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Can you imagine a life without EGGs? Because I can't!

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Golden EGGs are a store of value anon

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Egg and Rubic
Feels good to nest while being cubed

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pls no no egg, no take my egg away from me !
i put all my gains drunk into egg and its just been dropping ever since

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Price predictions? Might go all In after my other shit corrects.

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What’s up with egg price on coingecko?

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I bought 1.5 EGG @83. Am I retarded?


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let them fomo at 500

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Nigga Its already 90 $

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well this thread is dead huh
think itll get back up to $100 and then crab between $90 and $110 for a few days

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some ppl bought in at 150 and sold at 65 yesterday

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fucking SPIKED before i got to buy

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anons please help me. Is it possible to sell a small amount of egg for bnb and pay for the fee from the exchanged bnb?
I fucked up and am stuck with lp tokens without any bnb to stake them
I want to die please help me

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Is it safe to stake my eggs with Viking Swap? Anyone doing it here?

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Same question
Price goes up 25% in 10 minutes
Volume doubles
Is this the consequence of Auto integration or is it too early?

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goose exchange says 87 BUSD/egg tho

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1500 usd EOM.

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Jesus why risk it. Don't get greedy and risk those precious eggs.

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Woke up to 4.7 EGG, feels good man

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Guys I implore you please share some of your wisdom

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I made a new wallet last week to test BSC and wtf it is so comfy to farm EGG

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Alright, thanks anon. I wont stake them there in this case.

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Explain me the incubator. Higher gains than LP and staking?

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Bitcoin is worth nothing compared to GOLD. And what better shape to fashion your gold than EGGS?

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Yes of course, Exchange - Egg to Bnb. The problem is that you need a couple of cents in bnb for fee to do that transaction

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wanted to sell this piece of shit at 79, glad I held

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it's hilarious. I've been making $300 every single day passively, doing absolutely nothing When the price falls idgaf because I'm farming. When it raises, my holdings multiply in value. They just passed their audit and are rolling out new farms to increase liquidity on their platform. Anyone not getting in on this is going to neck themselves in a few months when this reaches $300 an egg and will take 3 weeks to farm what you can currently make in a single day.

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EGG and VIKING looking oh so nice

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thank you anon for replying. I fucked up and exchanged ALL my bnb and now I am left with zero bnb. This is my first time dealing with a swap and I thought they would provide a solution for retards like me. Can't I make them take the bnb fee FROM the amount I would recieve?

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I don't think that's possible no. Can't you send to yourself $2usd worth of bnb to your wallet? That should be enough to cover fees

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Im scared of viking cause I don't have any more money to put in shitcoins but it looks like a easy x2 this week

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$90-$110 seems to be the current sweet spot for it. There are regular dev buybacks and token burns happen on every non-egg paired deposit. More token burn features are on the roadmap, so there should be continual upwards pressure if most people just keep staking.

Comfiest fucking hold really. Can't wait u til layered farming is release. I'll admit I was worried of scam at first but they've been really professional in their telegram and their passed audit gives me confidence.

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I opened a bank account last week and the dumbasses gave me my card today and it doesn't work. The amount I have in egg right now is everything I had from mining and that's why I can't use real money to bail myself out. I realize this is a niche and extremely unlikely situation, so I guess I will have to hold this bag of useless lp tokens until the banks open tomorrow.

Thank you anon, really appreciate your posts.

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Also I mean $90-$110 is it's current stable price, but I'm expecting $200 within a few weeks unless BTC keeps shitting the bed. $300, within the next month.

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Was in at $37 on egg. Got rugged on Wynaut and sold my eggs at $81 just to break even from my losses. Then realized that egg is going to moon and wanted to kms for losing my position. Back in at $90 with old gains brings me to $51 average buy-in. Selling my old eggs was keeping me up at night.

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is 100 egg enough for a sui stack?

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This shit token doesn't even have an icon..

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Just send $2 worth of BNB to your wallet so you have gas for the tx

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Viking is legit, pure fork of EGG. Passed audit. I'm staking all me EGGs there for free VIKING. If anything, it's insurance if egg price falls I have free VIKING to cover some of the loss

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thanks for replying anon. I wanted to keep my post brief but I should've been less emotional and explain it better. See >>29385294


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Post wallet address faggot I'll send you $1 of BNB so you have gas

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I think you meant to quote my post.
As much as I want to, I think it would be better for me in the long run to feel the sting and learn from this dumbass mistake.
Thanks though anon, I appreciate your kindness

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Tell me anons, do you really think this egg can do 10x?

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Is this shitcoin different from CAKE somehow? Their website looks like a clone

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Yeah meant to go to you, alright dude offer still stands until thread 404s

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Holy shit take a chill pill anon. Your going to need to add a little bnb from somewhere. Transfer 20 bucks to binance buy bnb and send to your wallet.. You don't need much. I always leave at least .25 bnb in my wallet for gas.

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Any of you fags wanting to lose $500 in me im fucked

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Do I FOMO into viking for Eggs? APY looks quite attractive

>> No.29388365

Absolutely, BSC craze is just starting friend

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Maybe but people are scared of rug pulls. This one and viking seem legit though. Poorfag here staking 15 eggs and 15 vikings hoping to make it.

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someone just bought 263k $ worth of eggs and farming now, kek.

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better get your ass on those eggs while you can

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you're a solid guy bro, hope you make it in the near future

I am zen now and left that bitch ass state of mind. And don't worry anon, lesson learned. Wallet will always have 0.1 bnb minimum

wagmi bros

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how much is the suistack? i have 101 balls rn, is that enough niggers?

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you literally bought the dip, congrats

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bought at $130

lay it to me straight bros

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I bought EGG and BURGER, it’s comfy

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to further inform you. the DEVs on the Goose telegram have endorsed the Viking project.. (They know the Viking Devs IRL)

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EGG bros, when are we going to pool our LP rewards together to hire the goose himself Ryan Gosling to pump our coin? Only then will the goose truly be loose.

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