profit off my fellow man suffering? im listening

>> No.29417720

>USDA Anon

spoonfeed me

>> No.29417757

>what is velocity of money

>> No.29417793

Yes. If you believe a hyperinflation will happen soon, buy silver and gold with borrowed money now. :
>Stinnes used his access to hard foreign currency during the period of inflation in the Weimar Republic to borrow vast sums in Reichmarks, repaying the loans with nearly worthless currency later. This earned him the title of "Inflationskönig" (Inflation King). In 1923, the American magazine Time called him "The New Emperor of Germany" to describe his far-reaching political influence and wealth.

>> No.29417998


How did i know he was a jew

>> No.29418113

>Do you have land to grow on?
Not yet, wagecucking in the city trying to save up. If things get bad enough I can go live at my uncle's farm, which is why I bought the canner and jars.
>Bean sprouts
I was looking into them before, thanks for reminding me, anon.

>> No.29418139

>left-wing president
lol you are a retard

>> No.29418207
File: 220 KB, 1024x1033, 1024px-Hugo_Stinnes_ca1890.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

t. mouthbreathing retard

>> No.29418283

>t. future beggar
I'm going to buy your mom for a can of beans

>> No.29418334

the good news is were all about to be millionaires

>> No.29418443

More specifically a rifle and a handgun, with 1,000rd(minimum) of ammo for each.

>> No.29418465


>> No.29419397

You have conflated American liberalism with leftism. I would suggest maybe reading something other than /pol/

>> No.29419449

Better get in Bitcoin bitches

>> No.29419546

chapo check

>> No.29419810
File: 1.95 MB, 265x308, 1607915111341.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29420346

kek, fkin dying over here

>> No.29420623

Fuck off we’re full
Begone cursed anon

>> No.29420944

Munger suggests rail roads and agriculture.

>> No.29421143

Any platform that offers penny stocks, Fidelity, Schwab, International Brokers etc.

>> No.29422388
File: 94 KB, 680x788, 1508989575559.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

because if people live through deflation and realize it's not the boogie man the kikes want them to believe it is, then they won't believe the kikes anymore about how we "need" inflation for a functional economy

>> No.29422592

This. They say "You need to work hard for your money like a good upstanding American." Then when the banks are on the verge of failure due to their own corruption, greed, and incompetence they say "TOO BIG TO FAIL PRINT FREE MONEY FOR EVERYONE WE NEED TO STIMULATE THE ECONOMY!!!" And then if we somehow get through this crisis like we did in 2008 they will go back to saying "You need to work hard for your money like a good upstanding American." As if nothing even happened.

The whole thing is a scam and I don't want to play anymore.

>> No.29422615

It's already hit most everything except CPI. Look at home prices, tuition, luxury goods, etc.
It will almost certainly hit CPI soon, especially since people are beginning to think it will happen. About the only way to prevent it is to keep lockdowns in place forever or idk, start destroying cash

>> No.29422956

Nobody knows what to do in a deflationary situation, there's no incentive to invest your money which creates a vicious cycle. So you end up with lost decades like Japan.

>> No.29423001

it's really 3%/day

>> No.29423098

It's called the Cantillon effect. QE inflates assets first.

>> No.29423513

u like riots?

>> No.29423668

water? like from the toilet? that shit fals out of the sky for free bro

>> No.29423830
File: 78 KB, 612x687, 1612498867512.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, do you have a pale horse per chance?

>> No.29423945
File: 138 KB, 1149x420, DoomRoom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not gonna make it.

>> No.29424156
File: 56 KB, 750x750, 1596585109429.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

move to Israel

>> No.29424213

I guess Rome but the "world" was a much smaller place back then

>> No.29424312

That is incredible, anon! I bought the same shelves. They're expensive but absolutely worth it.

