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Are women a good investment?

Share stories of high risk high reward pump and dump sluts, and what qualities make a woman a long term hold.

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Women are a depreciating asset. If it flies, floats, or fucks, you're better off renting.

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Stupid thread, some variation of this gets posted every other day.

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Yellow women only

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seething roastie

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Women are temporary
bancor gains are forever

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WOMEN is an absolutely worthless coin.


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Obviously meant for a good pump and dump. Extremely weak investment, women.

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humans are not investments. Never think of them as property.They are not yours.

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I've tried to go the traditional church girl route. She is a drain on my energy talking about feelings and what's going on with all her friends and clients. People people socialising weddings music practice people people sports god. and doesn't really enjoy the beauty of nature's just wants to get to the end of the hike. She doesn't like being told what to do, even though she wants to be lead, so have to subtly manipulate her with consideration for her feelings. Can't tell jokes becuase she is very easily emotionally injured.
There have been times I have felt excitement and enjoyment with her, renting out an Airbnb and having fun playing house, but wasn't worth the effort really. Women are very difficult, require a strong setup you can repeat to get effcieny.

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>she doesnt like
You lost once you considered this. Do not think of a woman as a friend or a child even. They are property and they like it that way. Just make her do what you want and tell her to shut the fuck up when she whines.

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You can definitely invest in people you idiot. Try investing in yourself for once. Forget women. They are subhuman anyway.

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only if you use for reproduction

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Yeah women are trash dude, fucking retards, the lot of them.

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If we wanted your opinion woman, we'd ask your father or husband.

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check out the youtube channel "Entrepreneurs in cars" it has nothing to do with cars but the channel makes roasties SEEEEETTTHHEE

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so much cringe itt

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Sure, just meet the right one.Being woken up by a bj is pretty nice. Someone I can play vidya with, someone I can hit the gym with and someone who can cook. We also like to make fun of shitskins and peolple who rely on govement aid.She is also right wing. Its like having a best friend who you can fuck and get married. So yeah, save yourself for the right one and make fun of roasties and sluts on the way.

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yes anon, find one on your level. for example if your a doctor find a doctor, dont marry a fucking waitress etc. if both of yall niggers are high iq nobody will stop yall. ofc if you fuck up shell rekt you

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for your smaller version definitely good. dHEDGE solves that pleasure

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bro it's eerie how close this is to exactly how i'd describe one of my first exes. i was more of a fag back then and thought if i was supportive enough then she'd eventually snap out of her temperament. took me 2 years to snap out of that and admit to myself no, she just has mental/personality issues (probably bpd) and that nothing i was doing to maintain a rainbows and unicorns environment for her would pay off in her not still needing for the rest of the relationship. the need for it would never end, and it would be impossible to raise kids with a woman that needed constant babying herself.
i'm not gonna pretend like i can give advice based on limited info but if it was me and it was a situation like the one i was in before... cut your losses and treat the time wasted as a lesson learnt.

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Shut your fucking mouth cuck

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lol. highest daily volume about $140

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fellas, is it gay to fuck men?

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The thing about appreciating nature is so fucking true it’s unbelievable. I don’t need a partner who can’t appreciate nature and just wants to go back to mundane boring shit. And I consider 99% of people mundane boring shit.
Sounds like you’re dating a normie. Sorry anon but you gotta bend her or break her or your life will be hell. Unfor ya tetley unless you’re rich (and don’t marry her) or hot (and don’t marry her) she won’t respect you. They know they have too much power in the society. You gotta be a mean motherfucker to have her chase you

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Anon... I...
Look at your picrel and please honestly tell me if that looks like a good investment to you...

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And then you woke up kek

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Based sirs

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Based Pitbull.

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my wife is singaporean, so we buy shitcoins under her name and don't have to pay taxes. pretty good investment.

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This will not last forever, anon.

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if she has savings and investments she has the right mindset

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A woman is either the greatest investment you'll ever make or the worst. If you're single and already made it, unless you hide your money, you will never find a woman that isn't going to fleece you. Better off moving to thailand and spending the rest of your life fucking whores.

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Get a femboy maid and fuck him in the kitchen while he cooks for you, they actually like that

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The best hrhr pnd slots are high positioned woman.
>t. pumping town majors teen daughter secretly