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>Use AVAX instead

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>get rekt eth fags

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In other news... bnbros why am i seeing whale sells on bnb/usdt...

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Based ping pong

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What’s going to be the best ETH alternative long term, /biz/?

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CZ is getting cocky

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Anon... which ONE do you think?

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damn. this

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ETH 's problem is incredibly simple, so simple that ETH maxis seethe whenever you mention it
Fees aren't the main problem
Decentralisation is.
>It is becoming harder and harder to run a full node on ETH and will become basically impossible for individuals and most corporations
>People and most companies, if ETH is still adopted, will need to trust full node operators that the network is running in a honest and clear manner
>You are trusting a third party to do what you can't do anymore since you can't run a full node
It is therefore not decentralised and cannot be.
This is why BTC is superior, running a full node is exponentially easier and people can verify their own txs for a true trustless decentralised network

Watch as ETH kikes refuse to adress this, call it FUD or try to shift talks to binance because they have no answer to it

Oh and something else, ETH had unironically a centralised group take decisions that affected it (Vitalik), like printing supply
It is also not a non inflationary scarce asset

TL.DR : ETH is a scam and will never be what VItalik says it is

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>he didn't get into nervos before the 3x

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I wonder how many got liquidated in lending platforms.

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BTC (the real one, NOT the craig wright scam coin)

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It’s game over, everyone and their mom already dumped their life savings into this shit and now they’re financially ruined. We are headed much lower.

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>chink leader participating in pleb social media troll posts
Damn, bearish af

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Yes, fuck ethereum

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lol. this shit will be 2000 end of day, this was a beartrap. everything is accelerated. moon missions this week and next. buy now. this bull season will be over by march

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i love eth but this is fucking hilarious

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Stick to your containment zone nigger

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Kek based ching chong, i love chinks now. Fucking joos.

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Kek I saw that too

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Rent free

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Honestly it’s not going to be one. When ETH falls, it’ll be like when an empire falls and becomes several nations. That said the strongest nations will likely be BNB,ADA,ATOM, and DOT

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You're missing FTM .
Remove ATOM btw

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if this retard doesn't fix the auto-scaling issues with his exchange BNB will go no fucking where.

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you're clueless lmao. layer 2 has already fixed Ethereum

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I remember when they were a pair.
What happened with this dream pair? Did Chink penetrate her?

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the only one who's clueless here is you

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why would anyone use bugged avax when we have already developed binance smart chain ecosystem?

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Why do people hold ETH?

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Dont care. Not selling. Suck my balls.

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Nice try chink, but that was fixed in a day.

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it's so bad yet it keeps going up, I will never understand how the crypto market works

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>executable shards into Eth 2.0
more like executable SHARTS

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a pair of what?

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you're not selling cause you can't since your ETH are locked for staking lmao

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if you really believe in decentralization you see that it must become shattered. this includes btc, oh wait, altcoins DO exist.

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Couple, I'm sorry.

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I think FTM will do well. ATOM seems to be underrated at the moment but I still think there’s room to grow for them

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Love ETH, this is a bear trap

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haha, bnb faggots seething, etc 2.0 comes next year and will annihilate your faggot network

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kek path clear to $2500

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>just two more weeks.

You don't understand that people buy off emotion, and new people are coming in daily. No normie is going to want to spend a few hundred dollars in fees just to trade when BNB is free and fast

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>get rekt eth fags

gas rekted. Fuck ETH, I want to unload my Chain link garbage. But fucking gas fees are assrape. How can people think Chainlink can even function when tied to a total shit coin?

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BAKEbros wagmi

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FTM is shit, ATOM is the dark horse that will pull ahead out of nowhere.

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rusky get out of here to your fsb baked 2ch

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>making fun for earning 10 eth a year passively
Ultimate cope

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I'm not responsible for you retards not understanding speaking a germanic language and not applying germanic rules.
Paar = Pair (Couple)
paar = pair (a couple of)

Go and fuck yourself trying to act smart while not understanding your own language and the obvious mistakes it has.

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That face doe