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>FTM still 25% up


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The only green in my folio right now.

>> No.29381928

We back baby

>> No.29381963

That green dildo just now saved me... I never would've thought I get to sell at this high of a price point again. thank god.

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bought a handful more at .33

>> No.29382349

Fantom is green in a sea of red. Buy the dip!

>> No.29382371

do it. Sell the only project with momentum

>> No.29382578

this is what I should've done too but I was afraid since I was already worrying about not being able to get rid of the ftm stack I bought at 715

anon... idk how to say it but I already did :)
maybe you didn't read correctly? english not your first language? it's fine everything will be ตกลง

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Cant believe this is used to be a stable coin

>> No.29382816

fantom being the best performer in this market will make every cocksucker sell his shitcoin

This is the antshares of 2021

>> No.29382853

bought another 8k on the dip feels good

>> No.29382867

Sell? Anon, I...

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Tried to time it. Bought Btc on the dip from CB . Got it at 49 too. Then tried to transfer over to Kcoin - figured I had an hour maybe. Nope. Oh well, there’s no other coin I want to buy , been on it since early 2019.

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Ok which one of you faggots convinced me to buy AVAX?

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>"The king will bleed as the merchant smiles. The third law stands true, though all 48 are important. GME gives "power to the player". The waves will crash against the rocks, as the throne lies slick with blood. In the end, three branches will become one, and the master will be replaced."

>> No.29383199

avax is great.

You mustn't be afraid of selling maybe 50% or 75% of your bag for some profits. there will always be new opportunities to buy again, no matter what price it is hanging at right now and that is true for all cryptocurrencies.

I will buy again when ftm has reached 665 and I will sell it at 740.

I'm waiting, when will it "pamp" anon? :)

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>> No.29383307

I hope you faggots bought the tranny coin for cheapsies because IT WAS THE LAST TIME FTM WILL EVER BE UNDER .35c

>> No.29383322

please schizo prophet, is it time to explain the riddle?

>> No.29383416

>he doesnt know

>> No.29383533

hahahahahah he fell for the avax / ada fud we had in every thread last week, nowadays it's the HBAR faggots but their coing got REKT

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>avax is great.

>> No.29383618

Everything he shills is shit

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we are holding just great

>> No.29383760

How long are you guys staked for? 12 months here.

>> No.29384047

anonymous, we are already on the way to my limit order... I don't know what you are talking about. You are missing out on profit making opportunities, your fault for not realizing them.

it's the equivalent of you sitting inside all day doing nothing and having your body worsen in shape, instead of going out and improving your body by actively working out - doing something productive with it..

>> No.29384189


ID like to stake but read there could be malicious Staking and got scared

>> No.29384446

GoFantom, but thats until September.
Im gonna keep staking forever.
Thats why you stake on reputable nodes, and if a node is malicious theres community vote for reimbursement of fanties to everyone who lost theirs.

>> No.29384487

bought the top for 40 again, bros, whats wrong with me?

>> No.29384588

dude the staff has their own nodes

>> No.29384959

How can i find Those Nodes?

Okay thanks, u guys probably turned my head around for this one.

>> No.29385152

funny, that's when I sold :)
you can buy with me again at 665 sats... though you may first need to ~somehow~ turn a profit on that top you bought... should be doable, it goes to about 770 sats sometimes. no worries, you are not rekt yet.

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>funny, that's when I sold :)
>you can buy with me again at 665 sats... though you may first need to ~somehow~ turn a profit on that top you bought... should be doable, it goes to about 770 sats sometimes. no worries, you are not rekt yet.
I can smell the soi in this post.
You reek of seething scared swingie who knows his rope is coming so he tries to act buddy buddy with other retards in the same boat to cope.
Misery loves company, they say.

>> No.29385537

why the fuck are you still in this thread nigger, go dilate

>> No.29385680

This guy is about to become the next seething tyranny fudder after selling the bottom kek.

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I can smell it now boys
>Staking 100k fanties
>When Fantom hits $10 at around 25B cap in the next month I will be making $300-$400/day

>> No.29385740

He sounds like an insecure 12 year old autistic faggot trying to justify his position kek.

>> No.29385938

what about a market wide crash?

>> No.29385954

hey... language.

but anonymous, we are just about 25 sats away from my limit buy order... I don't understand how you refuse the idea of wanting to make more money... or you could accumulate more? in any case, you should always be buying and selling. holding/hodling is for boomers.

>> No.29386126

Same, Ill be making less because I only have 17k staked, but still this is gonna be awesome.
Kek spot on, gives me the vibes of a annoying retard discordtrannie trying way to hard to cope.

>> No.29386486

If you are not holding algo, you do not know pain.

>> No.29386769

you bros think they might lower the amount needed to run a validator node? i'm hoping they set it to 500k FTM

>> No.29386819

Retards still think we'll see a "crash." There won't be a crash. We will have a flash crash or two like this morning or an overall healthy correction.
Shit just cant moon 500% around the board and not have a correction.

Also right now this is a perfect example of why FTM will transcend the norm, most shit hasn't recovered yet meanwhile we bounced back immediately from 30 back up to 40 cents

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CZ at Binance is in full shill mode. He know every dapp and token is going to switch to the Fantom network. Hes afraid his shitty chain is being left behind.

