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Official Thread for BNT holders:
- General discussion
- News
- Charting analysis
- Memes

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This is literally the only thing I own that isn't dumping today

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We are all going to make it.

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same here
LINK is being useless as fuck right now
$34 stablecoin, hurry up and get to $50

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Money in the Banc

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What happens after a year?

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You make it.
You never work again.

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the world as we know it is changed forever.

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"that´s how I became a Bancer, anyways.. suck my dick"

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If you start staking any amount over 1k you instantly become a millionaire in 1 year.

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Even my grandmother is now in on the Bancor show - there is NO excuse for zoomers to miss this opportunity... HELL, IT IS FOUNDED BY ISRAELIS - IT IS BOUND TO SUCCEED

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What’s the best pot for some single sided staking rn

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you buy your own skyscraper, you buy a lambo, yacht, you have your own colony on mars

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jeez BNT is the most comfy hold right now, everything dumps 10-20% and BNT doesn´t really move at all

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Rewards will end. But by that time, you will have earned shitloads of BNT that in turn will earn you fees.
Bancor's marketshare will increase over time, so the platform's income in fees will also grow.

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Unironically it is likely to reach infinite value

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I'm a poorfag who owns inj, bnt, prq and a little bake. What do.

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Sell it all for bnt

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stay poor nigger

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I am staking nearly 10K though

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How does 7 trillion sound EOM?

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help the poor man out bro goat pussy ain't cheap

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i think conservativley, $40-$50, personally i think its going fairly higher

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somebody bought BNT for 2.4 mil today

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I've been staking for 10 days, only have the 1.25x multiplier. It feels good to be a bancie.

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I am financially circumcised

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I bought at 6.4, it dipped
wonder if I should buy more

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very nice, took me over 20 days to get to around 1k printed...powerful stack, friend

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Which pool should I stake my BNT in and why? Please help a retard

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Copeman Begins

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remember to switch to dark mode on the app so you don't burn your retinas out watching your bancies grow

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Lol dark mode for life.

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I bought this shit at $1. Feel like such an idiot for not buying more.

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Is it possible to stake my bancs directly from my Binance wallet?

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I own 1500, will I make it bros?

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What happens after a year guys, what type of APR do you think we will see ?

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How come this ain’t dumping into oblivion like everything else?

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people stake their BNT, you get vBNT and buy the dips with it, you leverage your trades while getting your BNT rewards at the same time.

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We lost 80 million TVL though, is this because the people swap their assets for BNT or because the bluechips lose so much market cap during the dump? Probably both

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is now a good time to buy ? it's at 6.11 and I don't wanna miss the train

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Spread some buy orders at lower prices so you don't miss better deals

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I want to do something really degen with my vbnt now that staking is not an option yet. Any suggestions?

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I have no idea how to do this on coinbase so I just bought at 6$

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Is 1500 worth staking? And what pool is best?
Help a poorfag

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what is everyone's charting analysis?

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dunno, buy the dip of some coin, stake it on sushiswap, use the xshushi to borrow on AAVE, buy another shitcoin?

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prices fluctuate. market just dipped.

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yes, you probably make 40-50 BNT a month, depending on the price that is over $300 a month + much more if you use your vBNT correctly.

Best pool I don´t know, if you look at the fees probably ETH, if you look at the rewards probably the WBTC pool.

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i hope it doesnt dip too far below $6

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it won’t, sats wise it barely moves.

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Idk if its euphoria but BNT is incredibly comfy

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i have become disillusioned with the rest of /biz/. newfags unironically not being able to handle babby's first dip. swinging every new memecoin. it's a shambles out there lads. stay comfy.

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even if it drops 3 dollars, I make the money back with the staking rewards and the vBNT trades

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Worth staking in the USDT pool? Low lower liquidity, decent volume and high rewards

>> No.29374517

How do i stake this and is this the best longterm investment right now?

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Thanks fren

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2.4m of bnt or one bnt for 2.4M

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this shit is going to dump hard when bitcoin collapses thru 50k.

set your bids under 4$, maybe 3$.

local top buyers will have gas wars to get out.

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Sold this shit at $6.7. Staked got fucked lol because a there’s 24 hour lockup period lmao one of reason I never bothered to stake

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I wish I had more money to buy some more.

