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PRQ Whale here, i'm buying every single PRQ.

I figured out which announcement is coming and sold everything else and going all in PRQ.

We will hit 5$ until end of March.

proof in thread

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buying 1337 chunks for the memes

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ready for the pump? announcement in 6 hours

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I bought both prq and xcm today how did I do

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Based whale faggot, I figured those 13.37 ETH buys weren't by accident

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What is it?

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it's huge

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give us a clue

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Where is proof of announcement? And what is it? Not eating unidentified crumbs.

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bitbean integration

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KYS you attention-seeking nigger

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see you at 5$, shithead

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I have a huge PRQ stack. Much bigger than yours.

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Lul even 4x suistacker will make it anyway

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Well done on both

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so binance

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it seems so, i'm priced out on this shitcoin.

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>prq finally announces something major
>on the start of a huge red day
kek it writes itself

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you did great champ

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Have fun fomoing into it at 5

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Frak! I dont have any money to buy more. Only hold xcm and parsiq with majority on xcm. Should I liquidate some xcm for parsiq?

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I'm a poorfag but I want everyone to make it, check em

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typical innit

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the balls on this prick to have near 1mm in a browser extension kek

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pls don’t dump on us

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That would be a stupid move.... the likelihood of XCM going to 1 euro is alot more then PRQ going to 3

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shill me XCM? why would it go to $1?
>inb4 DYOR
i will, just wanted a quick shill

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>the likelihood of XCM going to 1 euro is alot more then PRQ going to 3
so utterly wrong

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> Poorfag
> basically 80k $
Kys fellow prqmate

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Well done man.

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holding until 10$

(june 2021)

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balls of steel

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You are now made aware of the fact that hardware wallets can be connected to metamask, using the browser extension merely as an interface and not for token storage

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oh shit, nice. I will consider that when I hit 8 digits

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Dangerously based.

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its kraken isnt it?

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>Can't differentiate between periods and commas
That's 44 tokens anon, ngmi

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rip poor gains

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Might be 27 hrs to get swingies to rage sell lol.

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so whats our sell targets lads? nothing under 10 bucks or what?

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if 10 in may, my price target is 20. if not, target 10-15 or hold forever until binance listing or 0.

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finally a realistic anon, people here say 80 or 100
when in reality it'll be 16

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You would be utter fool to sell at 10...

Remember Moneyforhead "Bigger than Chainlink..."

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well lets be real, they say 100 so there's less sell walls at 20 and they can dump at higher prices on the idiots who believe them.

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That would be like selling link at $5.

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so around 20-30 bucks then?

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With how much my links have bled in sats, that would unironically have been a good decision.

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who said selling, I got in at 0.009
never selling fren, have you not seen the crab fest? no one wants to sell, lending is coming and I'll live off the returns
pic related

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This was just the pre-pump, you're retarded if you sell now. It's going to pump to 3-5$ after news drops

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No sell target. When their protocol goes live I'm going to loan my stack. Then ignore it for a few years.

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This. $50 really isn’t out of the realms of possibility, may have to wait until the next bullrun though

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3-4 figures, unironically IF team delivers and widespread adoption is applied. Think about it...

BUT are you ready to hodl bag for half a decade and watch other shit moon, cycle through bulls and bears? Are your hand forged in hellfire, in 18' bloodbath etc?

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Autism test. The original writer of the screenshot you reposted is >>29370983

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redpill me on the lending thing
no, i have weak hands unfortunately but i have started just doing whatever eggman tells me to do.

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yeah I'm the guy from the screenshot

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this is also true
watch https://youtu.be/ifE6AiAz_cY
somewhere in the middle is where he talks about lending

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no one is going buying this coin dumb basterds will remain poor

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Where do I buy this?

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Coinmetro, legit Chad exchange. Simple FIAT onramp and reg takes 5-15 min. Hodl 5 years

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duality of man
i dont get it, why dont people just buy it outright instead of loaning it?
>solved time travel
fucks sake, now the bogs are gonna get to me before im born.

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the duality of biz

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Any region locking or KYC restrictions?

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>i dont get it, why dont people just buy it outright instead of loaning it?
buying a million coins will cost teen million, getting lent a million coins only costs the interest they are paying to us

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Why don't people buy homes outright instead of getting a mortgage?

