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I was looking at Algorands chart and noticed its been in a long downward trend and figured if this project was good, as Ive heard it shilled many times here, I should maybe get in now. So after doing some research, its sounds nice, but I want to hear some other opinions. Discuss.

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I don't think it's pretty based. I think it's extremely based.

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It's undeniably a good buy but normies haven't caught on yet. Don't expect a pump anytime soon.

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STFU stupid nigger. Ive done research, but Im using this board to hear other's thoughts. BAKA why tf are niggers allowed on this board.

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at it's current price and the APY, how could you lose? Every day my shit compounds into more ALGOs. I just set it and forget it.

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Then lurk more, there are posts daily

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Yes, but you would agree it seems like a strong long term hold? Im bullish, but Im not that familiar with other Etherium killers like Tron and Eos, so I dont know if Etherium killer tend to fall short? I think at the very least, durring this bull run phase, gains are extremely likely.

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look at the catalog. None are open rn. Wow you have a nigger brain. How tf do you think these threads get started in the first place. Someone like me starts one. If none are started, then me starting one starts the discussion.

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Its literally dumping. It was 1.26$ like hour ago and now its 1.22$, and keeps going down. This has bear market written all over it.

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What an absolute steal! Grabbing some more.

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have some milkys

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Cant buy DYOR in metamask

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It was at 1.46 this morning and will likely be in the 1.30’s tomorrow

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*oh shit I’m retarded

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thanks I sold everything

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Its near where it was before is shot like a little over a week ago. If you are bullish which I am, long term anyway, there is no reason to believe you cant make some easy profits when it most likely surpasses its more recent ATH.

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shitcoin going all the way to 0 lmao

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i dont want to believe... :(

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Oh dog it has fallen below 1.20$ barrier. Now it's fucking plummeting at the 1.18$.

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It’s nearing weeks, retard. Showing no signs of going back up.

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the good ole February poomp and doomp

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I am financially and anally devastated

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>Brought the dip.
>It immediately dumps again.


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Can I stake this bad boy on binance? Coinbase doesn't let me for some reason and well you can tell I'm a noob just trading pennies on cb so I have no idea where to do it

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This is the Giga shake out, expect 0.99

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crawling in my skin

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just download the Algo wallet to your phone, it's slick, fast, low transaction fees and you get the best APY compared to other wallets

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More like 0.80

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plz panic sell so I can get 10k, kthxbai

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Getting slaughtered

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my nigger

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I need to never FOMO on anything ever again. There's been a better entry point in every single crypto I've bought if I'd waited a week. Every time.

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Sold all yesterday :)

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Best investment for ANY long-term still-shitcoin-priced non-shitcoin project, hands down. It's as low as it's going to get right now, best time to put your suicide stack in before the monday pump.

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your post when you can't see bull flag patterns

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the fud is starting to work on me bros. i'm scared.

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Reminds me of leddit cope. They can't post a single thing in crypto subs without sounding like it's part of their new trans life with new friends.

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Everything is dumping this isn't an Algo thing, crypto as a whole crashes at the same time and I'm tired of that. Why can't things be independent? Algo will be way better off once it's held up by real-world use and not sensitive to little market panic sells.

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Its funny as fuck isnt it
About 200 threads like that honestly.

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The algo Reddit is the worst, they’re literally a cult of boomers.
If you you even have a slightly negative thing to say about algo an entire mob swarms you and lectures you as to why this coin is a godsend and you should keep buying every dip.

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I'm guilty of being like them here but at least I get healthy doses of reality and FUD. I like it.

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>i didnt swing it
>all my gains are eroded, starting to lose money
fucking hell

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At least you see both sides and not stuck in the echo chamber that is Reddit.

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>he didn't buy sub 50c

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It's 6:30am in NYC they are the first burgers to wake up and they will be the first to start the wave of panic selling. Brace yourselves.

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theres gonna be some ugly weeks/months ahead for altcoins, but yeah algo is gonna get hit the hardest, expect it to go back to 20-40 cents

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I have a little, it's a good long term hodl because of the APR, but they plan on dumping loads onto the market to reduce volatility. The plan is for this shit to replace cash in an ideal world. So nice 2x or 3X mid term, and probably amongst the best crash proof crypto, in as far as it'll only shit the bed for a few weeks not months when it comes, but don't expect the moon.

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Crypto had a similar big drop last Tuesday. Is this the beginning of a pattern?

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They will panic dump into cro, I'll be rich.