>> No.29386950

they need to start lowering shit like for real. what the fuck are they doing? at least start cutting shit in half wtf

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we are going to make it

Fantom faith is to be top 10 coin

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I am comfy

>> No.29387281

I think they will lower it eventually, but not that low. If anyone can run a node you'll see all kinds of shit going on, kinda like all the scamcoins on BSC

>> No.29387414

what are you talking about? why are you pretending to be knowledgeable about things you don't understand? BSC is the polar opposite of "anyone can run a node", it only has a few nodes and they are all run by CZ

>> No.29387477

moon soon?

>> No.29387576

not to mention the amount of nodes has no effect on the presence of "scamcoins" or high yields. anyone can deploy any smart contract onto BSC, ETH or FTM Opera

>> No.29387774 [DELETED] 

>hey... language
suck my white cock you dirty faggot nigger, choke on it's shaft while i maul your head in you fucking cocksucker

>> No.29387827

yeah, the 3.175M node stack cost $31k at $0.01, now it's $1.2M and $31k of fantom is only 77k FTM

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when your FTM and XRP are the only things green

>> No.29388061

Will you be running a valdiator node bro? We do need more validators

>> No.29388194


thats the only fucking thing i hate about crypto

>go on exchange
>verify number
>verify email
>buy btc
>pay a crazy fee
>send it
>log onto other exchange
>verify number
>verify email
>send btc
>wait half a hour
>swap for ftm
>pay a fee

i fucking hate this shit there has to be another way. i would have bought so much more if it wasnt for this piece of shit process

>> No.29388223

that's not nice of your to say these things... calm down. sometimes, it helps to drink some tea and sit down for a moment to do something else.

xrp is still a thing? I believed it would go somewhere years ago but it never did.

>> No.29388301

you should move to binance... SEPA transfer € with 0% fee (but takes a day or two).

>> No.29388453

im amershit...and specifically in jew york. i keep getting fucked more and more. i dont even fucking like this state i wasnt born in the cool part where everyone can take a train and do anything they want i was born in the frozen northern shit so its basically just rural canada with more rules. i want to die

>> No.29388556

>Market dumps over 13%
>No FTM dip

>> No.29388613

there's a convoluted path to get to BSC

i am amerifat whose state banned binance and I held BNB during the pump

>> No.29388748

Always go for the cheapest TX fee. I haven't bought crypto with fiat in years but I would usually buy ETh or LTC whichever was cheaper to transact then send it off.

CB will always take a cut that's normal but you can mitigate the withdrawal fees. Once you're on an exchange you're fine.

>> No.29388800

i have shit on binance but its only like a $100 worth if it ever turns into a lot of money ill take a trip out of country and send it to myself

i bought all my fantom on binance months ago and sent it all to their wallet. now im using gate.io and kucoin and now im getting a fucking warning on gate telling me that my country is blocked too

kucoin is literally my only choice and if that gets banned ill be fucked. i dont even know how id ever sell fantom if that gets blocked without risking losing everything. hopefully its just fucking jew york

i can send the erc-20 version to coinbase wallet and swap it for a $300 fee

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What if fanties are right?

>> No.29388878

when i get more money i wanna just use bank transfer because it has no fees but it takes 7 days so id basically have to just put thousands of dollars in bitcoin in coinbase and just hold it there until i need it

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Fantom Marines response to BTC dipping:

>> No.29388901

i won't be able to get to 3.175M but if they lower the amount to price me in i'll run one for sure

>> No.29388994

have fun trading anonymous, I'm out for a quick run before the sun goes down, I hope you make nice profits and accumulate big or whatever it is you do.

oh... nothing you can do then, maybe changes in the future as crypto gets more popular, who knows. that sounds awesome to me, I like snow!
you are okay anonymous, don't let stuff bring you down. what's really important is health, having a home where you can be comfy inside and friends to talk to when you are feeling down :)
money is just a side thing you at least have to quire something of every month, no need to rush things.

>No FTM dip
so, are we ignoring the ftm dip earlier? :)

>> No.29389019

anybody here using the ablock validator node?
should be safe right?

>> No.29389080 [DELETED] 

and sometimes, i picture myself caving in faces of niggers like you to calm myself down. shut the fuck up with your unsolicited advices r*ddit faggot

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based partiboi69 poster

>> No.29389687


>> No.29390155

I lost 500 fantie from swinging I wanna kms aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh I hate my poorfag ass

>> No.29390313

I have made alot of mistakes too Anon.
All you can do is learn from them.

>> No.29390453

i bought fantom at .04 and it dropped to .02 right after

there is nothing fucking worse knowing i could have twice as much and kept buying under 2 cents if i wasnt a pussy

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Yeah bro I'm learning the hard way

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>> No.29390617

In the end you still 10x so you can't really be too hard on yourself lol

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don't worry everyone makes mistakes. bought linkies and fanties at 2 and 0.02 only to gamble half my profits away in btc futures. Its all a learning experience and its not to late reap some of the benefits

>> No.29390804


>> No.29390894

someone put this in the OP general post

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>broken network
>bonus blocks
>bug bounties
>gaslighting from team

>> No.29391040

Will it be listed on Binance US in the future. Not in the US, just curious.

