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We just got wiped on a ~400M trading account.

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who, how, why

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hahahaha lmao REKT

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looks like you're shit at taking the pulse of a market didn't deserve that kind of money if you were just going to play usury games with it

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It's not even 10AM on Monday and I think some execs are about to resign. It was just 1 account but unfortunately a big one.
'Small' NYC Hedgie here.

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So sorry to hear that bro, unironically don't kill yourself please...

I lost 10k USD on my long ETH position from the scam wick downwards, really bloody day for many

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Im assuming of course your fund and I

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Did you buy in yesterday?

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how lol

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This is bullshit but I believe it

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.... were both in leveraged futures

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kek is this bait?
CZ liquidated your 25x long?

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Post cropped business card or this is a LARP
>pics or it didn’t happen

Also, fuck hedgies and 3% mgmt fees buy index funds

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Binance do offer premium services for big institutions. Very possible this was a binance futures situation. Really sad desu

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tfw when some of that money went to me.

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>funds are safu in hands of CZ

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> call themselves a hedge fund
> they don't hedge their bets

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a-are you ok bro?

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>not even 10AM
just wait its going to go back up. dont let anybody off themselves over there.

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Dude, I think you don't understand how this works.

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el leverage bro - he got margin called

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what kind of pleb trades on binance? its the retail casino.
ftx and finex is where its at, cb pro for burgers that HAVE to comply

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that's nothing kiddo

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another day, another hedgie tresspasser gettin eaten by da bear

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idk why people trade crypto on leverage
itd be nice to 10x leverage for some nice gains but its way too volatile for that. why is a hedge fund trying that shit?

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has the squeeze squooze?

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no but seriously though.
THE ONLY TIME you should use leverage is to cover your ass.
to become market neutral.
use leverage to your advantage, not to fuck yourself.

but anyway, I call bullshit on OP.
seriously, who would trade 400 fucking million on leverage on fucking CRYPTO???

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Based positive vibes retard

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Ay dios mío, el apalancamiento

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There's people out there playing LITERAL Russian Roulette. Some people are addicted to the thrill.
Or greedy enough to chase the moon.

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>i'm a better trader then a hedge fund
feels good

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Jesus christ
Imagine trading this bullshit casino futures professionally.
I had done it myself swinging but 360M wtf.
so >>29382390 that wasn't your fuck you money?

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Please be real, I’m so hard rn

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Now isn't this a sight.

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include me in the screencap

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i mean im chasing moons and addicted to the rush but i dont understand the rationale of someone who uses leverage in crypto. is it supposed to be quick ride a 5-10% pump and sell?

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marginfags BTFO now and forever. HODL masterrace checking in.

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Inb4 "cryptocurrency is anti-semitic" NYT article

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>going long with leverage in the most volatile market on the planet when we're overdue for another one of the world famous 20-30% corrections
Good job dude

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There's no way this is real

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It's for people who are confident that they can accurately read charts. Unfortunately for them, crypto has been known to be a little bit unpredictable from time to time.

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>NYC hedgie using blockfolio to track a half a billion dollar portfolio

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It's just money bro

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>Sir, I have blown up your account, please pay a small 400M fee.
>Have a good day,

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bros i just buy and sell like 20 dollar fractions of meme coins on robin hood, theres no way i can become negative right wtf is this shit

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Fuck! Go fuck yourself dumb hedgie fucks, this is crypto, not some fucking TA chart reading boomer stock.

Fucking morons

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is 1x on a 400mm account not enough gains?

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Dios mío

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OP why were you so overexposed?
Sure today was the biggest liquidation day in a long time but a lot of people were predicting a correction between 55-58k

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This wasn't even a correction, it was a flash crash
This will happen again

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Happens once a week or more

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It can't be called a correction because literally every week someone dumps

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Kek this. So many retarded newfags holy shit you faggots have to go back.

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Need to reset funding rates.

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holy shit OP

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This makes me feel better about the raping I took.
Thanks for posting, even if it's fake I'm sure someone somwhere did get raped this hard.

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Fucking basedest thing I have seen today

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How did you even do that?? everybody ist talking about the big fucking crash and you go long? Why, anon?

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How did you get wiped? What did you invest in? LMAO!

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