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Watch this absolute monster swallow the whole defi ecosystem with the likes of uniswap included.

It will be a blackhole of TVL. You either do your own research now about what they've accomplished with single sided pools with no IL, protection, and right now borrowing with the just passed Vortex proposal or you gonna regret it forever. I'll leave these 2 vids so u anons can grasp some basic concepts.

pro tip: not doing any research and buying BNT like a mad man will also works.



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Nobancs will be left behind.

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my bankies stay danky

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Poorfag but at least is my main hold

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My two major holds are BNT and NU. Feeling pretty comfy the last few weeks.

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will it drop to 5.5 soon? i want to get in

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yeah? I got that BNT mayne it print me dollars hella

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You're a bit too late for that. Lol.

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In the process of accumulating size to match my other blue chip holdings. Please dip more.

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It’s never gonna hit the ath again

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Yawn... Too slow

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Yeah no thanks

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People were saying this before today too. And then it hit new ATH. And they still haven't officaly announced the AWSGov partnership.

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>Team are true OG status, invented the protocols that AMM like Uniswap use
>token itself sitting at 700m marketcap vs >3b for it's competitors
>L2 based on Arbitrum coming; testnet since early January. Front end interface for test net was just released. 50x reduction in gas fees as soon as it's out.
>limit orders and general UI update coming very soon
>Bancor Vortex being rolled out as we speak, gives Bancor Aave-like functionality: you basically get a token to spend on other shitcoins or restake for your collateral in BNT
>favored staking platform of huge Link whales. Bancor has the most Link liquidity out of any dex.
>Atomic LP swaps from/to other pools coming
>Polkdadot bridge coming

yeah I'm thinking comfy

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how do I determine if staking my stack will be profitable? I only have about 800 BNT, and I don't know if collecting rewards each week will net a profit because of gas fees.
Should I do it anyways in anticipation of a price increase for BNT, so I can start building multipliers?

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Can you really get 80% APR on your LINK by pooling it here?

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If you can stake for 100+ days it will almost certainly be profitable (and quite a bit too) or 30 days for a good chance of it beating IL once 30% protection kicks in. Remember: it's 30% IL protection after 30 days, then 1% a day until 100% at day 100.

Your withdrawable balance of BNT will likely decrease until day 30% as BNT is likely to accrue in value in the meantime. At day 30, you will see a 30% spike in that, and then it should even out and quite quickly get into pure profit after that. Hope this helps.

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Most undervalued blue chip DeFi play atm

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until day 30*

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I understand that bancor solves IL but what about rollups? Any plans in the works?
Talk to me and I will grab a bag.

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not buying this literal jewish coin

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this anon gets it

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They're close with Arbitrum.

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this question feels scripted
its already working fine on arbitrum testnet

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Oh yeah man, they have been on Arbitrum rollups test net for 2.5 months now. It works. 50x reduction in fees, some improvement in throughput.

Developer call last week made it sound like Arbitrum was weeks at most away. Stay tuned.

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bought 938 bnt at $2.44 and now priced out. Should I keep holding or accept that ill never be able to scoop a suicide stack and invest my gains in some shitcoin?

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yes, thank you.
From my understanding, staking the rewards is what generates multipliers. However staking the rewards requires a gas fee to do so, right?
I'm thinking of just diving in to a pool and eating the cost even if it isn't profitable until 2x multipliers kick in, and letting it ride of only compounding monthly.
I guess I just need to dive into it and see what the number are.

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why are you upset

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If you stake for 100 days you will be getting 30%+ of your stack back, so unless that is less than gas fees, you should be good

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I dont want it to moon just yet. trying to load up my bags

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I tried using loopring before and it was a pain in the ass. Will these rollups be built-in to the existing UI or require separate accounts generated and stuff? I want it to be like you don't even know you are using rollups, just built in - if that makes sense.

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good luck banclet

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Moved all my BTC and ETH into BNT earlier because I had a feeling.

