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What the fuck is goin on lads ???? Everything is in the fucking red like a nuns period !!!!

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dump everything or end up selling your boipucci for a gallon of milk before this xmas

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This is nothing. I just went from over half a mill to just under 300k and dont give a shit.

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Should have bought some Parsnips, they're finally in the green

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oh no oh no he's not a half-millionaire he's a three hundred thousandaire let's cry for him and his hellish six figures

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>how can everything be red

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Yes, cry for me, 6 figure hell is real.

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This is barely even a dip

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I may be wrong but weren't dumps typically over weekends? Last few weeks, dumps came late on sunday and lasted til about tuesday. While it's the same amount of time, is the shift in when everything bullish or bearish?

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>300k vs 500k
anon you are a retard thats a massive fucking loss

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XRP nice and green idk what you are talking about

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Evening, fellas.

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>going back in time 48 hours
>barely a dip

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I’m up 24% in the day, no idea what your talking about

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Oh hello bobo, can't say I missed you

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Ok fuckers those who say that they are comfy in the greens tell me which fucking shitcoin you are holding. RIGHT NOW !!!

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Forgot pic

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Ftm, PRQ are my major positions

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Will ftm ever make it ? Will it ever be worth 1 dollar ?

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it's still more money than i've ever seen. this is like crying for DFV who "lost" millions of unrealized profits holding his shit GME stock.

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Fucking binance doesn't have rubic !!! Fuck you binance !

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based Fantom keeping me in the green

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My portfolio is now higher than 12 hours ago. You're in the wrong projects, kek.

And no, I didn't short anything, my holdings just went up.

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2M down to 1.77 oh no.

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this is true but im upset BTC will go under 55k, i have all of my money in there right now. luckily i sold all my gaycoin 2 days ago (atom, grt, aave)

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Someone please short this so we can go up :)

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i bought BTC at 56k because someone told me it was going to 100k
it was my last stack so this is it, if it rugs i'm out forever and waging until my broken body fails and then it's gibs until i die

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Just wait 4 years you’ll be fine

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wow, I would kms

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Zoom out you fucking plebs

I’d love a 50% dip so I can all in and then fuck off to live in the wild for a few years

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I don't have 4 years man I can feel my guts seizing up on me
haven't had sex with a girl in over a year
haven't had sex with a non-fat girl in over a decade
i just want to eat a bullet

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Lol, wtf are you holding???

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Stop thinking about sex you coomer.

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i can't help it i have low self esteem and i'm lonely
i never made it so it's the only thing i could have anymore.

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Just shag men, ezpz

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If it snowballs after it finishes its testing in Afghanistan I think it can go up to 10$

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Don't be a coombrain, sex cultism Is basic shit for plebs and animals. You occasionaly fuck to take your stress off, or from pure symphaty and thats it.

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ICX and Nano from atl in 2019

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God shut the fuck up

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start thinking about sex you eunuch

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Sure, but by that same logic, why sook about a dip if you believe that in time, things will go up? I don't give a shit because I'm in it for the long haul, and I've just been using crypto as a replacement for a 401k and have been putting my savings into it each week from wage slaving.
Just turn off and come back, unless your in some dumb shit that's going to die.

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I capitulated. Brace yourselves. Turbulences inbound.

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Shut the fuck up you hypersocialized faggot

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no u

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Some big-ass whales just cashed out

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nicu catchi
snipe that bottom anon

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You’ll make it back this week anon, no worries.

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lift some fucking weights retard, only you can help yourself

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Luna (terra)

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sell it all for the BITCOIN

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Escorts are a thing, you retard. Probably accept btc too now

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Why is DOGE green

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Doge is fucking strong. People make fun of it because it hasn't surpassed the 10 cents like they wanted, but they are swinging from a solid .50 to .60 for a while already and it doesn't even give a shit about Bitcoin anymore.

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.05 .06, sorry.

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>up 200% in less than a month
What did you think was going to happen?

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everything in crypto goes in cycles. You could "feel" this dump coming in the last 2 days with everything coming to a grinding halt and going sideways. It was easy to see after so much green for so long. The question is.... how far is this dip going to go? Will it be like the last dip, or will be a shakeout? You just don't know...

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Lmao what are you going about? What did you expect, that this faggot musk wont cash out after getting like 20% profit on his 1.5 bil in a week? Just dont sell your shit, dont add to devaluation of the market. I'm only two months into crypto with 2k worth of poorfolio, and even my Green ass understands that buy high sell low Is the only way to be in a loss. And I'm not selling a single shitcoin. Although, my stuff Is somewhat fine, inj, prq and a little bit of bake, nothing catastrophical.

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GOING TO 0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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my lil bnb/cake already recoverin yall :)

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so how serious are these threads....
I'd hate to wonder how many people are capitulating at -10% in crypto lol

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Only 2 months in? You don't understand anything sucker

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What the hell are you even talking about. Everything went up 10-20% in the last 48 hours, including king Bitcoin.

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Because people use it to move crypto between exchanges fast and cheap. In times of uncertainty more stuff is moved around by paperhands.

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10% and you newfags are already shitting your pants, fucking pathetic.

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imagine letting yourself lose 10% of your asset
im new but thats retarded, shouldnt you have sold at -0% and rebought at -10%?

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he's talking about a gut feeling

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this same shit happened last week

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damn you can see the future bro?
why hasn't anyone else thought about doing that before man that's crazy.

