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the first decentralized exchange on MATIC has been released at: https://quickswap.exchange/
governance token: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/quick
how to use:
>go to https://wallet.matic.network/
>deposit ETH from layer 1 to layer 2 (matic mainnet)
>pay gas fee once to transfer on/off layer 2.
>add Matic Network to Metamask (instructions here: https://docs.matic.network/docs/develop/metamask/config-matic/)
>your ETH is now on layer 2 and you can use Quickswap and swap tokens for less than a penny. takes a few seconds.
>1 MATIC (about 15 cents) will last you in fees until the end of time (you can swap a little eth for it)

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Layer 2 is not real scaling. It's now centralized af

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why should I use this instead of bsc ?

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There are 88 validators and anyone can become one. And remember this:

>1 MATIC (about 15 cents) will last you in fees until the end of time (you can swap a little eth for it)
Literally BTFOs BSC.

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>why should I use a decentralized layer on top of Ethereum tover a centralized Ethereum clone?
Gee anon, idk.

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Where's the liquidity ?

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It's doubling every week as new tokens get added. You remember how exponential growth works, right?

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$SURF has been on a tear about adding liquidity to 2nd layer dexs, they'll probably extend to here as well (meaning other good devs have their eyes on this space)

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best exchange experience so far, fast and ultra cheap, been buying and selling QUICK and double my money without worrying about gas fees.

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how do I even get money onto this network? Where are the crosschain swaps for this?

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Did you read the greentext? Just use the bridge. Or do you mean fiat money? Then see https://twitter.com/0xPolygon/status/1363880358337388547?s=20

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there's $22million in liquidity already and going parabolic

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Why should I use this lazy Uni fork over Loopring?

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20K here we go!!!

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nope lmao thanks

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So I need to pay a $150 tx to scale my ETH? Yeah no thanks fix the price first.

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loopring has only specific swaps setup. like you can only do AAVE-ETH. here you can do ETH to whatever other coin there is liquidity for on the exchange. it'll find a hop to it

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because you can buy shitcoins and interest-bearing AAVE tokens.

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>deposit ETH from layer 1 to layer 2 (matic mainnet)

How exactly do you do this? I added the custom network already, but the address is the same for both wallets?

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>Tfw you realize polygon/MATIC will replace all ETH competitors (like DOT, ADA) as well as various L2 solutions (AVA) in the top 50 crypto mc list;
>Tfw the MATIC team decided to position themselves honestly as a layer2 instead of pretending to be a separate network like ADA and cuck Charles;
>Its core component is Polygon SDK, a modular, flexible framework that supports building multiple types of applications;
>Using Polygon, one can create optimistic rollup chains, ZK rollup chains, stand alone chains or any other kind of infra required by the developer;
>Polygon effectively transforms Ethereum into a full-fledged multi-chain system (aka Internet of Blockchains). This multi-chain system is akin to other ones such as Polkadot, Cosmos, Avalanche etc. with the advantages of Ethereum’s security, vibrant ecosystem and openness;
>Polygon has seen widespread adoption with over 90 dApps, ~7 Million txns and ~200k unique users, enabling high-quality user experiences for top dApps like Polymarket, Aavegotchi, Decentral Games, and Neon District. Developers on Polygon can now build and publish open APIs, called subgraphs, that applications can query using GraphQL.
>Lates news: The Graph expands to L2 side chains and adds Indexing and Querying Support for Polygon: https://thegraph.com/blog/graph-polygon

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You use the bridge: https://wallet.matic.network/bridge/

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on wallet.matic.network click on move funds to Matic Network

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Is there a way to migrate my entire wallet to L2 all at once? If not when will this be a thing?

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Thanks, but it just asks me to sign in my MM wallet and then nothing happens.

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>sign on Ethereum mainnet in MetaMask
>click 'move funds to Matic mainnet'
>Transfer ETH via the PoS bridge
>wait for tx to confirm on Ethereum, then wait 10 minutes
>switch to Matic mainnet in MetaMask and your ETH will have arrived

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matic not needed

>can do everything from same wallet

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Maybe you can try https://wallet-v1.matic.network/ if the above doesn't work.

