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>another darwin crypto event, low iq paper hands filtered again

how are my fellow chads doing?

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I never sell, and yet I feel nothing. curious

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It’s either millions or nothing. Not selling for anything in between

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paper hands normans getting fucked again
this is boner inducing

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>Had 5k laying around in usdc just because

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>you only use when you sell
It's really true you know, just wait I have the time. Also still up

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feeling bullish, consolidated all my positions into EGG before this nose dive to make gains on my gains on the up, eat shit Erc-20 !

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Holding strong sir

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still holding 4M CKB, 700 LINK, 830 AVAX. Feeling comfy right now.

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>forgot pic

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>mfw it kept plummeting

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who here else bought

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You are all being conditioned not to sell when the final drop comes. It was not a coincidence that so many anons held through the entire bear.

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Diamond and patient.

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>bought 100 extra stinkers at 25.30

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still holding onto my DOTs

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And the anons that held and accumulated through the bear are much richer than before

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>final drop

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Nothing I was not prepared for has happened so far. My only regret is that I bought the dip earlier today and could have gotten a better discount.

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BTC yes although it was still retarded to hodl. Most shitcoins have not recovered at all.

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My only regret is that I have no money left to put into crypto. I was at $100k yesterday, and at that point, my yearly wages are less than a day's gains.

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