>> No.29391070

i really fucking hope fantom can do another 10x but that sounds impossible. i would have basically made it by my standards

>> No.29391215
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all you had to do is buy and hold, and you will become wealthy person

>> No.29391233
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Don't measure things in relation to how they effect you. Measure things objectively. You'll make a lot more money this way

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I know that feeling man, I know that feeling all too well.

>> No.29391267

hold for how long? people keep saying EOY and shit but doesnt crypto get very crazy bear markets that last years? i dont know much im new. ive made more off fantom then i ever had in my life

>> No.29391298

Pretty fucking sure we can reach 4 USD dude... stop being so fucking negative. I lost all my gains in the BNB and CAKE runup. And guess what? I already made it back by investing smarter.

>> No.29391372

4 USD is such a weak guess, especially in a bullrun.

Fantom will be $100 eoy

>> No.29391421
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I feel you bro, couple days ago I couldve made an easy 1k if I wasn't scared to lose my little money, bought BAKE before it mooned to 3$ and I sold it immediately (see pic) because I wasn't strong enough to hold. Maybe 1k its not a lot to you guys but it would've made really happy. Yeah you live and learn

>> No.29391436

Stop asking how long. No one fucking nows. Just fucking hold.

>> No.29391453

if you wanna know how long to hold, just imagine it's 2011 and you just learned of bitcoin

>> No.29391521

That’s what i meant. Saying you don’t think FTM can 10x = saying FTM won’t reach $100. Ridiculous

>> No.29391528


>Fantom will be $100 eoy

of course that is possible

but conservative estimation is $ 10 by EOY

you will make very nice gains with Fantom, thats for sure

>> No.29391571

yearn vaults

>> No.29391707
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That's not conservative that's retarded. But you probably missed 2017 so I can understand why you don't know what a bullrun is like.

$50 ftm is conservative, anything below that is literally braindead "sell all your fanties immediately" levels of retarded.

>> No.29391784

Stop making my dick hard.

>> No.29391820

these fuckers are geniuses pushing out all this news right during the bull run

>> No.29391904
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dang my fellow fanties, we're so close to a billion mcap

>> No.29391963


calm down, i agree with you and i didnt missed 2017, i remember that day when Antshares changed to NEO and NEO mooning like crazy back then about august 2017

yes $ 100 Fantom totally possible, im not noob in cryptoworld

>> No.29391968

The bullrun hasn't started yet.

>> No.29392284

FTM will flip Yearn

>> No.29392388

It takes a few crashes to get to the top, and looks like fantom has something huge this week to why it's holding up like crazy.

>> No.29392447

We hit it last night.

>> No.29392639

Staking my 120k stack till end of may. Depending on the price after ACCI deployment I might sell some and stake the rest again.

>> No.29393043

Why not just stake 100k and keep 20k liquid?

>> No.29393249

What is yearn ?

>> No.29393294

B-but sir $50 fantom would put it over 100 billion dollars marketcap...
It's bullshit, but I believe it.

>> No.29393354

Governance token that shot up from$300 to $40k plus in a crazy short amount of time. Yield farming

>> No.29393572

Might do that after May. I've been holding this since early 2019. I'm optimistic, but I don't believe it will reach more than 10$ eoy.

>> No.29393778

did someone ddos the ftm wallet when it hit 21 cents a few months ago?

>> No.29393809

Numbers say yes

>> No.29394144
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B-bros, ive taken 5 shits in the past 3 hours.
I-I dont wanna die, Im so close to making it.

>> No.29394330

my fucking stocks are crashing im getting real depressed. fantom is my biggest gainer ever

>> No.29394587

Coinbase is the rumor.

>> No.29394741

Will there be a token burn in the future?

>> No.29394773

do coins that get put on coinbase custody eventually make it to coinbase pro? seems kinda stupid not to list fantom on coinbase pro

>> No.29395652

I have 100 FTM. Am I gonna be rich?

>> No.29395745

I sold 1200 ETH at $20. Never bought back. It's okay anon.

>> No.29395807

if you keep buying every month. the problem is you cant really stake unless you send a big ass stack over

>> No.29396639

How does 100 gorrilian sound?

>> No.29397076

How do 200 united states dollars sound?

>> No.29397288

I only have 74

>> No.29397342

>$1B project
>looking for gains in a bull market and buying a $1B project


>> No.29397377
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>> No.29397450

FTM is gonna stay at the same marketcap as ICX, Zil, Vechain, and every other asscoin that does the same thing

>> No.29397512
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I have retuned from my run!!
and I saw my 665 order got filled - just as I predicted it.
now selling at 770 :) it always works out, idk what some of you people are on about...

>> No.29397536

LOL you are literally deranged

>> No.29397588

delete this, your idiocy is showing

>> No.29397727


your portfolio will grow by 50% over 3 weeks before falling ass first through to australia you mongol

>> No.29397795


>> No.29397834

i think fantom will eat shit on the bear market but i think after awhile itll be a winner like link

>> No.29397840
File: 3.11 MB, 498x498, You are bizarre.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You call this a dump? ROFL
Bruh look at other coins like BTC.
THOSE are dumping. We are doing a small correction, and taking off to moon during the rest of the week.

>> No.29397870

Instead of coping you should buy the dip lmao.