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Yeah... Except there's nothing on Fantom. Everything on Ethereum is or will be on Layer 2.

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this, and now the desperate ethkikes are trying to rush and/or fake a scaling solution, to stay relevant. only complete fucking retards would continue to use eth and uniswap when there's bsc. enjoy your boomer coin

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Hahaha holy shit what the fuck are you talking about? You're complaining about centralization and advocating for BSC in the same sentence. And fake scaling solution? It's faster and cheaper than your scam chain.

>> No.29393394

Thank you, 0.1 BNB has been deposited to your account

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I can’t get into this until I’m off work, will i miss everything

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Nah, don't worry. Best time to move over is when gas fees are low so about 12 hours from now.

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jesus fuck you mETH retards call this scaling. you're leaving the fucking mETH mainnet to scale on a different fucking blockchain, losing any security guarantees that mETH gives you and exchanging it for some ultra shit more centralized cope chain. the absolute state of the shitshow that is mETH

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refer to >>29393394

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> Yeah... Except there's nothing on Fantom. Everything on Ethereum is or will be on Layer 2.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You’re a fucking brainlet and I can smell the poor in you. Stay poor forever faggot.

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it's only a matter of time before all layer 2's are bridged with ramps. it's going to be so beautiful boys

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This is it. Just imagine paying $.001 for a transaction vs ridiculous uniswap fees. Quickswap is built in top of matic. If u think matic is centralized you are just wrong. just look how many validators matic have. Btw infosys a $40 Billion is a matic validator

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Holy fuck what? So that’s why Fantom pumped. Am I too late bro? I think it’s already priced in.

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and you can't even argue the points because they are all true. top fucking KEK

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>priced in

Not late my goy. It hasn’t even sinked in among these retarded faggots. Fantom was an iq test and these retards putting their money on L2 solutions already failed it. Trust me once we see the exodus the singularity will happen and by then these retarded faggots will be priced out.

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I tried to list a token on the bridge but the discord only speaks hindi.

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Fantom pumped because le epic serial exploit victim Andre Cronje tweeted about it. All of those tokens are or will be on Matic, except they also get you interest on AAVE without the staking fee... Yeah.

Literally none of what you said is true lmao. Keep banking on your FotM ETH killers.

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Thanks bro. I’ll keep my eye out on Fantom.

Kek ok.

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where does liquidity come from?

>> No.29395401

redpill me on this over Loopring?

fuck off with your shitcoin
I will never touch anything by conman cronje

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From us.

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>blessed digits

Trust me. You don’t want to miss Fantom just because some retard think L2 solutions are the way. Just look at OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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This post smells like poo

>> No.29395561

WHY the fuck would anyone use that if we can use ETH L2 instead?

I cannot fucking wait for every single fucking vaporware eth killer to die out

>> No.29395623

>Trust me. You don’t want to miss Fantom just because some retard think L2 solutions are the way. Just look at OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
>muh OMG
except Loopring and apparently also quickswap works on eth today, with next to no fees

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You wouldn’t understand because you’re a brainlet and that’s you’re gonna be poor forever. I’ll enjoy watching you neck yourself when Fantom is $1 ;)

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lol so they have some tokens listed like any other dex, including quickswap. they dont have liquidity and they arent on layer 2

>> No.29395870

noob question:
so let's say I have a bunch of shitcoins like BAO and RBC, can I just transfer the ETH to layer 2 for gas and sell these, or do I need to send each coin to layer 2 individually?

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The biggest reason why this project is gonna be sick is cause all eth dapps with volume can only transition to matic to operate as fees are so high. So you have the best projects / most used projects launching on matic, on which quickswap is the native exchange. Their natural exchange choice would be Quick.