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At least you can have sex, I can't coom nor maintain an erection for the life of me when I'm with a girl, no matter how hot she is. dunno what reason I have to live if I won't ever be able to make sweet love to my partner

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Most people lode money trying to time the market. Yeah if there's a 10% drop in a day you'd make profit selling the top and buying the bottom. Good luck figuring out where either of those is. If you sell early shit can move up 20% a day easy without you on board.

Simplest to just hodl until it looks like shit's gonna pop for real. And even then you’ll want to be early, because way too early is better than a bit too late when the big one comes.

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I love holding crypto.
Either I get rich or I die young at 35 from the stress, can't lose.

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I understand enough to not panic sell, not hold pokemon coins for long, and most importantly, not being a faggot.

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Can i borrow your crystal ball?
If I had 100% certainty that I knew exactly when the dump would begin, and at what price it would stop - then yes I would sell and rebuy -probably. Even then I think I wouldn't because the tax wouldn't be fucking worth the minor gains.

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2018 all over bros

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The reason everyone has ants in their pants is that it's quite likely we'll see 20% a day dips one day, except they'll continue for half a year and then we'll crab for several years.

I don't think that time is yet, I think this is just an intermediate correction, but there's no guarantees either way. We know what happened last time, but nothing is forcing things to behave similarly this time.

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Why do I overthink buying crypto? I could pick any random thing in the top 100 and it'll move exactly the same as the rest.

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Imagine actually holding BTC. Say goodbye to everything lmao

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It's also worth noting that Trump recovered the economy and it was booming and a booming American economy is good for the dollar. When fiat is strong, crypto weakens. Biden isn't going to be giving us a strong economy and the great reset is guaranteed to destroy fiat.

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Beyond he obvious mini-bubble following GME, what prompted the the sharp decline?

Did somewhere ban it or did Tesla bail out etc? Or just a basic readjustment until the big firm buys in?

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time to load up boyos!

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next time you trade. instead of putting 100% in one, you put 5% into each of the top 20 cryptos on coinmarketcap.
like that, you catch the pumps you otherwise would never catch.
one pump in one of the 20 can cover the losses of the 19 other. trade with a moving average over bitcoin on the daily or weekly timeframe to give you direction.

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Fucking based

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Wtf you holding to lose that much? I only went from 250k to 230k

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Some history for u niggers. this is nothing

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fucking BOGGED

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Work out and read pick up books retard if you want to fuck retard

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Thanks fren

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Lol ye listen to this retard. Read pick up books lmao

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Why haven't you sold yet?

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Hahahaha please tell me burgers aren't this fucking retarded.

Trump printed a stupid amount of money to keep the stock market afloat, this has weakened the us dollar for the next 3 decades, smarter burgers than yourself dove into crypto to avoid the hyperinflation caused from his unchecked printing.

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ICX and Nano

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>2 months in
oh no no no no

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>at last got balls to get into crypto
>studied and registered my accounts whole week while market was rising
>deposited and bought a few coins yesterday
Well, so that's what you guys were waiting for.

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that anime girl looks like a dog or a dinosaur

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I've been at a 40% loss the past few days because of avax. I'm not sure what you're talking about.

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I wish I had your strength anon

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I dont give a flying fuck. Crash BTC all the way to $100. I didn't buy enough when it was cheap.

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these high gas fees are a conspiracy to keep neets from making it from hidden gems

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>buy the dip on BNB last night at $280

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where do you guys get the info about things like FTM and PRC? why haven't I cottoned on to this yet?

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read /biz/ 16 hours a day

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>wake up
>yuros let btc crash

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$295 here.

I bought 0.1

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What's the bottom?

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I was going to sleep yesterday and it was already crashing, stupid murritard. Say thx to Elon dumping.

t. euro

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Gives me hope. Thanks anon

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Maybe you should regularly move all your into usdt when sundays come

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i will buy the 35k dip

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BTC lost value faster than stocks or actual gold and some still dare to call it digital gold. kek

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relax newfags

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i gained enough courage to buy a few more BNB at $250. now my average cost is only $275.

i hope this summer is a hot one...

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Bake @ 0.88 nigga

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because it's unregulated. there are no (((circuit breakers))) or (((ticker halts))) or (((market hours.))) if you were awake when the crash begun you could have exited. if you want jewish training wheels go trade boomer stocks.

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my portfolio is riding on the wings of KSM

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GRT was the most talked about coin on /biz/ when it was listed on Binance and Coinbase in November.

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>What doesn’t go up, mustn’t come down.

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Honey you're probably gay

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It's even going off the chart lmao

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What we do in life, echoes in eternity.

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do this only if you want to pay more taxes than your crypto gains
based irs man

>> No.29374752

I bought some shitty microcap yesterday and I’m up 100% in 24 hours. Called Lead Token

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BOTS. Bought it yesterday at $0.42, it’s currently at $0.43. Shitcoin so shit it can’t even dump when the whole market does.

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Why doge? Why not use XRP or something with higher volumes?

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New paradigm

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this guy gets it, newton would be proud

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I bought 2 days ago, my first cryptos at the top. House money though, I only used my stimulus check. I'm about to load up now with my own money.

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number only go up

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Shouldn't it be the same no matter what? Like what I mean is, you can tax each transaction or tax when it's pulled out, either way you get taxed.