>> No.29398000

it is nowhere near link bro. youre falling for a huge bait all these retards held from 10x lower and that was the pump. don't buy a $1B marketcap project that has 10xd recently at the peak of a bubble. literally apes

>> No.29398104

how about i sell before the crash, buy back low and watch my portfolio soar when this replaces eth in the future

>> No.29398147

its better than link. link has not done one fucking useful thing

>> No.29398238


everyone in this thread is clearly new

you will all lose money


>> No.29398296

Hey guys, just woke up, did the whole market crash? Is this the time to buy? It would have been nice 4 hours ago but I was asleep (like an amateur)

>> No.29398305

I’m gonna cash out soon anyways

>> No.29398415
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>half ass learnt'd about crypto half a week ago
>opened a binance account today
>barely understand anything on the panel
>buy'd bnb and converted to 226 FTM
Who /retard/ here? I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing so I'm just gonna hold these coins for a week. Am I gonna be billionaire soon?

>> No.29398457

9 hours to another pump

>> No.29398477

Wow amazing factual arguments.
Very insightful oh my I must sell I guess.
Welp, taking a loss but there's no helping it.

>> No.29398480

>noooooo you can't talk bad about my russian shitcoin with 0 real use that does actually nothing nook
>guys it has meme magic guys come on!
linkies are worse than XRP faggots

>> No.29398580

yeah, a correction. not entirely sure what the catalyst was. probably tesla pre-market tanking which tanked bitcoin because tesla is heavily invested into it which tanked the entire alt market. tl;dr FUCK ELON, unless you wanna buy the dip

>> No.29398590

How retarded would it be to trade all my BNB to this? Realisticly which one is more likely to 10x?
I have 9 BNB and 2k FTM now, don't feel like investing any more fiat.

>> No.29398670

thats kinda how i started but i know more than you. fantom is basically the only coin i went all in around 3 cents

>> No.29398728

I fucking hate Elon bro. Still, I love cheapies. I have hardly any fiat left but I spent 50% at market and the other 50% ordered for 32c, just in case

>> No.29398773

It sucks that we aren't going to make it this year because of BTC but we'll be back in a couple years and then $1+ will be ours.

>> No.29398817

lol you could have done worse. Next payday diversify a bit but I wouldn't sell that fantom for less than $10 per coin

>> No.29398837

If you even have to ask youre ngmi.

>> No.29398851

I have literally bought the perfect dip. I feel comfy now.
when are you people going to sell? for me it's going to be 770, and I'll buy back at 631 - at least that's what I think is gonna be the next dip.

>> No.29398899

Go all in on FTM faggot

>> No.29398960

im not swinging like that i just want to hopefully get off before everything starts going down but if it gets really high ill probably just stake it and hold forever

>> No.29398997

keep the BNB and accumulate more, it's gonna be big... soon ETH will be just another token on BSC, CZ is a magician~

>> No.29399137

look at market cap. For BNB to 10x it would need to double ETH. FTM needs the mc of UNI

>> No.29399236

that's fine... I just think it's too boring to hold all the time and genuinely think you can make way more profits by doing smaller trades every day.
you don't go all-in when you swing btw.. that would be stupid. so if you're currently looking to buy back into the market but you notice it has absolutely 1000000x with no return, you can always sell whatever you didn't use to swing with. OI keep 5k as an insurance if it should go to 1$, which I don't think it will, it will take about four more months - or even a year!

>> No.29399335

i almost panic sold awhile ago but its gone up 2x since then. i dont really hold much crypto but this is basically the only thing i just wanna keep holding and not swing i dont think id ever be good at swinging and youd get raped with taxes here if you made a lot

>> No.29399515

I have a retarded question please be nice, if eth crashed will my fanties be affected ?

>> No.29399717

which wont happen lmfao

you are all holding this shitcoin for no reason ngmi

>> No.29399745

I know how you feel. I have 60k of doge and it's not looking great, I also almost sold it again when I was like at a ~10% profit but didn't because there's always the chance it will actually moon when elon tweets something crazy... so far it actually has, the problem is that it's only mooning to like 110 sats... and I bought at 105 sats so that's not enough profit for me.

taxes are less of a problem if you start a trading company. you should look into ways to decrease the income tax wherever you live, there's always a way.

anyways, I understand just wanting to keep something and see where it goes, I wish you best of luck with that! it will surely vastly increase in value, that's true, but it will take time.

that's best case scenario. BSC takeover.
btw. your funds are SAFU if you're on binance ;)

>> No.29399908

best way is to hold stocks imo and solid crypto projects

i do trade a lot just not day trading and swing trading ive been going aggressive as fuck with stocks because i dont have a lot of time

>> No.29399943

Eth is at nearly 200b, why is that so crazy if this manages to perform better than that?

>> No.29400048

don't swing fantie, it's too unpredictable, if you want to be a swinger move to XLM or XRP or maybe REEF

>> No.29400056

held FTM since april 2020, sold at 0.17 for x35 my investment about a month ago. Could have held a bit more for even more gains. very sad

>> No.29400203

im just going to hold fantom this is way too much stress for me just being up this much and i have anxiety and panic attacks as it is

this is all more money than ive ever had in my life but im still going really aggressive with trading on stocks because i just need to fucking make it soon. at least enough money to get comfy not even rich

>> No.29400239

It's always good to take profit. But I don't understand why you would sell off your stack at the very beginning of the projects discovery.