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should I wait 2 weeks for timers to reset and get in the day they start, to be safe and maximize profits?

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No impermanent loss?

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So far, the timers have been renewed every time on the major pairs. The rewards program is set to run into 2022, so I think it is quite safe to say that they will be renewed again

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Yup. Fees pay for it. Pic related.

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I have 270bnt. Will I make it?

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just bought 1 btc and 9k bnt with my life savings. Seriously.

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btc no bnt yes

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I really could have bought this at like a buck when all the talk about 2.0 was happening. I didn't see it pump so I gave in to the fud. Feeling really bad about paying 6x for it now but I know it's legit as hell. I guess good luck to you lads.

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Based. Stake your BNT on the platform ASAP and start earning gains.

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Out of curiosity, where does everyone stake and with what size stack? I have a small stack (1k) and I'm wondering how much I need to accumulate before it's worth staking

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XVS & CAKE > all of those

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Are all Bancor LP rewards paid in BNT?
So regardless of what I provide to the pool I will be earning BNT?

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I staked about 950 and am earning a little over 1bnt a day.

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It's worth staking with that much. I only staked 1.1k and made 20 BNT in a week.

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4k stacklet reporting in, all staked. Averaging 7 bnt per day in rewards + fees - should grow as multiple builds up.

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Actually over 10 days.

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lmao did you get that girl from the earlier "made it wife" thread

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can you unstake it anytime you want? and what happens when you unstake? what are the fees to stake and unstake?

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Back to rabbit

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The king of AMM

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ok bros im about to buy shill me the highest APY LP or stake, what should I do for max gains?

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the fees are so low because the backend is an excel spreadsheet

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Which wallet do you all use to connect to the bancor network?

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I'm ruined, every day they steal a little more of my eth stack

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Alright friendos, we broke our last high yesterday. Now we have some more data to go off of. Currently, I like $6.35 as the new breakout point. If this happens, there is no guarantee it will go above the new high of $6.78, but it will at least get close. If it starts coming back down after getting close, we may have a couple more days of consolidation. But since we already had that, which resulted in this small jump, we should be able to stay above $6.0 unless some extreme fuckery goes on.

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Should be fine they don't even let you authorize infinite swaps anymore lol

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I thought you're protected from IL?

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It takes 100 days for full IL to kick in, but if that was any other DEX you would be kinda fucked

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You are, staring day 30 at 30%, day 100 = 100%.

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Can I buy this on Coinbase and store in meta mask? Is it erc-20?

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wont be long now frens
Balancer is going to get flipped

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Yes to both

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Had enough of the endless crab shit of GRT, BNT has become my main hold next to Atom and FMT

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50/50 bnt link portfolio?

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Vbnt/bnt swap seems like it should be something you could have some fun with, anyone done any math on it? Today it sits at 0.66 vbnt per bnt, shouldnt that increase in the long term?

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whats the make it stack?

>> No.29359805

how ever many you need for $100 per to make it

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Which pool are you using? What do you do with vbnt?

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I just tried staking with my metamask ledger and the tx failed
do I pay the cancellation fee, I still see it in the queue, and try again?

>> No.29359973

What's the stake it stack?

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have the team described how they intend to handle cross rollup swaps if at all?

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BNT is now moving guys!

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I have 285. Feelsbad stacklet bro

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Which one is it faggot?!

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isn't it too high to buy right now? I was thinking about buying in once it's $3.

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It should be 0.88 in the future. Thats why its strange why no one mentioned stacking up on vbnt right now, because it should correlete to bnt price in the future +25% increase due to better pegg. Or am I missing something?

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Kek btc would have to shit the bed extremely hard for this to go below 3$. I dont see it, you maybe get in below 6$ if you are lucky

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so what am I looking at pessimistically EOY or EOY 2022?

>> No.29362416

You can't stake it and get 100% returns, so although it's an opportunity, it's not really a good one assuming you're interested in holding BNT in some form.