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good, gtfo and never come back

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Okay, BNT. Forgive me for my moment of weakness chasing dips and surges.

This thing is a fucking juggernaut that cannot be stopped. It surges, rallies, stabilizes, and when a market correction happens it seems to mitigate about 50% of the losses everyone else is feeling. Still a long ways from a top 20 coin despite all this. At this point if you aren't exclusively holding at least half of your assets in BNT you are going to miss out.

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>isn't dumping today
only scams dont dump in bear

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Price targets? Imagine if we hit $200

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And BTW this is AFTER it surged hard yesterday, typically this means it should be dipping HARD. Just look at NU and REN. They're down, what, 30%+ from their high last week? Almost obliterated

BNT? It's above where it started yesterday already. Lmao. This thing is Jewish magic and you can't convince me otherwise.

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bnt isnt dumping because its massively undervalued

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You'll own nothing.
And you'll be happy

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Can someone help me understand the shirts? Am I able to sell anywhere else other than their site? Is there a contract address for each shirt?

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I also don't understand how these prices are determined.

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it's a bonding curve. The more shirts get sold the higher the price. However, when shirts are sold back, the price will decrease accordingly.

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File: 24 KB, 679x768, 91IM87eeuCL._CLa_2140,2000_51XQDU-xA+L.png_0,0,2140,2000+0.0,0.0,2140.0,2000.0_AC_UX679_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really wish they just had a store selling 20$ tshirts. i just want a shirt

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you will pay $3000 and you will thank her

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Wait how can you see your multiplier?

>> No.29378537

the tvl only shrinked 12% from 1bil? holy fuck.

>> No.29378780

Dude you can go to a trillion webshops and just print a shirt yourself for 20 bucks

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>buy more at 6
>minutes later it's dropped to 4

>> No.29379319

Well boys heres ur 5 dollar BNT

>> No.29379435

holy shit that was a big ETH dip though

>> No.29379444

Ah. So you'll never be able to sell them outside of their shop site. That's fucking gay

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I bought another 150 this morning. Why didn’t I wait.

>> No.29379688

ETH dumped over 25% in the last 24 hours and you want to shit on BNT? Ok. Interesting priorities

>> No.29379914

Crossing fingers we head back towards 6!!!

>> No.29379915

i was thinking 5.8 would be the floor without this market dump, so seeing it held there for a while while the market was shitting itself was nice to see.
he isnt really shitting on it, just telling people that the dip they wanted is here thanks to the market correction.

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when btc starts going sideways, we will hit 6 and pass it lad, dont worry

>> No.29380816

sats wise bnt has already recovered, holy fuck

>> No.29380890

The website doesn't say, but after every 7 days your BNT rewards will increase by 25% up to a max of an extra 100%.

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>some whale swaps 2.4 mil ETH to BNT
>ETH completely shits itself a couple of hours afterwards

did he get lucky or did he know?

>> No.29381623

Bought more during this dip.

>> No.29381696

>the only thing not completely crashing

>> No.29381726

Already back in the green!

>> No.29381864

Price targets?

>> No.29382011

Y'know the website should probably mention this somewhere.i only know about that because this board told me.

>> No.29382090

one hundred zillion trillionarino norweigan ice sculptures

>> No.29382642

wait so you are saying that even in the first four weeks i will still get the 2x multiplier, so long as i stake it for 28 days?

>> No.29382767

yes, the multipliers are retroactive

>> No.29382785

yeah it's retroactive

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why am I such a paper handed faggot? Sold my whole stack at $4.79, bought back at $5.64. Gonna stake and walk away.
Which pool? Should I just go with AAVE/BNT because it has 60 days left or go with a higher reward?

>> No.29383069

That was a very short dip into the 4's, I didnt see it in time to buy.

>> No.29383228

but doge endured also

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>Sold my whole stack at $4.79
oof. hope you learned your lesson swingster.
rewards are voted on to see if they will be renewed at the end of each period, so even if it says only 20d left, that might not be the case. spend a few days reading and lurking

>> No.29384676

She was unphased, unaffected and unbothered throughout this whole thiing. Nothing but respect for my Jewish queen

>> No.29384942

Sure did, got it. I saw the 3 most likely to renew so I’ll go with wbtc. Do you have to unstake and restate at the end of the current 16 day cycle resulting in 2 gas fees?

