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> be me
> went in ATH dogecoin
> "dont worry, HODL, elon musk will tweet"
> non-stop crabbing
> cant sleep well
> its doomps to 0.04
> starts panic selling
> actualized 3k USD loss
> "BNB is the next big thing"
> went into ATH BNB
> CZ setups bnb discussion session
> it doomps even more
> currently 2k USD paper losses

anon.... i...

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First time?

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Chinks want ur BNB for cheaper just hold onto those fuckers it will 10x atleast

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You really like shitcoins, that's your problem.

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You answer your own question when you say you kept buying the ATH

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i understand doge is actual shitcoin but bnb backed by biggest exchange. unironically hold after this dump bnb will moon

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First off, dont fucking listen to retarded cryptofags on reddit, almost all of them just started and copy eachother and are dumb as fuck.
Secondly, why would u buy something at an ATH when it has pumped a 6x in like 2 weeks, just use your brain or something the fuck are u doing

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You’re asking how people don’t lose money on this and you bought something at ATH. Are you slow or something?

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I lost on boomer coins but not on crypto lmao

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It might, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a centralized shitcoin.

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so how do you not buy at ATH?? like how do you even know it is ATH after it happened?

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>Bought a meme from 2013
What were you thinking?

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That's the fun part haha

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You buy when everyone thinks crypto is dead

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we are here to earn some money right :^) as long as this shitcoin makes me richer idc

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do you not understand what "ATH" stands for? All Time High. you look at the chart, if this is the highest point it's ever been, you don't buy. easy

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This unironically, please panic sell everything BNB is doomed you should cut your losses anon, i'm literally all in on BNB and my appartment in the center of Beijing isn't going to buy itself

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that i know. I bought at 0.08 because i thought it might go even higher.

but it didn't. it doomped

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nice theory man. thats why i didn't buy bnb when it was 70$

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>"What a nice man, these billionaires ant to make me rich too!"

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1) don’t fall for /biz/ scam
2) in a bull market if it don’t pump today or will pump tomorrow

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>went in ATH dogecoin

Anon I...

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trips of absolute truth

OP take notes.
Don't worry newbie, happens to everyone. You got into it BECAUSE it was looking good. Now you've got your toes in the water. Start looking for good solid projects (aka not fucking DOGE jesus christ). Find something good and if the bear market continues through this week, start buying your picks.

Then when the next bull comes, sell your bags to newfags like you.


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u have to buy low and sell high. what u are doing is buying high and selling low. common mistake on biz. glad i could help

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stop following the mainstream shitters unless you have the discipline to get in and out of a trade fast

look at this chart
I've been in it since even before the leftmost part of the chart, when this mooned I went from having just under 5k to over 110k and this isn't even my best performing hold
it isn't even a mainstream coin yet, if this goes mainstream I'm going to end up in 8 figure hell for sure

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Well it’s not that simple
I also bought at ath and am still 3xin profit

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so as long as I don't buy anything that /biz/ or reddit tells me to buy, I would be fine. Is that it?

And if /biz/ or reddit starts talking about a coin I bought, I should start planning my exit?

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Go to this site.


But when green, sell when red. Simple enough for even you. BTC only.

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> First off, dont fucking listen to retarded cryptofags on reddit

But definitely listen to the brain trust here!

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Don’t be retarded

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did you read nothing I said?
DYOR is not a meme.
Biz has shilled plenty of successful coins and without them dropping breadcrumbs for me I would have been completely lost.
Reddit is insufferable, but it's a great place to gather more information about a project.

I don't think this game is for you buddy, stick to your 9-to-5.

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You're a retard playing with shitcoins. Just consistently buy bitcoin over time and you'll be fine

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in general yes but it's not a hard and fast rule because some of the best performing alts I've bought were through /biz/
it's a skill you have to pick up, you really have to discern if people are just trying to shill you something so they can dump on you

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>went in ATH dogecoin

Stopped reading there

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>went in dogecoin

how fucking stupid can you get? do you seriously think a literal reddit meme is an "investment opportunity"?

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It always pumps though...

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invest in bullshit esoteric pitches on /biz/ months before they become public knowledge (but only the profitable ones, as opposed to the ones that will inevitably bankrupt you). Then gloat about it after a rugpull or red dildo wrecks everyone else’s portfolios, it’s just that ez

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it's simple, you buy when crypto is out of season and forget about it. Then, when all your normie friends are talking about crypto again, you check the coin values and cash out.

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>buy joke coin at all time high

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>be me
>buy LTO at 11 cents with all my savings and hold
>didnt lose money

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how to make money in crypto
>buy low sell high
how to lose
>buy high sell low

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You sold at .04? Are you retarded?

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Kek, this. You bought a meme coin and a centralized chink coin. You're a retard that's the real problem.

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I bought BTC at 57K. My limit order is set to sell it at 60K. All I have to do is to wait. BTC will rise, it's just a matter of when.

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>I bought BTC at 57K. My limit order is set to sell it at 60K. All I have to do is to wait. BTC will rise, it's just a matter of when.

>I bought BTC at 57K
>limit order is set to sell it at 60K

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They don't buy the meme coins, redditor.

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Don't you have a REEF general to post in or something?

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>buying REEF
do people really?