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My lil parsnip doin sum

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You've seen nothing kid

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yea i get it now, the way anatoly put it just threw me off i guess. so its a smart contract where the tokens are "given" to them for a certain amount of time where they have to pay interest for the amount of time they wish to hold it?

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Let's say you've got a good rate right now, it's much smarter to keep most of your capital and invest it than pay for the house in 1 go.

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Cool video. Almost makes me consider selling some LINK for more PRQ

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Get a smol bag. I held some Link also, OG but tiny ammount...

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It also manages fiat assets issued through Polkadex Cloud


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that seems really good, why arent we mooning?
>inb4 people dont know
no, there is probably some undefined reason left before we can take off, is it how much demand there is for the usecase of the token?

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It takes time for a baby to grow.

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Anon, we just pumped last night.
But yes, most people probably don't know. $5 EOQ1

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selling 200 on binance soon

>> No.29374245

they said they have companies queuing around the block to use their tech.
they are also hiring loads of new guys to expand and keep up with demand

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it's unironically
>people dont know

look at the number of IP's itt, look how many people just buy because line go up and how many people actually know about the goals of the project
also clown market, people would rather buy some chink "new Ethereum!" than research legit projects

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Did you see a new binary project Baex ( #baex)? Looks like this is not so bad with all these tools, stock indices, fiat currencies, BTC, ETH. They also offer algorithmic profitability with a self-balanced pool, so passive income is also available, as I see

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This. People actually parted with money for chink food tokens or Pokemon scams

>> No.29374572

Keep this shit out of our sacred PRQ threads

>> No.29374592

fuck off ranjeet no one wants your bags

>> No.29374625

PRQcet pills my nigga
can't stop fuck around with em

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Street shitting nigger

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lads stop replying to bots

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>All responses stop
B-bros? Are none of you real?

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Is it today that we are meant to get news?
Kinda want them to hold off a little until bitcoin stops shitting the bed

>> No.29375084

They probably will wait to maximise momentum. So, maybe tomorrow?

>> No.29375108

I only have 25k, am I gonna be able to live off lending?

>> No.29375129

That would be better yeah, doubt we will be pumping again today

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>> No.29375263

T minus 1 hour.. Hold on tight

>> No.29375273

>buying every single prq
That'll imply everyone else will sell

>> No.29375278

Nigga, I only have 200. I'm uber new and poor, you'll make it, and I'll just probably be at the start of making it.

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For what?

>> No.29375363

>Nigga, I only have 200
Congratulations, you made it.

>> No.29375379

I'm not selling before 100 kid

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just wait - trust the plan

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You'll see.
>if you know you know

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ok niggers, should i get out of rubic and take my stack to 10k or not? im getting serious FOMO for some reason.

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also check em

>> No.29375938

so how much tokens are a make it bag, chads

>> No.29375993

If you believe binance is real you'd be stupid not to. Even with the market being a pile of shit today it should be an easy pump to catch if true.

>> No.29376017

I would say yes, rubic seems a bit of a gamble long term, might be some nice shorterm gains to be had. That said PRQ could take off at any time.

>> No.29376038

I wish, anon. I want more, but money Is stuck and bake and inj (dont want to sell it) and I literally have no additional 100 bucks. Have to sit and wait.

>> No.29376185

Kek. He can buy a used 2016 ford fiesta.

>> No.29376206

get rid of bake, you will likely be waiting a while to see gains on that, you will get priced out of PRQ if you wait too long

>> No.29376439

Fucks sack. Gas prices are too bloody high. Im being priced out of unstaking my shitcoins I was going to invest in this.

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I know more than most and I'm unaware of announcements scheduled for tomorrow.

>> No.29376521

For tomorrow, but what about today anon?

>> No.29376539

Who said anything about tomorrow

>> No.29376540

So painful. I fomoed at 2.3, It's just 70 bakes, but still.

>> No.29376552

no way to get this outside coinmetro? don't want to give my info to yet another site

>> No.29376599

I dont want a fiesta. I want 100 per 1prq

>> No.29376650

Uniswap if you can afford the gas. $50 gas fee on your trade makes anything less than a couple grand not worth it.