Also, quick has 90% of tokens locked up for rewards that are creating yields that are irresistable, and ur shit ftm exchange isnt even close to that, not as decentralized, and overall, a pile of doodoo

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I'm way richer than you faggot
I will not buy your shitcoin, not today, not ever

>> No.29396088

yo dont listen to these fantom shills if u want money, quickswap gonna hit 1k once liquidity hits 100m in 10 days when compounding 25%

>> No.29396126

>he thinks it’s a dex

Wow I’m literally arguing with fucktards. I’m out this thread smells like poo.

I really doubt that. You reek of desperation LMAO.

>> No.29396179

>No new posts
the fact that youre comparing a $1B project to a $30M project alone shows how much of a brainlet you are and how this project is gonna 30x

>> No.29396228

matic is pajeet burping and farting shit that can't scale at all. don't buy into this failing shitcoin that these pajeets shill here constantly

>> No.29396239

>It's faster and cheaper than your scam chain.
Except for the part that it isn't, but sure.

>> No.29396243

>I really doubt that. You reek of desperation LMAO.
you are the desperate one shitting up a thread about eth L2 dex and shilling your fucking pajeet eth killer token. Maybe if your shitcoin 10x's you will have half the size of my portfolio

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what the fuck stop spoonfeeding literal brainlets. Not everyone is meant to make it. Some people are destined to an hero themselves for being subhuman iq niggers

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hey cronje, how many times did your spaghetti code break today?

>> No.29396414

I trust BNB more. I'm gonna buy more BNB.

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More wrapped faggotery. This is not scallability.
Fuck you

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>go to https://quickswap.exchange/
>"cool, the design is similar to uniswap, lets paste the token addresses"

>paste contract for 0chain
>nothing appears
>paste contract for HEX
>nothing appears
>paste contract for Rubic
>nothing appears

Nothing to see here, anons.

>> No.29396821

Anon... Are you retarded? HEX is actually on there and RBC literally extended their partnership with Polygon a few days ago. Adoption doesn't happen overnight.

>> No.29397364

>contract address exists on eth network
>this anon tries to use eth addresses on matic network

When you started using crypto, did you accidentally send btc to an eth address?

>> No.29397464

1 node outside of the founders' computers makes it more decentralized than BSC

>> No.29397616

quick 300 EOD

>> No.29397684

When will it be $1`

>> No.29397804

when it hits $3B marketcap L M F A O

>> No.29398065

When Andre Cr*nje tweets about it 13 more times.

>> No.29398109

kek i bought in because of his tweets

>> No.29398294


Imagine still putting the house on ETH killer #5912 after reading these tweets.

Bless your gains, anon. I myself buy DOGE whenever Elon tweets about it.

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still no argument found from the mETH heads
>the absolute state

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way too complicated to use HAHA

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Anyway, I followed instructions stated in OP, and Metamask is asking me a 43 dollar fee to move funds from eth to matic network.
43 dollars each time I move ethereum to matic. Very funny, I will stick to BNB.

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Imagine thinking you deserve counter-arguments when all you've done is call something shit and centralized when it clearly isn't. Seethe somewhere else.

How much money do you think it costs you to send ETH from Ethereum to BSC, genius?

>> No.29398991

Much less, methhead.
>send ETH to Binance CEX ETH adress, paying a $7 dollar fee
>sell ETH in Binance CEX for BNB
>send BNB to Binance DEX wallet

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fuck off with your centralized chink scam already

>> No.29399206

Seethe more, maxipad. Profit knows no loyalty.

>> No.29399219

Nigga you stupid as hell. Bridging ETH to Matic is the same as performing a regular ETH transaction. The reason it costs you $43 now instead of the $7 you're expecting is the fact that gas prices are through the fucking roof right now. You actually pay a fair bit more because your second step loses funds to market makers and Binance fees while your third costs you a little BNB. Stop being such an utterly stupid newfag.

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Andre's dry ambition for success is a comfy investment

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your profit will be gone as fast as it came retard
only fundamentals can hold value in the long term

>> No.29399509

>t. discovered crypto in 2020

>> No.29399621

These BSC newfags are such cannon fodder. Really bullish for Layer 2 in general.

>> No.29399678

>its another shitty L2 solution


Get it through your fucking skulls already.
We have a dozen of these.