>> No.29400269

$50 is FUD, but it might not get there EOY, shit slows down in governmental hands and that's only like 9 months away now

>> No.29400278

Aaaand he's back. Go kick rocks you boner. We don't need your salty ass noFTM energy in this thread.

>> No.29400298

Just know you're not alone. I sold a stack of 400k after it got me from $4k to $100k. If I just held longer...

>> No.29400352

i sold after the first "big" dip cause i got scared. Sold everything and invested into other random shitcoins, some of which were rug pulls. 10/10 brains

>> No.29400378

I currently have 5000 FTM that I very recently got into after missing all the fucking pumps. However my plan is to buy £50pm until my credit card is paid off later this summer. Then £100 each per month until well into 2025. Relatively small amount but that's with other coins being added to monthly as well.

Don't worry anon you can make it with DCA over enough time. Shit, anything beats leaving the money to rot in the bank of 0.01% interest.

>> No.29400383

Yeah. do not set a stop limit for fantie either, if it ever dumps (and it wasn't really a dump earlier), it quickly recovers and you lose fanties buying back

>> No.29400464

yeah, fantom has a lot of potential so you're on the right track here... never fucked with stocks desu I just hold some shares from a bank and that's it.

understandable, you can do a technical analysis on the market and predict where the price is gonna fall to next and set a limit order to buy at that price like I did here >>29397512. that way you don't have to be staring at the market all day (which is what I would recommend but obviously only if possible)
though there is the chance of you making mistakes and then you buy let's say at 665 but it actually climbs even lower to 500 or whatever. it's all risky business, obviously.

>> No.29400570

im just gonna keep holding and watching it as a learning experience. this is my first time in crypto except for holding bitcoin in 2017. i found this coin out of everything being talked about on here and decided to go all in while i saw it at 3 cents

>> No.29401214

very nice, you made a 10x already

>> No.29401340

two of them somehow. i got in gamestop because im a stockfag and i saw ryan cohen turning the company around and i knew they were gonna be huge in e commerce then reddit just went fucking crazy with it and i sold it at 300

>> No.29401413

Anyone here serious about FTM but have less than 50k?
I feel like a fucking retard holding 43k when I knew about it, but didn't think it would pump so hard so early. Now only newfags are rocking smaller stacks than me lol

>> No.29401491

you're lucky, what else are you thinking of buying?

>> No.29401525

Be thankfull retard

>> No.29401585

no because we're not retards

>> No.29401640

Was trading under ICO price for a long time

>> No.29401647

yeah that's fine, wish you all the best and nice profits when it moons even past 1$ ;)

>> No.29401650

There are anons in this thread talking about making it with 200 FTM. Chill.

>> No.29401696

so far i just took my profits and put it in safer stocks i think will grow for a few months. i put my gme profits in some etfs like arkf and arkk and square and im just holding fantom

im waiting to see what happens because i dont know what to expect with a bear market and bull market. if i had a lot of money id probably buy more fantom. i have tiny stacks of fantom across a couple exchanges i forgot about and will hold them forever

>> No.29401773

im a poorfag with a small stack. i basically just sit in fantom threads all day and watching the chart. fucking sucks i could easily have 90k ftm but im an idiot

>> No.29401779

Bought 22k at .01 because Im a poorfaggot.
Nobody cares about your stackflex faggot, even the anons with millions of fanties dont act like such a clout chasing redditor.
I hope you sell for a loss then FOMO into a shitcoin that rugpulls you.

>> No.29401983

anyone watching the stream https://youtu.be/gYQwuYZbA6o while eyeing FTM ticker?

>> No.29402075


>> No.29402140

I have a peanut stack but I'm grateful for what I have. If it bitcoin corrects and lowers fantom a bit with it, I'll buy more. Fantom has the potential to be the number 1 non shitcoin performer this cycle and beyond.

>> No.29402156

hes not really bragging i feel the same way. i feel fucking stupid this is the only project i care about and i watched it dip under 2 cents and never bought more and now i feel trapped in a small stack

>> No.29402165


>> No.29402167

43k isn't a flex my man

>> No.29402219

and we're back
wish i had some liquid to buy that dip lol

>> No.29402311

lol no, never
this is a little negative, and if I sell for a loss you'd probably be screwed too because I bought for sub 5c

good to know I'm a retard anyway, knowledge is power

>> No.29402324

isn't there like some dude on here with like millions just in fanties or something... I think I saw a screen earlier today

>> No.29402338
File: 128 KB, 1064x1080, 1612951782015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Everything is red but fantom is pumping.

>> No.29402366

of course dude. multiple millions of fantoms was an achievable stack a few months ago

>> No.29402421

It is relatively so expensive now huh, that's what sucks and makes a psychological block

>> No.29402452

don't forget doge, it's hanging in there just fine too.

yeah a few months ago... damn... I had some back then too but I actually sold all cuz I didn't think it would go anywhere desu

>> No.29402606

i bought another small stack around 12 cents so i guess its time to just hold and wait

fucking killing me being a newfag and not knowing what to expect

>> No.29402630

kek what are you even doing in this thread then

>> No.29402631

Crazy we’re at fuckin .38 c.

>> No.29402701

I'm exactly like you i think it's some psychological thing 100%, i have 63k stack but i imagine we will be in at 10$ per Fantom and feel good.I think we didn't bought because we are deep down not greedy, what you feel now is evil greed.