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I don't know anything about tomorrow. What could possibly happen tomorrow?

>> No.29376685

pretty much it for now unless you want to pay gas
it’s a really good exchange though, can see it growing a lot in the coming years, much prefer the layout to kraken or b*nance

>> No.29376774

I already have ~1.5k parsnip stacklet. As much as I see the potential of PRQ, I am loathe to sell Link as it is

>> No.29377147

Where the fuck is the annonce

>> No.29377193

What announce

>> No.29377274

na, anything above 300$ is worth it

>> No.29377648

Anon, there was a problem with the Time Travle Wallet and somehow the announcement that was sent from the future got lost in the year 2022.
We'll crab till then.

That's what the team just posted.

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>> No.29377819

Wow you're a whale in something that's gonna go down 95% from here? DO TELL!

I hope you own some Kleros.

>> No.29377929

get a load of this nigger

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>big onions energy
>shilling pnk wojak asset
why are u gay sir

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GRTrannies salty we are about to pass them. Imagine that?

>> No.29378150

We were $2 12 hours ago, down to 1.50 now

>> No.29378184

I don't have long before the smart triggers bring me back, anons I am from the year 2200 using my Parsiq time wallet. Because of the quantum nature of time I can only stay as long as Parsiq remains above 1.5 USD- which is never very long.
You must buy Parsiq now, it is set to become the galactic stable coin for the Empire of Humanity- grandpa I know you are browsing this board between bouts of masturbation on /gif/, please see my warning and deliver our family to the upper echelons of wealth!!
Wait, this isn't Feburary 2020.. it's 2021.. I'm too late.. the pump has already come, 200 more years of stability I'm too late!!
*toliet flushes*

>> No.29378330

People don't understand how powerful Parsiq is going to be.
It isn't JUST a wallet.
It's a time machine.
Imagine you lose your debit card- your wallet can't do much to help you now. Your wallet only works in the present, and it only has tiny pouches to hold your cards and cash.
Enter the Ncase wallet. Genuine Estonian leather. It has pouches, sure, but as well it has a zipper to lock things up tight- I've seen some of the early test data and the zipper runs VERY smooth.
But if that fails? Your wallet can simply go BACK in time to when you still had your debit card, then return to the present, this is one of the most elegant security systems ever developed.
I think once this goes live I'll take my wallet back to December 2020 and buy even more Parsiq, once I have my full 100k stack the PRQ network will smart trigger my time wallet to bring me back with little to no damage to the timeline.
Oh what's that? You bought the "google" of blockchain? Kek. I'll take my Ncase wallet and see you losers later.. or perhaps even, before.

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*flushes all toilets simultaneously in the time space continuum*
>Jabba the Shart emerges from the void
>voice booms out in the dark castle
everyone is living in fear of his massive girth and appetite


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No sir I only have PRQ token because am legend.

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>> No.29379027

fuck bitcoin

>> No.29379100

Lol Jesus the whales love abusing this coin.
Hope they rope. If we get any news today I'm thinking $2 will become our new floor. Especially Binance.

>> No.29379892


checked. wonder if that cunt was right.

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>> No.29380817

Binance isn't far fetched at all but idk about this announcement coming any minute now (allegedly). OP isn't larping on the buys though its easy to find his wallet with the info in the pictures.

>> No.29381381

I operate under the assumption that whales generally have some degree of insider info. So I think it's reasonable.
Let's hope. Lol we're down to 1.50

>> No.29381395


>> No.29381465

Is this the best stablecoin of all time?

>> No.29381607

Would rather they hold off on any news.
Today is not a good day for it, need bitcoin to settle down

>> No.29382103

Binance github added parsiq related shit a few hours ago

>> No.29382168

where buy?

>> No.29382446

As said countless times before - Coinmetro.

No raping gasfees and nice fiat on and offramp. Orderbook is slim but it LP will be changed soon

>> No.29382656


post link?

>> No.29382866

It crabs alot. This bump is much needed and welcomed. Im doing much better overall on some INJ i bought at the same time.