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bnt and rbc are my holds, very comfy rn

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So, I voted for this with 100k vBNT a yesterday, but have another 200k ready to vote with now. Is there no way to add more to it? I figured it would be possible, but I guess not?

Also, please vote for this. I will suck your benis if you do it.

>> No.29385580

Just bought 400$ of bints. You fuckers better be right. I have 400 of them now

>> No.29385622

I would like to, but I am no whale

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Listen to my dilemma, BNT bros.

I have about 2.5k credit card debt but can take out 9.5k more of credit. Should I just fucking max out and go all in and stake like ~9k USD worth of bnt?

It's certanily a risk, but I feel like I'd be able to pay off the credit card in a year right?

>> No.29385799

If you’re asking for actual advice, no. Don’t max your credit cards on a volatile investment. But do it tho

>> No.29385851

what's the worst that happens? i declare bankruptcy?

>> No.29385887

Mate, don’t ask a bunch of spastics on 4chan for financial advice

>> No.29385905

Well this didn't age well LMAO

>> No.29385975

but i need to do something to feel alive anon

>> No.29386058

You’re going to want to feel dead when you’re waging at McDonald’s for retirement

>> No.29386060

mine are 10, 20, 50, 70, 100

>> No.29386132


>> No.29386392

is there a calculator for rewards? im trying to see if swapping vbnt to stake is worth rn

>> No.29386514

oh my god, no you shouldn't? I'm already stressed tf out because i put most of my net worth on this, i can't imagine relying on the cryptocurrency market to get me out of debt lol

>> No.29386765

Don’t do it anon, never invest what you can’t lose.

>> No.29387758


It was always all or nothing anon. That 12k will take you 6-12 mnths to pay off easily. Could become 40/50/100k either.

High test low iq moves are the way to go. Don’t think. Just do.

>> No.29388727

Only put in what you can afford to lose, that means don't max out your credit card retard.

>> No.29388749

Nice wallet!

>> No.29388988

And we're already back. BNT is too comfy.

>> No.29389208

I might cash out. Steady, stress free growth taking us all to millionaire status doesn’t feel anything like proper crypto.

>> No.29389230

Here's a quick FAQ I put together for bancor newbies. Should be suitable for a first post

Bancor General Newbie FAQ

>Why Bancor?
The Bancor team invented the AMM. The only exchange to offer single sided liquidity pools, with huge rewards. The only exchange to solve impermanent loss. v2.1 brings Vortex, allowing you to leverage against your staked BNT for degen plays. Bancor will deploy Arbitrum soon (testnet since early Jan, 50x gas fees improvement) and on Polkadot (announced, crosschain swaps). It will become the #1 DEX.

>What means liquidity blackhole?
TVL is growing faster than anyone else and they’ve already captured over 40% of TOTAL Link trades. Between the rewards, vortex leverage, and best of all the IL protection, this is the best place to put your liquidity, period. It will inevitably gobble up the liquidity for the pools it offers.

>Price predictions?
Bancor is currently around ~700m market cap. Uniswap, an objectively worse fork of Bancor, is around ~8b mcap. 10x is just catching up to its mutant child. As Defi grows, Bancor will lead the pack. $40 is FUD.

>Is this the next LINK?
No, Link is the next Link. This is good though.

>What is make it/suicide stack?
IMO, you’ll probably want around 500 BNT to be worth staking. Make it stack it probably around 3000 BNT. More is better.

>Should I stake?
Yes. Rewards are insane for the time being. Stake your BNT in the LINK, ETH, or wBTC pools as those rewards are likely to be renewed and they have the highest volume. Stake your non-BNT tokens in their available pools. Yes, gas to stake will be expensive ($200-$300).

>If I stake LINK, ETH, etc, do I get more of that token?
Partially. Rewards are paid in BNT, swap fees are paid in the native token.

>> No.29389320


>I heard there are infinite BNT tokens.
Not a question, but ok. The token supply is elastic. If BNT tokens are needed to balance a pool, they are minted. If someone joins the pool with BNT, the system’s BNT are burned. There are pool limits which expand when it is safe to. These tokens are not actually in the supply.