>> No.29402719

EOY we will be either $10 or 1c, unless something drastic happens lol

>> No.29402923

8k FTM poorfag here

>> No.29402980

I honestly think there's a chance at getting in at $0.10 again. It's only a 75% drop from here. If BTC dumps it can happen easily.

>> No.29403032

we'll make it, just a little slower than the rest

>> No.29403065

what do you mean? it's got nice volatility, lot of opportunities for swinging :)

>> No.29403084

plz no i cant baghold for years im so poor

>> No.29403178

FTM must be the only investment that whenever I see it dipping I feel totally nothing, whereas whenever I was investing in shitcoins I would lose my shit

>> No.29403277

stupid fucking tranny, we are going to double digit billions in this bull market

>> No.29403306

>fantom pumps anyway

Lmao. You sold and you got rekt. Buy in or stay fucking poor forever. Stop dreaming about something that’s not gonna happen. You had three years.

>> No.29403341

easily .5/.6 by the end of the day

>> No.29403372

there is absolutely no chance that we're going to .10 ever again man

>> No.29403399
File: 128 KB, 552x767, ASCEND.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29403491

oh god! is it not going to 770.... I might have to adjust :(

>> No.29403528
File: 936 KB, 895x856, Stonk Feels.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok bois strap in. It's begun.

>> No.29403600

Even if btc took a big hit, I think 10 cents isn't going to happen. 30 cents is much more reasonable.

>> No.29403628

The whole market has been in freefall for 24 hours. I know you think you're immune but you're not

>> No.29403651
File: 211 KB, 730x783, a1c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29403652

Ftm is green this must mean something it's doing very good what does it mean? Maybe we are illuminati

>> No.29403661
File: 78 KB, 750x741, 1611864515781.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw only a couple dollars away from getting back what I payed plus fees within only hours of buying crypto and any financial thing ever
oh no
I'm already getting dumb excited. What does it feel to make more money over something like this? What is my going to be like from today onwards? I'm pretty sure I'll be mindblown if I'd get back what I payed with like 20 dollars profit, what the fuck is going to happen to me if this skyrockets and I get hundreds or beyond?

>> No.29403679

what :)

>> No.29403730

just watch this next leg up, tranny

>> No.29403932

LMAO! If you didn’t see the potential of Fantom when it was crabbing below 10 cents for years then you really don’t deserve to pick up cheap fanties at those prices retard. God I fucking hate poorfags. Kys nigger

>> No.29403934

i sitll dont understand how this coin is .40$ and fucking ADA is 1$
FTM is easily going to 1-5$ EOM

>> No.29404026

i love you fantom bros

>> No.29404029

I'm hoping for another big green dildo like the one from earlier today that pushed it to 775 :)

not many people know about it yet probably... all the more reason to accumulate more whenever you can imo

>> No.29404098

You are doing it wrong.

Even at $10 Fantom is still way lower in market cap than Cardano/Polkadot/BSC etc. Let that shit sink in

>> No.29404115

i think he means after the bull run and bitcoin starts crashing again but the problem is fantom will be much higher than 40c by then

>> No.29404193

it was 30c not long ago after a pretty mild btc correction

>> No.29404279

EOM is in a week anon, feb ends in the 28th, that's why i dont think it can reach $10, but it's viable to hit the 1-5$ interval

>> No.29404393
File: 58 KB, 394x156, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wonder if Mark Cuban is fomo-ing into Fantom with another wallet


>> No.29404451


>> No.29404555

god i would do fucking anything to be rich enough to just sit on a fantom stack for years and still have a house and money

>> No.29404714
File: 68 KB, 750x774, F500A91C-579E-4AFC-90AF-4169091D6F38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fantomchads I need your advice. An OP was giving out new tokens on pancakeswap that don’t even have a value yet, called $ELON. I rolled dubs trips quads and he gave me some for free. How do I time my sell to make the most of a possible rugpull? I know this is almost 100% a scam and I want to profit.

>> No.29404802


i put like 300-400 or some shit in this awhile ago in a second exchange and i just checked and its 800 dollars. my main stack is in the fantom wallet but still its really cool cause im poor

>> No.29404867

there is a website you can literally create your own shitcoin. it's where all the scamcoins come from. don't buy into it but that should be pretty obvious.

>> No.29404868

let them 5x at least

>> No.29404901

hey fag, neck yourself yet ?

>> No.29404927

Hold on to it. If you have to swing then swing a really small portion. Don’t be like the retard here who sold 400k too early and now wishing to buy back in.

>> No.29405019

my main stack is the one i pay attention. i have a couple thousand in fanties in other exchanges im never touching and this is one of those stacks

>> No.29405033

Thanks anon I’m definitely not buying, just hodling and dumping
5x sounds just right. I don’t care how much I make off of it, could be $2 could be $1000. I just need to dump at a good time.

>> No.29405041

no. I've bought the perfect tip down to about 2 sats on the spot and now I'm preparing myself to take profit.. but I'm thinking that I may be too greedy as I'm trying to sell at 770... I should break my order up into three, one at 735, 740 and maybe a smaller one at 770 if it should happen like it did last few runs.