>> No.29383078

Why isn’t he buying now... it’s the ultimate dip at $1.50

>> No.29383206

dip to $.1.30 soon

>> No.29383611

Gas is fucked that's why. Binance even halted eth withdrawals so a uni tx would probably cost hundreds in gas lol

>> No.29384847

It's this fucker CZ clogging ETH on purpose

>> No.29385465


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Pls pump

>> No.29386432

I can't fucking believe that within 24 hours of pumping after more than a month of crabbing, bitcoin shits the bed and kills all the momentum we had. Am well fumin lads

>> No.29386507

Is this what it was like being a Link marine all these years?

>> No.29386606

Its all so tiresome

>> No.29387216

why are we still dumping?

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Because eth gas raped the listing news but its better for a delay really. Fuck listing while the market is crashing lmao

>> No.29387604

don't worry, I'm still buying

>> No.29387618

Don't worry guys, just two more weeks

>> No.29387688

Which pair eth or btc?

Check out $MCM future of crypto

>> No.29387790
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Can't believe that this meme is soon going to be fud

>> No.29387876


explain something to me, why in the fuck are you going @13.37 buys with gas this fucked?

Also what the fuck is the "major announcement" fill us in already

>> No.29388059
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just wait. I'm still buying. was busy buying more ETH.

i've got 2 million fiat ready to buy. Waiting for crypto to dip and buying every PRQ up to 2$.
If you sell below 2$ in this week, you are not gonna make it

proof I'm reading community chat attached. I'm one of you guys

>> No.29388101

prove you own this wallet and its you that's buying

>> No.29388120

We have literally a dozen major announcements.
Also, if he's a Giga whale then gas prices might be nothing to him. If $300 to a whale is $3 then he really loses nothing spending that money.

>> No.29388187

what’s your end game?
you aren’t going to dump on us? r-right?

>> No.29388189

what else is in your wallet mr whale?

>> No.29388254

You said the announcement would have come by now? Are they waiting for you to accumulate

>> No.29388263


alright but why the newfound confidence in some announcement? WHAT IS IT?

>> No.29388328

what's the dip target?
nothing newfound, theyve had the roadmap for q1 up forever, it's just that there's only a few weeks left of q1

>> No.29388466
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confirmation enough?

endgame: sell half my PRQ at 10$, provide liquidity again and enjoy 10-100% API for the rest of my life

Already took profits, quit my job and now hodling

This project is amazing, the whole team is great and march will bring us 5$ PRQ. I'm certain.

>> No.29388610
File: 29 KB, 720x724, richpepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checked and based

>> No.29388612

DCA slowly. depending on market recovery, i will dca up to 2$

>> No.29388656

nice dubs but isnt 10-100% apy a lil generous?
I figured it'd be way lower

>> No.29388730

what’s your price prediction for the end of the bullrun?
why aren’t you planning on holding off selling until then?

>> No.29388755



how old are you? how did you start? I have suicide stack myself and I'm 21, how do I make it?

>> No.29388802

Kek he's real. Are you close to the team? Or how come you're so confident

>> No.29388948

lol you can photoshop the balances of that wallet sir. Make your next PRQ buy 13.36 eth and i will believe you mr. whale

>> No.29388975

LP for PRQ is pretty good. if the daily volume is the same as the liquidity, you get 100% APY

But with the PRQ price increase in the last few months, IL fucked me hard. It's obvious that march will shoot us to new highs.

won't comment on that. Just wait

The news for today was LARP tho. but something will be released this week. stay tuned

>> No.29388983

nvm, read it as returns from iq protocol

>> No.29389041


>> No.29389140

>Or how come you're so confident
name one person who isn't confident about prq after reading the things they are doing

>> No.29389157

Now I'm certain that there wont be news this day. Good. Maybe I'll be able to accumulate 1k stacklet through the week.
>you had a month
Yeah yeah, I just didnt have the money, I'm poor. Yet.

>> No.29389215

Can confirm, news for today is a larp I started it kek.

>> No.29389234

Ngl I'm a little jelly
Good luck you faggot.

>> No.29389251


it fucking astounds me that people buy this without knowing what it fucking does...

>> No.29389285

>news for today was a larp
>stay tuned

>> No.29389312

price predictions?
do you think we will see $20 this year or will we be waiting for the next bullrun?