>How do they solve IL?
Transaction fees from the system’s BNT are reserved to pay for impermanent loss. v2.1 beta showed that these fees pay for possible IL many times over. You have to stake for the full 100 days though. If you remove early, you won’t be fully protected.

>It’s already pumped. Is it too late?
Nigger I just told you it’s a 10x PLUS you stake for more BNT. If you double your stack through staking that’s a 20x. If you buy and stake you’re actually soaking up my rewards so this is virtuous biz trying to help you.

>What do I do with vBNT?
If you need to ask, you need to research. Do not leverage if you don’t know what you’re doing. You might end up locking part of your stack without realizing it.

>> No.29389448

If you have a common question to add, I will address it.

>> No.29389661

nigga how the fuck you doubling your stake on 10% annual returns?

>> No.29389759

Rewards dipshit

>> No.29389846

rewards are a factor too not just apr

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Thanks, fren.

>> No.29389976

Moved a large amount of my link into this the other day. Feels great, withstood the dump where King shitcoin of course cratered.

>> No.29390335

not bad anon.

>> No.29390389

how long do swaps usually take? it's been like 5 min

>> No.29390515

rbc is a scam

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see /CTG/ - Crypto Toddlers General, should be in the catalogue somewhere

>> No.29390657

can some whale put some BNT in the AMP pool pls?

>> No.29390838

guys I think we might experience an super bullish day...as in the most bullish yet. Anyone that bought that dip under $5, good job.

>> No.29390933

thanks fren ill head over there

>> No.29390969

if King shitcoin doesn’t shit its pants then yes

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Bancor is literally unstoppable.

>The entire market dips
>BNT goes up
Are we really all going to make it?

>> No.29391100

>market is down 8%
>bancor is back in green today although already megapumping the last days
Cmon bancies its getting ridiculous

>> No.29391219

>The only exchange to offer single sided liquidity pools
>single sided liquidity pools
what's the benefit of this?

>> No.29391230

Yes. Yes we are.

>> No.29391392

1k Banclet waiting on arbitrum to stake. I won’t make make it, but I hope you big bag bad boys do. I’ll be watching and hodling below deck.

>> No.29391433


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>> No.29391499

I mean, besides the obvious part where you don't have to pool an equal amount of a token that you might not want to own?

>> No.29391503

6.66$ baby

>> No.29391658

you'll be one step away from making it broseph

>> No.29391671


>> No.29391730

It recovered so fast I forgot this morning even happened

>> No.29391734
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>> No.29391748

?? At 1k BNT you have enough to warrant staking right now.

>> No.29391759


>> No.29391787

185 BNT all-in stacklet here

we'll at list make it out of homelessness

>> No.29391804

hoping we break out above yesterdays local high

>> No.29391829

How do you do this? I can't get it to work with my ledger.. Can you use metamask?

>> No.29391857
File: 3 KB, 132x189, Screenshot_2021-02-22 Coinbase Pro Cryptocurrency Exchange.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29391868
File: 806 KB, 1001x823, 1565569467008.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.29391905
File: 959 KB, 1329x1429, 1613843002928.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.29391961

6k Banclet here am I gmi?

>> No.29391992

What fees are there for staking?

>> No.29392052

We are all going to make it

>> No.29392099

>$100 of a shitcoin I want to offload and $40 eth in a bancor linked wallet
>not enough eth for gas
Lol what’s the point? I spent $15 moving the shitcoin to the bancor wallet too as I’m not linking my wallet. What a waste of time and shitty system. How is uniswap and this stuff even sustainable? I can’t even sell my shitcoin on it with $40 for gas!

>> No.29392112

Just gas

>> No.29392188

Seriously wtf do I do? Happy to hold bnt even but I can’t even trade my shitcoin which would cost like $1-2 on a normal exchange (they

>> No.29392226

Did you guys see that? wtf

>> No.29392254

(They don’t list it though)*

>> No.29392264



>> No.29392418

This and some shit called 'Numeraire' are the only things in the green right now. what the hell is that should i buy it

>> No.29392434

I have 6 figures and don’t need to do it, I also have autism though and wanted to get rid of this shitcoin. I’m not putting more eth in as that’s retarded. Why are people using these exchanges? Seriously though, is that it, I pay $120+ to sell my $100 of shitcoin or nothing?