>> No.29405168

yeah... I wonder if the scam maybe spreads pretty widely you may actually profit off of what was meant to be a scam lol maybe you should spread it around to raise your chances... tho that is a bit uhh... "unethical" or something :)

>> No.29405306


>> No.29405445
File: 45 KB, 1217x600, Screenshot_2021-02-22 Fantom to USD Chart (FTM USD) CoinGecko.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Descending Broadening Wedge pattern completed. Expected statistical goal of 0.49 and bonus goal of 0.51.

>> No.29405477

kek what an awesome meme

>> No.29405562

I initially did a 2 month stake just to be careful, but now I'm gonna lock in for 12 after it expires.

>> No.29405648

a list of which nodes those are would be really great, don't know why that info is so damn hard to find. you'd think it's be a major part of the marketing to instill confidence.

>> No.29405658
File: 85 KB, 860x499, 9BF759A6-9E0A-4DEE-9F5F-9CE5F65F29CC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yea. If the scam takes off I could be looking at 4-5 figures. I can never tell until then. I can’t spread scams, I’ll kms because I’ll feel guilty. Which is why I came to you fantomchads for advice, since you guys never fell for the scams and fuds.

>> No.29405747

how do i stop being a pussy? im afraid of some big 2018 tier bitcoin crash that destroys all alts so i cant lock into staking

i think gofantom and connors node are staff nodes. yeah it makes no sense why they dont add a little bit of info on the site like something at the top of the page that explains c-ratio and shit. crypto isnt exactly mainstream yet you cant expect people to know all of this

>> No.29405947

well, maybe not since it's looking like it's going back to about 670

you'll be fine, but most likely it won't go anywhere since I'm guessing a lot of people can tell it's not from elon.

>> No.29406487

Are you dca'ing?

>> No.29406624


>> No.29406642


>> No.29406690

ye i bought most mine around 3c and i bought some more around 12c

>> No.29406846

Fantom is so fucking strong. If Bitcoin hadn't dropped we would have been @ 50c

>> No.29406879
File: 12 KB, 267x189, dgdgd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same, but my second buy was at 8c and third buy was today at 37c
Relax, you make money anyways, im poorfag too but happy to be in this place

>> No.29406882

Buying more

>> No.29406921

I truly believe $5-$10+ is achievable by the end of the year.

>> No.29406952

Yep, staking & hodling. Maybe I'll buy some more so I can get to at least 10k when paycheck comes around, if it's under 2 USD.

>> No.29406976

im thinking of throwing like 100 bucks a year or some small amount in this project forever. just enough money i wont really miss but i know will probably be a nice chunk of change a long time from now

>> No.29407111

Thats the mindset, before we can pay things in FTM instead of stinky fiat

>> No.29407394
File: 197 KB, 900x722, 1612410789432.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's trying to go above .40 again

>> No.29407418

FANTOM FINANCE will further decrease frictions
between fiat, crypto, and synthetic assets, and
by a form of Gresham’s Law, $FTM, as fundamental
asset which cannot be diluted, becomes a sought-
after safe haven, which allows also traditional
market money powerful exposure to this
multifunctional asset class through its
state-of-the-art DeFi Suite & exchange-
traded products/services available.

Once you understand this, you know we are going to make it. The fact that you can lock your Fantom, generate passive income and then unlock the ability to mint fusd or synthetic assets is pretty fucking ingenious. The incentives are well built into the protocol

>> No.29407536

You fucked up. Should have listened to the schizo in 19 and early 20. Sitting comfy

>> No.29407538
File: 193 KB, 1545x869, coomer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh no we're poomping again

>> No.29407606

am comfy now, all orders been filled :) glad I realized I was being too greedy and adjusted.

it's going down to 670 next, you should buy more at 670 sats, just a hint.

>> No.29407634

Exactly. When it raced up to 24 cents a couple weeks ago and then went back down to like 13 cents. Didn’t even sweat it. It was like link when it first went to around 4-5$ and dumped back down to $1.80 the following few months. Literally didn’t even think 1 second about it

>> No.29407721

LINK+FTM+REN the triforce

>> No.29407763

>t. Some retard who sold at 670 sats

Kek. Nobody gives a shit about your pathetic existence.

>> No.29407770

So hows the multichain thing looking? Any idea when it launches?

>> No.29407795
File: 53 KB, 575x609, 4D02AC0C-8F5E-4B14-845C-5C4B52690D7A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TFW when I own more than twice as much fantom as mark cuban.

>> No.29407816

RLC sir

>> No.29407926

I have a tiny stack and bought on a whim, didnt expect it to fly so hard. I literally own less than 5k FTM not selling it though

>> No.29407950

maybe reading comprehension is not your strongest forte ?
anyways, to reeiterate, I bought at the absolute exact (almost) dip at 665 and just took profits at 725, 730 and 740. Originally, I was planning to take profit at 770, but I realized I was being too greedy and adjusted to avoid not getting liquidated.

>> No.29407970

does anyone here remember the early ftm schizo threads where they used the pic of the korean team? i miss it

>> No.29408025

My stack is at 355, I’m trying my best

>> No.29408028

the cunt is probably buying on Binance like crazy. Maybe he bought on sushiswap on purpose to make some room for additional fomo

>> No.29408033
File: 62 KB, 689x568, 1612968117289.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


t *DOT* me *SLASH* joinchat *SLASH* UYUou2-DuhxgYVP4

>> No.29408140

They’re saying you sold at 670 sats and got rekt like some dumfuck. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

>> No.29408147

We don't care lmao

>> No.29408218

These swing traders are so pathetic. I see them come and go then disappear forever likely because they necked themselves after making a bad trade.