>> No.29389447

I’m in the same boat anon, all in PRQ though, consolidated everything.
Been able to get a nice 5k stack thanks to gains elsewhere

>> No.29389475

anyone else hoping the price keeps tanking? i still need to accumulate more

>> No.29389485

i will share my true feelings when PRQ hits 10$ in Q2 but 20$ will be possible of course!

>> No.29389549

alright, keep us posted
you’ve made it anon, don’t forget the rest of us

>> No.29389582

we will

>> No.29389604


Going heavy on Parsiq now cause of u

Hope u can help me make another step closer to making it Mr.Whale.....

>> No.29389706

I don't see why it can't get to at least 3-5b market cap, considering chainlink is at 12b and the graph at 2.5b at the moment (even during this correction). top 20 coins are $4b+ right now. $37 PRQ brings it to about that $4b threshold and top 20 (not even counting for a further bullrun in the market).

>> No.29389711

when are you going to buy

>> No.29389944

Yea lemme get in before the walls built lol

>> No.29389970

My gains were stuck in bnb and some coom token, but not big ones. Dodged the bullet once, tried for second time and failed. Everything else went into inj and bake, and now it Is also stuck. Waiting for bake to atleast get me even at 2.3.

>> No.29389975
File: 10 KB, 224x224, photo_2020-12-17_01-38-53.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am also waiting for proofs this isn't a larp.

>> No.29390064


Next buy 13.36

>> No.29390145

yup waiting for that 13.36, until then this is a larp

>> No.29390734

Any anons want to give me some advice? Current portfolio:
5.1k PRQ
0.13 BTC
1.55 ETH
100 DOT
133 LINK

started with approx €10k last november and now at 22k. Would you move your DOT/ETH/LINK into PRQ or just add more fiat?

>> No.29390780

all in baby

>> No.29390888

I would hold your dot and change link to PRQ. The ETH might just be enough to cover the gas.

>> No.29390973

bro... I'm on the fence right now... my other hold has treated me so fucking good... it's hard to part ways with it, but this feels like a moonshot.

>> No.29391034

i would hold DOT and buy as much PRQ as you can anon for whats coming in the next 5 weeks. You can hold some LINK as well so you don't liquidate your entire position. It all depends how bullish you are on PRQ

>> No.29391121

No gas required, I usually sell on binance for USDT and transfer to Poloniex over Tron network. I pay nothing in fees that way except a measly 0.001 BNB for the trade.

>> No.29391257

Super bullish, its just that all my other holds have been good to me too. I would dump more fiat into this but I don't want to empty out all of last years savings on this, since I already dumped in 10k over the last 2 months. So yeah I think I'm pretty much maxed out untill I get my next paycheck.

>> No.29391286

did based whale buy 13.36? I want to get in with more fiat.

>> No.29391698

Nope, larp looking likely.
Nice. Might have checked my trips though. Rude.

>> No.29391700

Not yet

>> No.29391732

Nah he's a LARPer

>> No.29391777

Just picked up a little bag.
God speed faggots

>> No.29391856

w-will the gas fee go down a lil bit anytime soon? it's been 30 euros, now it's 110

>> No.29391884

Oh shit completely missed that. Belated check to those fine trips kind sir.

>> No.29391913

Use coinmetro if you can

>> No.29391932

based digits

>> No.29392128
File: 155 KB, 615x689, 1613171795677.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>MFW when this and lto aren't on Kraken

>> No.29392544

I held this fucking thing from 1.8 all the way down... I could have such a better stack right now, but expected more pumps... but they never pumped. it just slowly faded back to bullshit and now I'm a Dale. WHEN WILL THIS THING FUCKING MOVE

>> No.29392937
File: 6 KB, 313x171, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wanting to swap some of my other tokens for PRQ and consolidate

>> No.29393175

moneyskelly needs to hurry up and get this bollocks sorted
eth will be the eth killer at this rate

>> No.29393359

dump like this should not even be possible

>> No.29393443

lol fucking larp faggot

>> No.29393583

why are we still dumping, is it the whales again?
bitcoins stopped playing up so we should be back to normal

>> No.29393680

we're correcting back to grab region so people can buy in more. lots of whales got priced out before they finished accumulating.
t. not a whale but glad to see the correction for another buyin

>> No.29394712
File: 97 KB, 994x804, IMG_20210221_032938_189.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its crab time

