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>rubiclets BTFO

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>>uniswap integration
Are they just putting an <iframe> in?


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We just can't stop winning bros. $1 here we come

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No it’s adding uniswap to the list of possible trades so you get the best trade price across all swaps until the L2 bridge is created

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Retard question here, if rbc gets listed on binance we can send it from metamask to binance using the erc20 address and take some profits without paying gas rite?

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they use the silicon valley art. garbage coin.

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das rite

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why I can't just open another browser and compare the rates on two exchanges?

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do you guys think rubic will be on coinbase one day?

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Nice, cross-chain swaps are the future!

And Rubic has a new slogan.

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just adds general convenience which is a plus. You can say that same line of thinking for a LOT of things.

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if we make it to binance, it's not unlikely

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>if rbc gets listed on binance

It won't. Clearly you must be new to crypto

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Absolutely. It's going to unironically usurp Uniswap, $10 is fud at this point, we're looking at $20-$30 per Rubic by the end of the year

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i bought the bottom but then sold before it went up because it wasn't moving AT ALL. the volume on this coin is really dead. the pump even looked like a few whales orchestrated it. sad i missed out on the gains but probably the right decision to protect myself now the coin literally has 1-2 buys an hour in the evenings

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Rubic is crossing the Rubicon
Join us or stay poor
simple as

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Did this look like he was throwing money into a fire to anyone else by the thumbnail?

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>$30 per rubic
oh god, i hope

would put me well into 6 fig hell, im stuck in low 5 figs

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I am, please explain

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it was basically dead before this pump happened mate, get a grip

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the rubicon is LEAVING

either get on or get out

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im sure the whatbots would love to not have everything in the same place

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>it was basically dead then it wasnt dead
pumps like these + higher price floor signal interest in the coin/project

if you can't see that we're still early then you ngmi

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lol you don't get the hidden esoteric meaning in the artwork

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pine.finance already has limit orders

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Were not going to hold your paper hands for you and tell you that you made the right decision. We hold rubic in this thread mofucky.

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again, there were 2 transactions an hour on this coin a few days ago. it's dead apart from pump and dumps. if you were watching it closely recently you'd know exactly what I'm talking about. it's a dead PnD shill coin and only makes sense to buy if you get in VERY low

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rubic needs to hit 0.25 i need to add to my stacklet
this isn't just a PnD anon. and even if it was idgaf because as you said i got in quite early. but it's really not a PnD, this has potential and you can see that, since we aren't back down to 0.0005 cents like an actual PnD

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So by your reasoning any coin or project that has low volume is shit. I guess that means every project because no project has high volume all the time and since the start.

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Whole lotta COPE in this thread from nocoiners. Stay mad and poor.

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good argument. make sense anon

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i meant whalebots

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You do get that the Rubic's CEO has partnered with Binance before (they helped to develop/test Binance Smart Chain on 2018/2019 with MyWish team).
Also, everybody could use Binance Smart Chain with Rubic (no VPN needed)
There is actually possibility that RBC does get added to Binance.

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Well first of all Binance has gotten so big over the years that they don't need to steadily add coins to their exchange anymore, so they barely add anything but triple-A coins which they add rightaway at launch. There are very legit coins out there with a much bigger marketcap than RBC, that have been out for longer than RBC, and still Binance won't list them

However with RBC, it is an exchange therefore somewhat of a "competitor" to Binance. tl;dr: Binance doesn't need/care about RBC, especially now that they're pushing BNB and pancakeswap

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Great project anon but have you checked out $MCM yet

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>Binance barely add anything but triple-A coins
yeah they definitely don't list any shitcoins on there, only certified trillion dollar marketcap
you need to go back

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no, anything with cross-chain to bnc is not a competitor, it's an aid
CZ has gone beyond the small brained mindset of an exchange, and now owns a crypto network

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Tell me whats the last coin Binance added (that wasnt added straight at launch)

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What a beautiful meme.

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cope. you both know the coin was on the brink of death until a whale pumped it 2 days ago. I'm salty I got scared and sold before making more easy profit swinging this shit but I know why I sold. No-one buys this sack of shit apart from to ride pumps. For anyone reading: get in and get out. simple as. Don't reply to me.

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>I'm salty I got scared and sold
stopped reading here. you are far too emotional right now so your thoughts are useless. go take a walk

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Tell me whats the last coin Binance added (that wasnt added straight at launch)

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Artwork is made by terry davis.

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Isn't mywish on binance?

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It is, but thats because Mywish is an old 2017 coin. Binance added pretty much anyone back then

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