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Eoy: 400
Eony: 1.5k

>> No.29362627

okay I was thinking more along the line of 30/40

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wont get higer than 9, expect whales to and bag holders to dump on ur ass

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Lol, dump a free cash machine? Doubt

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>locked up for insurance and vBNT
>no reason to sell
>you thinking they'll dump while it goes up

Yeh, the village retard is here

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wow, cool pump I passed by
need help mates, someone uses Bot Ocean system?
worth buying or better check for other bots?
wanna test trading with algorithms and tools

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Supply squeeze means people will be begging whales and bag holders to sell. Better just hope to get some vBNT instead fren you're about to be priced the fuck out for eternity

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Bancor carried me from 5fig (40k) to 6 fig(130k) this year and will continue to carry me to 7fig hell this year
10x till summer

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im never selling my money printer retard

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That dude is an absolute fucking retard. No one is selling.

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When the rewards timer runs out does it get restarted automatically?

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Yeah, whales will definitely dump as soon as the price has reached a measly $9 when UNI and SUSHI are in the double-digits range.

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This is one of the developers faggot

>> No.29364973

strategic voting for the long term health of the protocol

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Exactly. He has 500k BNT, 0xb1 even more. These guys are not in for a quick PnD but are staking and want to profit from sustainable growth.
Also, the BNT distribution is very healthy as there are not many whales.

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kek, this is the AMM for whales

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Who here is making more money from Bancor than their job?
Neets may also answer.

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I am unironically. Traded 50% of my ETH for BNT at $1.2 when LM rewards were nuts.

>> No.29365497

I am as well but my job was a mere 10 bucks an hour and I only worked for 12 hours a week
Place is closing though and I'm gonna dump my sweet unemployment check into more Banc

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About twice as much as I get from waging
22 days in

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Making $4k a week from Bancor and I'm unemployed, so yes.

>> No.29365595

Making ≈$7000 per month when the multiplier kicks in

>> No.29365778

How much do you guys have staked to get those returns?

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After two and a half weeks.

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17k BNT
40 ETH
1500 LINK

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3k/week checking in

>> No.29366098

60k BNT 9k LINK

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How much bnt do you have staked ?

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Whats the best fud? No one will use the swap?

>> No.29366191

Fuck me guys sorry.
I’m new to this shit and have zero context for it and I notice every time how we shit up these threads with retarded questions

>> No.29366364

Nice, congrats

>> No.29366365

Also what the fuck do you do with your vBnt?

>> No.29366371

printing $10k a month, my job can't compete
it's too bad liquidity mining is only going to last another year lol

>> No.29366388

What is a suicide stack of BNT?

>> No.29366452

there is no fud that doens't make you look like a retard
the best you could argue is like, first mover advantag and mindshare compared to UNI
or you can just use universal fud about scam/hack/market crash etc.

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good morning gentle newfags. i advise you to spend a few days lurking and reading before making big decisions. apart from buying BNT of course. you should do that immediately.

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what happends when the multiplier/high APY ends in 1 year? Everyone else is gonna dump this coin?

>> No.29366922

Yeah better worry about that now

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bancies pls help, their support is taking too long
one of the positions isn't showing me fees&rewards earned, i tried all the obvious solutions
>restart browser
>connect ledger
>log on log off metamask
>clear cache
how do I fkin fix it?

>> No.29367891

Did you try a different browser?

>> No.29368052

Anytime I've had a glitch with rewards or APR not showing up it's been fixed by refreshing the website and reconnecting the wallet.

>> No.29368198

no I dont have any other browser installed and I am not going to switch to using another browser due to a buggy UI. but thanks

I tried that but unfortunately with no success

>> No.29368888

sometimes it will bug out, give it a day or two, mine similarly wasn't showing up
it's all front end bugs so don't worry about your bancies, they're still accumulating

>> No.29370215

I was having a hell of a time with my ledger just now too.
Stop using meta mask and just connect the ledger natively to it