>> No.29394827
File: 31 KB, 300x262, 0E96FB02-BD03-4B42-A0F5-2261F53CBDAC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29395133

I hope so, will buy tomorrow or wednesday, FUCKING PAY ME ALREADY, NIGGERS

>> No.29395748

wtf there not many days left in Q1 and still 5+ things that are not announced yet??? Every Week now there should be atleast 1... they cant pack everything in the last week

>> No.29395784

Wait for china you adderall soaked zoomer

>> No.29396288
File: 172 KB, 888x857, 1599257948445.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29396478

It better not go down further, I just pumped my stack up from 7k to 12k

>> No.29396492

With the time wallet there are no limits
PRQ will crab long after entropy released you from your mortal vessel

>> No.29396876

>Pump to 1.8, crab at 1.2
>Pump to 2, crab at 1.4
>Pump to 5, crab at 4.4

>> No.29397177

$100 minimum. If blockchain tech actually looks like it’ll changes the world then $1000.

>> No.29397860
File: 235 KB, 1886x1918, view__01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


This token will never be over 1,50$ in the long term.

If it happens to pump to 5$, you better sell, because the next day it will be crabbing between 1,10 and 1,50$.

It was designed to be like that.

>> No.29397880


checked, checked,

$2000 here, roughly the bull run AFTER the next one.

>> No.29397936
File: 3 KB, 494x108, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

am I?

>> No.29398051



>> No.29398159

pump it up nigga

>> No.29398244

Wait anon, let me transfer my fucking 100 bucks till this night.

>> No.29398292

might be too late anon

>> No.29398347
File: 78 KB, 2710x448, trust the plan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>we're almost back to 1.3 crab coin state
holy KEK this shit wasn't a joke, but an actual prediction. i'd like to thank my time traveling wallet

>> No.29398422

how high are we going this year mr whale?

>> No.29398427

what makes prq better than grt? how does it stand out?

>> No.29398471

of course it's red, i just bought

>> No.29398750

Real-time data extraction, smart triggers and time travel

>> No.29398873

6 gorillion.

>> No.29398894

elaborate. where can i read more about it? it looks interesting. also what's make it stack 100k?

>> No.29399003
File: 188 KB, 888x881, 1590485376405.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29399415

prq isn't gonna dump 6x the tokens in circulation in a few months like grt is
also mcap

>> No.29399543

jeff is a stupid kike. i’m team dale.

>> No.29399596
File: 27 KB, 840x391, 1588563629858.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The GRT pink wojaks are going to be glorious. I wonder how many holders even know about pic related.

>> No.29399642


>> No.29399718

Tigran stop fudding the fucking coin you cunt.

>> No.29399727

When is dump?

>> No.29399764

Yeah anon, check back in a week :^)

>> No.29399789

no dump anon :(

>> No.29399904
File: 372 KB, 500x305, 1590594555684.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you want to get in before the Binance listing pump, you can buy from these exchanges:
Would recommend CoinMetro - or Uniswap if you prefer a DEX.

>> No.29399938

god bless. i take back what i said

>> No.29399957
File: 29 KB, 512x512, 1612985925051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just doubled down lads, PRQ is now 90% of my portfolio

>> No.29399992

they all know about it, but they unironically believe it’s priced in already lmao

>> No.29400106


I've been in BSC shit coins all week and I want to all in on a coin that isn't a meme

How do I get my money out of BSC?

>> No.29400125


>> No.29400136
File: 9 KB, 407x172, __99percent.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29400258

>How do I get my money out of BSC?
never anon, the chinks have it now

>> No.29400257


can someone hand hold me? i want to ape in everything into this

>> No.29400259

Pro tip you can't. Why?
Because Binance bridge to ETH is closed.

>> No.29400300


>> No.29400307
File: 817 KB, 998x1000, 1522325946761.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>demonic tooting

>> No.29400331
File: 116 KB, 777x777, 1611109014444.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look at the chart. Look at the giant token dump coming six months after launch. How long ago was the GRT launch? Well, that's how long is left. And those who KNOW will begin moving out of GRT well before that date.

>> No.29400456


So I can't put all my BNBs into binance and withdraw ETH and all in on this?

>> No.29400532

If they remember there is a 28 day wait to undelegate. Those that forget will be massacred.

