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With -20%
Thank you very much 4chan
Sons of a bitch
Give my money back

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Fuck Rick. All my homies hate Rick.

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Wtf did you do that for retard? It’ll be back tomorrow like everything else

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Because the ponzi is over

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This is just dutch hustle. Never ever trust the dutch. Look up at INS/Insolar if you don't believe me.

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Yes they caught me pffff

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kek, i think i bought your bags. thanks OP!

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Checked and based.

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Welcome in the hell .....

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>welcome in the hell
ah, that explains it

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Buy high sell low.

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I'm glad for you

Yea lmao
Wish I could know what's inside these retards' heads

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-4% since my sale
Enjoy your gange

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Keeping your hopium high?
Cutting losses is a thing, there's no way LTO reach ATH again

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- 6%
Do you like your purchasse ?

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yes please sell you weak handed food animal token pump and dump chasing gambling motherfuckers, your tokens will be safer with me where I will add onto my leased stack.

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Everything is down. Not just LTO.
Now is the time to buy not sell! Newfag emotion swingers get the rope. Let the poor stay poor!

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imagen losing money with LTO.
Bought at 0.25 and would still make good profit.

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My average is also around .25, feeling comfy.

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im a few days i sure will. few years even more. unlike you i actually buy low sell high kek

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Anons just bought your bags and will sell at $5. It's okay not everyone deserves to succeed in life, it's just how it is.

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what a retard

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>and will sell at $5

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BTC is going back to 40k, faggots.

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Mmm I might be done with LTO. Taking my 14k stack and leaving.

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This piece of shit is finally dumping, I'll buy back at ~$0.2

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If you cant handle a 15% price swing you dont belong in crypto

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Shut up you tit.

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Babby's first dump

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>If you cant handle a 15% price swing you dont belong in crypto


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True I just want more bancies

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LTO doesn't really dump that hard on red days I'll wait for a few hours for resistance before I get back to accumulating.

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Fucking scam, I had some guy swear up and down to me that this was the future and the tokenomics and all this, I ended up buying at 39c maybe two weeks ago and it just crabs and fucking dumps. No upward movement.

I had to sell at 32.5c to cut my losses. I lost way more than I care to admit.

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>I had to sell at 32.5c to cut my losses.
you didn't lose a single cent until you sold, baka retard

it will be 0.42 in 3 days

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>buy high sell low
I swear you retards make me think everyone is larping here.

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If this is true you're everything this board makes fun of daily >>29369895

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Market movements are not scams. Fucking idiot.

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these people buy coins with money they "can't afford to lose"

that's why they panic

they are not ready to see it go to zero (it never does unless you give money to pajeets)

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>2 weeks
Absolutely state of /biz/

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literally 4 words lmao and you guys mix them up

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I'm ready to hold for 2-3 years I don't care if it dumps 50% today. I am confident in what I invested in.

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hope you are leasing to xeno, friend

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Comfy all the way.

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try less caffeine or whatever you're on
LTO is a 1-2 year hold at least

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Or you could sell and get some realized profits instead of rising it to the bottom like a retard

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The moment I sell it's gonna stop dumping.

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sold at 25c because of the neverending crabbing then it shot past 40c. I am definitely buying that dip! and never selling

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>you all
Not the low IQ y'all. Going to buy even more today.

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this makes you panic sell? absolute retard

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How is insolar Dutch if Andrey is purebred russian?

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why is modern english such a low-IQ limited language. bring back the thee thou thy of yesteryear, not this retarded y'all shit

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Well if it does get to 42 I'll buy back in then. I'm not holding this shit all the way to the bottom

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Team dumped 500K LTO yesterday, stay away from this scam

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True, I was monitoring the chart closely and saw about 20 market sell orders of 25k LTO

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>more tokens supplied to support increasing demand

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>buy when its high
>sell when low
high iq

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This is how newfags losing money during bullrun.
Everything is going up on a bigger scale, he panic sells like a little bitch on a red day
Sad seething pink wojak

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Why would I buy it when it's worth less? Makes no sense. I'd rather own something worth 42c not fucking 20c

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Uh... Anon...

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anon check out $MCM

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It just went below 30. Can't wait to buy more.