>> No.29392595

Pretty good day for BNT. Glad I doubled my holdings during the dip

>> No.29392616

some people are having issues connecting the network to their wallet. What error message is it giving you? Unlock your hardware wallet and enter the ethereum app, then press the connect wallet button on the website.

>> No.29392674

people use the exchanges to get shitcoins in the first place, for decentralisation, to avoid kyc etc etc whatever. how do you have 6 figures in crypto if you dont understand this? the fees will come down as eth improves and l2 solutions come around

>> No.29392801

is there any risk in this?

>> No.29392862

how is BNT not $100? what am i missing?

>> No.29392897

We need a retard proof guide for staking for retards like me

>> No.29392945

because people are only ust realising whats up

>> No.29392959

rewards don't make you get 100%

my rewards are double my fees. so 30% annual apr

>> No.29392963

Just need time now we’ll get there

>> No.29392998

the market is crashing and frankly bancors marketing itself is shit. obviously a good portion of whales know about it but we need a lot more mid-range crypto owners to be using it

>> No.29393170

we will have our marketing when the unicorn's blood is spilling over the charts


>> No.29393181

>how do you have 6 figures in crypto if you dont understand this?
I understand it is used for illegal anonymous trading but I have always used normal exchanges and I don’t trade shitcoins or buy things only on these kinds of exchanges. I did some ICOs back in 2017 though. I only had these from when they were listed on bitterx or something years ago, I can’t even remember why I bought them. So basically I have to pay up to $120 eth to sell my $100 of shitty tokens? Is there no way around that, even by converting to bnt or something?

>> No.29393186

yeah actually they do. When you stake BNT most of the pools + APR are around 90-100% or more.

>> No.29393247

also multipliers. 0.25% every week at a cap of 2x

>> No.29393254

you can wait till eth fees come down. google it

>> No.29393340

Yeah I already knew and thought I would have to do that. Fucking retarded. Ok thanks.

>> No.29393397

Lots of people unstaked today. Bnt will dump hard tomorrow

>> No.29393424

I wouldn’t care but it’s only $10-15 to sent stuff from my wallet on the eth network and max about $50 but it never charges that.

>> No.29393436

After today, a lot of newer crypto buyers are going to look at BNT's performance vs. the rest of the market during the dips and realize what a strong investment it is. I think $8 consistently end of week.

>> No.29393512

Total BNT staked: 54.68%
Basically unchanged
Where are you getting your info?

>> No.29393577

Have a 2k stack of BNT I want to stake, WBTC / ETH / LINK or another?

>> No.29393589

lmao no they didn't but please post shorts

>> No.29393619

It went up almost 3x in just the last couple weeks, so it's getting much more attention. Also the volume and liquidity has shot up too.

>> No.29393634

How can you tell? Pretty sure the total bnt staked number hasn't changed much in 24H

>> No.29393844

>how is BNT not $100? what am i missing?
my working theory is uni is doing two things, one the AMM is pricing itself up. 2nd, hayden has a fortune, the token itself has not that much volume, so he bought the fucking up.
uni is a voting token, its legit worth 10 cents. there is literally nothing rational or logical about the price of uni, or sushi. BNT should be 50 bucks, end of story, yet here is is single digits.

>> No.29394091

>How can you tell? Pretty sure the total bnt staked number hasn't changed much in 24H
yeah, i mean, within 1-2%.
It dropped off when vortex released but stabilized in the current range.
Consider its unsuprising there is profit taking happening. A year ago bnt was 15 cents, if I was smart enough to load up 100k at 15 cents, you I would take profits too. If you were double smart and had been in LM all along, when rewards hit(retroactive) you would have like doubled your stack for doing nothing. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, if you understood what was happening, even of BNT price never went up, you could have made a fortune...

>> No.29394307

do it, pussy.

>> No.29394424
File: 122 KB, 960x690, 1613397243932.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if only you knew how comfy things really are.

