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How are you all feeling today?

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should have waited today to buy more, but happy regardless as I did not buy the ATH like some folks.

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LTO has nothing to do with BTC but yet it crashes right along with it. Are traders really that retarded.

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still feels comfy knowing even if BTC crashes to $20k not a single client will stop using LTO

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i feel nothing. honestly LTO dips don't faze me, i'll feel something when we break 0.45 resistance.

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Few low iq anons on telegram sold the bottom. Seems not everybody has done the math yet.

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What is 'the math'? Can anybody actually provide a screencap with an actual set of calculations relating to the tokenomics? I've so far only seen talk of 'the math' and not 'the math' itself...

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>deflation causes goods that are in demand to rise value.

there is the math you reverse shilling moron. stop acting stupid so others shill for you. You know the answer already, don't waste people's time.

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You have a lot to learn before calling others retarded

Lmao gonna go through it and laugh at the retards
Buy high sell low the biz way

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number go up

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This is math, based on facts
Ignore schizo stuff

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I just woke up from a comfy nap with El Tio, I think I'm gonna go back to comfy sleep ~ Wake me up at $5

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>You have a lot to learn before calling others retarded

ohh teach me then grandmaster fuckface

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>altcoin has nothing to do with bitcoin

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Trying to withdraw from binance to LTO wallet, I select LTO for the transfer network right?

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Yes, mainnet.

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I hope it stays low until I get paid Thursday night

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Cheers, leasing my stacklet 3k to xeno node now. Not gonna check on it for a few years. I'll see you anons at $5

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Need my fucking IRS refund, I could be doubling my stack size right now.