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Past thread: >>29290108

Bitcoin crash next day.

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2011 crash

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2013 crash

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The 2014 crash bitcoin

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The last crash 2017

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-80% ??
58.000>>>>>>>>>>> 11.600$

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today @ 52.000$

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Back to 18k my bros. This is fine tho bc APOLLO was listed on UNI and will do a x100 now EZ

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bruh I fucking hope so
I'd make so much fucking sat gains if it drops to 5k holy fuck

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What kind of nimrod brained logic is that?

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This is the worst attempt at FUD I've ever seen.

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He'd buy high and sell low

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the logic of maximizing sats instead of fiat
you'll see soon enough

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you fucking niggers this time it's different

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Good luck with that when the whole market goes to shit. You're obviously new.

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When btc dumps your shitcoin dumps sats you retard. Unless you’re shorting you have no leg to stand on here

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Let him lose 80% on top of his 80% loss...

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>beaner poorfag doing doomsday ta
biggest buy signal i've seen in a long time

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I sold btc and waiting for the price to drop so I can get more
>having to explain this

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>Road to 5k
I'd unironically take out a loan to buy

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It's been that way all the way up to 57k though. I don't have a position in crypto atm but the influx of noobies who think they'll get rich is a much bigger sell signal imo.

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58.000$ -80% is 11.600$ not 18.000

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The top isn't in til about 80-100k USD, still a few weeks to go, we had some unusual additional growth due to GME shenanigans that throw off the charts

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Sats gain implies holding other projects that increase in comparison to BTC. You're embarrassing yourself.

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sats means value in bitcoin, trading fiat to btc is perfectly fine to "maximize sats"
stop talking out of your ass

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5000 dollars impossible.
But 11.600-12.000$ yep.

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Thanx for the info bro, shorting this 79% to be 100% safe, see you from my new yacht tomorrow

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There's no helping out a retard like you.

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yeah the low 100k range will most likely be the absolute top and the 10-20k range the bottom

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2 year bear market has begun! Feeling comfy

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never asked for your help, antbrain

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Buy in 2023?

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did you come from fucking /b/ or something?

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Obviously. And he's also 16 and living with his mom.

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Stooop I'm at work I can't get this hard, not now

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why? did you run out of smart things to say like "hurr durr buy high sell low"?

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Your arguements are like a literal car crash, I just can't look away.

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i went from 11 btc to ~35 btc during the last bear market so i can see where he's coming from

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that was my only post in the thread it literally tells you that
How do you fucking feed yourself?

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I doubt the same applies to him though...

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>buy btc when its low
what part dont you understand? did you take your meds?

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You idiots have been saying this the whole way. You are like the preachers who predict the second coming. Always wrong. It might very well crash soon, but it this ta is useless. If you guess every day that to day will be the day of the crash then sooner or later you will be right. It won't be because of ta though.

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...it’s just sitting at 55k this thread is retarded

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this, USD is a nice shitcoin that moons in sats during each crypto bear

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That said, BTC & ETH do seem high lol

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You idiots predicts btc to Moon or to 140.000 or 1M.
Baby, you are failed!

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