>> No.29394633

I feel like the market could dip 50% and this would find it's way up

>> No.29394961


I should also add I have no reasonable way to pay it off in a reasonable time because I wage and make about $400/mo

>> No.29394976

look at his posts Dude, he sold his stack, he probably wants people to dump it

>> No.29395230

everything dumped and I made money with my BNT pools, it´s kinda stupid

>> No.29395259

onchain data. These bnt devs have everything wrong on their website price, volume and even total liquidity. Also, ether doesn't look good and bnt will go down with it. There will be many V2.1 bagholders

>> No.29395427

post proof

>> No.29395496

How do I look

>> No.29395546


The absolute shittiest credit card charges 27-39% apr. Bancor has +100% apr liquidity mining rewards. Usually you shouldn't buy crypto with credit cards, but this is a new paradigm. Go for it, be the meme.

>> No.29395768

Explain why vBNT price is also stable. If people were buying out, vBNT price would indicate as such.

>> No.29395810

the stats on their website are not updated in real time peabrain

>> No.29395835
File: 6 KB, 250x181, 1605069760311s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it makes no sense to me, you want to tell me people pay 500 dollars in ETH fees or more at the current prices to unstake their BNT and sell a coin that has barely moved during the major dip?

>> No.29395984

Say I add 1000 BNT to WBTC/BNT and later down the line I add another 1000 BNT on the same pair. Would this just count as two different positions under the "protection" tab?

>> No.29396145

What's your guys's timeframe for restaking rewards? Every 3 months? 6?

>> No.29396198

when number go big

>> No.29396339

yes, you will see the two positions as 1 big position in your account, but if you click on it you will have a drop down menu which shows you both positions separately.

The IL protection starts with the time you add the funds.

>> No.29396397

Depends how how much you have right?

>> No.29396433

Thank you.

>> No.29396525

Just a slight correction. The IL protection does not start for 30 days, and you get full protection after 100 days.

>> No.29396532

>Transaction fees from the system’s BNT are reserved to pay for impermanent loss. v2.1 beta showed that these fees pay for possible IL many times over. You have to stake for the full 100 days though. If you remove early, you won’t be fully protected.

So if i suffer IL at day 50 will I still get everything back if I stick with it until I have full coverage?

>> No.29396604
File: 8 KB, 318x159, ryan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

btw, if you do as proposed, the rewards multiplier if there is one is automatically applied to new bnt on same position, counter does not start new for additional, it immediately gets whatever multiplier you are at..

>> No.29396610

How do you check your multiplier value?

>> No.29396665

100 days for 100%

>> No.29396671

50% of your stake will be protected from IL. You might lose some money on the other 50% but that is not guaranteed

>> No.29396700

You start getting IL protection on day 30 at 30%, going up by 1%/day until 100% on day 100

So you will be suffering IL the entire time, but by day 50 the protocol will pay you for half of that, by day 100 it will pay your entire impermanent loss

>> No.29396927

>How do you check your multiplier value?
it doesn't show it, i made request to devs to add it, they said the UI update will include..

>> No.29397071

Wut, really. Doesn't that mean that you should stake a tiny bit into a bunch of them just to get that multiplier rising, just in case you decide to put a large amount into one eventually, or am I misunderstanding something?

>> No.29397259
File: 26 KB, 474x356, 53106583.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guess which retard did that without knowing

>> No.29397279
File: 3 KB, 125x121, 1613772649364s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy fuck really? There is no reason to stake in other pools then

>> No.29397454

Gas fees would make this uneconomical

>> No.29397546

The multiplier applies to each of your positions, increasing by 25% each week until it's 2x on week 4 and onwards

So you don't boost your multiplier or anything by having multiple stakes.

Another cool thing is that if you reset your multiplier by withdrawing a stake, your multiplier goes back to 1x on all your positions, but when the multiplier starts going back up, it applies retroactively to all your positions

>> No.29397637

Yeah exactly, Bancor is going to suck up liquidity for defi blue chips because it makes so much sense to stake here vs elsewhere.

LINK is the first pool to go super deep, other pools will follow

>> No.29397693

If you leave your money staked for 4 weeks it doesn't matter

>> No.29397853

It does because staking in another pool I won't have the 2x multiplier for the first 4 weeks

>> No.29398328

Depends on how much you can see yourself staking though. I'm dealing with pretty large amounts and gas fees are negligible for the most part. I wouldn't mind paying a couple of thousands to get the multiplier rising for a position I might add millions to.

