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ETH 's problem is incredibly simple, so simple that ETH maxis seethe whenever you mention it
Fees aren't the main problem
Decentralisation is.
>It is becoming harder and harder to run a full node on ETH and will become basically impossible for individuals and most corporations
>People and most companies, if ETH is still adopted, will need to trust full node operators that the network is running in a honest and clear manner
>You are trusting a third party to do what you can't do anymore since you can't run a full node
It is therefore not decentralised and cannot be.
This is why BTC is superior, running a full node is exponentially easier and people can verify their own txs for a true trustless decentralised network

Watch as ETH kikes refuse to adress this, call it FUD or try to shit talks to binance because they have no answer to it

Oh and something else, ETH had unironically a centralised group take decisions that affected it (Vitalik), like printing supply
It is also not a non inflationary scarce asset

TL.DR : ETH is a scam and will never be what VItalik says it is

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S to split on this centralized scamcoin.


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Watch Ethereum fanboys go into all kinds of conniptions in a vain attempt to deflect from this fact.

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scaling is the problem

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all of this is addressed in ETH2, which is already underway successfully

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No it isn't ?
Still not scarce, still not non inflationary, still has a centralised authority (Vitalik) that has a HUGE sway over the entire network
Doesn't adress full nodes problem, in fact, ETH maxis keep moving to goal post and re defining full nodes so people don't look into it too much
>already underway successfully
Yeah I remember people saying that about sharding. 3 years by now ?

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lmao then what is? share with the class why my $4 fees turned into $40 fees over the course of this bullrun when an influx of new people came in to test it's scale.

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Another day, another lack of arguments from ETH cucks
ETH is not decentralised and simply cannot be by essence because of its deisng philosophy

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its a problem every blockchain has, no ethereum "killer" can address it. same necessary storage/cpu/memory requirements if you intend to do as many txs as ethereum can. blockchains arent suited for general purpose computation. future is layered transient networks over bitcoin, but until then ethereum doent have competition

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so you got into ETH because its bad but not as bad as the rest ?
In concrete terms ETH will never last long term because what it provides is not nearly close to what BTC does with true decentralisation