>> No.29408223

FUCKING 40c!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.29408229

get up to 500 at least bro, you can do it

>> No.29408245

800 sats soon, after that it goes to 900 sats very quickly, and when its breaking 900 sats, its confirmed that its going to break 1000 sats

>> No.29408246

this must be people salty they didn't get in or something... it's usually best to ignore trolls.
you should drink some tea or take a walk to calm down though~

>> No.29408350

I’m gonna keep DCAing in, I’m a poorfag in college but I want to get there, just hope I can make it to 500 before coinbase listing

>> No.29408351
File: 36 KB, 464x241, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fantom Log Chart

This bull run will be insane

>> No.29408393

Anyone else feel like introducing liquidations is a looming disaster? A lot of people are overleveraged and just keep minting more fUSD and buying more FTM, using it to mint more... Won't there be a huge run once liquidations are announced that would push it's price downwards heavily as people sell to pay back the fUsd and avoid liquidations?

>> No.29408472


>> No.29408491

Is 49k ftm enough

>> No.29408497
File: 147 KB, 1125x999, ED8A23F0-2140-47F1-ADB9-68780A219C8E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kek fuck off. Unlike you I got in under a cent don’t have to swing like a poor faggot. Stop announcing your trades like they matter, you’re at the mercy of the whales retard dumfuck.

>> No.29408564

Kek you've made it already. Go outside.

>> No.29408592
File: 147 KB, 263x200, 200_d.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29408608
File: 561 KB, 895x856, 1539374588119.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29408615

sure buddy :)

>> No.29408648

I have one wish, to overtake Avax on coinmarketcap by EOM.

>> No.29408653

not kewl to brag like this, though

>> No.29408659

can this be one of those bull runs that hits 100 or some crazy shit?

>> No.29408795


With Fantom outperforming everything in this space, yes. It's gonna go crazy. People are here to make money and their shitcoins are not performing. Fantom has all the DeFi dapps trying to transition to the Opera chain plus government pilots that will announce the work officially in just a few months. Plus many other factors

>> No.29408820

You type like some passive aggressive teenage girl. You don't need to keep us updated of your failed trades.

>> No.29408934
File: 9 KB, 247x204, 54EC4AD1-ED20-4146-A816-A47776BACB83.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is going to $1000, isn’t it?

>> No.29408948

That would put ftm just above $1, I like that

>> No.29408990

funny how you feel the need to say it even.. if you really didn't care you would've just ignored it am I right? alright KaReN move along :)

>> No.29409080

Indeed, into the filter you go.

>> No.29409110

jesus christ

>> No.29409127
File: 99 KB, 1125x999, holdings.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

never use a black brush with low opacity

>> No.29409248

100k into 2.4m fucking amazing

>> No.29409306

Kek what a larper!

>> No.29409356


>> No.29409369

I mean you can easily calculate it, I dont see why you would go through all that trouble

>> No.29409374

it's often the smaller fish that are the loudest.
that being said, being toxic is never fun, I don't like people like that.

>> No.29409525
File: 260 KB, 960x724, 1581189164141.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can someone explain to a mouthbreather with 100k fantomies why i should print sfm and lock collateral

>> No.29409529

this looking very much that Fantom will reach $100 price

>> No.29409814

Because you will be making free money.
You literally dont have to understand anything but that.

>> No.29409816

this guys a massive faggot and acts like this in every thread. probably extremely bald, fat and lonely to be this much of a dick to fellow fantom holders, like why? are you that mature and autistic that this gives you a sense of superiority? hope you die of a heart attack soon, cunt.

>> No.29410108
File: 327 KB, 834x870, 1613527342842.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>finally someone understands
Based schizo said it will take a few years but yes we will be top coin at $1000+
>B.bbut that would make your mc larger than bitcoin
Time will tell, don't try to swing ftm for the next 4 days fren

>> No.29410246
File: 327 KB, 1125x1734, 4940FD36-B16D-42CB-84AC-2DBF75A64D65.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good job. Bitch.

>33 posts
> it's often the smaller fish that are the loudest.

You probably have a smol pp and a lonely fucking virgin. You can kys now nigger. Seriously.

Don’t fucking care what some pajeet street shitter think of me. Fuck off.

>> No.29410328

yes, but resorting to bullying is also not good... people should always aim to "do the right thing" in every situation. maybe they are going through a rough time... maybe they lost a lot on a trade? people usually don't resort to doing mean stuff just on their own. something happened to them and whatever it is, I hope they pull through and make it out fine. tomorrow's another day yada yada and all that talk.

might actually happen you're right, since it doesn't seem to go down again as usually...

hey now... language.

>> No.29410535

don’t waste your time on this retard. He unironically sounds like some autistic faggot lacking attention He already got rekt at 670 he’ll neck himself soon.

>> No.29410585

800 satoshi broken

see what i wrote


>> No.29410593
File: 16 KB, 250x239, 1613397968113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No need to fight frens, we're almost at 50c

>> No.29410659
File: 1.15 MB, 201x177, 1611366152111.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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