I'm not talking about boosting or anything, I was talking about having the multiplier start accumulating with just 1 BNT, for instance, just in case I'd want to add a couple of million buckaroos worth down the line. Is this possible, or am I misunderstanding?

>> No.29398568

That simply created 400 k new BNT tokens.

>> No.29398843
File: 87 KB, 800x800, 1613950638016.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29398957

best pool to add liquidity?. Have 5k BNT and about to hit the confirm button.

>> No.29399040

This pyscho coin is actually gaining Sats while BTC is tanking

>> No.29399073

wBTC has good rewards+apr and the rewards will likely get extended

>> No.29399153

Bancor, more like Bunker (for dumps)

>> No.29399445
File: 5 KB, 250x217, 1613050581341.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ive been holding crypto for two weeks and finally told my parents about how much money ive been making. I even told them I wont need to work for a while. Now im down to where i started if this keeps up and theyre going to laugh at me. Im going to sell while I'm still up. Fuck you biz for wasting my time

>> No.29399539
File: 116 KB, 344x342, nosig.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Guess which retard did that without knowing
lol, I know one retard that DIDN'T and the found out like an our later kek.
its ok, im in this shit for the duration so not worried..

>> No.29399575

absolutely based

>> No.29399615

Is there a bancor staking guide somewhere for absolute noobs?

>> No.29399669

jew coin

>> No.29399881

medium bancor articles

>> No.29400357

What is happening with arbitrum? Am I just being impatient or have they teased this for far too long now?

>> No.29400406

ohhh yeah that is possible I think

>> No.29400481

comfy because I expect this coin to surpass $20 in March at a minimum. unless all of crypto bleeds like sideways for months, then its a guarantee.

>> No.29400548

Dev call with Bancor devs last week made it sound like it was only weeks away

Btw no one has launched on Arbitrum yet, it's still in test net all around, so Bancor isn't late or anything. They are likely to be the first or very close to the first to plug Arbitrum in

>> No.29400637


BNT will explode when all Avax and BSC pumpchasers flock back in.

>> No.29400644

unless you are cashing out you havnt made anything, are you a swingie

>> No.29400725

Why are people so bullish on Arbitrum integration? Every goddamn project can integrate such a L2 solution..

>> No.29400876

Neat. Gonna do that with some stablecoins. Not a big deal if it doesn't work and it'll definitely be worth it if I can just deposit a big stack eventually and instantly get a big multiplier.

>> No.29400918

but only a few have lol

>> No.29401010

not blaming bnt, might have seemed that way but I think arbitrum has been a big tease for too long now.

>Dev call with Bancor devs last week made it sound like it was only weeks away

this is hopeful at least, thanks anon

i think so too, a lot of potential here

>> No.29401113

Considering all the bitching about gas fees lately, surely you can realize yourself why cutting them down would be beneficial for DEX?

>> No.29401218

Sure but what happens when Uniswap and Sushiswap also integrate Arbitrum? Where’s BNT’s edge then?

>> No.29401291

As long as each stake eventually gets to 4 weeks it doesn't matter because the reward multiplier is retroactive for all your rewards earned on that stake. Adding to a pool early would only matter if you are worried that the reward countdown will expire before you get to 4 weeks.

>> No.29401584

Even having first mover advantage for a month would be great when simple tokenswap costs 100$. Also a lot more people with smaller stacks would stake if they wouldnt get raped with gas fees. And I think uniswap already confirmed v3 wont be using arbitrum

>> No.29401631

Wait, so after 4 weeks all of the rewards you've already earned are doubled as well?

>> No.29401729

was wondering of that too. I thought only the future rewards would start coming in with 2x multiplier

>> No.29401888

I disagree. Bancor had a 1-2 year first mover advantage with their AMM. Yet they failed to deliver as they watch Uniswap and Sushiswap eat up BNT’s marketshare

>> No.29402049

after each week, all the rewards you have earned increase by 25%. Read bancor info on how the rewards work, it's retroactive and applies to all the rewards earned on that stake, even if you add a newer stake into the pool it applies to that too.