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I had a fat stack but sold cause it was shilled too much here, glad I did at this point.

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theyre still in downtrend in btc pair and btc is ripping

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Is this what "bleeding satoshis" means? Tough to pull back from that?

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Wow I could have had a huge stack if I'd waited. Can't buy the dip either because I already spend all my money buying the fake dip. Oh well, what's for breakfast anons? I'm drinking tea and popping phenibut.

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Yup I am financially ruined. Whats worse is that when one coin dumps EVERY other fucking coin dumps with it so I can't even reallocate funds to buy the algo dip.

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A simple double bottom, it goes up from here

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Hooooooly shit bros it’s dumping hard, I’m out of here

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Must’ve dumped because I bought I’m sorry anons

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>no signs
Nigga only sign there is that we are in start of bullmarket. One last
opportunity to buy more

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it's ogre

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I think in all of Coinbase Algo took the biggest fall.

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bye bye algo

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goodnight, sweet prince

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It’s actually over

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Bro just give it up, it just blasted through every support line lmao.
I bet you’re one of the dudes that kept saying “algo will never go below a $1.20 again”

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so this was the power of the golden bull run? huh..

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Wtf happened to the famed alt season, we are either early or BTC will pump and that is it

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>mfw this was the bull run

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i bought 1000 algos at 35 cents, i will buy another 1000 if it hits 35 cents again

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I feel you.

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Now this is some fomo punishment

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hey... at least with that suhuh-weeeet 7.5% APY from the Algo wallet, this 15% drop is only like a 7.5% drop...r-right Algobros?

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Only half of the US has woken up and checked their phones so far to panic sell. Few more hours of craziness left. FOMO has punished me. I am learning life lessons. I also FOMO'd my marriage.

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The 15% drop just triggered my first buy order so I am fine with this. Come on 15% drop again.

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I am thinking about buying back in, needs to drop a little further though

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I yanked everything earlier and now I put $10k and am trying to get it to $11k and then pull out. And repeat on the climb back up. I've screwed this up every time I've ever tried though.

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im building a stack of it but ffs i bought a few days ago would’ve been nice to buy in now FUCK SAKE

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>he doesn't have a crystal ball

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I bought in at 0.3 and sold at a big profit

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Of course, my sweet boy. Now you can play in the backyard meanwhile mom and dad send your coins to a senpai in the north...

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Short positions are for retards. You’re just going to keep losing money lmao.

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what does it do. who wants it.

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Already down $1k in my new plan. Buying at the bottom is still the top.

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you don't try to predict the market, you react and adapt to the market. This BTC dip is a golden opportunity to get some dirt-cheap ALGOs, I won't miss it.

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It's a good coin if you want to actually invest. Terrible day trade.

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Just think about all the people with no crypto at all. I think not having the best horse in the race is better than not having a horse at all. Poorfag here, I bought a majority of my ALGO at 1.70 but I am still confident we'll make it fren

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I fucking hate that meme. I really do. A lot of people aren’t even smart enough to research a coin/stock properly. That’s why analysts exist.

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This is the right attitude. ALGO is a solid hold and it didn't stop being a solid hold just because the whole market dumps when BTC corrects. YGMI and WAGMI

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yeah dude buy the #1 short LMAO

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>FOMO into chasing dumps

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Absolutely going to buy this dip, Im just waiting to see how low it can go before I grab more

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Thinking the same thing. Wagie poorfag, I only have about $100 per week to throw in so I have to try to time it right

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I’m so glad I sold my stack when I did. Will definitely buy more when this goes really low.

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>Every day my shit compounds into more ALGOs
yes, and since that happens to everyone who holds it, don't you realize that your gains will become worthless due to inflation?

Algorand is a decent currency, but not a good store of value.

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Going to swing trade Algo back to the top! Started with $10,000 an hour ago, down to $9,200, just gotta get a feel for the timing which is useless because it's tracking with ether EXACTLY.

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ffs I buy at 1.10 and now look at it
every goddamn time

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I pulled everything out again. I'm really happy that Algo goes from Official Wallet to exchange in like 2 seconds. It really is amazing in that way. I have a BTC transaction still out in limbo for 8 days now.

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meh I'm holding
see you in August for the next pump

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It's always best to hold in the long run, for me anyways. I've never came out better from swinging around. But I do it anyways.

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don't catch falling knives lads

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>my hands

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You could say the same about any coin getting seriously mined, at least the amount is eventually capped