>> No.29424421

as long as debt must be paid in USD the dollar literally cannot go tits up. However the Chinese and Russia would prefer gold or unironically bitcoin. The threat is that the USA will start WW3 in the name of liberation and democracy in order to preserve the petrodollar. The USD is literally backed by US military might and cannot hyperinflate

>> No.29424645

What is the MAD principle... whimper, not a bang yada yada yada
and if not whimper then why give a fuck. we're all fucked in that scenario.

>> No.29424690

is bitcoing the toilet paper of the coming great depression?

>> No.29424756

Couldn’t you literally just steal all these things with a gun if shtf?

Conversely, couldn’t somebody just firebomb your place or Jack your shit and it’s all for nothing?

>> No.29425137

>thinking the US elite won't sacrifice a few liberal shithole cities while they hide in in their bunkers and literally glass the entire old world

>> No.29425181

yes. consider that a person who preps for disaster also preps for home invasions. you want my beans? I hope you can dodge rifle fire

>> No.29425201

>just store thousands of gallons of water, bro

>> No.29425207


>> No.29425310

>left-wing president

>> No.29425417

major sectors? that doesn't count who needs a house or healthcare.. cmon
inflation is strictly calculated from rise of price of oatmeals or large fries, nothing to see there

>> No.29425669

*sets your house on fire*
*shoots you and your children as you run outside for oxygen*

>> No.29425783

we must return to monkey

>> No.29425813

fuck her for the price of a chocolate bar

t. Fury

>> No.29425875

>Burns everything you wanted to get from the house

>> No.29425939

>no he's not a true scottsman

>> No.29425953

>not eating the children’s succulent flesh
Food was what I was after all along

>> No.29425992


yeah, this is my exact though. companies/investors are mass buying crypto to protect against inflation

spooky real world economy.

>> No.29425993

lol Americans always have a shelf with enormous jars of peanut butter

>> No.29426008

Effrim is a kike

>> No.29426153
File: 19 KB, 560x315, 00_m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This seems like the right play..

>> No.29426161

so if making it out of this in one piece is out of the question, how are you guys limiting your exposure to USD?

>> No.29426397

Scary thing this hyperinflation
Many people doesn't really understand how scary this is
Coworker said that why big companys should go bankcrupt. the people forcast a crash since years and it never happened. He said that he can earn money easy now and if its crash he just buy low or wait the crash out.
He was comparing himself with the big guys who also don't stop investing.

What he is and many are not getting is that with a hyperinflation you will not have any money left for investing.
The prices for food, water, medicine, oil, electric power, gas will skyrocket.

As a normal person you will have to liquidate every assett to survive
The social state will colapse and it is the survival of the fitest.

Jobs will be rare because the consum and the sales will be almost zero at non essentials industries.

And the worst Thing?
You can't start a war in europe anymore.

My coworker will crash so fucking hard into reality it will be painful to watch.
At least he has a wife and 2 daughters. So he will be fine

>> No.29426442
File: 105 KB, 513x597, EE7FE4AB-0834-41B7-9A47-50F261E183FA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

By not having any
t. Poorfag

>> No.29426581

>my coworker and his happy family will suffer so hard when they crash into reality and civilization ends!!!!
It seems you need to crash into reality. Your coworker will be a happy man with a family while you sit alone, prepping for a fantasy scenario

>> No.29426761

I'll get one when it dips back to 8k

>> No.29426763

Qnigger pls go

>> No.29426897

checked and well said

>> No.29427786

Nobody here is paying attention or listening to lockdown advisories esp not Mexicans which is most of the population here. And Mexicans and blacks have the highest COVID infection rate.
t. LAfag

>> No.29427897

in your belly, in the form of the food you need to eat to survive

>> No.29428212

This is what rly grinds my gears about this all. Take out the minorities and COVID would be a nonissue. MSM cries how it is racist more blacks die from covid, ignoring its their own fault!!! Just like Mexicans having 400+ people at a quinceanera and wondering why they are all sick

>> No.29428214

For some reason though I think there will be no hiding at all lmao this time around, or at least extremely limited places to get into.

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