>> No.29402328
File: 169 KB, 646x700, 48392384729348.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

checked. Tranny and sushi paved the way for a superior product. The first mover advante is true but I doubt they will be able to maintain their TVL for long.
that's amazing

>> No.29402359

uh because it's good for the entire ecosystem and other projects integrating Arbitrum is in no way bad for Bancor

>> No.29402474

Uniswap and Sushiswap are doing Optimism and it's behind Arbitrum rn

Also Bancor isn't competing directly with Uniswap/etc anymore, they are positioning themselves as a provider of very deep liquidity for crypto blue chips. No interest in listing shitcoins.

>> No.29402615

ok can this go back up to 6.90 again real quick that was incredible i liked that

>> No.29402679

Are rewards recalculated for changing LM rewards rate when they are sent out? Also, if the price of BNT dropped by a lot, you would start getting more BNT in rewards? Or is the amount constant?

>> No.29402806

be patient. that was just a taste of whats to come

>> No.29403342

Poorfag here with only 55 BNT currently, how much do I need to cover the gas fees over too the Bancor network? It’s be worthless to transfer over now correct? I need some help understanding

>> No.29403468

yeah keep them for now. The gass fees will be like $200

>> No.29403539

well it costs about $150-450 literally anytime you interact with the smart contract. So most people say around a few grand to stake to make it worth the fees.

>> No.29403581

Jesus, is there any plans to decrease this? I’ve heard about a bridge being developed internally but would that help my situation at all?

>> No.29403675

you also have to pay a fee anytime you stake your earned rewards and to withdraw, it's insane.

>> No.29403705

Arbitrum will make gas 1/50 of that. It should be out this month or next

>> No.29403790

Yes, either that or price increase in BNT. If they go to something like $20 it might make sense for you to stake then.

>> No.29403921

Uniswap is doing Optimism because Hayden’s fucking friend founded it not because it’s better. Just an FYI. I read it in an interview. Sushi is probably just copying Uniswap again

>> No.29403933

Damn , I guess I’ll just miss the staking party and hold :(

>> No.29404000
File: 169 KB, 1024x537, 1613947543412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just hope they don't rush it again

>> No.29404103

When pool cycle ends, do we have to unstake and restake again (2 gas fees) or can we just stay in the same pool?

>> No.29404142

Impermanent loss protection and single sided liquidity. Bancor is a WAY better option for LPs. More liquidity= less slippage= more trades= more revenue for LPs. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

>> No.29404198

Well I went all in today, I wish I would have sooner, but I did at least buy the dip.
I am currently sitting at 1720 banties.

I did not think about saving any Eth, but I would like to stake. About how much is it going to run me to get the staked?

Also if I delegate to the eth pool is there any estimates for how man BNT I will get monthly? I did not know if there was any sort of calculator.

Thanks anons!

>> No.29404227

I'm retarded and poor how much do I need to stake on coinbase?

>> No.29404286

Rush what? Arbitrum? Arbitrum was created by Offchain Labs which is not related to Bancor

>> No.29404360

the implementation into Bancor. Is it unfuckupable?

>> No.29404418

Calculate the Bnt rewards on the Eth pool and add that to the APY for swap fees. Then multiply that by 2 and divide by 12. That’s what you will make monthly.

>> No.29404471

Will that affect already staked assets? Or is it only for new interactions with the smart contract? Im technically retarded but im guessing this applies to allnold contracts aswell?

>> No.29404473

You would have to send your money to their app/website and stake it for a long time.

>> No.29404579

It’s already integrated. Test net running perfectly. Arbitrum is currently undergoing final security audits before it is released. The founder was the CTO to the white house during the Obama administration so I don’t think they are planning on scamming anyone lol

>> No.29404715

Already staked assets aren’t using gas until they are unstaked. So no it won’t affect you until you withdraw. It WILL likely affect revenue which will go up as more people are able to use the protocol due to cheaper gas

>> No.29404783

The reward % in the rewards column is assuming you have the 2x multiplier.

>> No.29404949

No. That’s before the 2x multiplier. You literally are going to get double that number. It’s crazy.

>> No.29405169

Thanks i was talking about unstaking, or rather restaking which will come earlier. I was worried that old contracts needed to be resolved with old fees but im glad to hear that isnt the case

>> No.29405188

maximum comfy

>> No.29405401


>> No.29406904