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New wojak index just dropped

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I don't follow

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Too low, we are due for a dip

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More pink wojaks = buy
Less pink wojaks = sell

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https://www.wojakindex.biz is my site, forgot to put it in the OP
just put it up now

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for each candle is it the percent of pink wojaks in that hour exactly?

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i will NOT feed your village rajeesh
my children must eat the curry sir

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love it anon. had the same idea with the same recently but can't code.

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Good job now make an algorithmic stable coin like basis cash for it so I can buy it on pancakeswap. Bonus points if you use a chainlink oracle pulling from your site

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how do you scrap all images in threads without making tons of requests? do you pic related or am i missing something? asking for a friend in minecraft

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so 10k woj is market cap?

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it's the number of pink wojaks visible on the board (not archived or 404'd) during that hour.
but it's percentage x 100 so that it's not a small decimal number.
the Wojak Index rn is 185.21 so that means 1.8521% of pictures posted on the board are pink wojaks. Low IMO.

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>a chainlinked Wojak Index is an imminent reality
God Christ I love this timeline.

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based. thank you opie.

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proud of you op
heres a false posivite

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Where is the Gigachad that uses The Graph?

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ok can you change the text color for the chart i can't read the numbers for shit

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Also the next iteration should account for green and dark wojaks.

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it is constantly making requests. probably terabytes per month. I hope my IP doesn't get banned.
I'm using this though:
Not directly scraping html.

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Anyone remember wojakcoin? kek, i have like 1 million of them.

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you could just download the thumbnails only to save bandwidth

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Thank you for your contribution

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how do you identify the wojaks? by color?

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Read the OP image

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Very nice op, what do you use for the charting/ how does that part work in the back end

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you fucking serious you request images 1 by 1? i guess i am too fucking cautious topkek. and you were never ip banned?

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how can i invest this coin pls sir where buy???

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I can’t see any of the wojaks. They don’t load. I think it’s because I’m Australian though and 4cdn thinks I’m a robot

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didnt think of that. good suggestion. I gotta try it

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OP did the needful.
We are blessed with this data.

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it's useless if we don't have past data to compare it with.

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right click the dead image, open in new tab
yes 4cdn thinks you're a robot. seems to be a problem on phone browsers

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also you should exclude /smg/ /pmg/ and /gme/

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Pretty dope OP. Something interesting to look at too would be pulling images from Warosu and back testing the index over BTCs chart.

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it starts now. not enough data has been collected yet.

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tried Firefox and Chrome on desktop and on my phone too. No worky

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/smg/ posts wojaks in response to a 1% dip, they are a font of false positives so I concur

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whew, saw the thumbnail and thought BNB had crashed

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>wojak_index = 100 * 100 * pink_wojaks / total_images
nigga why not just make it 10000 * pink_wojaks / total_images

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trading view lightweight charts

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100*100 helps illustrate that is converting to % and then further multiplying by 100...

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>That cup and handle
/biz/ you did remember to buy puts right?

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biz is great tonight. thanks OP.

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nice website nigro

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>Catalyst for next chainlink bullrun is wojakcoin oracle usage

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>right click -> view image
>solve captcha

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oh, thanks anon.

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Never gonna make it

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I was waiting on someone to do that since Bizonacci put forward the idea 3 years ago

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You should scrap and download the 4chin images, get the md5, save it on a database and do md5 comparisons. It'll reduce the amount of false positives, I think. Great stuff though, OP.

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Wait why is this asking for permission to my Metamask wallet?

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Well op wasnt a faget for once

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>They dont know about the hidden bizonacci videos
Guess its time to show you the dark wojak index


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That's not a false positive since your picture IS a pink wojak, not some random pink image. You're just an idiot using it incorrectly.

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You are not too far off. Once more skilled anons realize chainlink is what makes longterm investment into pure intangible derivatives such as the VIX without the constant decay due to jewmagic possible the true golden bullrun starts

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That is fucking amazing. I will unironically give you an undisclosed amount of XMR for this if you post your address.

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post pink cunny for false positives ;)

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Are there more?

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address is at the bottom of the page fren. cheers.

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that's a bullish chart. expecting a strong pump today.

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Can you upload the code in github or somewhere else?

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same got like 300k

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Right, I'm retarded. And very poor, but here we go. May XMR go to 100k$ so this meager contribution will have actually meant something.

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The VIX is just a metric that you can not buy (same like wojak index) but some jews combined a couple assets to make something which follows the vix in the short term called it a trust and let you buy it but the mechanixs behind it means it loses like 90% of its value over a year which goes into the jews pockets so while you can win big in the short term if you think volatility will go up you can not hold it longer than a couple days or you will lose all your money. No with crypto and algorithmic coins and synthetix and so on you can tie it to the price feed of the vix or wojak index and you will have a sustainable long term slippage free asset corresponding to those indexes

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My antivirus just blocked malware from being installed.

Ripperino to the ones who went there without AV.

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Well enjoy the stress test from the upcoming pinkfields if we actually hit the first correction rn

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You could unironically write a bot to profit from this anon.

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Nice, thanks.
Also you need to allow cross-site cookies so 4chan knows you did the captcha on this site

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working on mirroring the pictures so no one has to do this

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We could call it CURY, then when it moons none of the pajeets ingesting this board will be able to afford to buy CURY, just like in real life

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