>> No.29400565

Pretty sure you're fucked anon. Sorry, price of buying centralized tokens on memechains

>> No.29400569
File: 97 KB, 777x777, 1601783927758.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based. WAGMI

>> No.29400579

you can do exactly that

>> No.29400638

nothing happened, figures

>> No.29400702

I'll pick some up. Reckon its gonna dip more or shall I buy now?

>> No.29400743
File: 32 KB, 550x550, 2021021715463692.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


oh it didn't pump?

>> No.29400811

it pumped in the future lad

>> No.29400883
File: 81 KB, 888x840, 1586298413966.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kek. I didn't even know about that. I may make some special GRT pink wojaks just for the occasion.

>> No.29400903


>> No.29400943

No ETH withdraws from bonance sorry. Try to xrp and to any other exchange. I suggests CoinMetro and go XRP->ETH and then transfer to your wallet.

>> No.29401097

would echo this and say XLM, withdrawing to Coinmetro, is pretty seamless and cheap.

>> No.29401143

thanks anon.

what's a decent stack guys?

>> No.29401184

WAIT NIGGAS! My fucking bank Is acting up, I just want my additional 100 prq

>> No.29401203

>sui stack = 5k
>make it stack = 50k
>fat fucking whale stack = 200k

>> No.29401227

Realistic EOY price predictions lads?

>> No.29401259


>> No.29401310

10-30$ to be expected

50-100$ major bull market

>> No.29401363

what annoucement was made that the OP was referring too?

>> No.29401433

nothing yet, I was larping. but something is coming soon

>> No.29401509


what do you know that i dont

>> No.29401601

there will be annoucement in this week(at least one for sure) so right now is hype for selling the news

>> No.29401617


tell me i want to be rich

>> No.29401632


>> No.29401684
File: 125 KB, 888x888, 1584412224043.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29401750

Hope it’s more than $10, would be happy with anything over $20 and ecstatic for anything over $40

>> No.29401923

>over $40
I'm then free from wagechage.

>> No.29401929

Does anyone have the parsiq general copypasta? would like to make a new thread after this hits bump limit

>> No.29402019

This or ADA?

>> No.29402076

idk anon which coin is at $31b market cap

>> No.29402189
File: 50 KB, 334x506, 1585578200250.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This thread... >>29211169
Went to bump limit and has some info you could use. There's an effortpost about 50 posts in.

>> No.29402199

dunno, got scared off and never investigated further

>> No.29402256

based, thanks

>> No.29402284


>> No.29402326


>> No.29402331
File: 65 KB, 652x809, 1613325263926.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29402550

>>29402189 fuck you bitch
>>29401929 here
2 Defi Integrations (One is Pancakeswap)
2 L1 blockchains (Solana & BSC)
2 Major Exchange listings (Binance & Huobi)
IQ Protocol + Tokenomics for lending platform
NCase wallet system will be live (more Tokenomics)
>Team is transparent about who is behind it, one of whom being Anatoly.

on biz
https://i.4cdn.org/biz/1613647465619.png (embed)
https://i.4cdn.org/biz/1613648543390.png (embed)

last 3 AMAs

Stansberry Research 1 i.warosu.org/data/biz/img/0254/79/1609727287618.jpg
Stansberry Research 2 i.warosu.org/data/biz/img/0254/79/1609727351140.jpg
Stansberry Research 3 i.warosu.org/data/biz/img/0254/79/1609727414413.jpg


>> No.29402801

Already made it just as you sent this, I'll update the copypasta for next thread.

>> No.29402839
File: 73 KB, 685x690, 1590036443184.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29402909


>> No.29402916


I dont know


>> No.29403612

imagine reading this and not going all in

>> No.29403857

I've got money in other tokens but it's just not worth the effort just to give Vitalik my hard earned. Anyway. Holding until 2022 so need to earn on other things to get nice stuff in the meantime.

>> No.29403922

I just bought 11,777 PRQ because of this thread (10 ETH).

Hope I don't regret it.

>> No.29403969
File: 31 KB, 440x438, 1603858515215.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29403980

3x in 3 weeks

>> No.29404004

yall know what that orange pciture is right anin?

>> No.29404034


threads dyin

>> No.29404048