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>only fundamentals can hold value in the long term

>> No.29399765

>look mommy I repeated lies on the internet again
good job retard

>> No.29399850

And which of these dozen Layer 2 solutions has a working exchange with popping volume where you can deposit @ AAVE without paying gas fees? Tell me.

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>> No.29399914

Thanks, sold more ETH for BNB in CEX Binance.

>> No.29399950


>> No.29400053

yeah yeah have fun staying stupid and poor in the chink casino
CZ will appreciate your sacrifice

>> No.29400167

Already made 5x swinging it.
While ETH keeps crabbing, and now is going down.

>> No.29400282

Argue your point without using these words or variations of these. Please tell me how objectively, you spending $50/tx is better than 0.17/tx

>> No.29400322


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>> No.29400546

How are you so dumb? This thread is about MATIC, not ETH itself. Transaction fees on Matic mainnet are 0.0001 cent each.

>> No.29400667

He cant and he wont.
These methheads are actual /pol/tards, so they are blinded by prejudices. CZ is not CCP, yet he is chinese, so they will keep bashing over it.

47 dollar fee to transfer, whereas in Binance its just some cents.
Keep calling us poorfags, niggers and/or chinks, and soon BNB will be second in market cap. I'm dumping ETH every fucking week.

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>> No.29400782

It did not. Sell it.

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Holy shit, you're so clueless that you don't even know what you're arguing against. Why are you like this?

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DYOR moron. ETH won't pump from this, the scaling solutions will. ETH might pump once these solutions are adopted on a wider scale. That means Bancor on Arbitrum, Uniswap on Optimism, etc. All that might not even happen in Q1.

>> No.29401033

>argue your point without using centralized
the whole point of all of this, why it even exists in the first place, is to be decentralized and not controlled by one immoral piece of shit Chinese guy

fuck this shit too many sub 50 iq retards I'm market selling everything after our bounce

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>test deposit of 17 dollars in ETH
>complete deposit is 52 dollars
>52-17: 35 dollar fee

This is very far from scalling. Very far.

>> No.29401319

You seriously have no idea what you're talking about. I've already responded to you: >>29399219

>> No.29401321

Because OP is a pajeet scammer.

>> No.29401366

Fuck it man I rebought my ETH I'm so svcared it will scale and ill be left behind. i literally had heart palputations when i saw the pic "eth has scaled" fugck

>> No.29401557

I have.
You dont.

>> No.29401940


if $50 is too much for a transaction fee im assuming you hold ether in binance or never move it, so you just don't transact. If you did transact, you'd face this fee every day. People who transact & dapps with volume dont have time for this shit so we are all on layer 2, and the amount of dapps that will be hopping on l2 will continue to be announced every day ;)

>> No.29402210

Anon, leave him be, he legitimately doesn't understand that it would cost him that same $50 to move his funds from his wallet to Binance as well. It's the exact same action.

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File: 599 KB, 2614x1238, Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 2.03.39 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These yields are ridiculous. Quickswap has 90% of token supply locked up for rewards and is like doubling every day, still at ~$25-30M marketcap. we're actually going to be rich guys. Is this how uniswap became a $10B project?

Matic/poly scaling eth instead of BSC is even a valid argument cause nobody likes centralization. Have we truly found the one who will bring us home?

>> No.29402308

imagine being such a brainlet.
it cost me 9 dollars to deposit into loopring last week. metamask overestimates the amount of gas you need to pay which is why it thinks you need $30 when in reality you need $9.

>> No.29402485

diff transaction types require diff amount of eth, which u probably dont know because u are stupid as we can see from ur lack of conviction in uniswap 2.0 (quickswap)

>> No.29402621

I believe it. It's cheaper and faster than BSC while still being decentralized. And the Quickswap team opting to distribute tokens directly to those of us building the ecosystem is what's causing an insane positive feedback loop. It's like those shitty ponzi foodcoins but with a crucially important use case behind it.

It might actually cost $50 right now, gas price is around 400 gwei atm.

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